Manakete's of Remnant

Chapter 3

Cayden's POV

As I was walking all throughout the evening, I sneezed for what seemed like the umpteenth time. Dangit Mark! Why are you talking about me so much?! I gave a small, mental sigh, as I was already far too tired to do the action physically. Instead, I simply put my hands folded across in the back of my head (a habit I always had, especially after watching way too much Kingdom Hearts with Sora doing it), but I digress.

I was minding my own business, attempting to gather my thoughts on all this crazy nonsense that had happened so far. Sure it would've made me meltdown and likely, it wouldn't have been pretty, yet I felt oddly calmer than normal… Weird.

My thoughts were then interrupted by the sounds of a motorcycle engine roaring. I quickly turned around and had to jump to the side before NEARLY GETTING RUN OVER!

"Oh. my. OUM!" I could only pant out in short breaths. That was a close call. I noticed that the biker, a lovely buxom young teenage woman with gorgeous golden-blonde hair had stopped her bike and approached me looking a bit sheepish.

I couldn't help but feel slightly flustered as she kneeled down to help pick me up, with a full view of her womanly assets…

'Stay calm, just STAY BLOODY OUM CALM!' I mentally chanted to myself. I then took a deep breath and decided I had left her hanging for far too long enough. I grabbed her outstretched hand and she pulled me up with zero difficulty. Man, she was insanely strong! I always liked her type…

I heard her laugh and I realized I had spoken aloud! Oum, please just smite me down now… I could only sweatdrop.

Deciding to take the initiative, I said, "I'm so sorry I said that out loud. I didn't mean to offend you Miss...?"

"Ha ha! No worries, I find your kind to be quite...aDORKable! Eh?" Waiting for my response to her pun, I actually took her by surprise by ACTUALLY laughing! I knew that puns were more of Mark's thing, so I had plenty of time to mentally prep myself. But hearing a lovely girl saying one like that? It caught me off-guard, I'll admit.

"Ha! I have to admit, that was pretty funny! My buddy, Mark, would love to have a pun war with ya. He's quite the PUNster!" I laughed again at my own pun on the word prank.

Again, she laughed and I' have to say that her laughter was exquisitely beautiful...and contagious as I laughed as well.

In any case, I then decided to, unfortunately, break the small happy moment. "So… what was your name again? I don't think you told me?" I asked her politely.

The girl stopped her laughing as she managed to catch her breath and responded, "My name's Yang Xiao-Long, pun extraordinaire and always ready to see things YANG! Ha ha!"

While I admit that I was caught off-guard again by her name, I quickly shook it off due to her shining positivity. I then decided to do the same and said, "Well, nice to meet ya Yang, I'm Cayden." I made sure to emphasize how to say my name.

We then shook hands and made brief eye contact and for that brief second, all of time seemingly froze. We ended up getting a slight headache for some reason. Both hers and my eyes briefly glowed with some small scaling over both of our own eyes. Her pupils shone a burning crimson red, and although I didn't know mine, in her own eye's reflection, mine was an eerie, yet hauntingly beautiful golden-yellow. For a second, I swore I had seen a slight blush on her cheeks, but it was probably just my imagination.

We then shook off out of our temporary daze and she decided to speak, but she didn't notice either of our eye-scales were still slightly in effect.

"Wow, I dunno what came over me for a sec, but it was kinda nice." Yang said while smiling. "Hey, I'm sorry for nearly hitting you with my bike, Bumblebee here." She sheepishly scratched her head with a full-on grin.

I quickly shook my head and replied, "No problem. I was just deep in thought. I need to keep more of an eye on my surroundings anyway." I then had a sudden thought. "I noticed you seemed to be in a rush, you got somewhere to be?"

She gave a small gasp and replied, "Oh, right! I need to go see someone for some information!" She began to put on her helmet before I interrupted, yet I also surprised myself by what I offered.

"Would you mind an extra hand? I'd be happy to help, plus this DOES seem like a seedy district. I'm sure you can handle yourself quite well with those weapons there, but I just can't NOT help someone when they look like they may need it." I smiled charmingly.

She gave me a small smirk in response and gestured for me to get onto Bumblebee. "Sure? Why not? Sounds like it'll make things more fun!" her eyes gave off a small mischievous gleam that I couldn't help but compare my buddy Mark's to. Something told me we both would get along JUST fine.

One Bike Ride Later; Junior's Bar

After a nice small bike-cruise to a nearby bar that Yang told me she was headed for in the first place, my sensitive ears could pick up some very loud rock and roll/pop music. As I got off, Yang and I then entered while seeing a fancy, yet also very familiar, looking guy in a bowler hat just finish a small argument with the owner of the bar.

The man then quickly brushed passed me, but not before taking a quick look at my eyes. He then mumbled, "Man. Where do all these reptile kids keep popping up from?! I need a STRONG drink for this…"

I could only sweatdrop. Some people had absolutely ZERO manners. I then looked to the owner whom Yang told me ahead of time was named Hei "something-or-other", but he tends to go by Junior most of the time.

As we both walked up, we could hear him mutter a bit as well, "I lend him my guys and he won't even pay me for 'em. What a guy I tell ya…"

I could only mentally nod at that while Yang walked up to him saying, "One Strawberry Sunrise. No ice. Oh, and one of those little umbrellas please."

Junior seemed to not be in the mood and asked, "Aren't you a little young to be in this club, Blondie?"

Yang smirked and gave a light giggle, "Aren't you a little old to have a name like Junior?"

Junio wasn't quite amused and gestured to me instead. "Yea, well what about him? He seems to be as much a "junior" as me." he snarked with a jerk-ish tone. But he smiled and said, "So, you've heard of me. Ya got a name sweetheart? Along with your friend too?"

Yang just smiled and replied, "Yes, Junior, I've got several names, I'm sure my friend does too, but instead of sweetheart for me, you can just call me sir!" she gave a small growl to intimidate him.

She then grabbed his groin and squeezed it painfully causing Junior to cry out in pain comically. In the meantime, I simply gave a small shudder at that action yet also couldn't help but think, 'Dang, that's hot!'

Yang then continued, "People around say that you know everything." She then took out and brought her scroll up to his face, showing him a very specific picture of a person. She then said with a small yet very serious scowl, "Tell me where I can find this woman and I'll let you go."

Junior, whose voice was straining at a high octave due to Yang's grip, replied, "I've never seen her before, I swear!"

I interrupted and said, "I think ya missed something in that sentence, little man."

Yang smirked at my little input and said, "Yea, he's right. So, DO repeat that again?" She squeezed a bit harder to emphasize her point.

Junior yelped and repeated back VERY clearly, "I mean I swear, sir!"

As all of this was happening, in front of everyone else no less, Junior's henchmen saw their boss in trouble and began to gather around us. I nudged Yang slightly and she gave a small smile, nodding at me, with me nodding back in mischievous response.

Yang then commented, "Hmm, looks like we have quite an audience. This must be really embarrassing for you, huh? Talk about awkward."

"Perhaps I should take a picture so it'll last longer?" I pulled out a small camera I had "borrowed" from a small time thug on the way here with Yang. "Might make some good blackmail material eh?" I winked.

Junior could only pale at this and said, "Listen, blondie, I mean sir, and you as well kid. If you both want to make it out of this club alive, I suggest you let me go. Now!"

Yang hums in thought and then let's go, causing Junior to sigh in relief.

Then, in a small moment of anger (and likely A LOT OF stupidity), he then said, "You're gonna pay for that embarrassment!"

I simply smirked as I had secretly taken a picture already for any future encounters. I showed Yang briefly as she laughed a small bit before we then followed Junior who'd just put on his sunglasses to look cool and intimidating, no doubt.

Yang then tapped his shoulder and gave a small (and gorgeously adorable) innocent-looking pout and said, "Oh, but Junior, I was only playing with you! Don't be so sensitive! C'mon, why don't we just kiss and make up, okay?

I couldn't help but feel a little jealous at her saying that, I even gave a slight growl at the implication despite me picking up that she wasn't really going to kiss him. Yang seemed to notice, but did not give anything away, still, she likely will use this against me later for humor's sake.

Junior stopped briefly while thinking and turned around.

He then sighed and made the decision that would cost him A LOT in the future, maybe even some future visits from me...maybe… "Huh?" He asked a bit taken aback. "Well, uh, okay?"

As he started to lean in, she then punched him right in the face sending him flying across the room. The henchmen having had enough, then ran towards her. She activated her Ember Celica and I readied my Muramasa, the blade immediately agreeing with me at taking it out, and she jumps into the air, and punches down, sending the foolish grunts flying back. She takes out almost all of the henchmen and even the DJ! A grunt (clearly with a death wish) nearly manages to get the drop on her and even aims at her hair (see? Death WISH)! Acting fast, I quickly parried the blade, and for good measure sliced it in two knocking the grunt to the ground. The little aura that he even had shattered quickly. I then walked up to him, and without a moment's hesitation, kicked him right in the family jewels. He gave a girlish shriek and was knocked out foaming at the mouth. Yang gave me a thumbs up when suddenly, the two Malachite twins stepped into the room.

Miltia asked her twin, "Melanie, who are these two?"

Melanie replied, "I dunno Miltia but we should teach them a lesson in pain."

Yang loads another belt of ammunition into Ember Celica and I smile ominously. "Ooh? A lesson in pain? Ladies you've got NO idea what TRUE pain is!" Yang and I then quickly take on one twin each. Yang easily knocked Miltia out whereas I decided to simply add salt in the wound after defeating Melanie. Once I kicked the crap outta her (hey I had a LOT of stress in my system; sue me), I then pulled out my Tome, Dark Origin, and set her dress on fire. She was able to put it out, but was left only in her undergarments and bra, then fainted with a blush and nosebleed with the whole package. Guess that's one way to defeat an opponent. Suddenly, I felt a shiver roll down my spine after I had finished burning her (and her clothes) up...

The holograms in the club then suddenly began to turn off, and a lone spotlight shines on Junior as he brings out his signature Bazooka. Compensating much?

Junior yelled out at us in outrage, "You're gonna pay for this!"

I could only smile and say, "Now if only I had a Lien for each time someone said that…"

Junior, tired of my taunting, shouted angrily (I swear I saw a blood vein in his forehead pulse) and began to attack, but in the end was easily taken out, along with his weapon breaking, by a fierce punch courtesy of Yang's Special Delivery Service. She had a smirk until she noticed her hair in Junior's (filthy) hand, causing her to grow quite angry at having some of her hair pulled out in the fight. Junior is then sent out and flies straight through the window in a bloody heap, landing right in front of a petite girl in Red, who I recognised as Ruby, and Mark, who was next to her. Yang and I came outside shortly after with me sipping on a free soda I had took for myself as there was a broken vending machine inside surprisingly. That was my payment for Junior's services and I'd happily take it. I even decided to 'be nice' and even left a cheap $2 Lien card on Junior's face. "Thanks for the service mate." I smirked. He only could groan and shakily flip me off before falling unconscious; I made sure to stomp on his middle finger. No one ever gives me the bird. Only I am allowed to do that to others!

Ruby finally noticed us and asked, "Yang? Is that you? And uh, who's that with you?"

Yang then noticed Ruby as well (I was still currently enjoying my orange soda) and said, "Oh! Hey sis! And I could say the same, who's your boyfriend?

Ruby could only groan a bit at Yang's attempt to deflect the conversation, she also blushed a bit when Yang referred to Mark. "This is Mark. I met him at a Dust Store awhile ago. Anyway, what are you doing here?" She asked a bit more forcefully.

Yang sighed at her sister's persistence and replied, "It's a long story." A small piece of the roof on the bar collapsed and to lighten the mood, I asked.

"Umm...anyone want one of the free sodas that I grabbed for us?" I awkwardly sweatdropped with a sheepish grin.

Mark grabbed one immediately. I noted that he took the one labeled "Dr. Piper Cherry" (Remnant's equivalent of Dr. Pepper Cherry I'm guessing; mine was Crushing Orange anyway, who am I to judge).

Mark's POV

(((VERY LATER…As in, the next day)))

I could only watch in amusement as Yang couldn't hold back when she glomped her sister in a tackle-hug, squeezing her lovingly as a big sister always tends to do. Oh, how I wished to experience a sibling bond of my own.

Yang could only squeal in joy whilst saying, "Oh, I SO can't believe my little baby sis is going to Beacon Academy with me!" She started to squeeze Ruby a little harder and I could tell she was getting a bit blue in the face…

"You might want to lighten that grip Yang," I said with a noticeable wince, seeing as Ruby had introduced me yesterday, "Because the Shining Ruby there seems to be turning blue; last I checked, roses aren't blue."

Yang took a moment to look at her truly blue sister before letting go and saying, "Whoops! Sorry there Rubes." She then gave a grin though as she was still quite proud of her sister. Meanwhile, Cayden (who was beside me) just laughed softly.

Ruby took a small moment to catch her breath before saying, "Really sis, it was nothing…" With an embarrassed blush I might add; seems she's back to default red again.

"Ahh there we are, the sparkling red gem known as Ruby Rose is back to her original color! I'm quite glad she didn't suffocate you!" I said genuinely, I seemed to be quite attached to her somehow, it might have something to do with that headache we both experienced last night.

Cayden couldn't help but roll his eyes and muttered, "Trust me, I actually enjoyed it if I were to be perfectly honest last night…"

"What was that Cayden?" I asked with a smirk. It seems he forgot about our enhanced hearing.

Cayden immediately blushed a lighter red and I even saw a vein pulsing in his forehead. "Dude!" Cayden whisper-shouted. He also had a slight nosebleed now that I noticed him a bit more clearly.

Yang looked affronted at Ruby's casual dismissal of getting into Beacon earlier than most. "Whaddaya mean? It's amazing! Everyone is gonna think you're the bee's knees!" She praised.

I saw my chance, "Hmph, if I were you two, I would "Bee" careful." I said with a smirk. In the background, Cayden facepalmed, but also snickered a bit as well.

We all laughed, even Ruby, much to Yang's surprise. Cayden couldn't help but add in, " Ruby is laughing at a PUN?! Is the world coming to an end?!" He pretended to freak out, even looking out the window for flying pigs.

That's when Ruby got her laughing under control and said, "No, it's just Yang doesn't know when and where to actually use a pun. She doesn't make them funny AT ALL." she said, causing Yang to get a depressed storm cloud over her head.

Cayden saw this and whispered to Ruby real quick. "One, I can agree with you, two, I'm gonna cheer her back up." He then whispered a quick something to Yang and then she did a complete 180 and was back to normal. 'That was faster than even Ruby's Semblance,' I thought to myself in surprise.

Ruby then shook her head, "Anyway, I don't want to be the 'Bee's Knees'. I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees."

Cayden interjected again and said, "You need to say please to make it rhyme." He grinned.

We could only deadpan and it was Cayden's turn to do what Yang did earlier, getting a depressing storm cloud over his head.

Yang then said, "What's wrong with you? Aren't you excited?"

Cayden gave a half-hearted "yay" in the corner with a pretend fist pump.

"Of course I'm's just, I got moved ahead TWO whole years. I don't want people to think I'm too special or anything." Ruby said with a sigh.

Yang smiled and nodded in slight understanding, giving her sister a small side-hug. "But you know that you ARE special, right?"

That's when we got distracted by a TV with the news on (Cayden also quickly got back to his serious mode at this). It was talking about the recent Faunus protesting and the robbery that had occurred last night.

The news was cut off though when Glynda Goodwitch herself appeared on it, saying, "Hello, and welcome to Beacon!"

Yang, a little confused, asked, "Who's that?"

I smirked, saying, "Wait for it..." Cayden nodded subtly, knowing my little hint.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch." The holographic screen with Goodwitch said.

"Oh." Yang said, in a deadpan sounding voice.

I whispered to Cayden, "Good timing huh?" He smirked and nodded back at me in complete agreement.

"You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." Glynda said, then she disappeared from the screen shortly afterward.

As the announcement from Goodwitch ended, there were a few surprised gasps and Ruby couldn't help but take a look. We all joined her as well to take a look at the view.

"Oh, wow! Look, you can see Signal from up here! I guess home isn't too far after all!" Ruby looked all giddy. It was then Cayden and I saw Jaune Arc himself heading our way looking green-faced, and so we decided to just quietly step away from the soon-to-be hazard zone.

Yang commented, not noticing Jaune, saying, "Beacon's our home now." It was then that Mr. Arc then began his running-while-barfing technique.

Yang looked back at him and winced, "Well... I guess the view isn't for everyone." she then rolled her eyes in exasperation, then looked at Cayden and I. "What's with you two?" she asked us. Cayden couldn't even answer as the smell was likely overwhelming him more than myself, granted, both of us DID have the same sense of smell, I'm just a little more used to things like this, still doesn't make it any less pleasant though.

Ruby was the one who answered for us though. "Oh... Yang, it's a bit gross, but you have a bit of puke all over your shoes!"

Yang paled while noticing the vomit spot, and said, "EW! Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!"

"Get-Get away! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from meeeeeee!" Ruby couldn't help but comment dramatically as well.

Our chatter then ended when we heard a small 'thud' sound. Cayden had fainted. 'Guess that vomit was super effective…' I thought with some small amount of amusement. I just barely managed to stay conscious myself. I could even hear Grima insulting us, mainly Cayden because he got knocked out because of puke of all things, and myself because it almost had happened to me as well. Still, can you blame us? We ARE still getting used to our 'newer' senses. I also use that term loosely for MANY various reasons...

(((A few minutes later; Beacon Academy Landing Pad)))

Once we all had gotten off (I was dragging a still somewhat unconscious Cayden, though he would likely wake up VERY soon, after all, he is the type of person to bounce back quickly), I noticed that Jaune immediately had run off to the nearest trash can.

Ignoring Jaune for now, I watched as Ruby and Yang looked at the entire campus and simultaneously said, "Wow…"

Yang complemented the view while saying, "The view from Vale's got nothing on this!" she gave a small wolf whistle.

Ruby then started getting so excited seeing some passerby with weapons. She even went into Chibi Mode with stars in her eyes for a moment...somehow. "Ohmygosh, sis! That kid's got a collapsible staff! OH! And she's got a fire sword!"

Yang pulled Ruby back by her scarf, chuckled and said, "Easy there, little sister. They're just weapons!" she smiled at her little sister's weapon-istic enthusiasm.

"'Just weapons'? They're an extension of ourselves! They're a part of us! Oh, and they're just so cool!" Ruby defended herself; while I chuckled a bit at that last part. I could practically imagine making a reference to a certain anime and their signature blades.

Yang then asked, "Well, why can't you swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"

As soon as Yang finished that, Cayden had then woke up shouting, "RISEN! RISEN RIDING WOLVES WITH WEAPONS!"

I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh. It's likely Grima was responsible for that particular dream, likely to punish him for fainting because of PUKE. A deep chuckle at the back of my mind only served to confirm my thoughts.

Yang and Ruby were at first taken aback and decided to just shrug it off, although Ruby couldn't help but cutely whisper (with a pose extremely similar to Anna's shop thinker pose), "What are Risen…?"

"Dont worry your cute little head about it Ruby. After all, what you don't know can't exactly hurt you!" I sheepishly grinned; that wasn't completely true, but I still got my point across, I mean, we might have the ability to summon Risen thanks to Grima, but we won't use it often, it feels like we are desecrating the dead, so we won't use that ability unless we have absolutely no other choice.

Ruby then nodded and continued to talk with Yang. "Anyway, of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose!" she said as her signature weapon unfolded. "I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people, but a lot better…"

Yang playfully pulled Ruby's hood over her head (which I found REALLY cute) saying, "Ruby, come on, why don't you go try and make some friends of your own?" she insisted in slight annoyance.

Ruby pouted with a small 'hmph'. "But why would I need friends when I have you, Mark, and Cayden?"

Yang then grinned a bit sheepishly before saying, "Well…" all of a sudden, in a flash, many people surrounded her and Yang hurriedly grabbed Cayden and quickly said, "Actually, my friends are here. Gotta go catch up. 'Kay, see ya, bye!" she then ran off dragging Cayden around, who was shouting and trying to break free. "Don't kidnap me Yang!" he pleaded. But there was also a defeated look on his face as he knew this would've likely happened anyway. Before completely vanishing with Yang, he made a 'I blame you' gesture at me. I could only laugh at his misery.

Unfortunately, once Yang had run off, all of her friends followed her (how many did she have anyway?!), causing Ruby and I to spin around, making us dizzy, me a lot less so than Ruby.

Ruby, complete with spinny eyes and even a few cuckoo birds overhead asked, "Wait, where are you going?! Are we supposed to go to our dorms? Where are our dorms? Do we even have dorms?" she then paused and pouted, saying. "I don't know what I'm doing…"

While Ruby was still trying to gather her bearings, she suddenly trips over some luggage, causing a certainly familiar voice to shout. "What are you doing?!" Weiss Schnee (whom I already knew the name of, but not Ruby; I'd just let Blake handle that, since I could hear her around here) said completely annoyed.

Ruby slowly got up using her hands and said, "Uh...Sorry?"

Weiss narrowed her eyes and said, "Sorry?! You are sorry?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?"

Ruby attempted to hand a case of Dust saying, "Uhhhh…"

Weiss rolled her eyes saying, "Give me that!" she snatched it. "This is Dust - mined and purified from the Schnee quarry!" She shook it at Ruby for emphasis, but failed to realize that the bottle was cracked.

"Uuuhhhh…" Ruby could only say as some small particles got into her nose very subtly.

Weiss groaned. "What? Are you brain-dead? Dust! Fire, water, lightning, energy!"

I growled slightly at that remark, but I did nothing, this needed to happen, unfortunately.

Ruby was trying to speak saying, "I... I know…" but she started coughing due to the dust

Weiss had had enough, snarling, "Are you even listening to me? Is any of this sinking in? What do you have to say for yourself?!"

I really couldn't take it anymore, I had to intervene, "Listen miss, I don't take kindly to strangers that insult my friends, and you should also stop shaking that clearly cracked vial of Dust befor-" I was sadly too late though, Ruby unleashed the Dust Sneeze, and the Dust exploded, causing a crater in the middle of the path to Beacon. I only barely managed to jump away in time, coincidentally right next to our resident hidden cat girl.

Weiss, who was now covered in soot (which did not make her happy), growled out. "Unbelievable! This is exactly the kind of thing that I was talking about!"

While Weiss was scolding Ruby for something that she actually did, I regarded Blake, and she regarded me as well. That's when I felt it. As we made eye contact, the same thing that had happened at the store last night with Ruby happened yet again, albeit, with a lesser effect. We only had a smaller, slightly quicker headache this time, and Blake noticed as well, widening her eyes with a slightly heavy blush after seeing the scales, and feeling the scales around her eyes as well… Does she somehow know about my Faunus type?

This was a bit awkward, so I decided to speak up, "Err, not that I mind having a beautiful girl such as yourself staring at me, shouldn't we be attempting to stop this one-sided argument?" I asked Blake.

She blushed at forgetting the arguing duo, yet also at me for calling her beautiful which seemed to make her face even redder, then nodded. She still gave me a look that said "We'll be talking later."

I only gave a nod back in response to alleviate those slight worries, and then she smiled in response back with a nod.

As we focused back on Weiss and Ruby, Ruby then said, "I said I was sorry Princess!" Wow, it seems she had enough of the 'Weiss Creams for ice cream' attitude.

Blake then made a slight coughing sound and replied, "It's Heiress, actually." Both Ruby and Weiss looked over as Blake and I approached with the Dust bottle that made Ruby sneeze a crater onto Beacon. "Weiss Schnee," she continued, "Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company which is one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the entirety of Remnant."

Weiss couldn't help but give off a smug smile with hands on her hips, "Finally! Some recognition!" She boasted.

I then continued in Blake's stead saying, "The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners." I smirked at the end.

Before Weiss could explode, I added salt to the open wound by saying, "Seems she also can't seem to tell when a simple jar of Dust is cracked or not."

Weiss was utterly silent and I believe she even gave a quick (but small) flush of embarrassment before then saying, "Wha- How dare- The nerve of... Ugh!" She then, in a rage, grabbed her luggage and walked away haughtily as Blake, myself, and Ruby all laughed.

Ruby, still feeling sorry though, called out to a storming Weiss saying, "I promise I'll make this up to you!" She then sighs. "I guess I'm not the only one having a rough first day... So, um, what's..." She didn't finish her thought though, as Blake disappeared as soon as Weiss ran with her 'combat skirt's tail' between her legs. At least, that's how I personally saw it. Ruby then dejectedly finished with a small whimpering voice, "Welcome to Beacon..."

It was then that I noticed a certain blonde (not Yang mind you) approach us and offer his hand to Ruby in a friendly manner. "Hey there... I'm Jaune."

Ruby gave a small smile, taking his hand and stood up fully with his help, "Ruby. Wait, aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?"

Jaune could only lower his head in embarrassment and I also swore I could see a depression cloud over his head too. Real smooth there Rubes…

We talked for a little while, then the conversation went back to him throwing up. "Look, all I'm saying is that motion sickness is a much more common problem than people let on!" Jaune said in his defense. As he said that, I immediately recalled all those times in that one anime Fairy Tail, how all the Dragon Slayers always had motion sickness issues depending on their strength. I shuddered a small bit, I hope Cayden and I wouldn't have to go through that!

"As if I'd let my 'partners' have such a glaring weakness!" Grima growled at the back of my head (and likely Cayden's too, to his confusion).

I then responded back to Grima quickly with a snarky mental response, "Thanks for the loving vote of confidence Grimmy."

"WHAT THE *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* DID YOU JUST-?!" I then deliberately tuned him out so I could spite him. Mark - 1, Grima - 0. Though I think Cayden had flinched at that, as he might not have had enough time to tune him out when Grima began to rant.

I then turned back to Ruby's and Jaune's conversation. She was laughing and said, "Look, I'm sorry! Vomit Boy was the first thing that came to mind." she defended.

Jaune, still embarrassed, replied, "Oh, yeah? What if I called you Crater Face?" I actually let out a small yet subtle growl at that. I knew it was all in good fun, but still…

Ruby put a hand to her chest flabbergasted saying, "Hey, that explosion was an accident!" she pouted.

Jaune rolled his eyes as both laughed again and he then said, "Well, the name's Jaune Arc! Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue - the ladies love it!" he smiled flirtatiously.

I then interrupted saying, "Oh? Do they really?"

Jaune hesitated for a moment then said, "They will! Well, I-I hope they will. My mom always says that... Never mind..." Huh. His mom must really attempt to comfort him a lot…

Ruby gave a small giggle before an awkward silence descended over us all briefly. Ruby decided to take initiative and said, "So... I got this thing!" she then unfolded Crescent Rose into its main weapon scythe mode, presenting it to Jaune and I.

Jaune jumped back in surprise and asked with awe, "Whoa! Is that a scythe?!"

Ruby nodded with a proud smile and added, "It's also a customizable high-impact sniper rifle!" She then gave a big toothy smile at that extra tidbit.

Jaune literally did not know what to say but instead replied with, "A-wha...?"

"It's also a gun basically." I said with a deadpan, Ruby showed said gun mode as well for emphasis.

A slight sweat-drop appeared on Jaune's head and he sheepishly said, "Oh. Well, that's cool!"

Ruby then asked not only Jaune, but me as well with a grin, "So what've you got?" she wondered with curiosity.

Jaune paused for a moment before saying, "Oh! I, uh..." he brings out a blade from a simple sheathe, "I got this sword!" He nodded with a smile. He also mentioned, "Yeah, and I've got a shield, too!"

Despite it being a somewhat lackluster weapon pair these days, Ruby regardless had stars in her eyes and said, "Ooooohh!" she then touched the blade and shield, examining them with an appraising eye. "So, what do they do?" she asked in wonder.

Jaune grimaced a bit whilst fumbling with the weapon before having the shield expand and retract briefly, "The shield gets smaller, so when I get tired of carrying it, I can just... put it away..." He then finished with a hopeful smile, hoping he had impressed enough.

Ruby then asked, "But... wouldn't it weigh the same?" I couldn't help but grimace this time as well.

Jaune then slumped to the ground in a small depressed state, "Yeah, it does..."

Ruby attempted to salvage things by redirecting her question to me, I could only mentally applaud at that smart save. "So what about you Mark?" she asked with a small hopeful gleam in her eyes. She wanted me to help snap Jaune outta his funk.

I smirked, "I'm glad you asked, my shining red gem!" I said dramatically and with a flourish, "I have this katana blade, whose name is Nirvana! She can't exactly transform or anything too special, BUT she is also quite capable of using long ranged attacks as well."

"What about your other weapon Mark?" Ruby asked in wonder with an excited tone as well.

"Heh, you saw that, did you?" I smiled. "Well, THIS is my other weapon!" I proclaimed while taking Dark Genesis of Light out. The sight of a book caused Jaune to anime-style faceplant, and for Ruby to look at me in a cute, yet also slightly confused way.

"A BOOK?!" Jaune yelled at me, thinking I was pulling his leg. The reaction caused me to let out a small chuckle.

"Not just any book, oh no, far from it. This book is linked together with all kinds of unique Dust in the pages!" I lied, but they didn't need to know about magic just yet. To demonstrate, I looked at a rock, pointed my hand at it, and then made a show of my Tome glowing, saying "Thunder!"

...The rock then exploded in a combination of rock shrapnel and dirty dust. That was a lot more powerful than I thought it would be, and that's the weakest spell in the Thunder Spell categories!

"That...was…a LOT stronger than it should have been, eh but you two get the picture, right?" I asked with a smirk.

When I saw their faces I couldn't help but chuckle in amusement, as they both had their mouths open, and their eyes were a pure widened white like one of those shocked anime characters!

I couldn't help it. After seeing Ruby like that, I could only just give her a big hug. She blushed extremely high like her namesake; but unknown to me, Ruby felt quite safe in my arms snuggling in more with slight subtlety, and secretly wished that this moment wouldn't ever end.

It did sadly.

Ruby then decided to shake her blush away and attempted to regain her composure with a small cough; she was still slightly red though. "Well, I gotta say that your weapons are really awesome Mark. As for you Jaune, I have to say that yours is good too. Not everyone can appreciate the classics." She smiled.

Jaune could only sheathe his own blade completely and dejectedly say, "Yeah, um, the classics…"

I looked at Jaune who seemed to need a small pick-me-up. "You know Jaune, it's not the weapon that makes someone a true Hunter, but the person you are inside. As long as you believe in yourself, you can do anything that others would consider completely impossible." I gave him a sincere, and knowing grin.

Jaune could only look at me in surprise and could tell I was being honest. He gave a small smile and said, "Heh, thanks Mark. You're a cool dude ya know that?"

"Well I have to be if I want to keep Cayden safe! Don't tell him I said this, but I see him as a little brother. And I would do everything in my power to keep him safe; well, as safe as a Hunter can be anyway." I said with a smile, closing my eyes.

Ruby then decided to break the little bro to bro talk and asked Jaune, "So why'd you help me out back there? In the courtyard?" Ruby asked Jaune, she already knew my reason, which is why she is asking Jaune in specific.

Jaune then replied, "Eh, well why not? My mom always says, 'Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.'" He smiled.

"Those are some wise words you should live by, but don't take it too far. Just like anyone can be a friend you haven't met yet, they can also be an enemy you haven't met yet as well." I said in a sage tone.

Jaune nodded at that and we proceeded to continue walking around. Ruby then finally noticed something and said, "Hmm...Hey, where are we going again?"

Jaune and I immediately stopped at her words with the former saying, "Oh, I don't know! I was following you. Y-You think there might be a directory? Maybe a food court? Some kind of recognizable landmark? Is, uh... Is that a 'no'?" He could only stutter at the end.

I chuckle "The first thing you think about is food? Heh, that's definitely a NO kid. I know where it is anyway. Just hold on to my hands you guys, I know a 'shortcut', heh." I said with a knowing smirk. Finally I was able to make a Sans reference!

Once they grabbed onto my hand, I walked us away from Beacon towards a nearby tree, much to the confusion of Ruby and Jaune, and as soon as they were about to voice out their concerns, I used the speed part of my Semblance, and suddenly, we were at the auditorium, with Black Roses and Cherry Blossoms trailing behind me.

{{Location: Beacon Auditorium}}

I, along with both Ruby and Jaune could only stumble briefly (needed to practice that more) and looked around. It was then Ruby noticed Yang waving to us and...was that Cayden passed out next to her?

"Ruby! Guys! Over here, I saved you all a spot!" I nodded to Ruby (who was still blushing from earlier and when she had grabbed on to me) and we both headed over with Ruby waving bye to Jaune while Jaune himself could only say, "Hey, wait! Ah man, where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?!" Meanwhile a red-headed girl nearby was looking directly at Cayden with an amused smile, she had noticed his antics earlier; she was also blushing a tiny bit as well, but she didn't pay much notice to that.

As we approached Yang and an unconscious Cayden, we then took our seats, and I then gestured to my friend.

"So, uh, why exactly is Cayden out completely cold, Yang?"

"Well, first he had some kind of headache, mentioning something about a loud noise, then he sneezed, so I just err, attempted to hug him and calm him down." She said while blushing, which was a little surprising, considering this is Yang the Golden Bold we're talking about.

"In other words, you shoved him straight into your cleavage, right sis?" Ruby said with an amused glint in her eyes, seeing an opportunity to finally tease her sister...which backfired immediately when Yang noticed her rosy (heh) blush around Mark, causing her to smirk at the teasing material to use later. While unknown to me, Ruby thought about doing the same thing later on when we got together, which then caused her to blush even more.

Suddenly, a random voice shouted, "PANCAKES!" and soon enough, I knew I had to cover my ears from the storm that was incoming.

"YAAAAAHHHHH! WHO?! WHAT THE?! WHAT IN THE HOLY OUM HAPPENED?!" Cayden freaked out. "All I remember was this heavenly feeling and...pancakes I think..? Uh…" He then looked up at Yang who was blushing and Cayden's nosebleed became a near tidal wave. " SORRY!" He bowed down over and over dramatically and at extremely high speeds.

"Cayden, you're being too loud, dude." I said with a deadpan.

Cayden looked at me with a narrowed gaze, "I don't know exactly what happened, but I somehow have the feeling you're responsible…" He muttered, forgetting yet again about our new enhanced hearing and his position in Yang's embrace. Before I could respond though, we soon heard a certain Heiress speak up.

"You!" she called out to Ruby who flinched. Yang could only wonder what was up with her sis all of a sudden.

"Oh no, not this again!" Ruby held her head in her hands, already way past tired of this drama.

"You're extremely lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!" Weiss continued.

Yang could only respond, "Wait, WHAT?!" Ooh boy! Going into overprotective big sis mode.

"It was an accident. AN ACCIDENT!" Ruby tried to plead before jumping into Yang's arms for hopeful protection.

Weiss was unamused and handed Ruby a pamphlet titled, 'Dust for dummies and other inadequate individuals'.

Ruby could only look at the pamphlet basically saying that she was a dummy and asked, "What's this?"

"The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy to follow guide to Dust applications and practices in the field." she basically recited.

"Wha….?" Ruby tried to say.

"You really want to start making things up to me?"

"I uh, guess?" Ruby was hesitant this time and I could understand why.

"Read this, and don't ever speak to me again." Weiss harrumphed and handed Ruby the insulting pamphlet.

Yang tried to put out the fire and said "Look, uh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you both start over and try to be friends, okay?"

After she said that, I immediately got a mischievous smirk and hid behind Cayden, much to his confusion and slight worry. I may see him as a little brother, which he technically is (but he shall never be immune to my pranks).

Ruby decided to go for broke and try it, "Yeah! Great idea, sis! Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies!" she smiled hesitantly.

Weiss being a smart aleck said, "Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, azure, and...and… IT'S YOU?!" she then pointed at Cayden who finally realized my planned prank on him. This caused him to go white in the face from fear. He even sent me a glare that would've been perfect on any Schnee. Weiss then started to go on a tangent that you shouldn't mess with the Schnee Dust Company when I laughed out loud, stopping her in her metaphorical tracks. That's when I stepped out from behind Cayden.

"I... I'm sorry, but this is just too funny! YOU say that you're observant, but you can't even notice the tiny little details that make us different, like say, our eyes? Also, you miiiiight want to read that booklet yourself. If I remember correctly, it was YOU who shook a cracked jar of Dust in front of Ruby's face which caused her to sneeze and blow up." I continued to laugh as Weiss could only turn pale white as pure snow and Cayden sighed in exasperation, already starting to have yet another small depression cloud over his head; shaded eyes and all. Though he did laugh a small bit at my point. Luckily, it was quiet enough so that Weiss was unable to hear it.

Weiss herself was speechless. After all, it's not everyday someone insults her in such a manner, though she DID decide to give an apologetic look to Cayden after seeing how her yelling at him had affected him. I even noticed that he was beginning to play along by having a quivering lip with tears in his big golden puppy-ish looking eyes. This only made me laugh harder. Some people around us even joined in. I only do pranks like this all in good fun and mainly just to lighten the mood. After all, while I am mainly strategic, I also need to make sure that the people around us are feeling motivated enough to continue; henceforth my mischievous nature, though I was always mischievous. Anyway I digress.

After a few more minutes of light-hearted laughter, Weiss then gave a small and dainty cough and we turned our attention to her. She had a slightly flushed face, but was trying to look as composed as possible. She then took a deep breath and turned to both Ruby, Cayden, and myself.

"I must admit that you did get me there. I apologize for my rash attitude. I will be sure to make better impressions next time. I also apologize for waving that cracked Dust bottle at you, Ruby and for being rude to you and your friend." She said to me and Cayden, before then taking another small breath. "If you'll excuse me." She then gave a polite bow and walked away, a slight bit of guilt and sadness noticeable in her walking gait.

That honestly shocked me a little, though I didn't really show it. I was NOT expecting the Weiss Schnee to apologize!

As Weiss had fully taken her leave, Cayden then said, "Well, talk about suddenly unexpected huh?"

The rest of us could only nod in response; little did any of us know, as she was walking away, Weiss took one last glance back at our group. Specifically at Cayden.

'Why did I suddenly want to apologize like that? I never thought I'd let my guard down so easily; especially with how I represent the SDC. Was it his eyes?' she wondered to herself. Before she could dwell on such things any longer though, she suddenly felt a small headache run through her head. Her eyes briefly glowed an icy blue hue and had a small patch of icy crystal scales going down her face. Shortly after, they then faded, but were still slightly visible if you looked close enough.

It was then that a small tap on a nearby microphone took all the attention up to the Beacon Amphitheater.

"I'll... keep this brief." Ozpin, who was responsible for gaining our attention, began. "You have all traveled here today in search of knowledge, knowledge needed in order to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and once you have finished, you all plan to dedicate your lives to the protection of the world's populace." He then paused while looking over us all. He seemed to sigh in a somewhat mysterious manner; eyes clouded in hidden emotion and continued. "But I look amongst you all, and right now, I can only see wasted energy which is in need of purpose, direction." Ozpin then stood up straighter and continued before he concluded. "Some of you may only be here for the fame, the adventure, or one of your own personal reasons. But one must always keep in mind that a Hunter's and Huntress's work is never truly done. You must dedicate not only your own selves to those around you, but they to you as well. You assume that simple knowledge of this life will free you of all of this, but your time here at this school will prove that knowledge is only able to carry you out so far in life. It is up to you to take the first step and finish walking and experiencing the path you've chosen." He then finished and left, leaving his words to impact the rest of us and ponder upon.

"Mysterious as always, eh Cayden?" I whispered to him.

Cayden nodded back at me replying with a whisper of his own. "I'm in full agreement. Although his words may be different than what we normally may know, one must look deeper into what his words really mean." Cayden observed. Even though my friend has his off moments, there's no doubt that he's always been the most observant of us two with his own outlook on certain perspectives.

"You watch too much Naruto dude. 'Look underneath the underneath', eh?" I whispered back, making sure to be extra quiet with the nearby Faunus around.

Cayden gave a small sheepish grin and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, what can I say man?" he asked. "There's a lot someone like me can learn from certain things. If I recall, wasn't it me who pointed out how aggressive you are in Monster Hunter against those Fatalis beasts you always keep talking about." He smiled knowingly.

"Grrr, please don't remind me! I don't even know why I'm so aggressive when I go up against that freakin' Black Fatalis. I'm fine with the other Fatalis types, but for some reason, I'm only aggressive with that one Black Fatalis in general." I whispered to him.

Cayden nodded but also shrugged. "Take it okay bud? I'm just making a small point." He then bro-hugged me with one arm and gave me a small noogie, smiling like a loon.

"Anyway, we should head to where we should sleep, this place is almost empty, and I need to go and find Blake."

Cayden, seeing the serious look in my eyes, nodded. "You need me to back you up Mark?" he asked me.

"Nah, Faunus like us are really rare as it is, I'll go alone so we don't immediately fry her brain somehow, she'll end up meeting you later anyway."

Cayden nodded. "In that case, I believe I'd like to interact with Weiss a bit more. Perhaps I can help lower her iced up heart a bit and smooth things better for the team down the line." Cayden said while having a distant, but fond expression.

"Have her act like a true Schnee eh? You know, there WAS that theory that her father was forcefully manipulating that attitude into her." I said with a small frown. I smirked a bit at his angered and fiery expression at that, but dropped it for now.

Cayden nodded at that. "I may not have liked her way back when, but then again, I wasn't exactly knowledgeable about all those things. In any case, I want to somehow help her in order to, in a way, make up for my far too quick judgment of her." I smiled. My friend really was a nice guy; sometimes too nice, but that's what made him a good friend- what made him MY good friend and Otōto.

{{Later; Blake 1st POV}}

As I had finished getting into some comfortable sleepwear and having set out my bedding for the night, I made sure to bookmark the latest spot in my book before looking around for a certain young Faunus like myself. He had slipped me a letter before we had come here to the Ballroom in order to say that he wanted to talk. Could it be about what type of Faunus he is? What if he's someone like me? Someone who's on the run?

I could only take a deep breath. There was no need to jump to conclusions so soon, Blake. It wouldn't solve anything. Although I'm guessing that that's one of the many reasons my Semblance is what it is…

Behind my bow, my Cat Faunus ears heard someone approach me. I looked up! It was Mark. He really looks quite toned in that outfit. Makes me think how toned his chest is… I started to subconsciously drool as I couldn't help but remember a certain scene in the latest Ninjas of Love book volume… I immediately blushed and let out a small 'eep' sound, making me poke my index fingers together, very red and embarrassed.

Mark, however, seemed to have heard it unfortunately. He then chuckled. "You like what you see? Even if my cloak is in the way?" He teased me.

I immediately lowered my head, my blush even bigger and redder than before. I'm sure even my cat ears were drooping a bit in flushed embarrassment… Although, "I can't exactly deny that." I whispered. OH BROTHER GODS STRIKE ME DOWN NOW!

"Anyway," he began, "How about we cut to the chase, Miss Kitty Cat". Mark said, which immediately made me freeze on instinct.

"H-how do you know that?" I stuttered, immediately all set up to run.

"You think you're the only one who has a unique sense of smell? I can smell the catty scent on you...that, along with the fact that your bow is twitching a LOT." He said, smiling faintly. He then swiftly took my bow off, surprising me, along with me feeling completely off-guard. Thankfully though, it seems that no one had seen that at least, so I guess that's a good thing.

I quickly began to stutter and knowing I wouldn't easily get my bow back, I had my hands cover the top of my head. "What are you doing?!" I practically hissed out, an unamused glare upon my face.

"I'm proving my point, though I must say, you look MUCH better without this bow." he said as he gave me my bow back, which I admit took me aback, as I thought he wouldn't bother on giving it back. I couldn't help but blush heavily when he said I looked better without my little bow accessory.

"Anyway, you're curious about my Faunus type, aren't you, do you have any possible suspicions?" Mark observed me, then asked with a serious, yet also knowing look.

I could immediately feel my Faunus instincts tell me to not run and simply stay to answer him. It wasn't due to some sort of fear, but mainly instinct in knowing he is an 'Alpha' Faunus of sorts and must not be disrespected without proper reason.

I quickly gulped down a small shuddering breath (such accursed hormones!) and then as I began to gain my composure, I answered. "I have at least a small...inkling of who you might be." I started with some strain in my voice.

"Oh? Then please, do tell. After all, I am here to help anyone with any problem!" Mark said enthusiastically, somewhat surprising me, as I wasn't expecting such a sudden shift in mood change.

I nodded, albeit a little unsurely. I then continued my thought process. "As I was saying, I have a slight suspicion, but I'm unsure how accurate it is. The only guess that I DO have in mind is supposed to be only myth and suspect." I frowned. I hated not knowing important things at times.

"Did those 'myths' of yours have a name for these Faunus you speak of?" He asked with much visible amusement.

Taken aback at this and even believing my guess to be more outrageous, I decided it was all or nothing and said my answer, "You...are a Manakete Faunus, aren't you?" I asked with some hesitance and disbelief.

"Bingo." He admitted while smirking at me, causing me to blush heavily at him, there's just something about him that makes me want to kiss (and dare I say jump) him right then and there, or is that just my Faunus instincts?. "Anything that is or was considered a myth, was likely real at some point in time, case in point, myself." Mark points to himself. "I wonder, what gave it away though?"

I then gave a small sigh and said, "First, it's basically instinct for one Faunus to identify the other as one, even if their 'traits' aren't as visible. And second…" I paused, blushing. "It was your scent combined with the eyes of an Alpha…" I then blushed with a small nosebleed.

"Are you sure it wasn't because of that headache we had earlier?" Mark asked, making me sit up straight, I had actually forgotten about that!

"To be honest," I began, "That never truly registered to my mind until you mentioned it again. What exactly was that, Mark?" I asked.

"I don't exactly understand it fully myself, but I do know that when I look into a certain girl's eyes, including yourself, then both she and I gain a small headache for some unknown reason." He said in a thinking pose.

Could that mean...? No, I could not - would not - bring that thought process any bit further...yet. It's likely my imagination and merely just coincidence. Yet for some reason, the thought makes me giddy... NO! Bad Blake, get ahold of yourself!

"I see." I finished a bit lamely. "This has given me quite a bit to think about. I'm not trying to doubt or even deny your story, but I'll need some time to think please." I politely requested of him.

"And time I shall give you, but if you ever need help with anything let me know, it is NOT safe to keep things bottled up." Mark said to me seriously. "You might not have to wait too long though, I'll likely be showing you proof first hand in initiation." Mark said with a suggestive wink.

I nodded.

Another thought came to me as well though. "Also," I asked. "What was up with those scales you and I had when we made eye contact?" I asked, curiosity wishing to be sated.

"Ahh, that...I don't quite know that either, but what I DO know is that it's also connected with the headaches I mentioned earlier." Mark said, scratching his head.

I gained a small confused look at what he was talking about on that last part, but at that moment, two girls started to head towards us, realizing I had not put my bow back on yet, I scrambled to put it back on before anyone could see my ears.

As I finished tying my bow back on, I suddenly heard two familiar voices (or I should say at least one despite both of their scents smelling very familiar).

"Hel-looooo! I believe you two may know each other?" the well-endowed blonde asked me, heading mine and Mark's way.

I racked my brain for a second before recalling, "Aren't you... that girl that exploded?" I asked, attempting to rein in a bit of small laughter.

The red headed girl could only slump at that and sheepishly replied, "Uh, yeah! My name's Ruby! But you can just call me Crater..." At that, she paused, recollecting herself before speaking again with less awkwardness. "Actually, you can just call me Ruby." she giggled with a sheepish grin. I had to admit, she seemed like quite the innocent one.

Although I wasn't exactly interested in talking as I'd rather finish speaking with Mark and then read my book in peace. "Okay." I simply responded.

I could easily hear them attempting to whisper discreetly; it sometimes helped that I was a Faunus hiding in plain sight with others none the wiser. Mark also seemed to be trying to hide his amusement.

"What are you doing?" The blonde one whispered to Ruby.

"I don't know - help me!" Ruby whined while trying to keep her voice at a level whisper.

The blonde decided to take the lead this time and asked me, "So... What's your name?"

I had to admit they were persistent. So, sighing and hoping that answering will get them to leave, I replied back. "My name is Blake." I answered in a monotone.

The blonde nodded. "I see. Nice to meet you Blake." She then finally seemed to notice Mark next to me and said, "Heya there, Cayden!" she smiled. I could only make a mental facepalm at her mistake. I knew that based on what I've seen from the glimpses of his friend, that Mark and his friend were indeed EXTREMELY similar in looks but...yea…well, it seems Mark is amused at least, he is snickering after all.

"Um, sis." Ruby interrupted. "That's Mark." she clarified.

The blonde could only look at Mark again then blushed with one hand behind her head in embarrassment. "Uhhh, oops?" she muttered.

"Don't worry about it! Heh, it happens all the time! After all, we CAN pass for nearly identical twins!" Mark said with a chuckle.

My ears somehow twitched as I heard a sudden loud sneeze and someone say, "Who's talking about me NOW?!" Mark heard it too, if that smirk of his was any indication.

After that little random moment, the blonde continued, "Well, Blake, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister! I like your bow!" she complimented me. Flattery will get you nowhere, I could only think. Mark rolled his eyes at how bad that attempt of hers was.

I then irritatedly replied with a simple, "Thanks."

"It goes great with your... pajamas!" Yang continued. I could already hear Mark facepalm.

"Right…" I said not nearly amused.

Yang yet again persisted as her sister Ruby could only laugh nervously, "Nice night, don't you think?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes - it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book!" I gestured to said item, "That I will continue to read… As soon as you leave." I finished with a slight hiss and an eye twitching glare.

Yang seemed to finally get the picture and said, "Yeah, this girl's a lost cause." I felt a vein begin to pulse hardly in my forehead. 'I can HEAR YOU!' I thought. Also...did Mark just growl a little?

"What's it about?" Ruby suddenly asked me.

Confused, I asked. "Huh?"

Ruby clarified by saying, "Your book. Does it have a name?"

A little more into my comfort zone now, I then said, "Well... i-it's about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body. One half is dark and demonic, while he himself, the lighter half of him, attempts to control it along with himself as a whole. It's called Another Soul, Another Side."

Yang rolled her eyes and snorted a small bit. "Oh, yeah... That's really lovely!" She said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her. Some people just couldn't ever understand good literature.

Ruby however, continued unfazed. "I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of both heroes and monsters... They're one of the reasons I want to be a Huntress!"

I gave a small sincere smile and laughed at that. "And why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?" I truly was curious to hear her answer to my question.

Ruby hummed for just a moment then said, "Well, I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I've always wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who would fight for what was right, and protect the people who can't protect themselves!" She smiled in the only way an innocent kid could.

I smiled acknowledgingly. Ruby reminded me of myself back when the...Fang was simply a more peaceful and protesting group. "That's very ambitious for a child like yourself." I said with a slight statement to it along with a small compliment mixed in. I then frowned a small bit after saying, "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale." I sighed a bit at that. Such was the unsaid curse of living a real life.

Ruby could only grin and respond, "Well, that's why we're here! To make it all better."

Yang gave a small sisterly sniffle saying, "Oh, I am so proud of my baby sister!" As she lifted her into a hug. I could only find myself a little envious at this. I remember how myself and Ilia were once this close enough to be considered like sisters…

Ruby broke out of her sister's grip and said, "Cut it out!" As they both got into a small scuffle, cartoon cloud with dust and all. Mark and I were amused by this.

I definitely laughed at that. "Well, Ruby, Yang, it's a pleasure to ha-" I began.

"What in the world is going on over here?! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?" Yet ANOTHER familiar voice cut in.

"Hey, hey, wait up Weiss!" Seems Mark's friend/brother Cayden was here too. Talk about a crowd.

Weiss harrumphed, but I could see a faint fond blush as she looked back at Cayden. Interesting…

Yang then looked to Weiss and Weiss vice versa. "Oh, not you again!"

Ruby cut in attempting to diffuse the fire starting to spread. "Shh! Guys, she's right! People are trying to sleep!"

Weiss groaned. "Oh, so now you're on my side!"

"I was always on your side!" Ruby protested.

"Yeah, what's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice!" Yang said with her hair beginning to glow. Cayden looked like he was about to faint seeing as he was sandwiched between Yang and Weiss, who were obviously only in their pjs.

Weiss gave another humph and said, "Excuse me! She's a hazard to my health!" She finished with an icy glare aimed at both sisters. I noticed that Weiss had already forgotten to whisper. And uh, is Mark growling again? My instincts were beginning to go haywire. I was already getting about this close to kissing him right then and there now.

Mark then calmed down. And while I quickly grabbed the candle I used for my reading light, he whispered, "Poor Schnee." That beginning sentence grabbed my attention, why exactly would he say that? "I've heard some pretty bad rumors about her father, one specifically stating her 'father' literally beat that attitude into her." Mark said solemnly.

I wasn't too surprised to hear that, but surprised regardless. I then noticed Cayden briefly look Mark's way. He must've heard what he said as the room felt chilly and was filled with a bit of highly concentrated killing intent.

I decided it was time to exit stage left and blew out the candle, causing everyone to go quiet and for the KI to disappear.

However, once I blew out the candle, Mark immediately spoke up behind me and whispered, "Also in regards to your taste in books, that book wouldn't exactly be a substitute for any naughty novels would they?" He smirked. I blushed and it was then that I heard some coughing coming from Cayden.

"Blegh, cough cough, UGH!" He tried to clear out his mouth. He then suddenly gained a glazed look in his eyes seeing as he was planning to respond, but he was unable as he then looked at Yang and Weiss, attempting to catch his breath at an inopportune time; his mind was already now deep down in the gutter. Then, for the first time in my personal experience I saw him have a blackout nosebleed making him fall utterly unconscious. I think they'll need to clean all that up tomorrow…and just seeing that happen almost made me get a nosebleed of my own as well...

{{The Day After; Cayden - 1st POV}}

After that...wild night last night (NOT like THAT you pervs!), for lack of a better term, I was sleeping soundly and I think I may have even been drooling (but meh, details).

As I continued to slumber, I suddenly felt a poke on my cheek. At first, I simply brushed it off and mumbled, "Just lemme sleep…"

I then felt another poke, and I was already beginning to get annoyed; I even growled and this time attempted to slap the appendage poking me, however...


I opened my eyes partly and couldn't help but feel like I was in EXTREMELY dangerous territory. It was then I heard a moan of all things and a burst of killing intent aimed RIGHT AT ME. My eyes opened IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY and I saw that I... WAS TOUCHING NORA'S BOOBS?! And Ren? Ooohh...he was giving me the devil's personal fiery glare. I panicked and screamed like a little girl, waking up Mark along with everyone else. Needless to say, I was given multiple devil glares that morning, some EXTREME blushes of the female variety, and teasing congrats from some pervy guys… not to mention a huge laughing fit from Mark; I love ya too man…ugh!

{{LATER; Beacon Cliffs Above Emerald Forest}}

After that major headache and one intimidating 'I'm watching you' look from Ren, we were all currently above the cliff that oversaw the Emerald Forest. To be honest, I nearly laughed at the name for the forest. After all, Emerald Forest along with a character named Emerald later on? I should definitely make a joke about that in the future…

In any case, while everyone had gathered up at the *gulp* launch pads, I was trying to repeatedly apologize for the morning incident with Nora. She was blushing and trying to get me to stop and I didn't get the memo until I again, felt Ren's pressurized glare upon me. I then backed off and gave a small sheepish smile and chuckle.

After that atmosphere (thankfully) ended, Professor Ozpin gave me a small quick grin of amusement before speaking to all of us soon-to-be students.

"For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." He began while walking back and forth in a slow and slightly dramatic manner.

Glynda then decided to step in and mention a certain something everyone was talking about prior. "Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of "teams." Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates... today."

I immediately felt a disturbance in the Force of RWBY… probably Ruby feeling pressured, meh.

"What? Ohhh..." she said.

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well." Ozpin gave a small smirk at Ruby's response. Is he secretly a sadist I wondered? Maybe he did something similar with Summer. Like Mother, like Daughter I guess.

Ozpin then continued, "That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years."

At that, Ruby seemingly couldn't hold it in any longer and shouted "Whaaaat?!" And it was then I knew for sure the dimension briefly became unstable, weird. Typical anime stuff.

Nora gave an eager grin to Ren and whisper-shouted, "See? I told you-!"

She was thankfully interrupted (but not before Ren gave me ANOTHER glare, c'mon no grudges please man!) by Ozpin, "After you've all partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You will meet opposition along the way. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path... or you will die."

I could faintly hear Jaune give a nervous laugh and a big gulp.

Ozpin, seeing that we all (mostly) were ready, then said, "You will be monitored and graded through the duration of your initiation, but our instructors will not intervene. You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one and return to the top of the cliff. We will regard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?"

At that, I knew it was game time and so I began to breathe in and out while prepping myself. Let it begin!

"Yeah, um, sir? I've got one." Jaune attempted to ask while not noticing the gadgets launching ever so close to him.

"Good! Now, take your positions." Ozpin said, ignoring Jaune.

"Uh, sir? So, this landing... strategy thing... Uh, wha-what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?"

Ozpin took a small sip of his hot cocoa from what my nose told me it was. "No. You will be falling."

Still not getting the memo, Jaune continued, "Oh, uh, I see... So, like, did you hand out parachutes for us?"

Ozpin gave an amused smirk, likely knowing Jaune was wholly unprepared for what was coming. "No. You will be using your own landing strategy."

Mark smirked as he heard his launcher begin to prep up, "Times up! Let's do this, CAAAAAAYYYYYYDEEEENNNNN!" Is what I heard from him before he was launched.

Seeing that it was now my turn, I then decided to humor my buddy/bro and say, "You can say that again, let's go...MAAAAAAARRRRRKKKKK!" I shouted as the wind brushed against my face and I was free falling; or as a certain someone would say from a certain Disney/Pixar movie, 'falling with style'!

I also believe I could hear Grima snicker at that. Likely because the air was nice and he knew that reference I just made. I could also hear Jaune screaming right behind me with the classical Wilhelm Scream

{{? 3rd POV; Emerald Forest}}

It was just another day for the little denizen of the woods. Hunting and surviving, not to mention avoiding the dark versions of its fellow woodland critters. Regardless, unlike those hairless monkeys, the dark halves seemed to leave their counterparts like itself alone.

As it was about to spring upon an unsuspecting morsel, every single piece of the woods went quiet. Danger itself seemed to fill the air and something FAR more predatory and higher up in the food chain began to make its presence known to all…

A growl was heard and the animal, too curious for its own good, went to check it out. The stench of blood and dead flesh pervaded its nose and what it saw next, made it paralyzed with unadulterated fear. There, eating not only a poor horde of wolves, but also a decently sized Deathstalker being beaten up and fading away slowly, was a gigantic monster unlike anything ever known. The beast gave a quick sniff and turned the creature's way. Hiding, it hoped the apex predator didn't see it and after a moment, peeked back.

The area was clear, so why did it still feel dread? Suddenly, a waft of steam hit it from BEHIND, and as it looked, all it heard in the end was a roar and a sharp snap of the jaws.


The monster, having eaten its meal, then sniffed out and sensed much fresh meat on its way. May as well be considered a buffet for the elder creature. In any case, it was time for this MONSTER to HUNT!


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