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It was Saturday night and Sasuke was sat at the Hyuga's island table in their kitchen. Lately, he had been spending more time at the Hyuga home than he did his own. He felt more comfortable there than he did at his home sometimes. His father and he hadn't had any blowouts since winter break which was rare for them but there was still some tension in the air between them especially since Fugaku never seemed pleased when he saw Hinata over at their home. Fugaku never said anything out loud but Sasuke could tell he didn't like seeing the two of them hanging out together. He could also tell it made Hinata uncomfortable the way his father looked at them but she never said anything to him about it. To avoid any awkwardness and an impending fight with Fugaku, Sasuke had been spending much of his free time at the Hyuga home which was how he got himself roped into spending his Saturday night here.

He sat there watching Hinata move about the kitchen setting up plate after plate of delicious-looking snacks. He had asked her many times if she needed help but she would just smile and say his company was enough. She was being sweet but also smart Sasuke could only barely make toast and most of the time he'd forget it was in there and end up with charred tasteless squares. He didn't mind watching her she obviously knew her way around the kitchen and everything she asked him to try was delicious and he had to stop himself from eating the whole thing. Hinata was cutting some vegetables next to Sasuke who was taking notice of the light blue apron she was wearing over her long white cable knit sweater and black leggings. Sasuke tried to stop his mind from imagining Hinata wearing nothing but that apron.

His face seemed to give away what he was thinking because without speaking a single word Hinata started to blush. "Why are you blushing?"

Hinata continued cutting the vegetables for the dip she made trying not to focus on Sasuke, "Because of the way you are looking at me."

Sasuke leaned in to whisper in her ear, "What way is that?"

She let go of the knife and let out a tiny yelp when she felt Sasuke nip her ear, "Sasuke!" She was smiling but still pushed him back gently her hand lingering for a few moments on his chest before pulling away, "We are supposed to be setting a good example since we are chaperoning tonight."

If someone had told him one day, he would be chaperoning a party he would have told them to get their head examined. Sasuke barely liked being a party attendant but here he was about to be a party chaperon to a bunch of sophomores. "How did your sister get us to agree to this again?"

"Well at first she asked nicely but when you said no, she blackmailed us."

"Ah I remember now, how did you turn out normal when both your siblings are crazy?"

"Just lucky I guess?"

"So how does this chaperon thing work?"

"We just have to be around and check in on them to make sure no funny business happens that's what my Dad said anyway. I trust Hanabi though and it's a small group of kids that Hanabi's known most of them for years. I don't think they will be too much of a hassle. We can hang around for a while and then go watch a movie upstairs."

That prospect didn't seem as heinous as Sasuke first thought it was, "Ok but remember it is my turn to pick the movie."

Hinata liked a lot of things about Sasuke however his taste in movies was not one of them. "Is it really?"

"Yes, I let you pick the last three movies we watch which have all been terrible. And don't get me started on the last movie you and Hanabi begged me to watch."

"We thought you'd like it since it had vampires in it."

"All they did was chase deer and go to high school; I'm picking the movie tonight." He avoided looking at Hinata as he spoke, he knew if he did, he would give in and let her choose the movie again. He was set this time if he was forced to chaperon a party, he was going to at least enjoy one part of his night.

Hinata let out a defeated sigh, he was right it was his turn she had to just suck it up like he did the last few times. "Fine, just promise you won't pick something too scary."

Sasuke had a preference for horror movies that Hinata never understood, she spent most of the movies he picked with her hands covering her eyes peeking out ever so often only to end up being frightened. Usually, after the first scare, Sasuke would wrap his arms around her and hold her close till the end of the movie which Hinata enjoyed but it never stopped her from jumping and screaming when certain scenes would appear on the screen. Sasuke got off the stool he was sitting on to walk up behind Hinata slowly wrapping his arm around her waist, "I won't but you shouldn't be scared I'll be there to protect you from the scary movie."

She put the knife down and leaned her back into his chest, her body melting into his as he pushed her hair back and pressed his lips to the side of her neck. His kisses as always started soft and slow taking his time to enjoy the taste of her skin on his lips before his eagerness and desire for her got the best of him. Sasuke looked up as he continued his shameless assault to the side of her neck catching their reflection in the kitchen window. Hinata was resting her head back on his shoulder her eyes closed her face becoming flush. It wasn't long before Sasuke spun her around to face him and claimed her lips with his. It took Hinata a moment to register the sudden change, but she quickly caught up to his pace. Kissing Sasuke was always a thrilling experience for Hinata she never felt this way whenever she had been kissed before. She thought by now she wouldn't feel the same excitement as she did the first time, they kissed. However, every look, every touch, every kiss from him caused her to feel this overwhelming sensation throughout her body.

Sasuke's hands slid down from her waist over her butt grabbing it with both of his hands causing Hinata to gasp allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth. He explored her mouth with his tongue cajoling her to do the same. His grasp became tighter as he pulled her closer to him pressing their lower halves against each other causing a shiver to run through both of them.

"Ugh! Must you do this in the kitchen I eat here!"

Sasuke turned to see Hanabi walking into the kitchen shaking her head at the two who had started to detangle themselves from one another. Hanabi looked at the spread of different snacks Hinata had laid out on the island counter, "Hinata I only invited a few people you didn't have to make so much."

Hinata brushed her now wrinkled apron trying not to let her full embarrassment show as she looked over everything she made. She knew that she went a bit overboard when Hanabi asked her to make some snacks for her friends. She loved cooking so much that before she knew it, she had almost filled the island countertop with different snacks and dishes. "Well it's your first party and you can never have too many snacks. I want to make sure it goes well tonight goes well since Konohamaru is coming."

Hanabi froze as she was reaching over to grab one of the dozens of cookies Hinata made, "W-What does he have to so w-with anything?"

"Who is Konoahamaru?" Sasuke asked sneaking a cherry tomato off the platter Hinata was putting together.

Hanabi shrugged as she took a bite of the cookie trying to act cool, "He's just a boy from my class."

Hinata smiled as she found her sister's sudden embarrassment adorable as she watched her cheeks turn a light pink at the mere mention of the boy's name. "That Hanabi has a crush on." Hinata added on ignoring the glaring look her sister was giving her.

"I do not have a crush on him."

Sasuke could tell that was a lie, "I'm going to tell my brother you're cheating on him."

Hanabi's eyes widened with fear, "Itachi is still and will always be my number one. However, since he seems unable or unwilling to notice me as long as I'm underage I have to try and occupy my time. I can't just sit around and wait, forever can I?"

Hinata was happy Hanabi was finally seeing past Itachi, "I think he likes you too. I saw the way he was looking at you when he walked you home the other day."

Hanabi quickly regained her composure and tried to shrug off her sister's comment, "I'm surprised you could see anything the way Sasuke's car windows were all fogged up."

Sasuke couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his lips as Hinata tried to stop her entire face from turning read, "We were just talking."

"Yeah, I bet it was exactly the way you were just talking when I came in."

Hinata turned to Sasuke who just shrugged, "The blackmailer is not wrong."

"I did not blackmail you two."

Hinata nodded her head in agreement with Sasuke, "You said if we didn't agree to chaperon your party you would tell Mom and Dad that Sasuke and I were the ones that broke the lamp in the living room."

Sasuke smirked as he remembered how their last make-out session got a little out of hand. Hanabi waved her finger in her sister's face, "I think you're forgetting about the electrical fire it started that you two didn't notice immediately because you were too busy talking." She used air quotation marks when she said talking.

Hinata relieved the brief moment of panic she felt when she smelt smoke in the air that day. "It was a tiny fire and we put it out the second we realized."

"Not before it burned a hole in the rug. I covered for you two then just like I did during all your vacation sleepovers so you both owe me. Besides it's not like I want you two to chaperon it was the only way Mom and Dad would let me have the party since they are at some charity event tonight."

Hinata was sure adding Sasuke to chaperon was more Hanabi's idea than her parents but she was glad for the company even if he had to be blackmailed into doing it. After dealing with their group assignment all week she was glad to just be able to relax with Sasuke for a night. "Dad went over the rules with you right?"

Hanabi rolled his eyes as she shoved the rest of the cookie in her mouth, "Yes, yes no one upstairs, no loud music, no one here past eleven and when in doubt do what Hinata would do. Which I guess means at one point I should sneak off to make out with my project partner."

"Very funny."

Hanabi was taken back by her sister's sarcastic comment and her cutting eyes as she spoke, "Sarcasm Hinata wonder who you got that from?"

Both girls looked over at Sasuke who shrugged as he popped another cherry tomato in his mouth, "Yeah Hinata who have you been hanging out with?" The doorbell rang and Hanabi ran off to let her party guests in as Sasuke helped Hinata bring the snacks into the other room.

The night had gone on so far without a hitch Hinata and Sasuke had stayed out of the way in the kitchen for most of the night. It was far enough away from the living room where Hanabi and her friends were to give them privacy but close enough to still keep an ear out of any shenanigans. Now and then they would peak in and take a look to make sure everything was still on the up and up. The sophomore party was small but the kids seemed alright in Sasuke's opinion no one too obnoxious and they were more focused on their group than on him and Hinata. They were sitting around talking and laughing when Hinata and Sasuke popped their heads around the corner of the entrance to the living room to check on them. Hinata frowned when she saw Hanabi and Konohamru sitting the furthest they possibly could from one another. "I thought they liked each other?"

He watched Konohamaru look over longingly at Hanabi and immediately look away the second she turned her head to look at him. She frowned when she saw he wasn't looking at her and seemed more interested in the game his friend was playing, "They seem like they are nervous they are kids they'll work it all out sooner or later."

This was the first guy Hanabi ever showed interest in aside from Itachi and Hinata wanted it to work out for her sister, but she knew what Sasuke said was true. "You're right." Hinata took one last look and sighed as she saw Konohamaru now talking to a girl that wasn't her sister, "Hopefully the next time we check they will at least be sitting next to each other."

Sasuke returned to the kitchen and Hinata excused herself to use the restroom. He had just stepped into the kitchen when a familiar brunette stormed past him and out the back door onto the porch. He waited a moment to see if she would come back as he saw she was not wearing a coat and it was a particularly cold February night. Hanabi was a tiny girl and knew she must have been freezing already so Sasuke decided to see what was going on. The wind chill hit him when he opened the door, he could see her leaning against the back porch railing her arms wrapped tightly around her. "You are going to get sick come back in here." Hanabi waved him off trying to ignore both him and the wind that just blew through. She needed fresh air this night wasn't going as she had hoped and she didn't know what to do. "Hanabi don't make me come out there and drag you back in here." Sasuke never felt this old in his life first he was chaperoning and now he was yelling at a teenager to come in from the cold.

Hanabi turned to look at him she had burning questioning that he thought maybe he could answer for her."I will as long as you answer some questions for me."

"Fine, whatever just get in here." Hanabi came back in Sasuke immediately shutting the door behind them. "What are your questions?"

Now that she was closer, he could see how nervous she was which was odd for her. Out of all the Hyuga's Sasuke thought Hanabi was the one with the most fearless. She was always going head first into anything without a second thought so it was odd to see her now nervously swaying back and forth looking unsure, "Um ok…so how do you know if a guy likes you? Like really likes you?"

He stood there momentarily sure he had misheard the question, since he was at the Hyuga home more and more recently he had been talking to Hanabi a lot more. Most of their conversation were full of sarcastic comments and jokes never anything this serious, "Maybe you should be asking your sister this, she'll be right back."

Hanabi fervently shook her head no, "It takes Hinata forever to realize a guy is into her she is the worst person to ask. I want to hear first hand from a guy and you're a guy so spill."

"I don't know why don't you just ask him if you want to know so bad."

"I can't do that what if he says no."

"Then you'll have your answer."

"Is there is no way of knowing besides doing that?"

The defeated look in Hanabi's eyes was a punch in the gut to Sasuke. He wondered how the Hyuga woman could convey so many raw emotions with their big pale eyes. He let out a frustrated groan as he could not leave her in this defeated state. "With guys, it's more about what they do than what they say. Most guys aren't that talkative so if he is interested in a girl, he will show it in his actions."

Hanabi seemed more confused than she was before, "What will he do?"

Sasuke put his hands in the air and shrugged, "Each guy is different. He may look at you a lot especially when you're not looking, he may try and find little ways to touch you like on the arm or the back, he will probably do things to be able to spend one on one time with you, or he'll try and do something nice for you now and then."

Hanabi was quiet for a moment as she thought over what Sasuke had just said, "That makes sense, is that what you do?"

Sasuke started to act a bit defensive, "Me? Who said I was talking about myself?" I was talking about guys in general no one specific."

"But all the things you said those are things you've done with or to Hinata."

Hinata was returning to the kitchen but stopped just outside when she heard her name. She knew she shouldn't eavesdrop but curiosity got the best of her and she pressed herself to the side of the entrance to the kitchen and leaned over to hear the two of them talking. Hanabi was continuing her point, "You are always looking at her and touching her you two are constantly spending alone time together and you do nice stuff for her all the time."

"Name one nice thing I've done for her?"

Hanabi ticked off each item on her fingers as she listed, "Staying with her during the storm, ice skating with her even though you sucked at it, buying her the necklace, getting her the snow globe, getting her and Neji to reconcile when she had that stomach ache last week and you brought her soup and flowers."

The necklace and the soup were all his Mom's doing, she heard through Hinata and Hanabi's mother Hinata was sick and sent Sasuke over with a Tupperware of soup. Sasuke did buy the flowers on his own when he drove past the flower shop on his way to drop off the soup, He was not going to admit any of that to Hanabi though, "I said one thing." Hanabi angrily stuck her tongue out at him for his comment.

Outside Hinata covered her mouth with her hand tightly to muffle the giggle she let out listening to the two. Hanabi was right Sasuke had done a lot of nice things for her and was now doing something nice for her sister. Sasuke took a deep breath before continuing to speak, "Hinata and I are different. Focus on that Konohamaru kid who I think likes you."

"You think so? I thought he might but he has been acting weird all night."

"He is probably just nervous, just relax and talk normally to him. It may help him feel more comfortable enough to make his move."

A light blush appeared on Hanabi's cheeks and her eyes glanced down to the floor when she asked her next question, "What if his move is to kiss me?"

Sasuke really didn't want to continue this conversation he had known Hanabi since the day she was born and he felt weird talking to her about kissing boys. He didn't have a younger sibling but he was starting to feel what it was like to have one right then. The panic that set it made him glad he wasn't an older brother and he felt a sudden understanding for Neji. It must be hard having this feeling not singular but double. He still thought he went overboard with his actions but this did give him and tiny insight into what caused it. "It all depends on what you want. If you want to kiss him do it and if you don't then tell him to fuck off. You set the rules and if he gets out of hand just knee him in the crotch and then find me, I'll take it from there."

Hanabi started to laugh which put them both at ease, Sasuke's words of advice appeared to have worked and made her smile, "Thanks, Sasuke, I feel a little better now. Hinata is right you aren't as mean as you want people to think you are."

"Don't tell anybody." Sasuke said in his dry sarcastic tone.

"I won't."

"Good, because if you do, I will be forced to tell Itachi that last summer the flash he saw didn't come from a light on the back patio but from you taking a photo of him as he was getting out of the pool." Sasuke smirked as he watched Hanabi's amused face turn into a shocked expression, "Yeah I saw you."

Hinata entered the kitchen pretending that she wasn't just listening to their conversation. "Hey, Hanabi everything alright?"

Hanabi nodded, "Yeah everything is good."

Konohamaru entered the kitchen behind Hinata looking just as nervous as before, "Hey Hanabi there you are I was looking for you."


"Yeah the movie is about to start come on I didn't want you to miss it. I saved you the seat next to mine."

Voices from their friends could be heard from the other room calling for the two to stop making out and come watch the movie with them. Konoahamaru blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. Hanabi took a bit of a deep breath to relax, "Let's go Konohamaru before they send out a search party."

Sasuke's advice looked as if it was working, hearing Hanabi's relaxed and joking tone released some of the nerves. He smiled and nodded as he waited for Hanabi to walk past him Sasuke noticed the slight touch to Hanabi's back guiding her out of the room. Hinata did as well but waited until she was sure the pair was far enough away before gleefully exclaiming, "They are adorable."

He leaned with his back against the kitchen countertop, "The kid seems alright but I'm sure your brother will dislike him."

"Poor Konohamaru doesn't know what he is getting himself into."

"As long as he doesn't take Neji's ex to prom or drunkenly kiss Hanabi in front of him, he should be fine."

"Neji is coming around on you, when I video chatted with him yesterday, he did ask if we were still hanging out and he only seemed mildly annoyed by my answer."

"Mildly annoyed? That's a step up from seething with hatred."

Hinata knew Sasuke didn't care at all what Neji thought about him but she was still glad to see her brother coming around since she wanted the pair to at least be civil together. "Yeah, next thing you know he may even tolerate you." Hinata checked the time on the digital clock on the nearby stove. Hanabi would have to get everyone out in less than two hours. And since it they were just going to watch a movie Hinata figured it was time they did the same. "Hey want to go upstairs and watch the movie now?"

He answered right away not wanting to pass up the chance to hang out with her in the privacy of her room. "Lead the way."

They passed the living room on their way to the staircase Sasuke accidentally made eye contact with Konohamaru who froze when he saw Sasuke looking at him. He had been attempting to put his arm around Hanabi since the lights in the living room had dimmed and the movie had started. Konohamaru's arm was reaching a little too low and after seeing Sasuke's eyes narrow at him he quickly moved it up to her shoulders. Konohamaru took a big sigh of relief when Sasuke turned away to follow Hinata up the stairs.

Once in her room, Sasuke picked Camp Osore Two a sequel to a movie they had already watched. To her dismay, Hinata realized it was much scarier than the first one. She spent the majority of the movie covering her face with her hand as she was laying on her bed with her head on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke looked down to see Hinata face down in his chest, "You're not watching."

Hinata's mumbled voice could barely be heard as she refused to lift her head, "Yes I am."

"Nothing is happening right now they are just walking through the woods."

Hinata turned her head to look at Sasuke and not the TV, "That's how they get you, you think nothing is going to happen then bam killer jumps out from behind a tree."

"That's what happened in the first one so doing again in the sequel would be stupid."

Hinata reluctantly turned her head back to face the screen and a few moments later just as she predicted the mask-wearing serial killer jumped out from behind a tree wielding an ax at the unsuspecting campers. Hinata screamed and buried her face in Sasuke's shoulder, "You lied!"

He smirked as he ran his fingers through her hair trying to calm her down, "No I said doing that again is stupid, which I think it was."

Hinata let out a small annoyed groan she should have known by now that Sasuke always chose his words very carefully to avoid lying. "When it's my turn to pick the movie, I will be picking the sappiest, clichéd romantic comedy I can find."

"Fine and I will hide in your shoulder the entire time since that sounds like a true nightmare."

She smiled as she moved in closer to him, she would never be able to get through any of these movies without Sasuke by her side. He made her feel safe especially when he wrapped his other arm around her and held her close to his side. Hinata was unsure if it was because the scene had ended or because she was so close to Sasuke but she started to relax. She moved her head and accidentally brushed the side of Sasuke's neck with her lips causing him to stiffen up momentarily. Sasuke was so easily able to elicit a reaction from Hinata by doing the slightest thing, Hinata enjoyed when she was able to do the same to him.

She had been wanting to kiss him again since Hanabi walked in on them earlier that night. She reached over and turned his head to look at her and placed her lips on his. Sasuke pulled away, "Are you doing this because you want to or so I'll turn off the movie?"

Hinata looked a bit sheepish as she lightly bit her bottom lip, "Both."

"Good enough for me." He hit the button on the remote causing the screen to turn dark along with most of Hinata's room. Sasuke insisted the only way to watch scary movies were with the lights off but had begrudgingly agreed to let Hinata keep her desk lamp on. It didn't cast much light off from the permitter of her desk but it was enough for her to make out Sasuke's face as he tossed the remote behind him and pulled Hinata towards him. Just like before it didn't take long for things to become heated between the two. Things had been escalating between them these past couple of weeks. Hinata was sure a small part of it was the stress of their group assignment giving them both the need for some relief which they both happily indulged in.

Sasuke's hands were all over her as they kissed, they were never in the same place for too long until they moved to explore another part of her. She could not get enough of the feeling of his hands on her she wanted more with every touch. He worshiped her body with his touch caressing every part of it, she was always a little self-conscious about her body but Sasuke made her feel good about herself. He made her feel desired something she had never felt before. He had a firm grip on her thigh and pulled her on top of him, her legs straddling his hips. It seemed to her he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Which was why she was surprised when he pulled away from her. She tried to lean forward to kiss him again but he moved his head so her lips landed on his cheek.

She saw a look of hesitation on his face that caused her to pull back, "Sasuke what's wrong?"

He could barely look at her, "Nothing it's just we are alone in your room, in your bed. I just know that if I don't stop myself now I-."

Hinata placed her finger against his lips to stop him from talking, "Do you want to stop?"

"Of course not."

"Neither do I."

She watched his eyes widen as the realization of what she said setting in. He opened his mouth but the only word that came out was her name. Hinata knew she had to make the first move to show him this was truly what she wanted. She reached for the edge of her sweater and pulled it up over her head dropping it to the floor. Sasuke's chest started to rise and fall faster as his eyes took in Hinata in her lilac bra on top of him. There was no lace so frills just a simple lilac bra but Sasuke was still entranced by the sight of her in it. This felt unreal to him time seemed to slow down as he watched her hands slowly reach behind her to unhook her bra. Her voice was so soft just above a whisper as he spoke, "You said you'd wait until I was ready." She took a deep breath to calm her nerves she didn't want to stutter or give off any signs that could be misread. "I'm ready. I want this. I want you."

She felt the light hold he had on her thighs become tighter with every word she spoke. Her fingers fumbled at first but she soon unhooked her bra but when grabbed the strap to completely take it off Sasuke said, "Stop."

She froze as panic set in wondering if she had made an embarrassing mistake. Sasuke sat up and gently placed his hands on both sides of her face pressing their foreheads together. His lips brushed against hers as he spoke, "Are you sure?"

She had never seen Sasuke nervous before and seeing him become so unraveled by her was making her feel more and more comfortable. She leaned in to give him a kiss to reassure him, "Yes I am sure."

As if saying the word flicked a switch in Sasuke he pulled her forward pressing his lips hard against her. His other hand trailing down to pull her bra off so he could finally feel his hands on her breasts for the first time. She shamelessly moaned into the kiss when his finger grazed against her hardening nipples. She didn't think anything could have felt as good until he replaced his fingers with his mouth causing her to press herself firmly against Sasuke feeling him through his jeans. Sasuke was intent on making sure Hinata enjoyed every moment of this each moan that escaped her lips was the reassurance that he was doing just that.

It was a double-edged sword since the more she moaned the more he wanted her and with a firm grasp on her waist, Sasuke flipped their positions. Putting Hinata on her back and him on top of her being careful not to bear his full weight on her. He took off his shirt that Hinata had been desperately trying to take off but was too engrossed in her to give in to her request. He inhaled sharply when Hinata's cool hands ran up his chest and over his shoulders trying to touch every part of his body she could reach. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her but was unsure if she could even achieve anything near what he was giving to her. All thought escaped from her head when she felt Sasuke's hand slip inside the front of her leggings and her underwear. He did it so swiftly and just as her mind was registering that she felt him tease her clit with his thumb. Her head fell back onto her pillow letting the amazing feeling he was giving her completely take over her.

Sasuke slipped a finger inside of her taking a moment for himself to enjoy the feeling before pumping his finger in and out as far as the restraint of her underwear would allow. This was far from where he saw his night going but it was better than he could have ever hoped for. Suddenly came the realization of how unprepared he was in this situation. "Fuck."

Hinata's eyes shot open at Sasuke's words, "W-What happened?"

Sasuke reluctantly pulled his hand out of Hinata's pants and tried to look around in the dark for his shirt. He'd hope Hinata would still be in the mood by the time he ran out to his car to get the emergency stash of condoms he had in the glove box. "I don't have a condom."

"I have." She reached over to her nightstand and opened the top draw reaching into and pulling out a condom that was conveniently placed in there.

Sasuke smirked as he watched her fingers tremble as she handed it to him, "Seems like you may have planned this."

She smiled coyly at him, "No I'm just prepared for everything."

Thankfully she was since the last thing Sasuke wanted to do at that moment was leave her or that bed. Soon the rest of their clothes joined their previously discarded clothes on the floor of her room as Sasuke positioned himself between her legs. He looked down at her silently asking once again for permission to which Hinata blushed and nodded slowly. Sasuke's eagerness got the best of him and thrust himself inside of her making Hinata bite down on the side of his neck to keep herself from moaning loud enough for anyone other than Sasuke to hear. "Sorry."

"It's ok." She said her breathing becoming heavy as she was getting used to this new feeling. She felt better than he ever imagined she would it was going to take every ounce of his self-control not to slam into her repeatedly. He had to take his time and go slow. It took them a while to get their rhythm but once they did there was no stopping them. Hinata didn't want this feeling to end she never felt this way before and the pleasure was becoming almost addicting to her. She craved it and the person giving it to her more and more. Soon Hinata felt a feeling she hadn't had in a long time start to take over her body. Sasuke could tell she was close when he felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders. He knew he wouldn't last much longer either his stamina took a hit after months of no sex but he wasn't going to allow himself to finish before her.

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her hard on the mouth as his thrusts became harder and faster pushing Hinata over the edge and giving her, her first orgasm in months. Feeling her tighten around him was more than he could take and Sasuke felt himself lose the last bit of control he had. The two stayed in that position for a few moments breathing heavily as they tried to catch their breath. They locked eyes for a moment both knowing what they just did was different than anything either had experienced before. Both of them silently wondering what would their relationship be like now that they had taken this step. Would it go back to normal or change into something new for both of them?