Anju sighed for the umpteenth time during her stroll to town as she bid goodbye to the fourth guy she rejected. If this was the old Anju, she would gladly cling onto the guy's arm, but she's changed now. She's madly in love with someone that she can't even muster enough courage to confess her growing adoration.

"Anju, what a fine day it is eh?" The auburn-haired florist groaned, she recognized that voice anywhere she go despite forcing herself to forget about him. Anju turned around, her irritation growing upon seeing the smug smirk on the guy's face. She may have forgotten his name but she will never forget that smirk. The same smirk he wore when he cheated on her.

"What do you want?" Anju spat. The guy's smirk turned into a grin as he grabbed the auburn-haired girl's arm, making Anju flinch back.

"I want you, Anju. Come back to me." The guy whispered rather huskily into her ear. Anju shivered as she looked left and right, frantic eyes searching for help. But it seems that luck has evaded her that day because she's at a deserted part of the town, with barely anyone passing by.

Anju was about to let out a heavy sigh of resignation when an arm wrapped around her shoulder, expensive-smelling perfume hitting her nostrils as her savior(?) grabbed her closer. She sighed in relief when she felt the guy's grip on her arm disappeared.

"I'm sorry but this girl is already off-limits," Anju's eyes opened. It.. can't be. The auburn-haired girl looked up and her jaws went wide open. Oh gosh, it's the hot painter she's been crushing on. The same person that was the reason why her heart was beating loudly right now, "and I suggest you leave my sight this instant before something happens to that ugly face of yours.

The guy clicked his tongue as he walked away, not before giving Erena a glare. When the guy was out of sight, Anju let out a breaths he didn't knew she held. "Thanks for that, Miss Toudou. I owe you a huge favor."

"Then does that mean you'll do anything I ask?"

"Yeah, as long as I can do it."

"Then call me by my first name."

Anju swore she never blushed and stuttered so hard in her seventeen years of living just by saying a person's name. And maybe it wasn't so bad since she got to hear Erena's angelic laugh.

First Date unlocked!