There is some Caleo at the end of this chapter.

Leo PoV

Leo was going to be a freaking teacher at a school for magic. What in Hades was he meant to do? Hecate had visited him last night after Rachel's visions, explaining how he would be teaching Care of Magical Creatures.

Care of Magical Creatures.

He was similar to Hephaestus in that he wasn't very good with living organisms. Life was just so fragile, and difficult to sustain. A malfunctioning machine was easy to fix most of the time, and machines unable to be fixed always had parts that could be recycled or reused. Creatures couldn't simply be 'reused' and the fact that they could not always be explained by science was pretty aggravating to him.

Leo couldn't hope to successfully teach a whole class of people older than him- he was pretty sure the eighth year students would be seventeen to eighteen years old, or something, and he was only fifteen. Will was sixteen and Nico, physically at least, was only fourteen. All of them would have to work pretty darn hard to gain the respect of the older students.

"Leo?" A voice asked from behind him, and he turned to see two people- no, gods. The one that had spoken was Hephaestus, Leo's father and the god of Forges and Fires, and beside him was Nico's father, Lord Hades of the underworld.

"Yes, father?" Leo asked, trying to sound formal, and Hephaestus laughed.

"Well, Leo, we're here to explain your part of the quest to you," He began. "Nico and Will have already received their instructions. So you, my son, will be going on a quest to try and save Hecate's powers, yes?"

Leo nodded in confirmation.

"I'm sorry you have to go on a quest, especially so soon after Perseus's death- after your death- but we must send you. You are being sent to Hogwarts to try and gain the trust and alliance of the students and faculty of Hogwarts, in short."

"Why can't Will do that?" Leo questioned, and Hades shook his head.

"Apollo and I gave the boy his own task," He said. "He will have enough trouble coming to terms with that quest- he will be unable to complete any other tasks. His nature goes against the task, but he must be the one to do it."

Leo opened his mouth to ask what the task for Will was, before realising Hades had no intention of revealing the task. He would be going on a quest with Will- he would learn about the task when Will or Hades decided it was time to reveal it.

"Alright, Lord Hades," He sighed. "Is there any other information I should know about the quest, or is that all? Is my role to gain the trust-"

"You'll notice Hecate gave you the role that you perhaps fit into the least," Hephaestus interrupted, seemingly trying to smile. "But Care of Magical Creatures is your class for a reason. You will be able to invite fellow demigods to help with the school defences- Frank as one of the creatures you teach about, or perhaps Thalia to teach about werewolves. They will be able to set-"

"Alright, alright," Leo said, trying to wrap his head around the new information- he didn't know how having more demigods at Hogwarts would 'protect' the school, but if the gods thought it was a good idea, it was probably a plan worthy of Annabe- a plan worthy of Athena. He'd nearly made a slip-up there.

Every memory, every thought, every word reminding him of them was painful. He may have seemingly taken their deaths in stride, but inside, he had been just as shaken as Nico or Jason. Not even Calypso knew about that. He didn't need to worry her any more than he already did, with his stupid ideas for pranks and dangerous projects he liked to work on.

"You understand?" Hades asked. "There are a few other things you must do- be a Head of Ravenclaw House, the house of the smart and witty, learn how to control the mist from Hazel, and control sacrifices to the gods. You must find a way to sacrifice to the gods and sacrifice for Solace and my son as well. You will also lead the defence of Hogwarts itself- lay out the traps and alarms, secret defences, the similar. Your responsibilities may be made easier by the fact that demigods are not affected by magic unless it is cast by a god, a demigod or is an Unforgivable Curse- however, the Cruciatus Curse will not be as painful, you should be strong enough to withstand the Imperius Curse, and the Killing Curse will have the same effect as the Cruciatus Curse.

"Yes, Lord Hades," Leo nodded. "I'll do my best."

And the moment the gods left, he started to shake. He wanted to stay with Calypso. After so many guys had left her for someone, Leo had rescued her. Now, Leo was leaving too. It was against his will, and he wasn't leaving for some other love interest, but it still felt like he was betraying her, in a way. He had promised on the River Styx he would always return to Calypso, but he wasn't sure if he could keep the promise. Perhaps the quest was doomed.

"I'm sorry, Callie," He whispered as he started walking shakily, blinking rapidly. "I'm really sorry. I'm sorry, Jason. I'm sorry, Piper. I'm sorry if I fail."

It was ridiculous- after all, he hadn't died yet. But every war had its sacrifices, and it made sense that it would be Will, Nico or Leo.

Leo had died once before already. He could do it again.


"So you have been selected for a new quest," Calypso said quietly, looking down. She didn't seem to know what to think about her boyfriend going on another quest when the most recent one had resulted in a war threatening the entire world and killed so many brave demigods, satyrs, hunters, animals and others who had tried to stand up to Gaia.

"Yeah, I have," Leo said. "But I'm Super Sized McShizzle. I'll do what I can to come back and we all know I'll leave more than a few marks on Hogwarts!"

"More like burn it down," Calypso said teasingly as she looked up and edged closer to Leo. "I will miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Callie," Leo said, trying to keep up his usual upbeat tone. "I'll try to come back- and did you know, demigods aren't actually affected by magic, unless the spell was cast by a demigod, god or is an Unforgivable, but even the Killing Curse won't kill me, so I should be able to come back, unless I'm killed by Kronos and his Greek Monsters. And I can dodge them, or retaliate with my booty-kicking, laser-shooting, spell-resistant metal flying dragon! There's no way wizardry can beat that!"

"You are not taking Festus to your school. I shall be at Camp Jupiter for the first half of the year," Calypso said, "And then I will return to Camp Half-blood. This way, you know how to Iris Message me. It is only one year, after all. Just please, come back. I will never be able to get over losing you."

"Just don't forget me," Leo joked, hoping that Calypso would remember him. Camp Jupiter had some pretty buff guys Leo could never hope to compete with, but Calypso just smiled, and he reached into his toolbelt to pull out a few materials to build something with.

"How could I forget you?" Calypso asked, leaning in, and he immediately dropped his project.

In one kiss, for a few moments, all of Leo's insecurities washed away.

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