KIBA II: The awakening

Episode 01: Towards the place where your destiny will be fulfilled

It has been around 18 months since the events in Task, everything seemed to be going in a calm and peaceful way, but in reality these events marked the beginning of a catastrophe worse than that experienced by our Heroes ...

Stage; Templar: Mikki's Bakery

Noah and Roya Help Mikki to bake the bread from some orders made by the round family, they are animated and with enthusiasm, since Robés plans to use the bread in a great party that will take place at night, and therefore this would come to people of great social status within this peaceful country.

Roya: This bread smells delicious, don't you guys think so?

Noah -he nods-

Mikki: And it will be just in time for today's delivery, so everything is going very well

Noah: That's right!

Mikki: Also Noah is doing very well with his recovery after his relapse, now you can stand up and walk on crutches for a long time, right?

Noah: Yes, the truth is that the Healling Shards are very effective at keeping you in control, maybe they don't cure me completely, but at least they allow me to be on the go and not stay in a hospital bed all the time.

Roya: Yes, but you have also done your part Noah, you have been in constant treatment and have had incredible patience

Noah: You are right about that!

Roya: So you must continue that way - she looks at the sky through a window and sighs sadly- You know? On a day like today 2 years ago, Zed had come into this world, from that moment my life began to change dramatically ...

Mikki: Roya ...

Roya: I still hope to see him again, I know we will see each other again ...

Noah: I don't know if you will know, but today, April 2, he would also be turning 17

Mikki and Roya: Oh really?

Noah: That's right, but he really didn't care about this date, it's more; if he did not say it, nor did he remember it

Mikki: But why?

Noah: I don't have a concrete answer for it, but it could be due to the fact that he was always alone, what's more, it took me a little time for him to reveal his birthday, since he said that I could put everything together a fuss about it, and in fact it was -laughs- I just hope that he is well and that he has no major problems in whatever he is doing now.

Roya: Noah, you who come from the same world as Zed, do you think he is well over there? I am very worried, it would hurt to know that he is suffering a lot, do you know if he has a relative to protect him or something like that?

Noah: To tell the truth, I never knew a relative of Zed, his mother was always in a psychiatric hospital and never spoke about his family, also it was the local government of my country who took care of Zed, He lived in a foster home for the situation of his mother and father less.

Roya: Poor Zed ...

Noah: But there is something that worries me even more, the last day that Zed and I were together in Calm, they tried to assassinate Zed, it was a joker sent from Task, who was posing as his tutor, when that happened we were in front of the Mental hospital, Zed, the Taskan, a councilor from our school and myself. The point is that the Taskan murdered the school councilman. And when he was going to attack Zed, his mother; Sara, appeared and stopped him attack. In order not to be so long the anecdote, they blamed Zed for the murder. Therefore, he would be taken prisoner.

Roya: But why? If he was not the culprit!

Noah: I know, but they blamed him for being at the scene and I, having an attack of my disease, could not describe what happened, and from there I did not know more about him until we met in Task, in the mission that he and you had to transport an escaped prisoner. But from what you tell me, Zed managed to escape from the police that same day and was transported to this world.

Roya: But then ... how will Zed be now?

Noah: I don't know

Roya: Then we should go to Calm Noah, and go find him, he must be having a hard time now.

Mikki: Roya!

Noah: Do you think I haven't wanted to do it for a long time? I want to know how he and my family are too, but I don't know how to do it, for now the only one I've seen do it is the Amir Gaoul and that spirit was probably the one who brought him here. And I honestly don't know how I came to this world, I only know that it was some soldiers from Neotopia together with Lady Diana, but that country no longer exists, and Lady Diana died long after Tasker's resurrection.

Mikki: Maybe the teacher Sebastián can know something about it, totally he is a wise man of Templar

Roya: You are right Mikki, if I remember correctly, together with Master Zico they brought Zed's mother to this world ... Noah, hurry up and let us see him!

Noah: Roya ... Are you sure you do something like that?

Roya: What do you mean?

Noah: The Amir Goul sent Zed back to Calm. What if he had a good reason to do so?

Roya: But he is alone, don't you think he can even feel bad about everything that happened in Task?

Noah: Roya ... -she sighs- You're just as insistent as he was, did you know? you definitely make a nice couple - Mikki and Noah laugh-

Roya: What are you implying?

Noah: Nothing, Roya ... Okay, I'll go with you, but we'll be walking slowly because of my crutches ... Are you coming with us Mikki?

Mikki: I would like to, but I have to make some deliveries personally, you go and once you know how to do it, let me know, because I plan to go along with you, I also want to go see Zed and also see how that place is!

Jimoto, Castle of the new government

Enmeida is standing in front of a window of the castle, looking at the firmament of the sky that covers that country ... At the same time her mind is busy, thinking about the events that this powerful country has been carrying out recently ...

Enmeida: Is what we are doing correct? We have already seen what Tasker's power is capable of, but even so the great leaders are determined to obtain it at any cost, seeing it that day only blinded their search for power and supremacy in this world, in addition that since then they have not We have seen that boy again, Zed ... He was the only one who was able to break free from the temptation of the Key spirits by darkness. Which helped free him from Tasker, but what about the rest of us? Will we be strong enough to bear the temptation?

A voice is heard that calls Enmeida incessantly, it came from a robust man, with a great White beard, brown eyes and inspired a gloomy and disturbing atmosphere, his name was Zadock, and this was who now ruled Jimoto.

Zadock: What are you doing standing here without further ado? You should be working on what I have asked you to do, you have been 2 days late, are you useless?

Enmeida: I will do things my way and time, I do not need someone like you to press me in this way, anyway, you are only a puppet King of the "Taskan", therefore, you are not my boss, remember it Zadock. - He moves away from that place and enters a large hallway-

Zadock knocks on the window that was in front of him and with a look that reflected all the anger he had contained, he mentions the following:

"Even if it takes a lifetime, I will show all the countries of this world that Jimoto is much stronger than all of them together, and if they do not bow to me, they will suffer all my anger, I swear it!"

Meanwhile Enmeida goes to the West Wing of the castle, where her bedroom was, she went with the intention of taking a simple shower, but concern invaded her mind, for the first time in a long time she did not feel this way, she had always She had been quite a bloodthirsty person, therefore it was very strange for her to have thoughts of this nature, but at the same time she knew that she was getting into a power that she had already witnessed but is still unknown.

She opens the shower head, the water begins to run all over her body, herz hair begins to soak, meanwhile she asks herself the following:

Enmeida: How am I supposed to find that boy? We have already sent several "Jokers" to Templar, but nobody, absolutely nobody has been able to see him, there are no traces of him, we have even spied on his friends, but it seems that they have no contact with Zed. But even so we have been able to detect the Amir Goul in that country, but his strength is not the same, he meets minimal power, it is not the same as those days; What has happened to that spirit?

Returning to Templar ...

Sebastián was having his afternoon tea when he heard knocks on the front door of his house, knocks announcing visits ... When he opened the door, he found the Young People; Noah and Roya, they looked ecstatic and with eyes full of hope

Sebastián: Guys, it is a pleasure to see you here, I hope this is a friendly visit…

Roya: Well, something like that ...

Sebastian makes a puzzled face ...

Meanwhile we move from position to Calm: We see a restaurant at half capacity, therefore, it can be considered that it is a quiet night, it was around 6:00 PM, in this one you see a group of waiters attending several tables, and among them is our young man; Zed, who was attending a table with 3 people, who were apparently a group of friends celebrating an important event, the boy was serving the main dishes.

Upon returning to the kitchen one of the skinny-looking goats, with a white complexion and Brown hair, answers to the name of Eliot:

Eliot: Hey Zed, in one hour your shift ends, right?

Zed: That's right…why? Yours is about to end.

Eliot: I have a new video game, so I was thinking if you wanted to come and play it with me, since you are very good at those things

Zed: It depends, which game?

Eliot: Halo

Zed: You've convinced me, but you must wait for me

Eliot: Obviously

Eliot: By the way, Happy Birthday, one more year and you will start paying taxes and working the 8 hours running without any problem

Zed: What? How did you know?

Eliot: Simple, I found your wallet and there was your ID, and well, there appears your birthday.

Zed: First you should not review things that are not yours, second ... thank you, and third ... I hope so, working by the hour is boring, other than that I do not enjoy all the rights.

Eliot: Yes, it's only 365 days what you need to wait

Zed: Don't even remind me ...

In the distance we can see a person observing Zed, his appearance is of white complexion, reddish hair, he wears a suit similar to the Templar, he has the appearance of a young man of 20 years:

UK: I have found you young friend, it is time to activate the motor that moves your destiny

Returning to Templar:

Sebastián: Are you saying it seriously?

Roya: That's right, we don't know how Zed must be going, maybe he needs our help, and we are here idly by.

Sebastián: Do you think I don't think about it every day? At the end of the day, Zed was my protégé practically, other than Zico and I had esteem him, but at the same time I think that the Amir Goul returned the boy to the world where he was born for some reason that we do not know. And if we brought him back without being invoked by his spirit, we could possibly be making a mistake that would put him in danger

Noah: We can't even travel to see him Sebastian?

Sebastian: I'm afraid that I can't help you with it Noah, I'm so sorry

Noah and Roya see each other with a hopeless face

Noah: Anyway, thanks a lot for your time

Roya: Thanks a lot? Noah, it is preventing us from finding Zed, Master Sebastián; You disappoint me a lot! -Run out of that house-

Noah: Roya Wait! - he turns to Sebastian- I'm really sorry Master.

Sebastián: Do not worry Noah, despite everything I can understand her, she considers Zed part of her family, since they both had a certain similarity to what happened with their families and that practically both are foreigners, others who supported each other on several occasions , so she must feel that a part of her is missing by not being here, losing Zed and Zico the same day was a very low blow for her.

Noah: Poor Roya ...

Roya runs through one of the streets of Templar, her eyes were full of tears, she felt devastated and sad, all she wanted was to be able to see him once more, but how could she do it? She came to the windmill where she and Zed regularly visited, and began to cry uncontrollably.

Returning to Calm ...

Zed and his friend Eliot are leaving the restaurant. Eliot was wearing a Black Striped with Orange T-shirt, Long sleeves and Black pants; Instead Zed wore a Gray Hoddie, blue denim pants, a black T-shirt and his typical Black Booty Sneakers

They were talking calmly:

Eliot: You are a very strange person, practically you are a former convict who, if it had not been for the security cameras around you, you would be imprisoned and accused of murder, you disappeared for months and suddenly you return as if nothing, What happened to you during all that time… What exactly do you hide?

Zed: if I told you, you would call me crazy, so I prefer to keep quiet ...

Eliot: Crazy?

Zed: Yes, they are too much, and they are so little credible that without a doubt they would shut me up in a psychiatric hospital, as happened to my mother.

Eliot: Wow, so much like that? I really want to hear it! I am intrigued

Zed: You are a curious person, but it is better not to know, believe me

UK: Master Zed is right, there are things better not to know, so I ask you not to interfere

Zed and Eliot see astonished the mysterious Young man in front of them, he had in his hand a sword with a Yellow scabbard in his right hand, and there was a characteristic mark of the Shard Casters in his right hand too, to which Zed says:

Zed: And who the hell are you?

UK: Knowing that is not important at this time ... Zed, who was chosen as the true chose one, You will come with me to Templar, you have unfinished business to solve

Zed: Forget it, I don't even know you, I'm not so naive to fall for something like that

Eliot: Zed, what the hell are they talking about?

UK: Well, if you don't want the good way, then ... I'll have to take you by force!

Saying this, the mysterious young man runs towards Zed and throws some electric Shards towards him, Zed quickly creates a shield to cover himself from the attack, a great smokescreen is created

Zed: I don't see anything, where the hell did he get himself into?

Eliot: Zed, what the hell is going on

Zed: It's not a good time Eliot, don't you see that we are ...

Suddenly the young man appears behind them and launches a direct attack on them again, so Zed brushes Eliot aside, whereupon he falls onto the unconscious sidewalk and Zed receives the electric shock emitted from the Spell Shard, by Therefore, he is dragged meters from his point of impact, therefore, it is difficult for Zed to recover from the attack, while the Young man from the other world walks towards him and says the following:

UK: Young Zed, please listen to me and come with me, I do not have time for absurd fights, so do not put up resistance and let me take you with me - He squats towards Zed- if you decide to surrender at this moment and sleep, you will not feel the shifting between dimensions.

Zed: Never - Puts a fire Shard on the boy's chest and it explodes, at the same time Zed gets up and moves away from that place- I would never go with a madman like you

UK: Okay- He gets up from the ground and picks up his sword- That attack has irritated me, so I will be less compassionate now

Zed: You don't scare me

The young man runs towards Zed and this time he intends to use his sword against him, so he begins to attack him intensely. Unfortunately, Zed did not have his sword, therefore, he only dodged the attacks as much as he could, at the same time counterattacking with Spell Shards. Meanwhile Zed was saying to himself:

Zed: "What the hell can I do, I cannot depend directly on the spell Shards, I am clearly at a disadvantage, nor do I have a sword that I can use to fight, other than that this guy is an expert in combat"

UK: I gotta you! - Corner Zed against the wall and his sword, raise his hand with a Shard spell and point to his face- This will hurt, so forgive me - Electrocute Zed and he falls into his arms unconscious- Well, it's time to go.

Saying the latter, he drops some shifting Shards on the ground, and a portal opens, in this Eliot wakes up and sees all those events, so he said to himself:

Eliot: What should I do? I'm very scared, but Zed is my friend and I can't leave him alone in this ... - they start to disappear- Heck, I hope this is worth it - He runs towards the portal, while shouting: -ZEEEEEEEEEEEED- Jump towards the portal and enter him, and this ends up closing completely.

In the meantime….

We see Enmeida sitting at her usual desk, in the same way we see Zadock sitting at the desk corresponding to the ruler of Jimoto, when suddenly a soldier enters the Room ...

Soldier: King Zadock, Lady Enmeida ... we have detected a very special shifting directed towards Templar

Zadock: What do you mean by "Special"

Soldier: We were unable to detect where it came from, but what we can assure you is that it includes three people, two Shard casters and one common person, both Shard Casters are of high rank, but…

Enmeida: But?

Soldier: One of them seems to have a terrifying power, therefore, we believe it may be ...

Zadock- Laughs out loud- Zed… you finally appear….

We see an abundant forest, in the background you can see the mill of Faith, which indicates that we are located in Templar, the wind begins to blow nicely, it is a good day after all, but suddenly something interrupts the peace of that place; It is a portal opening ... In this it is seen that 3 people move.

One of them was Eliot, the mysterious young man and Zed, who was unconscious from the attack he had received ...

Eliot: Where ... where are we? - He gets up, in his eyes he saw fear and confusion- This is not at all Calm ...

UK: I don't have to answer you, you shouldn't even be here, therefore, I will have to eliminate you, so that you don't give us problems…

Eliot: Really ... seriously? I DON'T WANNA DIE

UK: Oh, obviously no fool, I'm not ruthless - He laughs out loud - you can rest easy, I won't do anything about it

While saying this, Zed begins to react, opens his eyes slowly and sees the mysterious boy and Eliot in front of him, and says in a voice between cuts:

Zed: Where am I?

UK: Master Zed, we are in Templar- Stretch your arms energetically- Welcome!

Zed: Wait- He stands up suddenly- WHAT? -Turn to see on your right side, and see in the distance the mill of the Faith of Templar, which was on the castle of that country

Eliot: Hey ... why didn't you answer me when I asked you?

UK: In theory I just answered your question too- Cross your arms- So don't complain

Zed: Why did you bring me here? Who the hell are you?

UK: Why so defensive? Calm down a bit ... My name is Damian and I am your protector ...

Zed and Eliot: Protector?

Damián: That's right! I am the one who will be by your side from now on -A smile is drawn on his face- So, please, let's get along

Zed: I don't believe you at all you know- Frowns- How to trust someone who comes to attack me?

Damián: I know everything was abrupt, but tell me, if I had come with a smile, would you have believed me?

Zed: Obviously no, I've never seen you in my life and I don't know what your intentions are, so don't try to fool me

Damián: I told you that I went to bring you to Templar, and as you can see, here we are, therefore, I have not lied to you

Zed: Why did you bring me here?

Damien: By orders of the great Amir Goul

Zed: What? The Amir Goul?

Eliot: Let's see let's see, who is the Amir Goul? Where the hell is Templar? Are we even in our Zed world? And why did this guy call you "The Real Savior"? What are you really?

Zed: Eliot, do you remember asking me where I had gone during the time I was missing? Well, it turns out that I was in this place, yes, it is a very different plane to Calm, and about Amir Goul and that of the savior, I do not know how to describe it - Turn to see Damián- Tell me, what do you mean they were orders of the Amir Goul, and if so, why didn't he go in the first place?

Damián: If you want to know the answers you must come with me to the Castle, this spirit is where his altar once was, it is there waiting for your arrival

Zed: What, to the castle? Does anyone at least know I'm here?

Damián: The truth is that absolutely nobody knows about your arrival, later if you want you can meet your friends if you like, but now the priority is that you see the Amir Goul, so we must move now

Zed: Are you crazy? Chances are the guards will stop us on the way, and I don't feel like getting into trouble, so I'm really sorry, but I'm not going, tell Amir Goul to come find me himself, Eliot ; follow me

Saying this, Zed turns around and Damián takes the opportunity to insert a control Shard in his neck and instantly Zed is paralyzed.

Zed: What the hell have you done to me? I cannot move…

Eliot: Zed ... what's wrong with you?

Damian: With this Shard I can make you move to the castle, I need you to actually see the Amir Goul, so turn around and run to the castle

Zed's body instantly moved in response to Damián's command, and he ran towards the castle.

Zed: You're a damn, I hate you!

Damián: Yes ... yes ... as you say- Turn to Eliot- follow us, if you don't want to be alone in this place- Run away

Eliot: Hey ... Wait for me ...

-End of the chapter-