-Hammer Industries Research and Development, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 2010h local-

The Hammer Industries R and D building was a massive complex spanning four city blocks in Queens, New York. Low-risk weapons and experimental technology were done in these buildings. However, one of these buildings was where Hammer hides some of his less than legal activities.

The northwest annex poses as a field office, admin office, and warehouse, but in reality, it houses and tests some of its slightly illegal techs. So it's kind of a no-brainer that this was where Hammer would stash a not-so-dead Ivan Vanko and have him recreate the IronMan armor.

Of course, Vanko stabbed Hammer in the back and instead created semi-autonomous drones while creating a fully-functioning suit behind the scenes. To be fair, Vanko upgraded the software of the 'Hammerdrones' and the network's security, so Justin Hammer didn't get screwed all the way.

A heavily tinted, carbon black Hennessey Venom GT can be seen parked just outside the northwest annex. Inside were Nat and Jessica.

"You ready?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah..." Jessica replied with a smile. "Can't wait to get started."

Natasha just stared at her for a second before nodding and stepping off the car. She's wearing her vibranium weaved widow suit and full-face vibranium mask. She also temporarily colored her hair ebony black as her natural red hair would be too eye-catching. Leaving as small of a footprint as possible would make the cleanup significantly easier.

Jessica decided to head in the opposite direction wear what she usually does, although with some modifications — a zipped-up black leather rider jacket over a white tank top, black jeans, and leather boots. The only change she did was add leather riding gloves and a military scarf mask.

"I have to ask..." Natasha started as they were walking towards the building's front door. "Are you wearing anything bulletproof?"

Jessica adopted a thinking pose before answering.

"Well, everything I'm wearing was either a gift or had been held by Naruto for more than five minutes, so I'm sure everything is more than just bulletproof."

Natasha shrugged in agreement. Naruto's previous 'profession' made him very paranoid. Even the flimsiest of thongs he would give his girls would probably survive a kilogram of C4.

The pair confidently walked through the door, and Natasha strutted past the first guard before accelerating. She put down the two guards behind the first using an athletic neck lock takedown. Jessica, on the other hand, took the more direct approach and just held the first guard by his shirt before throwing him to the ceiling, effectively knocking him out.

"Jess, check how much strength you use..." Nat pointed up toward the ceiling, where there was a clearly visible crack. "These guards aren't enhanced. They're a lot flimsier than what you're used to."

"Yeah..." Jess replied while scratching her head a bit, embarrassed. "Kinda felt that when he dropped. Well, he's still breathing, so it should be good."

Natasha just chuckled while shaking her head. She's not sure if Jess was already like that or was corrupted by Naruto. Personally, she believes it's somewhere in between.

Nat walked towards the terminal in the reception area. She plugged in a flashed drive in one of the computer terminals. A worm would be uploaded in the system, which would decimate the local network. This would effectively cut off unencrypted and conventional forms of communication from leaving and entering the building. It wouldn't do jack shit to the secure signal used by the Hammerdrones, but it would prevent security from calling reinforcements.

The pair then walked through the central corridor while decimating the guards. Those overpaid pay-a-cops could do almost nothing to arguably the world's best female assassin and an enhanced individual.

It didn't take long for them to reach the central area. As soon as they opened the door, they saw a small army of offline Hammerdrones standing shoulder to shoulder.

"Fuck..." Jessica let out. "I'm going to hurt him. Hurt him badly."

"I'll join you..." Natasha replied. "How is this 'A bit more than twenty'? Of course, he's not wrong but comes on!"

Naruto had given every member a small outline on each of their target and possible scenario they might get themselves into. Like how Vanko had made the Hammerdrone and recreated the Ironman armor. It came extremely close to the 'Iron Monger' armor by Stane in appearance with the added electric whips. The only group that should be mainly in the dark was the 'Abomination' group since it was literally a last-minute event.

Now, they just had undeniable confirmation that Naruto hid information, probably for his amusement. That's just a trait Nat could never remove from Naruto. In non-dire situations, well non-dire according to him, he would always prioritize entertainment value over logic or even lives. It's only due to the backlash that will annoy them to no end, and Natasha and Jessica's influence prevents him from ultimately going off the bender.

"Let's find Vanko before he can activate the lot."

The duo burst through multiple rooms to find where Vanko was. It took them five minutes, searching two rooms at a time, before finding the desired space. Although, it looks like they're already too late. Inside the small, messed up room was a reasonably advanced computer set-up, a bed, and two guards tied up by electrical wires from the ceiling.

"Fuck. We're too late..." Natasha rushed towards the computer and checked what was on the screen. "We're really too late..." It shows that Vanko already started the Hammerdrones startup sequence and left some instructions. "Go to the warehouse and see if you can find a way to stop them. I'll try something on my end."

-Brooklyn, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 2015h local-

"Come on, come on. We need to get out of here!" Sgt. Garcia said while basically pulling a mother while carrying her child. He's one of the squads tasked with checking the surrounding buildings and getting non-combatants out of the red and yellow zones. The child was already crying. "Davies! We're getting out now! They're only two buildings over!"

"Yes, Sarge!"

It took only a few minutes before everyone in their squad piled out of the rear exit and ran away from the main street, only using the alleyways. They were quite some distance away when the building suddenly collapsed.

There were a couple of ways that could cause the building to collapse, and none of that mattered, as the soldiers and the civilians would surely die if they were still inside the building. The neighboring building collapsed soon after, and Garcia was sure that the people inside hadn't evacuated yet.

"Fuck! Somebody needs to pay for that fucking Abomination." Someone from their squad voiced out.

They were still navigating the alleyways when something caught their attention. A reasonably large man wearing an all-black tactical gear walked down the emergency exit with two people slung over his shoulder.

This man was Steve Rogers himself. A military legend.

Of course, none of these soldiers knows this. They only know him as one of the people holding off the Abomination before the Hulk literally dropped from the sky.

"Soldiers. Can you help these people get out of here? There are a few more buildings I have to check." Steve said before gently dropping the people on his shoulder next to the soldiers and leaving but not without a second look

-Brooklyn, New York-

-June 2, 2010, 2015h local-

"I'm not much for cursing, but I think I could let this one slide... Bloody Hell." Peggy let out while looking at The Hulk and The Abomination duking it out on the streets.

The streets were wrecked, and some of the buildings had already collapsed. The military had already pushed back the line another block, and it's only two blocks away from Queens and five blocks from the southwest border of the StarkExpo. Even from their line, they could already see some small explosions and smoke. Not to mention the fact that there's already some call for backup from the NYPD.

Peggy pulled out her phone and dialed for Naruto.

"How's the expo?" Peggy asked.

"There's a lot of fireworks but nothing exciting as of yet." Naruto answered.

"Does Tony have insurance for the lot?"

"Yup. Enough to rebuild the whole thing and then some. No idea how Pepper pulled that of."

"How about the evacuation? Especially the southwest side."

"You're in luck, my lady. The southern part is primarily clear. All the attendees are being moved to the northern entrance."

"That's good cause I'll try to move the fight there. It's open, insured, and non-residential."

"Didn't you guys start at the warehouse district? How far have you moved already?"

"Fifteen blocks." Peggy deadpanned since it's impossible for Naruto not to watch what's happening.

"Wow. They got far..." Naruto said with his usual cheery tone irritating Peggy. "You need help with moving the fight?"

"That would be appreciated. Evacuate everyone from the south."

Peggy would really like to shove the offer up Naruto's arse, but there's no reasonable and safe way for her to move the fight. Especially as it would bring them across some residential and commercial buildings, exponentially increasing the difficulty.

It didn't take long before a rain of kunai's to pelt down on the Hulk and the Abomination. Normal 'puny' knives would never hurt the two behemoths, and to be fair, these kunais were made out of ordinary steel. It's the user that made the difference. Naruto was throwing the knives fast enough to cause sonic booms. These were more than enough to get the pair's attention.

"Hey! Dunderhead! Not you, green guy! The crotchless ugly guy." Naruto shouted while standing on top of a nearby wrecked car. He's wearing his Nine-tails outfit.

"Nine-tails. Get out of here, or I'll smash you to the ground right after I kill this guy." Blonsky replied, showing his irritation.

"How about no, dickless." Naruto taunted again before throwing another storm of kunai, burying Blonsky in a small crate.

That certainly got the asshole's attention as he started speeding up towards Naruto. Naruto, for his part, turned towards the expo and began a slow jog, well, a slow jog for him, towards the Expo.

Naruto was quickly approaching the military line. All the soldiers were already setting up their gear and preparing to open fire.

"Wind Release: Great Breakthrough." Naruto whispered to himself before punching forward.

A powerful gust of wind pushed the soldiers, humvees, trucks, and tanks towards the side, keeping everyone from doing anything. Naruto pulled out his phone while Blonsky was following him and The Hulk was chasing Blonsky.

"Hey, Jarv. Can you patch me through Tony?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Sir. I am connecting you now."

"Hey! Tony! What you doing?"

"Uh. I'm busy right now dodging Hammerdrones. So I'll talk to you later."

"Oh, for sure. I just want to tell you that I'm bringing some extra... party members."

"I know you're not bringing the big guys to my expo."

"Come on! You have insurance!"

"No! Pepper would freak out and hang us by the balls."

"Shit..." There were five seconds of silence before Naruto finally replied. "There's nothing to do now. We're here."


Royal rumble next chapter! Things are going to get crazy!