Manaketes of Remnant

Chapter 5


(Mark POV)

{{{Nighttime, at an abandoned warehouse}}}


After the ceremony, the outcome of which I had found somewhat surprising, I decided to slip off in the night once everyone was asleep. The only one I truly needed to be wary of was Blake, as everyone else in the room doesn't wake as easily as a Faunus, and Cayden was in the next room with Nora…nuff said on that. But I digress, I needed to meet up with Torchwick, and it had to be tonight.

So, here I am, standing in the middle of the room, in an abandoned warehouse with my eyes closed, when I suddenly said, "So you found my note, eh? The fact that you've only brought your Trusted Partner means you're at least willing to hear me out, isn't that right?" I pause, and then open my eyes and turn around with a smirk to talk face to face with Roman Torchwick himself, I can also see Neo off to the side as well, "Roman Torchwick?"

Roman smirks, "Well now, it seems you know who I am, and just why is that?" He questions.

"Heh, how can I NOT know about you, especially since I fought you the other night? Not to mention your past exploits. While some people may view you as scum, I am one of the few that respect you, not out of fear, but because you seem to be the only one doing anything that, while others view as bad, forces companies to invent new things to advance technology."

"While that's good and all, how about we get to the part where you tell me why you really wanted me and my partner here, who by the way, no one is supposed to know about, all alone?" Roman said with a serious look on his face, I can see Neo give me a curious expression

"I had a feeling that you would want to get to the point," I said with a smirk, "Very well then, I'll tell you why I called you both here."

"Now, I can assume you already know what I am, based on what you called me the other day?" I said with a raised brow

"Yeah, you're a type of Faunus that's thought to have been extinct, but apparently, that's not true. You are a Manakete Faunus." Roman says all dramatically, while meanwhile, off in the corner I could see Neo have a surprised expression, along with a look of growing interest.

"Got it in one pal! Now I have a question for you." I said.

Roman just raised an eyebrow in interest.

"That robbery you committed the other day doesn't seem like something you would normally do, targeting only the Dust? I can understand it if it was the main mission, but you left behind a good chance to get a few stacks of Lien, and even then, you wouldn't steal everything in the shop. From what I gathered in the news in your previous exploits, you leave behind just enough so a shop can get back onto its feet fast after a robbery, so I have to ask, who are you working for, for you to steal only Dust, and every speck of it at that?" I ask seriously.

"Tsk, so you gathered all of that and came to that singular conclusion, huh? Welp you're right, I am indeed working for someone, as much as I hate to admit it, and I'm the Criminal Kingpin for crying out loud!" Roman throws his hands up in the air in exasperation. "In any case though, as much as I want to, I can't say the name of my "Employer", as I was never told her name at all, only that she wanted to use me to gather a LOT of Dust for some reason. I can at least describe her appearance though, she has long, black hair, mainly wears red dresses, from what I could see with the few times I saw her, and her eyes are an orange amber in color."

So basically, everything I already knew about Cinder, but it would still give me an excuse to inform Ozpin about this before the Vytal Festival when Cinder arrives.

"Also, I didn't really get to see it often, but I swear she has two Semblances! She formed some glass out of thin air, and so I had thought that was her Semblance, but then she suddenly goes and conjures freaking fire out of nothing! She actually used said fire to threaten me into working with her, the nerve of her! I guess I should be lucky I never revealed Neo, she is just too good at hiding from cameras and the like." Roman says. In the corner, I can see Neo nodding her head with an impish grin.

"You're saying that she conjured fire? Like this?" I took out my tome, and whispered fire, causing a flame to appear in my hand, which I promptly started to bounce around, kinda like Pyra does back in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if you stand around long enough.

"Oh great, another one, yes, exactly like that, why?" Roman groaned. I could tell Neo was curious as well, if her shuffling closer was anything to go by.

"Because this is NOT a semblance. Somehow, your boss managed to get herself a VERY dangerous ability: Magic." I said gravely.

Neo and Roman's eyes widen. "Wha- magic?! That shouldn't even be possible!" Roman sighs. "Though… seeing what you just did, I'm inclined to agree with ya, though it brings the question on WHY she has Magic in the first place."

"Normally, to use magic you have to use special Tomes like mine, but…if I recall correctly, isn't there an old fairy tale about an old man meeting with four young girls named after the seasons?"

Roman's eyes widened at the implication. "...I see, so she is a Maiden."

"Yes, well, at least partially." I said while adopting a thinking pose.

This time I was interrupted by Neo, who actually SPOKE to me, shocking both myself and Roman. Me, because I had thought she was completely mute, and Roman, because she only talked in front of those whom she trusts with her life, and the only one, until now apparently, that she trusts that much is Roman. "What do you mean 'partially'?"

After getting over the shock that she actually TALKED to me (I'll fanboy all about it later Hammit!), I responded with, "Due to my encounter with your boss, I have a feeling she is not a true Maiden. I think that she found a way to steal a Maiden's powers, or at least, partially. From what I can tell due to my kind's ability to sense Magic, she was interrupted in the process of stealing the actual Maiden's magic. I get the feeling she is quite power hungry as well. Now tell me, what would happen if a power-hungry woman managed to steal the powers from every single one of the Maidens?"

Neo once again spoke, "What you're implying is something close to the destruction of society as we know it."

"Pretty close yes, but on to my main point, considering that this could be the fate of the world of Remnant, I propose that you work for me."

Roman's eyebrows shot up at that. "Us, work for you? Tell me kid, why should we even consider that?"

It looks like I'll have to pull a trick I found out how to do once I had figured out Sans' shortcut trick (even if that was just using my own speed as a part of my Semblance), I close my eyes and said, "Because if you keep going down the way you're going," I pause, then open my eyes, revealing that they currently are dark voids. "You're REALLY not going to like what happens next."

Roman, while nervous that my eyes were currently black voids, then remembers I had used something similar to Neo's Semblance. Taking what I said as a threat, he calmly asked, "Oh? And what happens next then?"

"Your death. I don't know how it all happens, but due to one singular decision that your boss lady makes, you will die." I state gravely while switching my eyes back to normal, only partially telling the truth.

Roman stares at me for a second, then says, "Alright, you got me hooked. I would honestly rather survive when things go bad. Anyway, as my new boss, what do ya want me to do?" Roman says while he smirks.

"Huh, I wasn't expecting you to agree that quickly, but while this may sound crazy, I want you to continue working for your old boss, doing what she says whilst you gather information about what she is doing. Only until I say it's almost time for you to break free, in which you'll find the earliest possible way to find an out, even if it happens to possibly be in the middle of a fight." I instructed, still surprised he actually agreed to work for me.

"Yea… that's really crazy, but eh, it's a good plan for a lack of a better one. Still, how will you contact me?" Roman asks.

"I actually, err, 'acquired' a set of Burner Scrolls." "No, you actually stole them, which was MY idea!" 'Shut up Grima!'

Roman hummed, then said, "Well, I guess that's everything then?" At my nod, Roman then said, "Well, before you leave, I would like to request that you to do something for me."

"What is it?" I ask, raising an eyebrow while taking a sip of some water I had grabbed a while ago.

"I would like you to take Neo with you when you leave." Roman said seriously.

I will admit, I did a literal spit-take, much to Grima's amusement (he'll likely give that image to Cayden, I know it), but before I could say anything, Neo beat me to the punch. "WHAT?!" She shouted. "Why?!"

"Because, I have a feeling I won't be able to hide you for much longer, I fear what will happen should my 'boss' find out about you, and what you can do if she were to acquire you."

"That's…actually a valid reason, but are you certain you want Neo to come with me?" I asked. If she were to come with me, then some trouble could be avoided, even if she was now on our side. And if she was still with Roman, she would still have to do things like beating Yang up (something I'm sure Cayden wouldn't like) to keep up her cover, but if Roman's offering for me to take Neo with me, then I can at least make sure she's ok.

"Absolutely, Neo is like a daughter to me, I would do anything to keep her safe." Roman said. 'And also happy, I've seen the looks that she's sent you after only a few minutes of you meeting each other.' Roman mutters under his breath.

"Oh! I see another advantage of coming along," Neo pipes up. "I'm the only one who has Roman's contact information, and the scrolls we use are quite secure, so he would be able to send you the information you want, while also making sure you both aren't wasting tons of Burner Scrolls, umm, I'm sorry, but I don't think you've introduced yourself?" Neo said, looking directly into my eyes, only for a MAJOR headache to appear for both of us.

Unknown to Mark and Neo, Roman saw what happened, and under his breath said 'And that's the OTHER reason I want you to take Neo. As much as I hate to admit it, I can tell she will enjoy being with you, even if she has to share, considering that Dragons are known for taking more than one Mate at times.'

Scales began to soon appear around Neo's eyes. One an Icy White and a Fiery Orange, but no one noticed, as they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. "Oh, anyway you're right on that though, I never DID introduce myself, oh well, guess it's time to rectify that. My name is Mark."

Neo smiled at me, oh god, that smile is nearly on par with Ruby's smile (I might fanboy sooner than I thought)! "Well, nice to meet you Mark, I would introduce myself, but SOMEONE had to already drop that surprise onto me." Neo said while glaring at Roman, who puts his hands up in mock surrender and a sheepish grin. He then leaves the warehouse, leaving just me and Neo in awkward silence.




'Dumb-butt?' I'm totally holding that over him later. "Soooo," I started out, "Roman seemed quite surprised when you talked earlier, why is that?" I asked while we began our trek back to Beacon, since the Bullheads likely stopped their services at this time, so we had to walk the whole way there.

"I'll be honest, even I'm surprised that I'm talking to you, I usually only talk to those whom I trust my life with, and the only one who's earned that right is Roman, at least, until you came along, there's just something about you that makes me trust you, it might be partially because you're a Manakete, but I think there's something else as well.

It was then that I realized something. "Ahh Carp..."

Neo blinked, and said, "What is it?"

"I just realized that I'll have to explain what just happened to the Headmaster, and that I will need to convince him to allow you to sleep in Team RWBY(M)'s dorm room." I began to sweat drop at that. Would Cayden have my back? Meh he'll likely want to see me suffer. *sigh*

"Isn't that your team at Beacon?" Neo asked.

I blinked. "Yea, if I wasn't on the team, it would be an all-girls' team."

After that we started talking about topics, and whenever someone was within earshot, Neo stubbornly made sure to stay quiet.

{{{Beacon Academy: Headmaster's Office}}}


After we arrived at Beacon, I had to report immediately to Ozpin's office, and had to bring Neo along with he asked why I had snuck off campus, I went on to explain how I may have given him a potential ally in Roman Torchwick, and how in an act of good faith, he sent his most trusted co-worker alongside with me.

"Yes, I can see that, while that is indeed good news, did you really have to go behind my back to do so?" Ozpin gave me a pointed stare that was only partly amused at my actions, making me slightly nervous.

"Well, you can't really fool your enemies if you can't fool your allies, right? I did this because I thought that it could benefit us in the long run. Aside from that though, I would like to request permission for Neo to stay in the dormroom of Team RWBY(M)" I said while politely bowing.

"You do bring up a fair point, I'll accept that answer for now, and as for your request, it's granted, but you and your team will need to move into a larger dorm if you end up picking up more people. As such, I'll have it arranged in a few days' time." Ozpin said in a serious manner, surprising me. 'I should arrange the same for JNPR(C) as well, I have a feeling Cayden will start doing the same thing.' Ozpin thought to himself.

"Uhh, thanks, anyway, that's all, so have a good night, Ozpin!"

"Good night." Ozpin said simply, going back over his paperwork.

On the way down the elevator, Neo said, "Well, that could have gone worse."

As soon as she said that though, the elevator opened to reveal Blake, who did NOT look to be in a very good mood. "We need to talk." she said simply and started to drag me (and surprisingly enough Neo) to a secluded spot; not that there was anyone awake to find us.

Grima made things worse saying, "BUSTED!"


(Blake POV)

I was busy dragging both Mark and his little friend down the halls to the outside of Beacon near a lone tree that I saved for a spot such as this…and for my reading.

Once we got there, I made an emphasis for them to sit down while having one hand point it out and another on my hip with my lone foot tapping the earth in impatience.

Once they finally sat down, intimidated by my glare, I let out a long and somewhat tired sigh. "So, Mark, imagine my surprise as I was headed out here to go for a late night read until I suddenly see you sneaking off of campus to go to who knows where, when I then decided to follow and question you on something from earlier…"

Mark made to speak, but I made sure to cut him off with my eyes glowing (Faunus attributes, I love you sometimes) in the night to shut him up.

"HOWEVER! I then see you going into a lone warehouse which obviously isn't suspicious AT ALL and then about ten minutes later, come out with an unknown girl! So, I'll ask only once: WHAT. WERE. YOU UP TO?!" I then waited for an answer that would satisfy me. I also could easily tell truths from lies so if he were to be dishonest, well…the results wouldn't end up pretty for him.

Mark sighed, almost as if he were resigned to his fate, "I get found out on the very day that I started this plan of mine… I swear, my luck is the absolute worst." Mark sighed again, then said, "I was going to a meeting with THE Roman Torchwick, yes that's correct, though keep in mind, I'm not a criminal."

Keeping my composure yet still wanting to shout at the Torchwick part, I stay silent and then say, "Fair enough. Continue if you would?"

"I noticed something…odd, about Torchwick's behavior, and so during my fight with him, I slipped him a note in his pocket telling him to meet me in that warehouse with his as yet unknown partner." Mark then points to the girl right next to him. "When I confronted him about it, he told me that someone is forcing him to steal large amounts of Dust for a plan he knows near nothing about."

I let out a sharp exhale at this, could this also have some sort of link with the White Fang's latest behavior and Adam's slow but devastating change? I then ask, "So he's working for someone and you wanted to gather information? I can assume that Roman and her," I point to the partner that Mark mentioned. "Want no part in it? That's why you reached out to them?"

"Yes, so when I had asked him to join me in order to keep Remnant safe, he immediately agreed, and much to our shock, told me to take Neo here with me while he continues to pretend he's working with his old boss." Mark said.

I had to lightly massage my head as I was getting a slight headache from all this info at once. Still, I guess that I had made too much of an assumption. However… "Okay. I can understand, but I'd need proof of this. Why bring-" I then hear a bit of shuffling and instead of seeing this "Neo" girl, I see…Me?!

I step a little closer in caution and see that she seems to have copied every single detail. I was actually a bit amazed but still a bit fearful. "What kind of Semblance is this?" I asked.

"Neo's Semblance…" Mark looks at Neo, who nodded in affirmation. "Deals with semi-solid Illusionary images. In fact, part of my Semblance does that as well." Mark said.

I nodded at this. Illusionary Semblances were a bit more uncommon to most other well-known Semblances and some even originated from a stressful point in life. Nearly similar to mine in a way, come to think of it. I then decided to get to the main thing I had confronted Mark in the first place for. I just hoped that what I ask may not be too much to handle, but then again, even my luck isn't always that good. It's like how everyone says "curiosity killed the cat" ugh! I'm beginning to think Yang is already corrupting me. That girl and her puns… Mark sneezed suddenly, that was odd.

I shook my head and decided to mentally work myself up and ask him the Oum-darn question. Mustering up my courage despite all the other things I wanted to ask, I said, "Mark, I overheard Cayden say something about a Deviljho. What is that exactly? And what about the thing we faced? Are there more?" I shivered a little at the thought of more of them.

Before he answered, I heard him mutter "Carp." under his breath. "Don't make me hungry for Oum's sake!"

He then continued out loud. "I guess I don't really have a choice, do I?" Mark said with a small sigh. "The Thing" that we fought was known as a Deviljho. It belongs to a type of Monster Class known as the "Brute Wyverns", most of which aren't too dangerous when dealt with correctly."

I saw shadows appear where Mark's eyes were. "However, the Deviljho is MUCH more dangerous than a normal Brute Wyvern Class, not only is it considered a Nomadic Monster, BUT it also drives the nearby species within the ecosystem it is in, into extinction." Mark said in a grave tone.

I could only listen with a slight amount of awe and also some terror as well when Mark explained to me what exactly a Deviljho was and what it was also capable of. I also could've read a bit too much into things, but when Mark mentioned species I just had to ask for him to elaborate.

"Mark," I started, "You mentioned a species in your words just now. I'm going to go ahead and assume that there's more of these Monsters?" I finished.

I heard Mark say "Carp" again, "I REALLY want fish now…"

Mark sighed, then said, "Of course I make such a rookie error like that… Ugh yes, there's more Monsters out there, and a lot of them are less dangerous than the Deviljho. But just as many of them are more dangerous than them as well. Some of them belong to the class of Monsters known as the "Elder Dragons", not because they are literally dragons at that, but because they can't fit into any other category of Monster Class. Shell, the Dragon that I briefly turned into is one example of the types of Monsters as well. Granted though, an "Unknown" typing, BUT it can turn into an Elder Dragon as well."

I shook my head at all this information Mark gave me. Not only were there more beasts similar and entirely different than the Deviljho, but they were just as threatening if not more so! To add onto that, Mark was able to transform into one of an Unknown typing, but it can later become classified as an Elder Dragon! I felt a bit faint honestly. I only had one other question to ask before I made sure to take a nice, long, overdue nap.

"I see." I began. "In that case, I have one more question before I head over to bed and think over what we spoke of Mark. When you fought the Deviljho, why did it briefly gain that darker tint on its skin near the end?" I asked.

I saw Mark wince, and Neo who was still beside him looked at him curiously. "I should have known you would manage to notice even that. That's what happens when a Monster becomes infected by something known as the "Frenzy Virus" something that the monster type I become, called a "Gore Magala" activates often, mainly because it's blind, and uses the Virus to "see" its surroundings. However, if another Monster comes into contact with the Frenzy Virus, it starts to become more aggressive. Its eyes change colors, and its voice gets eerily distorted. Monsters die after only a few days of being infected…save a very rare few which I shall not mention right now. Know this though, the Frenzy Virus also affects Humans and Faunus as well. You have a chance to overcome it, but if it takes complete hold, you'll find that your Aura and Semblance will not work for a time until it ends. Luckily, Humans and Faunus cannot die from the virus and its effects." Mark ended with a sigh.

I had to rub my head a little with my hands whilst Neo seemed to be somewhat similar in that regard yet also somewhat giddy at the thoughts of the Frenzy Virus's potential. After getting over my small headache, I then spoke once more.

"I can see why all this can be a bit much even for you who's explaining it to me, Mark." I said. "I guess that's all my questions for now. Anything else before I head back to the dorm and get some rest?"

"Yes, actually." Mark said, gaining my attention and Neo's as well. "Before my tribe was wiped out, we were also Monster Hunters (literally at that) ourselves, with the occasional Monster Rider. But as soon as the Grimm began to show up, the Monsters all went into hiding. If the Monsters are starting to show up NOW of all times, it means the Grimm are likely going to die out soon. perhaps around the next few years. If that's the case, then I am going to make a Monster Compendium for every one so that we all know what to expect if we meet a Monster in the field, after all, I'd hate having to see you one of you guys get hurt because you were ill prepared to fight a Monster…it doesn't really help that regular weapons cannot even scratch a Larger Monster's hide, or scales for that matter. You would need to use unique weapons made, or your own weapons reinforced, with Monster Materials." Mark finished his mini lecture.

I nodded and accepted all of what he said. Still, I had no doubt I'd still have a slight headache even tomorrow with this info dump. Best to get some rest now then.

"Thank you Mark. I appreciate you confiding to me all of this. I'm going to head to bed now. If I still have a headache tomorrow and am a slight bit grouchy, don't blame me. Just want to let you know I may still need to process things even then." I gave a small rueful grin at the end, my arms crossed over my chest.


(Neo POV)


After Blake, Mark, and I all had that major amount of info given to us, we all began to walk back to Team RWBY(M)'s dorm. I have to admit that Mark continued to interest me a lot more the more I got to know him. At first, I was a little unsure if I were to go with him when Roman first proposed it to Mark and I.

Regardless, I'm not regretting that decision now as I can tell that as long as I stick with Mark, interesting things are bound to inevitably happen, and I'll be quite entertained the entire journey! We then reached the dorms and while I decided to sleep in a small unnoticeable corner (I could give everyone a good morning scare at that!) with a blanket over me, I watched in silent amusement as a half-asleep Mark fell into bed with that one silver-eyed, red-headed girl. They even began to cuddle and snuggle! I had to muffle a small giggle and decided to get some sleep. Before I did though, I gave a small wink at a small shadow that held a camera (flash was off) and then left

After taking a picture of the two. Looks like this will be quite the interesting new life…


(3rd POV)


The next day, the sun slowly rose highlighting Beacon's lovely architecture along with the Huntsman's statue being the most magnificent at that.

Currently, in a specific dorm, two of the inhabitants (and unknown among them a third) woke up stretching a bit to get the kinks out of their bodies whilst they were asleep. It was then a certain blonde, big sister looked over to her younger sister's bed that she couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hand and start cooing in joy. Her other roommate (Blake) looked at her and Yang whispered to her, "Look at that!"

Blake did so and also had to suppress some amused laughter at the adorable scene before her. She'd admit she had some feelings of jealousy, but the sight was just too cute. It actually reminded her of a scene in one of her romance novels (It is NOT smut!).

Yang got a small message on her Scroll as she was getting the camera ready. She saw it was from Cayden which said "Took some good blackmail material but the lighting was low. Mind taking some in a better light and we can hold this over them? Our secret *wink*" Yang could only roll her eyes. She was already planning on doing so and she had to admit that Cayden must've been quite sneaky to not be noticed that late at night. She felt as if she should've felt a little mortified, but honestly it was kinda cute in its own way.

After snapping a few pics and also having Blake move them around in some even more funny and embarrassing positions (even one that could be considered "lewd", the mind of that girl!), she finally finished and decided it was about to wake them when a quiet voice gave a small, amused cough.

She and Blake turned around and surprise, surprise, Neo was seen waving at them. "Hi." she said with a tiny smirk causing Yang to let out a small scream which woke everyone else up (excluding Weiss who could sleep through the apocalypse apparently).

Mark and Ruby noticed the commotion and position they were in (it just HAD to be the one considered as "lewd") and blushed heavily, as Mark had a hand on Ruby's cute and petite chest. Both soon jumped away and stole small glances at the other before calming down and looking at the reason why they were woken up.

Mark immediately knew why, as Yang was chasing Neo around as if she were trying to catch a sneaky pervert that she caught peeping on her (somewhere Cayden twitched at the thought), while Blake was looking at the scene with some amusement, and Wiess was still sleeping like a baby. Mark decided to speak up to diffuse things. "Yang," Mark began, "That's our new Team Member/Roommate."

Yang immediately stopped after hearing that, and looked at Mark with a somewhat sheepish, yet curious expression.

"Ozpin called me up last night and introduced me to Neo here, who was late to initiation, but Oz let her in anyway due to her talent and skill." Mark said, calming Yang down a bit.

"We should really wake Wiess up, or she will oversleep." Blake mentioned with a devious smirk.

"AH! I got just the thing!" Ruby says as she ruffled through her bag and pulled out a whistle. Mark, seeing this, knew what was about to happen, and covered his ears, seeing as they are more sensitive than most normal people's ears. Blake didn't do anything though, as her ribbon could muffle sounds thankfully.

As soon as Ruby made to blow the whistle, Wiess groggily began to wake up, only to get a whistle to the face, startling her.

"WAH!" Weiss yelled out, falling face first onto the floor in a crumpled heap. Her hair also became quite the mess in the process.

Ruby grinned and said "Wakey, wakey Weiss!"

Weiss pouted a bit and said "Ruby what was that for?! I was going to wake up on my own!"

Ruby stuck her tongue out and said "That's not important right now! We have some business to take care of first."

"And what would that be, little sis?" Yang asked with a fist cocked on her hip and an arched brow.

Blake was curious as well along with Mark and Neo. Although Mark already knew what was bound to happen.

Ruby then raised a lone finger in the air and announced, "We are going to make this room into a more "team-ish" room, starting with… BUNK BEDS!" She finished dramatically with an almost literal fire in her eyes.

Everyone liked the idea although Wiess was a bit skeptical, but Ruby wanted one more order of business taken care of first. "Also, who's the new girl?"

Yang, Mark, and Blake face-faulted at this seeing as they were the only ones in the know at the time. Mark quickly explained and Ruby and Weiss nodded, even if Weiss was a bit skeptical.

Ruby then asked, "Before we get started, anything else to mention?"

Blake then decided to mention "What about unpacking our things…and some cleaning?" Her briefcase opened as she said that, and an insane number of books and stuff came tumbling out.

Ruby nodded and said. "Okay then. Unpack and clean, and then the bunk beds!" Everybody then let out a team "hurrah" and began to get to work.

However, Mark received a text on his scroll, telling him to head over to Ozpin's office. "Sorry you guys, but I have to call a rain check on this. I've just been called to Ozpin's office; likely to talk about the bigger dorms that we should be getting soon."

The rest of the team nodded although Ruby did give a small pout at the news. Blake simply began to start ahead of time with Weiss while Yang gave a simple thumbs up while discreetly heading towards Weiss and showing her something. Likely a game she found on her Scroll.


(Mark POV)


After leaving the Team's dorm room, I went to go and grab Cayden from his own dorm room. But when I knocked on the door, Nora opened the door instead, and I immediately had to hold in my laughter. I saw Cayden completely tied up on the ground facing away from me, and so I took this opportunity to get a few pictures, just in case.

I cleared my throat, "Uh guys, why is Cayden tied up on the ground?"

Cayden let out what sounded like "Mmmph MPH!" (translation "Bleep YOU!") as his mouth was also muffled tight with duct tape.

Pyrrha then sighed and said, "Well, from what Ren told us, he thought he saw someone sneaking into our dorm through the window and assumed it was a burglar. So without any warning, he pressed a pressure mark and put Cayden to sleep and tied him up along with muffling him with some duct tape. We're sorry!" She apologized at the end, even if it wasn't exactly her fault.

Ren gave a small smirk while Cayden attempted to give him the middle finger even though he was tied up. Jaune decided to unmuffle him and untie him, allowing Cayden to breathe and get rid of the kinks in his body due to that position he was in.

Cayden then muttered, "Note to self: do NOT go through my team's windows when you have a Ninja-Ren." Nora could only nod at his newly found wisdom and Pyrrha giggled.

Cayden then brushed himself off and then spoke to me, "So whatcha need buddy?"

"Ozpin called us up to his office. I think it may have something to do with Bigger Dorm Rooms. You will see why later." I finished with a smirk.

Cayden nodded in a subtle, yet knowing manner and said, "Guess we shouldn't keep Ozzy the Wizzy waiting!"

Sighing, I used a hand gesture to have Cayden follow me, and once we made it over to the elevators, we entered and pushed the button for the top floor, briefly noticing the button that said "DO NOT TOUCH". It is likely the place where Amber is currently being kept alive.

Once we made it to the top floor, I spoke, "So Ozpin, what's all this abou-" I stopped myself, as I saw someone I never expected to see at all. Standing there, far more older than I knew her from, was Koneko Toujou, the Nekomata of Highschool DxD


To Be Continued!


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Mark TGoG: Ah, that's right, he is still in pain from the beating you gave him back a few months ago

Antex-TLZ: He had it coming… speaking of, this too has been awhile in the making! Glad we could bring it to you this new year!

Mark TGoG: Yep! Of course, we COULD have finished this before now, but where's the fun in that?

Grima: (in pain) What he means to say, is that both of them were really busy over the last few months and had almost no time to work on the chapter till now

Antex-TLZ: Couldn't have put it better myself. Life got in the way overall along with the dreaded writer's block. Ugh! *shivers*

Mark TGoG: Meanwhile, if you guys haven't noticed, I have a brand-new story up on my profile! Sure, it's only one chapter and I don't know how often I will update it, but this will be my first story I have absolutely no help with, so wish me luck guys! And consider leaving a review as well. To both this, and our other stories!

Antex-TLZ: We hope that you've had happy holidays and that with this new year, we can kick our writing off with a bang/Yang! LOL!

?: And so, I have arrived! Like the people who Thanos snapped away and came back!

Mark TGoG: What the?! What are YOU doing here?!

Antex-TLZ: GET OFF THE STAGE! *Force Repulses him outta sight*

?: Oh fine, ruin my fun, why don't ya? Oh well, expect me to appear more in Mark's fics, I guarantee it will be the best magic show you will have ever seen! Ciao!

Mark TGoG: …He disappeared into a dimensional rift.

Antex-TLZ: That craft sonofa- *mumbles to self*

Grima: He tries to destroy all worlds, and then he invades our shared mindscape? This doesn't bode well…

Mark TGoG: Um, anyway, with that out of the way, see you next chapter! I need to make sure nothing like this happens again…

Antex-TLZ: Ta ta for now!