Hi, my name is Robin Hawk Carson. I'm twelve. This diary is both my sister's and mine, but I'm more of a writer. My sister and I both study at Yancy Academy and this is the first year in which we haven't done anything wrong.

Before coming to Yancy , a school for troubled kids(We both have Dyslexia and ADHD) we had been kicked out of every school in Manhattan, our hometown.

Marion and I both tried to convince our Aunt, whom we live with, that we'll homeschool ourselves since she's a very successful lawyer who is usually busy paying off the bills of the damage we had caused.

Last year, when we studied at Hardwill Academy, there was an extremely irritating boy named Larson who used to throw his lunch at me.

One day, Marion just couldn't control her anger and told Larry that if he didn't stop he'd find an arrow hanging from his nose. As soon as she said that, you know what happened. Larry blamed her for this.

His parents complained to Principal William and Aunt May, and, of course, that got us expelled; me because I had laughed. I had laughed, and that got me expelled. SERIOUSLY?

Aunt May didn't seem to mind she just said "Don't worry my little lions we'll find you another school."

And believe me, the year before, Don't blame me for not telling you , you can imagine how big it was, giving me a detention of 3 MONTHS !

This year was quite unusual for us because we hadn't done anything wrong. Well.. not majorly wrong. Of course, Marion had cursed Nancy Blofit (A real bully) in Ancient Greek, I don't know from where she got that neither did she. For this Mrs. Dodds gave her a week's detention. Yeah, she had favorites.

And I on the other hand had shot an arrow right over Mrs. Dodds head during Archery. I don't know but I felt that the arrow heard my mind. And yes it got me a MONTH'S detention.

So since Aunt May wouldn't allow us to homeschool ourselves, I was going to try to behave in the upcoming school trip.

Our best friend Percy, who also had dyslexia and ADHD, came running towards Marion and me asked me, "You ready? Grover says that you got detention."

"Mr. Brunner excused me. He's the only nice one here" I replied

Percy smiled and nodded.

Grover was our other best friend who looked like 16? I don't know, but he seemed like the oldest in our grade. He had some problems with his legs too. He nodded towards me and said "C'mon let's go! Only 4 seats are left. Right in front of Nancy Blofit." We all groaned.

"C'mon guys keep your spirits high! Its gonna be okay" We went towards the bus.

And believe me, it wasn't 'OKAY'. In fact, our life got upside down after that one school trip. Here we go.