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Chapter 1

Cybertron, birthplace of the cybertronian race. A species of autonomous mechanical beings created by Primus. For millennia it was a common belief among cybertronians, even before the civil war, that they were the most advanced race in the universe. It would soon come to pass that there were forces in the universe far beyond the understanding and will of cybertronians.

Then there is Earth, a planet that seems like another barren rock floating through the endless void that is space was more than it appeared. For within the root and core of this planet, it produced the one thing cyberonians would never be able to control or comprehend… magic. Magic was the glue of the universe. It is what made time move forward, allowed space itself to exist, and altered the fundamentals of reality. Without it, Cybertron, even their god Primus, wouldn't exist.

When the Autobots and Decepticons came to Earth, they would soon discover that humans were not as fragile as they appear. And magic would not budge because of some cube that had decided to settle itself on Earth.

(Arctic Shelf, 1897)

Archibald Witwicky had led a group of 41 brave muggle sailors on an expedition. However, Archibald was not an ordinary human, but a revolutionist wizard. The journey to the arctic was not for some evil ploy, but rather to uncover what magical anomalies lie near the Earth's pole. In secret, he'd bewitched each and every man to accompany him. Archibald was skeptical about having other wizards accompany him. He'd made his opinion on the Statue of Secrecy clear, and he was not favored by the Wizengamot.

And so, he decided to take a voyage to the Arctic Circle. It was his firm belief that magical creatures and artifacts were hidden somewhere in this frozen wasteland. Somewhere… he'd find something that the Wizengamot would never be able to hide from the muggle world, and thus show their existence to muggle kind. While the plan sounds pathetic, that is precisely why Archibald chose this expedition. Nobody would expect it.

"No sacrifice, no victory!" Archibald yelled to his men as they shoveled the snow. Tucked into his coat was his wand. 'At this rate, we will freeze to death.' Archibald stopped his shouting when the crew started running after the sled dogs.

The crew chased after the dogs as they ran away from the ship. Without them, they'd be stuck once they reached the mainland of the Arctic. Unfortunately, once they reached the sled-dogs, the ice beneath Archibald gave way, and he found himself sliding through the glacier.

Landing with a thud, he groaned and sat up. What he saw next left him astonished. There was something frozen in the ice, it looked like a man, made entirely out of metal. The creature was massive. Archibald soon realized that the metal pillars around him were the creature's 'fingers.' "Fascinating."

"Captain! Are you alright!?" One of his crewmates yelled out.

"I'm fine. We've made a remarkable discovery, lads!" Archibald stepped forward and pulled out his wand. He tapped his wand against it and watched as a few sparks jumped off. He was looking to see if any magic was emitting from the creature. However, Archibald frowned… this wasn't the discovery he wanted. This thing lacked any trace of magic. What use was it to him! Tapping his wand again, a blinding light shot from the creature's eyes and blinded him. Falling back, he hit his head against a wall of ice. Archibald shivered and gasped, and he felt light-headed. From where he laid on the ground, he could see blood pouring into the snow. 'No… I… refuse.' He would not allow himself to die like this. Falling and hitting his head on ice. Not after everything he'd sacrificed!

With what little strength he had left, he crawled towards his glasses. 'Need… someone.' His vision started to fade in and out. Only one thing could save him. He wasn't ready to give up without a fight. Just before his vision disappeared, he felt someone shaking him, it was one of his crewmates.

"Captain! Captain!" The man shook Archibald, trying to keep him awake. Archibald gasped as he was turned over. "I found the Captain! He's ~" The man stopped his shouting and gasped in pain. Looking down, he saw the blade he kept in his pocket buried into his chest. The Captain was shaking, blood gushing down the side of his face. Pulling the knife out, Archibald furiously stabbed the man. With a final plunge to the heart, the man collapsed to the ground.

'No sacrifice, no… victory.' Archibald grabbed his glasses and began uttering strange words. With his last breath, he screamed in agony as his soul was ripped in half. Falling to the ground, he gave his final breath. In his right hand, his glasses vibrated and squeaked.

(110 Years Later)

Samantha Witwicky sighed as she stepped outside, 'I'm 20 and still living with my parents. How embarrassing.' It was embarrassing, at least to her, because she had enough galleons to buy her own place. The only reason she was still staying here was because of her mother. Two years ago, she'd gotten her diploma for Master of Wizardry from Hogwarts, and her mother demanded she stay with them, at least for a little while. While most students in America go to Ilvermorny, Samantha opted to study abroad. Sam still remembers her parents fighting the night before she left, Judy was furious. Ron allowed her to go half-way across the world for some wizard school.

Walking into the backyard, she sat on the porch and watched her parents work. "Uh… dad, do you need help?" He was carrying stone slabs, and he was struggling to lift them all in his arms.

"Nope… I got it." He wheezed out. Sweat was pouring down his face.

Samantha shook her head and slid her wand out, "Wingardium leviosa." The slabs in his arms became infinitely lighter and floated freely when he dropped his arms.

Ron turned to his daughter and frowned, "Sam, you know the rules."

"Stay off the lawn?" She tilted her head.


"Don't let Mom drink wine unsupervised?"


Samantha sighed in defeat, "No magic in public, even if it's in our backyard." She recited in a monotone voice. 'Why does he have to be such a stick in the mud?' Her father didn't shun magic; he just didn't want Sam to get into trouble. Ron was well aware of the magical community. He was a squib, his father was a wizard, but he never inherited the magical gene. However, his father never liked to talk about his own father, Archibald Witwicky. All he got was a box of family heirlooms before he moved out.

When Judy first learned about magic, her reaction was… interesting. Ron spent nearly 20 minutes trying to calm her down while she used an umbrella as a weapon. But over the years, she'd come to love magic. For her anniversary, Ron took her to see a real unicorn. It was always her dream since she was a little girl to see a unicorn.

Sitting up, Samantha brushed her pants, "I'd love to stay and help, but I have to get ready for work." She was paid by MACUSA to study dark artifacts and document their effects. While it seems like a tedious job, Samantha was well versed with dark magic, almost disturbingly so. In her bedroom, behind another locked door, was her artifice room. It was the one room in the entire house she never let her parents in. She held artifacts and cursed objects that could kill with a single touch, so she refused to allow her parents inside. The most recent addition to her collection was an opal necklace that had killed 19 muggles… as far as they knew.

Judy, who was not far away, "Sweetie before you go, I thought I'd let you know I saw Trent the other day at the market. Did you know he's dating Mikaela?"

Samantha turned to look at her, Mom, "I'm aware, why?"

"Oh, I just thought… you know… you and Trent."

"Mom!" She gagged at the idea, "You know I don't like Trent. Heck, he despises me."

Judy smirked, "I thought the same thing about your father when we first met, sweetie."

Samantha glared at her Mother, "Last week, he decided to pour his energy drink into my purse when I wasn't looking."

"Well, if you weren't looking, how do you know it was him?"

"He was sitting right behind me at the cafe!" She was so caught up in her work that day, she didn't notice she'd sat behind Trent and all his buddies. Then there was Mikaela, Samantha didn't care for her much. Besides... her life of crime wasn't that much of a secret, especially when you ask around the shop she worked at. 'If she cared about her Dad, and her Dad cared about her, she wouldn't be stealing.'

As for Trent, who was now going to the local college, he was always an asshole to her. Why? That was still a mystery for her. Before she left for Hogwarts, he had always played pranks on her. Once he poured a can of his father's paint over the wall and onto her head. When Ron found out, he could be heard screaming at Trent's family from down the street.

Ron finally stepped in, "Judy, I've told you. I don't want my little girl dating that punk." Ron was one of the few people who could see right through Trent's smile. "I don't want him tainting my little girl."

Judy shook her head in denial, "Oh, you just don't want her dating anyone. But I want grandkids, young lady."


"MOM!" Samantha's cheeks turned red.

"What? Is it wrong for a mother to want grandkids one day? Well, excuse me. Forgive a mother for having hopes and dreams."

Samantha shivered in disgust and went inside, this was too much for her. 'Ugh… I'd sooner touch the opal necklace than date Trent.' And she meant it.


"Sam! Can you come down here please!?" Ron yelled from the landing.

Samantha placed the opal necklace into its case and removed her gloves, "I guess I'll come back later." Going downstairs, she saw her father holding a box.

"Since you're old enough, I think it's about time you got this." He placed the box down and took the lid off. "This is all for you."

Samantha walked over and looked inside. There were papers, a telescope, a compass, and a cracked pair of glasses. "Wait, is this?" She pulled out the glasses and glanced at her father.

"Your great grandfathers? Yes."

"Wow." She grew up hearing stories about her grandfather's adventures, it's what inspired her to want to be a curse-breaker. To travel the world and uncover places hidden with old magic. And quite often, cure-breakers got to fight. Ron and Samantha never told Judy, because she knew she'd throw a fit. "What's on the lens?" Looking close, Sam noticed these weren't normal cracks; they were too detailed.

"Beats me."

Smirking, Sam put on the glasses, "What do you think?" Her smile vanished, and she winced, her head hurt. Pulling the glasses off, she rubbed her eyes.

"Ya, the first time I tried them on the lens gave me a headache too." Actually, Ron spent three days hanging over the toilet, voiding his stomach. "Just goes to show you that you should wear the right glasses." Samantha couldn't help but feel concerned about the glasses. She's put on glasses that didn't have the correct lenses, but this was different. When her father left, she lifted the glasses again and looked at the markings. 'What is that? Definitely not ancient runes.' Setting the glasses down, she placed everything back in the box. "I'm sure great-grandpa has something in these boxes that is magical."

"Ron!? This stone is wobbling." Judy yelled from the backyard.

Samantha looked through the window towards her mother, 'I've got to get out of here.' She loved her Mom, but she just wanted to leave.

(Next Day)

Ron shook his head, "Nope."

"But, Dad." Samantha sounded desperate.

"You agree, young lady. 21, and then you can leave. If you walk out that door, your mother will kill me… literally."

"There has to be something to change your mind. Please, don't you see from my point of view."

"Sweetheart, I understand. What Dad doesn't want his kids to get out of the house?" He gave a playful smirk and sat down next to her. "Look, I know you want to go out and see the world. I'm just asking for you to stay one more year. Your mother gave up a lot by letting you go to a school half-way across the world."

"I'm just tired of her codling me. I'm not a little girl anymore. She doesn't even realize what I have upstairs in my artifact room."

Ron gave her a pat on the back, "You're a good kid, Samantha. Tell you what, how about I cut you a deal." Samantha raiser her brow, "If you stay… I'll… buy you a car."

Samantha gave her father a bewildered look, "You'll buy me a car? I'm sorry, who are you?" Her father was a cheapskate when it came to big purchases. "Also, I don't need a car."

"Of course you do. You're saying you're embarrassed about still living with your parents, I'd be more embarrassed that you don't have a car."

"But I don't need a car, I have my broomstick. And my apparation license."

"I don't wanna hear it, Sam. You're getting a car, and you're gonna learn how to drive."

"Wh~a?" Of all the ridiculous things her father has done, this tops the cake. "I doubt you're going to buy me a car."

Ron looked offended, "How can you think so little of me?"

She glared at her Dad, "When I was six, and I wanted a churro from the county fair, you gave me a corndog."

"What? I gave you food."

Samantha's jaw dropped, "It was half-eaten!?"

"I wasn't gonna pay $2.95 for a corndog. The guy gave it to me for a nickel."

Samantha stood up and shook her head, "This is hopeless." Her father was an enigma. One minute he would take her side; the next, he could be the cheapest man on Earth. How they were related rattled her mind. Moreover, she didn't look like either of her parents. Her hair was black and went down to her shoulders. And unlike Mikaela she didn't have the body of a model, or so she thought. As for a tan, it was non-existent. What Samantha never realized was how often guys would check her out, minus Trent. One thing was sure in Samantha's mind, she wouldn't be caught dead outside of the house with the same revealing clothes as Mikaela.

Like most witches, she took pride in wearing witch's robes. At Least when she is allowed to. Walking back to her room, she closed the door and locked it. Her father had a strict no-locked doors policy, but that changed when she mentioned the possibility of him accidentally walking in on her when she is changing clothes. That and she didn't care for such a silly rule. 'I need to get out of here.' She was cooped up and needed some air. She was being forced to stay another year just so her mother can, what? Find more reasons for her to stay.

Heading to her desk, she looked at the potion ingredients she'd laid out early this morning. "Morningwood, Wormwood, beetle juice, and~ huh… I need to get more valerian." It was a magical plant that was useful for sleeping potions. "I think there is some by the lake. Maybe I can go tomorrow afternoon. Wait… I'm going to get a car." She sighed, looking towards her closet, "If I don't start picking up the pace, MACUSA is going to hang me." She wasn't giving promising results from her research, but it is only because she lacked time. Merlin forbid, she has all her work confiscated and handed to some other witch or wizard.

Falling onto her bed, she stared at her bewitched ceiling that depicted the night sky. Millions of stars shined with the occasional comet. "I wish I could go on an adventure like my grandfather. Not being tied to one place. I just wish my parents could see that." Closing her eyes, she sighed, 'It would also be nice just to have a boyfriend, but I highly doubt that will happen.' She'd dated a boy back at Hogwarts, and he'd cheated on her with some witch in Ravenclaw. "Oh, who cares. I just need to move on." Putting her hand under her pillow, she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

(Autobot Ship, The Ark)

"Optimus to the Ark: Do you copy?" Optimus brought a servo up to his audio receptor. He was near the rear of their ship; the main fuel line had been damaged, so he was forced to make repairs. He was currently holding onto a busted piece of metal as he floated in space.

"Ya OP, I read you." Jazz said as he answered the comm-link.

"The breach has been sealed, how are the energon levels?"

Jazz tapped away at the monitor, "Slowly rising. We're gonna need to power down our systems; otherwise, we're gonna be sitting ducks. Don't want the cons catching us with our plates down."

"Understood. Optimus returning to the bridge." The Ark was the largest ship the Autobots had constructed. It was able to travel lightspeed and contained all necessities for the crew. Besides the control room, most of the bots spent time in the Rec room. However, Ratchet stayed in his lab, and Ironhide was usually in the engine room, making bigger cannons. The weapons bay was undergoing long term repairs. Optimus got to the main door and brought a servo up. Pressing a small pad, the metal door opened up.

Jazz was leaning against the wall with a smirk, "Those cons sure did a number on this ship… but I think we did worse."

Optimus gave his version of a sigh, his optics turned off for a few seconds, "We must find the Allspark before the Decepticons."

"Prime, we've been searching for eons, are you sure it still exists?"

"I'm certain. If we are to~" Before Optimus could finish, they heard shouting from the comm-link, it was Ratchet.

"You fragging glitches!" The medic could be heard from across the ship. Running into the rec-room, Optimus understood why Ratchet was yelling. All of his tools had been welded to his body.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were leaning against a table with evil grins on their faceplates. "What's up, Doc Hatchet," Sunstreaker commented.

Sideswipe was struggling to contain his laughter, "We should have changed his paint job to pink." The mech soon found himself struggling as Ratchet grabbed his neck guard.

"Of all ships to be trapped on, I had to be with you fragging bots."

Optimus stood between them and growled, "Ratchet, stand down."

"Have you seen what they've done to my armor!?"

"I will handle this Ratchet. For now, you should work on removing your tools." Optimus turned to the twins and frowned. They knew that look. "In light of their actions… they will be having training with Ironhide." The twins stopped smiling and gasped. Training with Ironhide was worse than being locked in the brig with Prowl.

The comm-link once again turned on, "Forget it, Prime!" Ironhide yelled, "I'm not babysitting those sparklings. Just throw them in the brig and let Prowl handle them."

Optimus touched his audio receptor, "Prowl is getting his allotted cycle away from the twins. This is an order Ironhide."

Ironhide scoffed, "Never seen you look after them, Prime." When Optimus's growl echoed through the comm-link, he closed his mouth. Truth be told, Optimus knew he couldn't handle an evening alone with the twins. While they were fierce warriors in combat, they still acted like sparklings. Back on Cybertron, they were talented gladiators who fought in the pits. But despite that, their antics had worn Prowl's processor.

Prowl was the team's recon and analysis expert, but he also managed the brig. On many occasions, they'd had to lock up the twins for their antics. But the mech can only spend so many solar cycles around the twins before he crashes.

After sending the twins into Ironhide's domain, Optimus sat down. The only other mechs in the room were Jazz and Bumblebee. The young scout was sitting on the other side of the room, having some energon. Since his mouth plate was damaged, he had to inject it directly to his spark chamber, which wasn't uncommon. Though being able to taste energon on one's glossa was a divine treat during war.

Optimus sat there in silence as he stared into nothingness. Frankly, he didn't know what to do. The Autobot cause was scattered across the universe, Cybertron was deserted, and the Allspark was somewhere. Only once in his entire time as a Prime had he broken down from the stress, but since then he's learned to keep it in check. He refused to look weak in front of his fellow Autobots. Standing up, he turned to Jazz, "I am going to go into recharge. Once the twins have finished training with Ironhide, make sure they stay in their quarters." He didn't want to awaken to them doing another prank.

"You got in boss-bot. Hey Bee, you ready to give those new cannons a try?" The scout spoke in their native language, which was a series of jumbled noises to humans.

Walking down the hallway to his private quarters, Optimus spotted Prowl with a holopad in his hand. You would rarely see him without one. "Prowl." Optimus nodded his head.

The mech nodded back, "Optimus." He turned the holopad off, "We've lost half of our energon reserves, and we're producing it at a minimal rate that won't satisfy our ship and mech requirements." If there was one thing about Prowl, besides his delicate door wings, he was technical.

"How long do we have before the reserves are depleted?"

Prowl's optics dimmed as he calculated, "In approximately: 47 cycles and 32 klicks (47 days and 32 minutes)." Behind his visor, Prowl's optics flickered.

"I see. Then we must begin scouting for more sources of energon and disable non-essential parts of the Ark."

"Optimus… if we activate the ship's warp drive, we will burn through the remainder of our energon." Traveling through space at lightspeed came with high costs for fuel. It's why space bridges were mainly used for interstellar travel to this degree.

Optimus nodded his helm, "Understood." Heading to his quarters, he laid on his berth and dimmed his optics. In seconds, he went into recharge. Similar to humans, cybertronians did have dreams, but they weren't as inspiring as humans. They were mostly random recordings from their past, projected from their processor. The act of 'dreaming' was very rare on Cybertron.

(Inside Optimus's Mind)

Optimus allowed his processor to run freely, but the images of his past faded away. In his mind, he stood inside of what looked like a… room? It was something he had never seen before. There were many strange objects around him. He walked over to what he assumed was a desk and looked at the objects littered across it. There were pages scattered on the table with symbols he'd never seen before. This was very strange.

There was a noise from behind that immediately caused him to activate his cannon. Spinning around, he armed the weapon but froze when he noticed the human femme. His understanding of humans was minimal, only that the Fallen attempted to harvest their planet eons ago. But the Fallen, along with the other six Primes, disappeared without a trace. There was a long but forgotten rumor that humans had done something to punish the Fallen and the other Primes for coming to their world and attempting to harvest their sun. Legend says they were punished in ways that no cybertronian would be able to comprehend. But those were just legends… the seven Primes had power beyond comprehension. Humans couldn't have done something, they lacked any means of technology.

Back to Optimus's current predicament, he watches the human walk towards him. But she passed through him and looked at the papers on the desk. The femme had black hair and had a slender form. The human was looking through a box and pulled out a pair of old glasses.

She hummed and looked at the lens, "These aren't ancient runes. What could they be?" From his position, Optimus recognized the markings on the glasses… Those were coordinates. Before he could study the glasses further, she turned and placed them back in the box.

Optimus jolted away. His optics were wide, and his body was shaking. "The Allspark." This had to be a sign for Primus. He'd never seen that femme before, and there were no doubts that those glasses led to the Allspark. Something inside his spark screamed to find this femme. Jumping off his berth, he quickly traveled to the control room where Jazz and Prowl were talking.

"That was a quick recharge." Jazz commented. The mech knew something was up by the look in Optimus's optic.

Optimus stood in front of Prowl, "Prowl, set our coordinates for the human homeworld."

Prowl frowned, "Optimus, our energons reserves will be depleted. What reason do we have to travel half-way across the galaxy?" Prowl didn't know much about Earth or humans. Only they were organic beings.

"I've been given a vision by Primus… I am certain this will lead us to the Allspark." Prowl and Jazz froze. Optimus was never one to joke about something like this.

"Are you certain?"

He nodded, "I was with a human femme, and she held what looked like coordinates to the Allspark. I wasn't able to finish scanning, but I am certain this is a sign from Primus."

Prowl sighed, "I will prepare for our arrival. We should arrive in a solar cycle." With that, Optimus and Jazz handled the controls while Prowl went to that warp core. When Optimus eventually explained to the Autobots why they were traveling to Earth, there were mixed reactions. Most were negative.

Sunstreaker sneered, "Earth? Ugh, organics are disgusting. Just bags for meat and fluid." He didn't like humans.

Sideswipe slapped his brother on the back, "C'mon Sunny. A new planet, how often do we get to see another intelligent race?"

His brother scoffed, "Intelligent? Pfff… nice joke."

Ratchet and Ironhide looked uncertain, "Optimus, this seems very rash. We have no proof of such a discovery. Even if you were shown a vision by Primus, why now?" Ratchet asked.

Optimus nodded his helm, "I understand this is a rash decision. But I am certain of what I saw. We must find this human femme, she is our only hope in finding the Allspark."

Sideswipe smirked, "Hear that, Sunny!? We get to meet a femme."

Sunstreaker groaned, "Ya, a human femme. Sweaty, slimy, and greasy. My finish is gonna be ruined on that stupid rock."

Prowl stood next to Optimus, "Optimus, do you know the femme we are meeting? Or how to find her?"

"Her image is saved in my processor. We should be able to find her once we arrive." All they had to do was scan it though the humans, world wide web. Finding her should be, as humans say, a piece of cake.

(1 Week Later)

Optimus frowned as he stared at the monitor in front of him. They had been in Earth's orbit for a week and had run into a serious problem. When Optimus ran a scan of his processor and scanned the human femme's face, he believed they would find her immediately. But they kept turning up negative results. As far as the humans knew, this femme did not exist. Just having a name would be helpful. Around the ship, his fellow Autobots were getting worried. They hadn't found the femme and now their energon was depleted.

Prowl walking in and noticed Optimus still scanning the picture of the human femme. "Have you been able to locate the femme, sir?" Optimus didn't respond and typed away at the monitor. He'd been working tirelessly to locate the femme. She was their only hope in finding the Allspark. He wouldn't stop his search. Prowl walked over and stood next to the Prime, "Perhaps the human isn't on human records." If her face wasn't stored on this worldwide web, then the only hope of finding her would be to find her somewhere on this blue rock.

(Samantha's House)

It has been a week since her father promised to buy her a car and so far Samantha wasn't surprised by her father delaying it. Ever the cheapskate, he likes to hold onto his money for as long as possible. 'Note to self… never tell Dad how much I make.' Samantha was currently sitting in the kitchen, a small pewter cauldron was sitting on the counter with a few ingredients set aside.

"Sammy? Sweetheart?" Judy called.

Without looking up, she called out, "I'm in the kitchen."

Judy walked in and noticed the cauldron levitating over a blue flame, but there was no actual burner underneath. Just a flame appearing out of thin air. "Oooh! Is my girl brewing a new potion?"

"It's just a shrinking potion." Grabbing the rat spleen solution, she shook it and poured it into the cauldron. A white mist and sparks jumped out of the cauldron. "Did you need something?"

"Yes, Say cheese." Judy grabbed her daughter by the shoulder and pulled out her phone, snapping a picture.

Samantha blinked from the unexpected flash, "What was that for?"

"Today is mother-daughter day, and I wanted to post something on Facebook."

Samantha gave her mother a deranged look, "Mother-daughter day? Mom, that isn't a real thing."

"Of course it is," Judy said with a smile.

"Wait… you're not getting this from the internet, are you?"

"Well, where else would I get it from dear?"

Samantha rolled her eyes, her mother was crazy at times, "Mom, you thought cupcake-day was a real holiday."

"It is. People celebrate it."

Samantha bit her tongue and refused to argue over something so ridiculous, "You're lucky I love you; otherwise, I would have died from embarrassment a long time ago." As much as Samantha loved her mother, she was the stereotypical mother that kids didn't want. The type of mother that unknowingly embarrasses you and your entire family. Despite that flaw, she still cared for her.

"All these other mothers are gonna be so jealous when they see how beautiful my little Sammy is." Judy posted the picture onto her Facebook page. A small yellow box outlined their faces.

(Back on the Ark)

Sunstreaker frowned as he laid on his berth. He was tossing a grenade up into the air and catching it. "Again, why are we coming to this fragging rock?"

Sideswipe, who was on the other side of the room, smiled, "Cause we're looking for the Allspark."

"You really think a mushy human can help? All I know is I'm not going down to that fragging planet." There was acid rain, dust, and worst of all, sand. He'd just buffed his finish, and he wasn't going to allow it to be ruined. Fixing a dent from a Decepticon blast was easier than getting human oils and pollutants off.

"C'mon humans aren't that bad." Sideswipe pulled up a holopad, "Did you know they have these things called instruments that create sound?"

"Like the sound that's comin' out of your fragging processor?" Sunstreaker commented.

"They have artists. Apparently, they use something called a canvas and throw paint on it. Here take a look." Sideswipe forced the holopad into his brother's face.

Sunstreaker took the holopad and looked at a few paintings. The mech sneered when he saw portraits of the humans, they looked just as greasy as he imagined. However, he found his optics zeroing in on certain paintings, mostly of nature. What surprised him was the amount of detail put into some of the paintings. Some looked so real he almost thought he was looking at a picture… not a painting. Rolling his optics, Sunstreaker threw the pad off to the side, "Looks fragging stupid."

"What!?" Sideswipe was confused, "What do you have against the humans? I thought those paintings were awesome. Reminds me of the stuff you used to draw back on Cybertron, but you know… without all that nature stuff." Cybertron didn't have paintings or canvases, but they did have holopads for sketching.

"Don't compare my work to that human junk!" Sunstreaker had a heated look on his faceplate. "I don't like humans because they're gross, oily, blood bags. If you step on them, your finish gets ruined and… ugh… those oily skins they have."

Sideswipe shrugged, 'Your loss then.'

Without missing a beat, Sunstreaker responded, "We share a spark you scrapheap. I can hear you. And I'm happy with not coming into contact with those fleshbags." The sooner they leave, the better. Sideswipe huffed and left their room. While he loved his brother, Sideswipe found the mech to be such a downer. Back on Cybertron, finding a mate was impossible because of his brother's sociopathic personality.

It wasn't uncommon for a mech or femme to have multiple spark mates on Cybertron, but he and his brother weren't able to find a nice femme to merge with. Sunstreaker had a… reputation on Cybertron. He believed himself to be the best frontliner for the Autobots. He radiated, inferiority complex.

Maybe he can talk to Jazz or Bumblebee, those were the only two who seemed excited to see Earth. Jazz had turned into the happiness mech in the universe when he learned how much music this species had. Not all of it was good, but there were still plenty of high-grade songs. As for Bumblebee, the scout had almost a child-like curiosity about humans. Ratchet and Ironhide didn't seem to care… no surprise. The only mechs he couldn't figure out were Prowl and Optimus. Prowl was all technical and didn't express his emotions, while Optimus was… Optimus. He spoke of freedom for all sentient life but hasn't commented on his opinion of the humans. No matter what his brother says, humans were interesting.

Heading into the Rec Room, Sideswipe immediately noticed Jazz sitting at a table. Music was blasting through his comm, and he was rocking his head back and forth. "Man, why haven't I been to Earth before?" Jazz stated as he turned the volume up. Sadly his fun was interrupted when Optimus's voice sounded.

"Optimus to Autobots. We have located the femme. Report to the bridge." When they arrived, Optimus turned from the monitor. "The human femme we are looking for is located in what the humans call… Nevada." Everyone was listening attentively, besides Sunstreaker. "Our mission is clear. Locate the human and retrieve the glasses."

Ironhide nodded his head, "What do you need from us, Prime?"

"For now… recon. We must know for without a doubt she has the glasses." Optimus looked at each of the mechs, "Given the severity of our situation, we will all be traveling to Earth. We must maintain surveillance. Should the Decepticons know she possesses the Allspark's location, we must be there to watch over her."

A voice immediately protested, "Frag that!" Sunstreaker had a snarled expression, "I'm not going down to the planet full of blood bags."

"Sunstreaker, I am aware of your disdain of humans, but this is an order."

"And what about the Ark? Who is gonna stay here and look over it?" According to Prowl, landing the Ark wasn't an option. With such low levels of energon, they'd never be able to escape from the atmosphere, so it must be kept in orbit.

Prowl turned, "The ship's cloaking device will require little energon while we are away. We simply disable all essential systems."

"And how long do you think that will last? 12 solar cycles?"

Optimus's voice had a fiercer tone, "Sunstreaker, you will be accompanying us."

The mech growled before looking away with a glare, "Fine." Not wasting any more time, the Autobots prepared for their voyage to Earth.


Soundwave growled as he drove through the streets. His master Megatron was somewhere on this planet. The worst part was he was forced to work with some disgusting human called Dylan Gould. His family was influential in stopping the humans from traveling to the moon, but that was a story for another time.

The Gould family mistake his presence for watching them. He was not some mindless robot guarding them; in fact, he'd love to torture each and every one of them. They reminded him of the high ranking cybertronians before the great war that looked down on mechs like him. They flaunt their wealth and believe they're invincible. While the Autobots thought they fought for freedom, they refused to accept their role in the war. Most Decepticons were worker class bots, the underlings of Cybertron. And so the Decepticon cause has been slandered throughout the universe. They weren't monsters… they did have morals.

Like all cybertronians, one such moral was to not to harm sparklings. When Cybertron became uninhabitable for new sparklings, the Autobots blamed them. The very idea of hurting a sparkling had never crossed Soundwave's processor.

Starscream's voice echoed through the comm-link, "Soundwave, have you discovered any new traces on our master's whereabouts?"

"Negative: Megatron's location unknown. Further reconnaissance required." Soundwave spoke in an irregular pattern. It also sounded like his voice went through an equalizer. While Soundwave could talk normally, he preferred not to. Keeping his sentences short and concise is what made him a skilled communications officer. Not bothering to hear Starscream rant, Soundwave switched off his comm-link. To a certain degree, he despised Starscream. He was angry lord Megatron had appointed that mech as his second-in-command. He had been at Megatron's side long before they met. Starscream didn't care about the Decepticon cause, only power.

Currently disguised as a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, he drove three miles outside of Tranquility, Nevada. It may seem belittling on his end… but he found a particular lake to be quite relaxing. Minus the humans that came to visit, it was pleasing to sit and stare at the surroundings. While Earth wasn't his favorite planet, he couldn't deny there was an elegance to it. Driving down the winding road, he growled softly at the sight of humans populating the lake. It was clearly a party.


Samantha looked at her watch and sighed," I need that valerian." The only place in all of Tranquility, Nevada, to find such a herb was near the small lake outside of town. There was only one problem. Samantha gave a silent prayer, 'Please, Merlin, don't let Trent be there.' She could handle his girlfriend, Mikaela, they didn't talk. But Trent acted like a jerk. Even after all these years, he had never grown up. The lake was his gang's usual hang out. "Mom, Dad. I'm heading out for the evening."

Ron yelled from the living room, "Alright. Just make sure not to come home drunk with a guy. I won't be afraid to kick him out."

Her mother's voice popped in, "Please use protection!"

"MOM!" Samantha yelled out. She quickly went out the door and started walking. Her cheeks were pink, 'At least it's a nice day for a walk.' Should could have apparated, but sometimes it was comforting to take everything in. She also didn't want to apparate to the lake and land right in front of someone. And broomstick riding was out of the question, MACUSA's new law forbids flying during the day. The only ones allowed to ride are Aurors and wizards with special privileges.

Samantha closed her eyes for a brief moment and reminisced about her past. Mainly the day she found out about being a witch. She was six years old and in her parent's living room. Her father had a bunch of moving boxes left over and allowed her to build a fort. It was just so unfortunate that while she was inside the fort with her father, she ended up sneezing… causing the inside of the fort to expand far beyond what was possible. The two of them became lost almost immediately in the ever-expanding fort, and their only outside help was Judy, who was struggling to contact MACUSA. After hours of searching, they finally found the exit, and the fort was dismantled by the accidental magic reversal squad. Apparently, she cast an extension charm, and it was quite an achievement from what she remembered. That is why one of the first spells she mastered was the spell, capacious extremis.

Samantha giggled as she remembered her father's reaction, 'Dad looked like he was so done.' Despite her parents being control freaks, they never prevented her from doing magic inside of the house. Sometimes asking her cast spells for a few selfish reasons, but she could understand. She used magic for the most mundane things, even tying her shoes. It was just so much fun being able to cast spells. Growing up, she used to run around the house, stating she was going to be just as powerful as Merlin. She missed those days.

(1 Hour Later)

Arriving at the lake, Samantha noticed all the people hanging around. The sun was still shining high in the sky. Scanning the crowd of college students, Samantha groaned, 'Great… Trent is here.' He was parked near the edge of the lake. 'Just get the plant and leave.' Walking along the swerve road, something immediately caught her eye. About 30 feet from Trent and his gang was a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The car stuck out, and it put Trent's truck to shame. A few people had actually gathered around the car and took pictures.

Samantha silently looked over the lake for the herb she needed, she soon noticed it was sticking out of the ground next to the Mercedes… And Trent was next to the car. He was posing for a picture with a football in his hand. 'Let's just get this over with.' Normally, she'd wait until they left, but that could take hours. Heading the long way around, she saw the plant she needed, 'Just get it and go.'

"Hey! If it isn't, miss Witwacky." Trent called out.

Samantha internally sighed and turned around with a fake smile, "Trent, always a pleasure."

"What brings you here? Looking to spy on me?" He had a smirk.

Samantha frowned, "No, I~"

He interrupted her before she could finish, "Well, good. You have a nice rack but… man, when you start talking, it's such a turn-off."

"Excuse me?"

One of Trent's buddies laughed, "Looks like you made the kid mad, Trent."

Samantha just rolled her eyes, "It's pretty rude to be leaning against someone else's car."

Trent sat on the hood of the car and smirked, "It's my car, I can do what I want with it."

"You can afford a Mercedes?" She knew he was lying. The car was nicer than anything his family could afford.

"Got a problem with it? So where is your car? Or are you still walking everywhere."

Folding her arms, she huffed, "So what if I am? I have my own means of traveling, thank you." Samantha sighed when Trent and his friends started laughing.

"Hahaha~You're kidding, right? You don't even have your driver's license yet, do you? Fuck, that's sad." Trent sat down on the hood of the car, and unexpectedly, he flew over the roof of the vehicle, landing behind. Samantha winced, she may not like Trent, but that looked painful. Was the hood spring-loaded?

Trent got up and saw Samantha smirking, "What the fuck are you laughing at?" Marching over, he grabbed her by the front of her shirt. As Trent threatened her, his buddies stopped laughing when they watched a man step out of the Mercedes. The windows were tinted black, so they couldn't see inside. The man had a hood over his head. He also wore a strange yellow visor, and his mouth was covered.

"Uh… Trent?" His friend yelled out.

"Not now I'm ~" Trent turned around and found a fist colliding with his face. He immediately fell unconscious, and blood started to leak from his broken nose. Back near the Mercedes, the engine gave a loud rev, frightening everyone around it.


Soundwave shook in agitation as humans gathered around him. Some were taking pictures, and at one point, a human girl laid across the hood while her friend snapped a few photos. In the back seats, his mini-cassette Frenzy and Rumble sat in their seats. During the great war, he had found the two cassettes scrapping for energon in a warzone. Not wanting to see the young cybertronians to get hurt, he became a father figure for them. The cassettes were tiny compared to most cybertronians, and they only went up knee high for most humans. To humans, they were often mistaken for robot toys.

Rumble pulled on Soundwave's door handle, "Play?" Soundwave promised them they could go out and play if they behaved. The door didn't open.

Soundwave's voice sounded from the interior, "Rumble and Frenzy: Stay / Unsafe for cassettes / Must be concealed."

The two cassettes started to whine. Soundwave promised they could go out and play if they behaved! The larger mech growled in irritation, not at Rumble or Frenzy, but the humans who decided to come to the lake. He promised his cassettes they could go out play around the lake. Usually, nobody was here during the week. He may be a ruthless Decepticon, but he wasn't sparkless. 'Humans: Ruin day / Soundwave: Irritated.'

For the next few minutes, Soundwave didn't move and let the humans touch him, much to his irritation. There was one human in particular with dirty blond hair. He kept boasting about owning the car. Soundwave was on the verge of transforming but stopped. His gears locked up, and his processor froze. Opening his intake valves, a sweet and exotic fragrance burned itself into his processor. Taking another whiff, he shivered. A growl erupted from his vocal unit, 'Humans: Block smell' Now, he really wanted to smash the humans. Their horrid cologne and perfume were blocking the sweet scene that had his spike aching. Using his mirrors, he tried to find where the scent was coming from… he needed to find it.

Soundwave's processor was on the fritz as he attempted to find the smell. His intake valves were funneling the air around his alt-mode. The scent was getting more robust, and his spark was pulsing. Rumble and Frenzy looked at each other, Soundwave was shaking, and they didn't know why. Rumble was still trying to open the door like a little kid.

Before Soundwave lost all cognitive function, the human male sitting on his hood spoke up, "Hey! If it isn't, miss Witwacky." He was speaking to a femme off to the left.

"Trent, always a pleasure." Even Soundwave could tell there was sarcasm in her voice. He took another whiff of the air, the divine scent was right next to him, but where!? He needed it. Never before had his processor been so set on getting something. His spike aching in pain.

"What brings you here? Looking to spy on me?" Trent asked.

The human femme frowned, "No, I~"

"Well, good. You have a nice rack but… man, when you start talking, it's such a turn-off." Soundwave growled at the poor manners this human had. Even a decent Decepticon would know not to address a femme in such a cruel way. Once, Megatron ripped another Deception's helm off for insulting a femme. A femme is to be respected and cherished, and from what Soundwave remembers about human biology, they were life-givers. The ability to create their own sparkling was an honor. Unlike humans, all cybertronians came from the Well of Allsparks, and very few have ever been born from sparks being bonded.

Soundwave listened to the two converse and finally lost his patience. When the human male sat on his hood, he opened it with enough force, it sent him over the hood. Frenzy and Rumble stood on the leather seat and looked out the rear window to see what was going on. 'Human: Irritating.'

Pride filled the mech's spark when he saw the femme smiling. Soundwave took a final whiff of the air and shook… the smell was coming from her, the human femme. He needed whatever that smell was, it drove his circuits wild.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" Trent had marched over and grabbed the femme by her shirt. A primal surge coursed through Soundwave as he activated his holoform. It was more complex than a hologram. With holoforms, they could see through them, interact with objects, and consume human food. It was a way of converting food into energon, but Soundwave had yet to eat any human food.

Stepping out of his alt-form, Soundwave glared at the humans leaning on him. They immediately backed up. Heading towards the human male, the scent the femme was giving off had his mouth-watering. However, this male's foul cologne was tainting it. When Trent turned around, Soundwave didn't waste a klick, and his fist came into contact with his face. Thankfully Soundwave was in a divine mood from the femme's fragrance. Had he punched Trent with all his might, it would have snapped his neck, killing him.

"Uh~" The femme looked nervous. This guy knocked Trent out in a single punch. For some reason, not being able to see his face put her on edge. He stood at around 5'11," and she barely reached his neck.

Soundwave turned around and noticed Trent's friends rushing towards him. "You're dead, buddy!" He lifted his arm back and tried to punch the man, but Soundwave caught his fist in his hand. With the twist of his wrist, he broke the guy's hand, likely dislocating it. The second guy attempted to punch him in the face, but he easily avoided it. Losing his footing, Soundwave took that moment to elbow the man in the face.

Samantha stood back and watched this stranger beat up Trent and his friends. In a matter of seconds, they were lying on the ground, some groaning and the rest unconscious. They never even landed a finger on the man.

Soundwave looked at his handy work, then turned to the femme. She backed up a little. Standing in front of her, the scent she radiated made his optics rollback. A soft growl erupted from his chest. Meanwhile, his actual body started emitting its own scent. But since she wasn't a cybertronian she couldn't smell it. He wanted to see her react to his own scent.

Samantha looked between Trent and the man, "T~thank you. I'm sorry you had to step in there." She had seen him step out of the Mercedes, likey the owner. "I~ I'll get out of your hair now. Thanks again for your help." Quickly, she walked away. A growl erupted from Soundwave's throat, she couldn't leave yet. The farther she got, the less he was able to make out her scent. Soundwave watched as she walked along the road leading out of the lake, and an idea manifested in his processor. Heading back to his alt-form, he got back in. In the back seat, Rumble and Frenzy had been leaning against the window, they'd watched the whole ordeal.

Soundwave looked at the cassette, "Rumble and Frenzy: Sit / Soundwave help femme." The cassettes sat down and felt the car shift into gear.

(Five Minutes later)

Samantha walked along the side of the road, 'What just happened?' Trent and three of his friends were just beaten to a pulp. She wasn't sure what to make of the man who helped her out of that bind, but she didn't want to stay. He was a big guy, he might have just been looking for a fight. If he was able to knock Trent out in a single punch, she didn't want to get on his wrong side. 'I guess I'll get the plant later.' Before she could slip her wand out to apparate, a car pulled up to the right of her.

It was the mercedes. Samantha stopped walking and watched the window roll down. The guy who helped her out slowly turned to look at her. 'What's with the mask and visor?' It didn't look bad, it was just strange.

The man slowly spoke, "Ride?" his voice sounded odd, like it went through a voice changer.

"I'm sorry?" Samantha looked confused.

"Ride?" He asked again.

Samantha got what he was saying, "Oh~no, thank you. I really appreciate what you did back there, but I don't want to be a nuisance."

The man didn't budge, "Not a nuisance: Ride?"

Samantha tilted her head, 'Why is he speaking like that? Maybe he's speech impaired.' She glanced at him, "You want to give me a ride home?" He nodded. Biting her lip, she thought it over, 'Well… he did help me out. And I don't want to seem rude.' Walking around, she was about to open the door, but it opened before she grabbed the handle. Strange, she didn't see the guy grab the handle. Maybe the door was automatic. Sliding down onto the seat, Samantha smiled, "Your car is very nice. Thank you for offering me a ride. Ugh," She slapped her face, "Where are my manners. I'm Samantha." The seat was warm to the touch and felt like it was vibrating. It was actually soothing.

The hooded man turned his head slightly, "Witwacky?" that is what the human male called her, correct?

"It's actually Witwicky." Samantha looked up and tilted her head, 'Why are two toys in the back seat?' Looking back, the toys were quite large and extremely detailed. She looked at the man, "Your robots are cute. I've never seen toys look so detailed." He didn't say anything but nodded. Frenzy bounced in his seat. This femme thought he was cute. Rumble elbowed his brother, signally for him to stop moving. "So… what's your name?"

The man was focusing on the road and slowly responded, "Soundwave."

Samantha nodded with uncertainty, 'Maybe it's his nickname.' From the corner of her eyes, she noticed him turn on the air re-circulation button.

(20 Minutes Later)

Samantha saw her house come into view, "Well, this is my stop. Thanks again for the ride." Grabbing the handle, she pulled, but the door refused to open. "I think your door is stuck." Soundwave looked at her, and the door strangely opened. As she got out, she couldn't help but miss the warm feeling the seat offered.

Soundwave watches the femme get out of his alt-form and walk to her house. The inside of his alt-form was now fermented with her scent. She was so preoccupied with getting home she never noticed the bulge in the man's pants. Groaning, Soundwave leaned back. His entire frame was shaking. Rumble and Frenzy didn't understand what was happening to Soundwave, but they liked wherever they were smelling. That human femme was incredibly kind. She kept mentioning how adorable they looked.

'Soundwave… like femme.' Tilting his mirror, he took down the human's address before driving off.

High in the sky, what looked like eight meteorites fell towards Tranquility Nevada.

(Author Notes)

I hope all of you enjoyed that first chapter. I'm not sure how far I'll take this story, mainly since I'm working on another right now. But I've always wanted to write a story in the transformers universe. For some of you who have read my other story, you'll notice right away that there are a lot of similarities with the main characters. Frankly, I feel that having stories where the main character uses magic is under-appreciated. And not that I don't think they cybertronian race is powerful, but I feel like magic is that type of element that is far greater than any technology. XD Sorry, I'm a magic enthusiast. I'll also be letting you know right of the bat that this story is a reverse!harem. There will be smutty, and fluff moments between characters.