-One Hanson Place, Brooklyn, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 1800h local-

On top of one of the highest buildings in Brooklyn, three figures could be seen standing on the helipad. Two of them were wearing a suit of armor, while the other one was wearing a simple black and orange suit and tie. These were, of course, Tony, Rhodey, and Naruto. The three of them were waiting for the inevitable fallout of Hammer's presentation and Vanko's attack.

They already have informed the police of what they described as a 'possible terrorist attack on one of America's institutions.' They opted out of informing the military due to Hammer's connections, as few and unreliable it was. Since Tony was the one to call it in, the commissioner took reigns of the operation and called back all off-duty cops. The police force had effectively surrounded the expo and Hammer industries, only waiting for the signal to continue. Naruto had also requested for some people to patrol the surrounding area, especially Brooklyn, just in case.

Tony had also made sure that Pepper and Morgan were safe. He'd sent them to negotiate with the owner of the building where he wanted the new Stark Tower to be built. That sent them to Upstate New York, far away from the possible Warzone.

"You've been giggling on and off for the past thirty minutes." Rhodey asked when he can't take being out of the loop anymore.

Naruto tried to compose himself but another round of laughter came out of his mouth again. It took almost a minute for him to stop laughing.

"You really want to know?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"I wouldn't ask if I don't want to."

"All right..." Naruto fixed himself up before continuing. "You know the ogre that rampaged in Culver?"

"The green guy? I thought that's fake." Tony joined in. He didn't really have the time to check on the news and its validity due to the upcoming attack.

"That shit's true..." Rhodey supplied. "Ross has been trying to capture Dr. Banner for quite some time. All of this is done in the down-low."

"Dr. Banner? Bruce Banner? The seven Ph.D. guy?" Tony asked incredulously.

"Yeah. That guy. Something about a super-soldier experiment gone wrong." Rhodey answered.

"Jarv. Can you remind me to look into it for later?" Tony inquired.

"Of course, Sir." JARVIS replied.

"Anyway, Banner hulked out at Culver cause Ross stepped in with his attack dog..." Naruto interjected. "Now, Banner and Ross's daughter, Betty, are making their way to Brooklyn to meet with a shady scientist to 'reverse' his condition."

"And he wouldn't change, right? Right?" Rhodey practically pleaded.

Naruto released a giggle, essentially answering the question, causing Tony and Rhodey's stomach to drop.

"Ross already knows Banner and Betty are moving to New York since Blonsky, Ross's hired attack dog, already found Sterns, the mad scientist..." Naruto replied, causing Tony and Rhodey to blanched. "Blonsky is also drunk in power. He wants to be the next experiment gone wrong."

Tony and Rhodey absorbed what Naruto said. Rhodey in particular had a deeper insight on Emil Blonsky since he's kind of a legend in the military circles.

"So, you're saying we might have two hulks duking it out only a few blocks away from the expo?" Rhodey shakily asked.

"Yup..." Naruto cheerfully declared. "I can't wait. I already got a bunch of cameras set up."

"Your sick man." Rhodey said with a slightly disgusted voice.

"I know."

-One Hanson Place, Brooklyn, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 2000h local-

"Vanko really wants to talk, huh? How many times did he call you now?" Rhodey asked as Tony let another call go to the voicemail.

"Oh yeah. He's like a creepy stalker. It would be a thousand times better if he's a chick..." Tony grumbled. "When will Naruto say he would come back? Hammer's presentation will start in two minutes."

Rhodey was about to answer when Naruto suddenly appeared with a slightly disfigured man being dragged by his throat.

"Ok. Who's the green gremlin?" Tony asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"This guy is Dr. Samuel Sterns. The fucker who Banner wants to meet..." Naruto replied while slightly shaking Sterns which released a low groan, confirming he's still alive. "He just upgraded Blonsky, but an accident must have occurred, causing this guy to grow a bit."

"So if Blonsky's already got Hulked, where is he?" Rhodey asked.

"I moved the whole room under one of the buildings of the Italian mob in the warehouse district—an excellent place for Blonsky and Banner to meet." Naruto explained with a slight giggle.

"You're sick, man, but none of that explains why you have Sterns." Tony pushed forward.

"I just want to see what would happen to this one. Banner and Blonsky got physical upgrades, but this one only has an enlarged brain." Naruto answered.

"So Blonsky already became a green giant, huh?" Rhodey weighed in.

"Nope. He's a flesh-colored hairless giant with bony protrusions. An ugly thing to look out..." Naruto described, disgust evident on his face but his not done. "For some reason, he became smooth down there also."

"Of course, he's smooth. You just said he's hairless." Tony reasoned.

"No. 'Smooth,' like a Barbie Ken doll. Don't ask me how I know about both of those things." Naruto emphasized.

It didn't take long for Tony and Rhodey to understand what Naruto was insinuating, causing them to involuntary cover their lower regions. They would've liked to ask more questions about the subject, but JARVIS interjected.

"It's showtime, sir."

"All right. You heard JARVIS, let's go." Tony said before closing his faceplate, followed by Rhodey.

Naruto, on the other hand, just summoned another clone to take Sterns to a secure location and to make sure he stays unconscious. Tony and Rhodey didn't wait for Naruto and just headed to their designated areas; Tony to Stark Expo and Rhodey to Hammer Industries RD building.

However, it didn't take long for Naruto's entertainment to arrive, or rather, wake up. He created four clones and sent them to each hotspot; Stark Expo, Hammer Industries, Bruce Banner, and Brooklyn's warehouse district. While that's happening, he also pulled out his phone and opened up a conference call.

"Get ready to earn your paycheck." Naruto said before closing his phone and jumping off the building.

-Brooklyn, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 2010h local-

Bruce and Betty were in the home stretch to arrive at Sterns secondary location when three Chinooks surrounded the boat they hired to bring them to Brooklyn. Wanting to prevent the Hulk from coming out, Bruce surrendered himself. However, it didn't take long for something to go wrong, and for once, it doesn't directly relate to him.

"Sir, we got a radio connection request from both the NYPD and the National Guard." The helicopter pilot said through the in-vehicle audio system.

General Ross thought about it for a second and saw no harm with accepting the contact, especially if he considered the fact that there would be several steps before the communication reached him.

"Alright. Patch them through..." Ross said before the headsets audio channel changed. "What's happening?"

"Sir! The Hulk is rampaging here in downtown Brooklyn!" A voice desperately echoed through the headsets, causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"That's impossible, soldier!" Ross practically shouted.

"But sir! He's right here, and he's slowly pushing us back..." The voice pleaded. "Multiple buildings and vehicles are already destroyed or damaged. Injuries are accumulating. We're lucky we don't have any casualties yet, sir."

Ross released a large sigh before answering.

"I'll call for reinforcements though it may take 30 minutes to arrive."

"I don't if we could last that long, but we appreciate any help you can spare, sir." The soldier replied before the connection got cut off.

Bruce was the first one to snap out of their stupor and spoke up.

"Turn the plane around." Bruce in barely a whisper.

"What!?" Betty asked as she turned towards Bruce.

"Well, your father obviously already fucked up with trying to recreate the accident..." Bruce started. Ross would have countered, but Bruce pushed on. "If there's another Hulk down there, only another Hulk could take him."

Blonsky was a mad man who had to be put down but not at the expense of losing Banner. Ross just couldn't take the chance. Too many resources have been thrown into the super-soldier project just to lose everything with a very public fallout. At the very least, he won't lose all the data if he keeps Banner with him.

There's another point to consider. As a military man, Ross needs to consider the welfare of the American people, and Blonsky was doing the exact opposite of what Ross stands for.

However, Ross was one of the most patriotic people on the planet, and on some level, he expected everyone else to be as patriotic as him, like right now.

Ross was about to open his mouth to give the order to continue to base no matter what when he suddenly lost consciousness, and another Ross appeared right beside him, surprising Bruce and Betty. A quick look around, it can be seen that all the soldiers sitting around them were unconscious, and some kind of transparent mirror formed around them.

The clone simply shushed both Bruce and Betty before taking Ross's headset and putting it on.

"Turn it around." Clone Ross said with the same exact voice and cadence

"Sir?" The pilot replied, a little confused.

"Turn the goddamn plane around. We have a monster on our own that could take on the monster in Brooklyn..." The clone gave Bruce a wink and a smile as he talked on the mic. "So do your job and turn the plane around!"

There's a brief moment of silence before the chopper slowly banked and turned around. The clone smiled and nodded to himself before a cloud of smoke burst from the clone. After the smoke dissipated, Bruce and Betty could see Naruto sitting where the clone used to be.

"W-w-wa-what?" Bruce sputtered.

"It's a stupid thing you did... Well, Hulk is the stupid one..." Bruce could feel the Hulk getting angry hearing Naruto's statement, but he kept a tight lid on it. "I mean, you just have to bring one guy with you. Remember Erik. Tall, dark, and handsome? Ring any bells?"

"H-ho-how did you get in?" Bruce asked.

"That? I landed on the roof a while ago. I'm just watching if Ross would fuck up, and lo and behold, he would fuck up..." Naruto replied, not really answering the question, but it was enough to satisfy the two scientists for now. He then turned towards Bruce. "But never mind that I want to know what would you do now?"

"What?" Betty asked, confused as to why she was being asked the question.

"Well, there's no way your dad would let go of Brucie bear here without a fight. He'll have to go full nomad and backpack his way across the world all over again..." Naruto explained, making their situation dawn on them. "So, what are you going to do?"

Betty has two choices, and it all depends on what's more important for her. She can stay in her life and continue being a world-class researcher or join Bruce as a fugitive. Bruce's position on the matter was already sure. He would want Betty to stay behind and just forget about him. The fucking martyr.

Bruce was about to offer his 'suggestion' when Naruto cut him off.

"How close are we?" Naruto using Ross's voice, asked. Judging from his smirk, Bruce was pretty confident Naruto was purposely cutting him off.

"ETA 1 minute." The pilot replied.

"Hover high above the area and open the cargo bay door. Be sure to pull back everyone from the area." Naruto ordered.

"Yes, sir."

Bruce and Betty just stared at Naruto as he walked towards the cargo bay door and sent the pair a mischievous smile. Behind him, the door slowly dropped down, causing the winds to rush in, causing the pair to stumble backward.

"Be careful Brucie Bear. You don't want to fall..." Naruto said with a large smile. "It's a high drop."


Still doing my stuff. Just want to post what I have done in my free time to tide you guys over.