Hello Everyone!

Dgreatsparky this side.

A while ago I was wondering if I should write a sequel to this book, as there are many more surprises which await Marion, Robin, Annabeth and Percy :)

Technically, the Sea of Monsters should be the sequel but I know you guys love Battle of Labyrinth way more, so I will be thinking about starting again from it. Or Hey, who thought about One Shots ( Yeah I Know, that's a lot of blabbing on my part)

anyways I am leaving it up to you guys to decide.

And, Have you guys ever wondered what is going inside Marion's head? Well Raise Hand! * ME: Raises Hand* So what about having Marion write it?

This with reference to Traffic Graphs which are accelerating awesomely if that's a word :)

So well guys, comment, PM and let me know one way or the other! I will really appreciate it. I am already thankful for all the support ^_^

your appreciation is appreciated :) and advices are being noted.

You rock Guys!