Screen Title: #iSam's Dad

Sam: Cat I'm really having fun living with you these past few years.

Cat: Me too. We've done a lot of cool stuff together.

Sam: Yeah. We got to swim in trash.

Cat: We got stuck in that safe.

Sam: We had to babysit that creepy doll.

Cat: You almost did that tuna fish jump.

Sam: Then you took over which caused Freddie and Robbie to fall in the tank.

Cat: We've made a whole lot of memories.

Sam: Yeah. We have.

Sam's phone rings

Sam: Oh Melanie's calling me. Hello?

Melanie: Sam it's Melanie. I have something to tell you.

Sam: You got kicked out of boarding school.

Melanie: No. Mom has something to tell us. You need to get to Seattle right now. You can bring Cat with you if you want.

Sam: Okay I'll be there soon.

Melanie: Okay. Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Cat: What was it?

Sam: Melanie says my mom has a surprise to tell us and wants me to come to Seattle right away.

Cat: Oh.

Sam: She said you can come with.

Cat: Okay.

Sam and Cat are riding on Sam's bike to Seattle

Cat: What do you think the surprise is?

Sam: You're asking me? I don't even know.

Cat: She better not force you to move back to Seattle.

Sam: I know Cat.

Cat: I need you.

Sam: I need you too.

Sam and Cat have arrived in Seattle at Sam's old house

Cat: Is this your old house?

Sam: Yes.

Cat: Nice.

Sam and Cat walk in

Sam: Okay I'm here.

Pam: Good. Sam, Melanie I have a surprise for you.

Melanie: What's the surprise?

Mr. Puckett walks in

Mr. Puckett: Me.

Sam and Melanie: Dad?

Pam: Surprise.

Cat: You have a dad?

Sam: Yes.

Melanie: He left us when Sam and I were young.

Mr. Puckett: Is this your little roommate.

Sam: Yes that's Cat.

Mr. Puckett: Oh I love cats.

Cat: Me too.

Sam quickly texts Freddie everything

Sam: Freddie is shocked that your back.

Melanie: Oh how is Freddie?

Sam: Alright I guess.

Pam: You two still boyfriend and girlfriend?

Sam: Yep.

Mr. Puckett: I can't wait to meet him.

Freddie walks in

Freddie: I'm here. What's wrong?

Cat: Sam and Melanie's dad returned.

Freddie: WHAT?!

Sam: It's true.

Freddie: You're Sam's dad?

Mr. Puckett: Yep. And your Freddie Benson from iCarly.

Sam: You watched iCarly?

Mr. Puckett: Yes. I'm proud of you.

Sam: Thanks.

Melanie: Are you two going to get back together?

Mr. Puckett: Melanie as much as I want to.

Pam: We're better off as friends.

Sam: Where have you been all of our lives?

Mr. Puckett: In jail.

Freddie: Is there anyone in your family that doesn't have a criminal record?

Sam: Just Melanie.

Cat: How is that possible?

Melanie: No idea.

Sam logs onto her Facebook account and updates her status saying her dad returned. Carly replies to Sam's post saying really? Sam responds yes.

Pam: Sam where's your friend Carly?

Sam: In Italy. You know that.

Pam: Sorry I forgot.

Freddie: So you weren't kidding when you said your dad left.

Cat: You thought she was making it up?

Freddie: Have you met her?

Melanie: She is shown to be a professional liar.

Sam: It's true. I tried to help Spencer once. (Reference to iRocked the Vote)

Freddie: Oh yeah when we had to do that stupid video to Wade Hobnocker Collins.

Mr. Puckett: What's a hobnocker?

Sam whispers it to her dad's ear

Mr. Puckett: That's gross.

Sam: And illegal.

Pam: Cat why did you dye your hair red?

Cat: Well one time when I walked in my old house, my brother threw a vase at me.

Freddie: Why?

Cat: He thought I was a criminal.

Sam: What happened next?

Cat: Well the blood stained so I decided to dye it red.

Melanie: What was your original hair color?

Cat: Brown.

Pam: Why don't you just dye it back?

Cat: I kind of like it red. It has nothing to do with my psychological problems.

Melanie: It was great catching up with you dad.

Sam: Yeah. We missed you.

Mr. Puckett: I missed you kids too.

Sam, Melanie, Pam, and Mr. Puckett all hug each other as the story ends

Note: Sam's dad who was mentioned in the iCarly episodes iParty with Victorious and iLost My Mind finally returns

Note #2: There are references to #Pilot #SecretSafe #DollSitting and #TheKillerTunaJump

Note #3: Pam, Freddie, and Melanie from iCarly, along with Sam's old house from iCarly, appears in this story

Note #4: Wade Collins AKA Hobnocker guy from the iCarly episode iRocked the Vote is mentioned

Note #5: Sam mentions the time she helped Spencer lie which was the subplot to iRocked the Vote

Note #6: Carly and Spencer Shay from iCarly along with Robbie Shapiro from Victorious are mentioned