Harry's PoV

Harry woke from a dream in a panic, about Voldemort's return.

Nico di Angelo. He was surely a death eater, and he'd noticed some of his 'friends'- Reyna, Jason and Hazel- always wore long-sleeves. They had to be hiding something.

Like the dark mark.

Di Angelo also probably had it, and they were probably scouting the school so that they knew exactly when, where and how they should attack Hogwarts. How could McGonagall be so stupid?

Di Angelo was creepy and he'd killed before- presumably the 'Bryce Lawrence' guy Will had talked about in one of our first lessons. He wore black all the time. He thought the killing curse was kind. He knew a lot about dark magic- and he believed avada kedavra to be a mercy.

In short, he ticked all the boxes for a great death eater.
Hermione and Ron didn't believe Harry, of course. Hermione was still absolutely crushing on Will (and Harry hadn't told either of them about Nico and Will dating- he'd been kind enough to keep that a secret at least. He'd told them about Cupid and Nico's boggart but twisted the story) while Ron was foolishly chasing Reyna.

Harry personally thought Hazel looked a lot less likely to punt any guy who asked her out across the Quidditch Pitch but then again, she was Nico's little sister and he would probably do that for her.

"If I asked Will out, do you think he would say yes?" Hermione asked nervously as she ate her food, and Harry shook his head.

"No, I don't think so," He said, and Hermione looked slightly confused.

"But when Romilda asked him on the first day whether he's single, he said yes, and he's only a few years younger than me," She said in utter confusion, and Harry sighed. No, Will had not said he was single, he had said he didn't have a girlfriend. Big difference.

"Yeah, he said he didn't have a girlfriend," Ron pointed out and Harry wanted to smack Ron for his stupidity. "What about Reyna?"

"She'll probably hurl you into the Forbidden Forest if you ask her out anywhere," Harry said, sighing.

"I know Leo's dating Calypso, and that Jason has a girlfriend at home," Hermione said. "But as far as I know, the others are all fair game."

"Now you're starting to sound like Ron," Harry said. "I'm pretty certain Nico and Will are taken."

"Harry! Will doesn't have a girlfriend for the last time!" Hermione said, and Harry didn't have the heart to mention that some boys liked other boys. "And I do not sound like Ron!"

"Yes you do. Both of you have changed since they arrived," Harry said darkly- perhaps it was a love potion or spell. How dare they force my friends into love? Harry thought furiously but a part of him thought it was unlikely Will had thought of the idea. He was already with Nico. Why would he want Hermione?

Hermione PoV

Harry was being ridiculous. Of course Hermione would try to understand if Will said no, but how could he be dating someone if he didn't have a girlfriend? Will had said himself he was single, for god's sake!

If she asked Will out, maybe he'd agree. He was so handsome- with perfect blonde curls, electrifying eyes and such an easy smile. She tried not to fall for every guy who was handsome such as Lockhart but since Will was actually a competent teacher, and he was so kind and caring…

She forced herself to stop thinking about him. It was nearly the end of the Healing lesson- she could ask him out at the end.

"Will, you need to stop boring the students with this extra information," Nico whined, bring Hermione back to reality, and Will smiled at Nico- she hoped he would smile at her in the same way sometime.

"If I can keep your attention when you're ADHD, I think my lesson is perfectly fine," Will snorted, and Nico crossed his arms in frustration. "You're very cute when you're mad, you know?"

"I am not cute," Nico huffed, but Hermione did have to agree with Will in that he was adorable when he was frustrated.

"Yes, you are. Shut up, you're disrupting my lesson," Will said, and Nico huffed again.

"I don't wanna," He said childishly, and everyone looked up at their stern, terrifying DADA professor whining like a five year old child.

"Hey, you're ruining your reputation," Will said with a bright smile. "You're not Mr Dark and Gloomy anymore, are you? Anyway, class dismissed, you can leave a few minutes early."

Hermione stood up, straightening up. She waited for everyone to leave and then walked to Will's desk, where Will and Nico were arguing ferociously about which of them was cuter.

"I am not cute!" Nico was saying angrily, while Will smirked at him.

"Oh, yes you are-"

They noticed Hermione and quickly shut up. Colour flooding into his cheeks, Nico turned and walked out of the room, mumbling for Will to come up once his business was done.

"Oh, uh, professor," Hermione said quickly, her voice squeaky. "I was wondering if you uh, have a girlfriend."

That was not what was meant to come out. Of course it would be a no, he had said so himself.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend. And just call me Will," He replied, as he fidgeted with his quill. "Ugh, pens are so much better than quills."

"Does that mean you're single then, professor?" Hermione asked eagerly, and wanted to smack herself for her tone of voice. She couldn't get much more obvious.

"No, I'm not single," Will said, and Hermione looked at him weirdly. Harry had said that Will would say that, but it made no sense. If he didn't have a girlfriend, how was he in a relationship?

"But you don't have a girlfriend-"

"Look, Hermione, I have no interest in girls," Will said quickly, and everything clicked into place. Of course- he didn't have a girlfriend, he had a boyfriend. And from their behaviour, it was probably Nico.

"Oh- uh, sorry," Hermione mumbled, but she felt fury flash up her body. Girls liked boys. Boys liked girls. End of story- it was unnatural.

Inside, Hermione knew she should be accepting of it, but she'd always had a hard time accepting those who were unique, or different- Luna, for instance, who was smart in her own way, or the Weasley twins, who had also been very smart. They'd just used their brains for something other than academic achievement.

She turned around, nearly dropping her bag in the process, and walked out of the room was quickly as she could.

"Nico and Will are dating!" Hermione squawked, and Harry looked at her oddly.

"How'd you find out about that?" He asked, and Hermione sent him a glare.

"You mean you knew they were dating?" She asked shrilly. "And you let me make a fool out of myself! Why didn't you tell us? Warn the school!"

"Why? Will leaving di Angelo was one of his boggarts and I realised that's one of his biggest fears, as well as being outed forcibly, so as much as I dislike di Angelo, I kept it secret," Harry replied. "I felt like it was their secret to keep."

"I'm one of your friends!" Hermione said, hurt. "You should have told me!"

"The professors were right," Ron said, looking shocked. "You are really nosy and annoying sometimes you know that, Hermione?"


I hate where this entire story is going. Ugh… this was planned, yes, but it didn't come out nearly as well as I thought it would.

Yesterday, I got 9k in my other stories, so I'm somewhat pleased with myself though.