It was dark and the rain had just started to pour but still she was still hard to miss. Although the light coming off of the street lamps were dim he could still make out her lilac sundress. He slowed down his car as he approached her wondering what she was doing out here all alone. He had just seen here not thirty minutes ago and she was looking a lot happier than she did now. Her dress and her long dark blue hair were starting to cling to her pale skin due to becoming wet from the rain. He knew the wind was picking up when she wrapped her arms around her self as a chill ran through her body. He thought back to the party they were both just at, she was smiling, laughing, and hanging all over her blonde boyfriend. She looked like a totally different person now. He wasn't one for parties he only showed up to them after getting begged by his friends to go. He would show up, hang for a while, and then sometimes hook up with a girl before leaving. His phone buzzed and he looked down to see a text from Karin. Karin was a girl he had hooked up with a few times and by the text she just sent shr wanted to again. He ignored the text and focused his attention back to the girl walking alone.

He had known her before she started dating her boyfriend who happened to also be his best friend, their fathers were good friends and they had been at each other's homes for various holidays and other family events. She like him kept to herself mostly, she rarely ever spoke to him. He liked that about her, she always seemed to him a quiet, and shy girl. So it surprised him when she started dating his loud, outgoing, sometimes overbearing best friend over a year ago. He knew he couldn't let her walk home alone especially in this weather. He thought about what his father would say if he found out, that his son had let the daughter of his closest friend and business partner walk home alone. He honked his horn to get her attention but she kept walking not even seeming to register the honk. He honked again and flashed his headlights at her, this time she turned her head in his direction. She looked so sad and very confused as he pulled his car up next to her. The passenger door swung open and he motioned for her to get in the car.

She hesitated for a moment, as she was surprised to see him. A part of her wanted to be alone with her thoughts but she knew if she kept walking home in this weather she'd end up getting really sick. She somewhat reluctantly got into the car and closed the door finally escaping the rain. She was grateful he had pulled over for her so she gave him a forced smile, "Thank you Sasuke."

He stared at her for a moment watching droplets of water fall from her hair on to his car's leather seats. If it was anyone else he would have chastised them for getting his car wet, however he doubted if he would have stopped for anyone else. As he reached into the back to fumble around for something to dry herself and his seat off with he asked, "Hinata what are you doing out here?"

She sat there very stiffly not looking at Sasuke not wanting him to see her cry, "I was going home."

"What Naruto too drunk to drive you?" Hinata looked down at her lap at the mention of her boyfriend. He was the reason she was out alone that night. Sasuke found a t-shirt that did not belong to him on the floor of his back seat. "Dry yourself off with this."

He tossed the t-shirt into her lap, she could tell immediately that it was a female's but she was too wet to care at the moment. She mumbled a thank you as she did her best to dry her and the seat off.

Sasuke continued to watch her unsure of what to say next. She was obviously upset about something no person would walk home in the rain in what she was wearing if they weren't. He saw her holding the wet t-shirt unsure of what to do with it now. Not wanting it to mess up his car and also not caring about finding the owner he rolled down her window and tossed it out. They weren't that far from her house and figured she was dry enough to get there and not ruin his interior. However he was still curious on why she was out here, "Did the two have a fight or something?"

She felt the tears start to well up in her eyes as she was trying so hard to hold them back. "Please just take me home."

She sounded so weak when she spoke, he knew something was up but he didn't want to pry more. He turned to start driving but he could still tell she was cold even with the seat warmer on. He unzipped the hoodie he was wearing and held it out for her. As he started to drive he saw her put the hoodie on and zip it up. It was big on her but he could tell it was already starting to warm her up. He surprised himself by how nice he was being to her he knew part of it was due to his father. If word got back to him about this little interaction Sasuke wanted to make sure he came off well or he'd be sorry he didn't. The other part was because she looked so sad it was hard to not be nice to someone that looked like her.

They drove in silence which she was grateful again for. Her mind was such a jumbled mess right now she wasn't sure she could hold a conversation. Anytime she tried to think of something else her brain would bring her back to the last few minutes she was at the party. It was her boyfriend's eighteenth birthday party and his best friend Sakura had thrown him a surprise birthday party at her house.

Throughout the night Hinata was having a great time, she usually was shy and hugged the wall at parties but Naruto brought her out of her shell. He was always the life of the party and always made sure Hinata was having just as much fun as he was. During the night Hinata returned from using the bathroom to find him missing. She looked around for him and someone had said he had gone upstairs. Hinata figured he must have gone to use the upstairs bathroom and she was going to surprise him with a little birthday make out. Sakura had forbid anyone from going upstairs but Hinata was sure she wouldn't mind if she ran up real quick.

When she got to the top of the stairs she saw one light coming from a room at the end of the hall. She walked over trying to make sure her footsteps were silent as to not ruin the surprise. However, when Hinata peaked in it was she who got the surprise. In what was clearly Sakura's bedroom, Sakura stood at the foot of her huge pink bed engaging in a passionate kiss with Naruto. Hinata could not believe her eyes she quickly turned away and pressed her back against the wall hoping she wasn't spotted. She was about to run away when she heard Naruto's voice, "Wait Sakura we can't do this now Hinata's downstairs."

Hinata forced herself to peak back into the room she saw Sakura pout, "I know but I want to give you your birthday present."

Hinata saw Sakura's hands reach for the front of Naruto's pants but he quickly grabbed her hands to stop her, "You can give it to me after I drop Hinata off it's almost time for her curfew anyway."

Sakura laughed and flipped her short bubble gum pink hair back, "I can't believe she's a senior with a curfew. Like what is she some little goodie two shoes. I don't get why you're still with her."

Hinata had never heard Sakura speak this way about her, she was always so pleasant to Hinata's face. She was hoping Naruto would come to her defense, but he just shrugged and said, "She's a nice girl, I like her."

"If you like her so much why have you and I been fooling around for the over six months?" The words six months hit Hinata like a ton of bricks how had she noticed this had been going on. She had thought her relationship was perfect. She had never been happier than when she was with Naruto. "She's a nice girl that's the problem. She made you wait a full year before having sex with you and she barely lets you do anything else with her."

"She's shy….."

"And bad in bed." Sakura could tell Naruto by his face was upset with what she had just said, "Hey you said it.."

Hinata couldn't believe Naruto had spoken about them having sex with Sakura. It took her a while to decided she wanted to give her virginity to Naruto after he had begged her for months to sleep with him. Afterward, he had told her how good it was, they had been having sex together regularly since and never once had he even mentioned anything was wrong. What other lies had he been telling her? She felt the tears start to well up in her eyes as she heard Naruto sigh and say, "I know."

Sakura quickly kissed him on the lips, "Hey don't frown it's your birthday. Let me give you, your present it will definitely cheer you right up." Hinata saw Sakura reach back and start undoing Naruto's pants. That was the last straw she couldn't watch anymore she spun around and ran down the stairs and out the front door. Without a word to anyone or bothering to grab her purse or her sweater. She was halfway home when it started to rain and she started to regret leaving her sweater as the wind started to pick up. She imagined she'd be completely soaked if Sasuke hadn't pulled up.

She still could not believe what she had just seen and heard. She wished it was just a bad dream. Naruto had been her first boyfriend and he always seemed like a dream come true. And yet here he was actively cheating on her. She felt so much sadness, but she also felt something she rarely ever felt. She felt anger. Anger that she had been cheated on, anger that two people who she had trusted betrayed her, and anger at herself for not realizing it before. Never in her life had she ever felt like this, nor had she ever been hurt this badly. She wanted them to hurt like her, she wanted Naruto to feel what she was feeling right now.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn't realize the car had just stopped in front of her house. Sasuke couldn't see her face as she was looking down and her hair had cascaded all around her. He thought she might have fallen asleep and reached over and shook her arm slightly. Hinata slowly turned her head her hair falling away from her face. She thought out of anyone that could have picked her up what was the chances it would be Sasuke. They weren't really friends more of acquaintances, they would chit chat every now and then when they were in a group or when Sasuke's family was over. However, she didn't know much about him except his reputation with girls. Sasuke had a long list of hookups at their school. He never had a girlfriend and usually went around with a new girl every few weeks or so.

Hinata could understand why so many girls wanted Sasuke. He was undeniably handsome he had a strong chiseled jaw, dark piercing eyes, and a smirk that made girls turn ten shades redder instantly. In a flash, an idea popped up into Hinata's head. If she wanted to hurt Naruto there was a way to do it right in front of her. Sasuke looked back at Hinata confused at why she was just staring at him but not saying a word. He was about to ask her if she was ok when she leaned over and pressed her lips to his. Sasuke froze for a moment this was the last thing he'd ever suspect from her. He waited to see if she'd pull away embarrassed at her impulsiveness but was pleasantly surprised when she didn't. And he was again when she didn't pull away when he started kissing her back or when he moved his hand to the back of her neck holding there while they kissed in his car.

Hinata knew she should pull away, she shouldn't be kissing her boyfriend's best friend. However, she couldn't deny the feeling she was getting. She expected to feel guilt and immediate remorse but what she felt was excited and was filled with renewed passion. She had heard he was a good kisser but nothing could have prepared her for how her body reacted to feeling his lips on hers. She felt her body taking over her and drawing her more and more to him. Her hands quickly became entangled in his jet black hair, she felt herself wanting to explore more of him.

Sasuke seemed to feel the same as his other hand made it's was down Hinata's back. He kind of regretted giving her his hoodie as he couldn't really feel her underneath it. What he could feel was himself become aroused by the situation. He thought to himself, 'How the fuck am I getting hard from just kissing this girl?' He didn't know why but he knew he wanted more of her so he bit her bottom lip a classic move of his to make her gasp and open her mouth so he could explore it with his tongue.

Sasuke wondered how far she would let him go with her when a car drove by with its headlights on illuminating Sasuke's car as it passed making Hinata finally snap back to reality and pull away from him. They were both breathing slightly heavier from their make out. Sasuke was about to say something when Hinata scrambled out of the car, slammed the door behind her and ran into her house without looking back or saying another word to him.

Sasuke leaned back and let his head hit the headrest as his mind replayed what had just happened. This was definitely not how he expected his night to turn out. He looked down at his crotch to see he was still hard under his jeans, "Now what am I supposed to do with this now?" he said to himself before reaching for his phone and texting back Karin.