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(Chapter 9)

(Friday Afternoon)

Mikaela took a bite of her tiny cheesecake, "This week… ugh… How is it going for you?" She and Samantha were having lunch outside a local bakery. Since they were both dragged into this issue with the Autobots, they wanted to have a bit of 'girl' time.

Samantha shrugged, "Where do I even start?" Both of them were exhausted from the Autobots. They asked a lot of questions, and the two women were becoming exhausted.

"I know they said they could download stuff, but ugh!" Mikaela rolled her eyes, "Ratchet is getting on my nerves."

"Really?" Samantha took a bite of her cake, "Why?"

"I fix cars… not machines. He keeps asking me to fix stuff because I'm smaller than he is." Mikaela sighed, "Whatever. Let's not talk about your boyfriends right now." She smirked as Samantha choke on her piece of cake.

"T~they are not my boyfriends." Samantha's cheeks turned red.

Mikaela laughed, "You have it so bad for them." She could see it clear as day that Samantha had a crush on the Autobots. Samantha just huffed, "Okay~okay, calm down. I actually wanna know more about you."

Samantha shifted in her seat, "What is there to know? I have two parents. My Mom is a muggle, and my Dad is a squib. The end."

"Really? That's it? C'mon, tell me about your family." She'd wanted to learn more about Samantha's ancestry. Who wouldn't be interested in learning about a family of wizards?

"I have a lot of aunts and uncles, I guess. I don't really talk to them, and most of them live in Poland. And the rest are in England." Samantha twirled her spoon. A cup of hot tea was next to her cake.

Mikaela leaned back, crossing her legs, "Alright, what's up? Every time I ask about your family, you get all Debbie Downer on me."

"My family is just a difficult conversation. I mean, I love them. They're my family. But they can be a bit too much at times." Despite how strained her relationship was with her aunts and uncles, they all still cared for each other.

"You said you don't like your Uncle Charlie. Is there a reason why?" Mikaela was overly curious about Samantha's family history.

"Uncle Charlie is just… difficult." Samantha felt a vein pulse from her head, "He doesn't like how I'm a half-blood, but at the same time, he still cares about me." Mikaela looked perplexed, "The Witwicky family is a long, long, long bloodline of pure-blood wizards. From famous explorers to potioneers, even curse-breakers. Having a half-blood in the family is like a blemish on their reputation. At least that is what a few of them think."

"So you're like the black sheep of the family?" Mikaela was surprised by Samantha's response.

"No." She shook her head, "I may be a half-blood and my father a squib… but we're still Witwickys. My mother included. My Aunts and Uncles may not like our blood status, but we're still family. And for the Witwickys, that has always been very important to us."

Mikaela nodded slowly, "So it's tough love?"

"Very tough love." Samantha leaned back, "I know it sounds weird, but that is just family for us." Samantha thought back to her time as a child. She remembers the only time both her Uncle Charlie and Aunt Claire, who was never fond of her, ended up screaming at some muggle boys. From what she remembers, she was at the beach with her entire family, and some drunk muggles thought it would be fun to scare her. Being only seven years old, her Uncle Charlie was furious that these muggle boys made her cry. 'I think that's the only time he's ever stood up for me.' Uncle Charlie gave her the cold shoulder growing up, but she was still family.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I can't say I know how that feels." Mikaela's family loved her completely. And despite all the crimes her father committed, she still loved him. "Say, why is your family's motto… uh… crap what was it? No victory, no satisfaction?" She knew that wasn't right.

Samantha giggled as Mikaela struggled to remember her family's motto. "Absque sui detrimento non datur victoria. No sacrifice, no victory. Our motto was originally in Latin."

Mikaela chuckled, "I'll never be able to say that. Uh~so ya. Why is it that?"

"It's just something that's passed down through the generations, I guess." She shrugged, "My family believes if you want to be victorious in anything, you must put in some form of sacrifice."

"Wait… sort of sidetracking. Where is your family from?"

Samantha raised a brow, "Uh~Poland, why do you ask?"

Mikaela closed her eyes, "I know I've heard that name before. Ugh! This is going to kill me." She heard it at the college in her world history class. "Wait~wait, I can get this. I remember this one guy in my history class talking about some village in Poland. Crap, what was it?" She was starting to regret not paying attention.

Samantha sighed. A feeling of dread filled her, "The Village of Witwica."

Mikaela opened her eyes, "Damn, I was so close. Ya, that… do you know it?" Samantha went silent. Her face slowly turned white as she looked away.

"Y~Ya, I know it. That's… where my family originates. My parents and I used to go there every year before I went to Hogwarts. Cozy place." The Witwicky's had a family reunion every year. But she hasn't been to one since she was eleven.

Mikaela looked concerned, "Are you okay? You're like, super pale."

"I'm fine." Samantha was trying to brush this all under the rug. The last thing she needed was for Mikaela to see her any different than what she was. Being raised around a wealthy, pure-blood family is not something she wanted to be tied with.

"I don't remember much, but isn't it like a small village in the middle of nowhere in Poland?"

"Yes. It's small," Samantha looked at her hands, 'The village at least.' The Witwicky's were very old and influential in the wizarding world. Their history was dating back to the dark ages. Though hidden through forest and powerful spells, Castle Witwica stood shrouded in gloom. The first Witwicky, Count Hubert Witwicky, had the castle constructed as a symbol of his family's might. He was also the founder of the Order of Witwiccans, an extensive collection of brave witches and wizards who sought to preserve the history of magic. From magical artifacts, books, or even the remains of magical creatures. Archibald greatly admired his ancestry, perhaps too much. Samantha, on the other hand… 'It's just so lonely there. How can Uncle Ben handle it?'

The ownership of the castle has been passed down to the first son of each generation. Her Uncle Ben, Ron's eldest brother, lived there with his wife. Her other aunts and uncles lived in mansions in different parts of the world, most in Poland and others in England. However, they all coveted Castle Witwica. Since its construction, no one outside of the Witwicky family has set foot in the castle. Herbert Witwicky cursed the grounds with ancient magic and his love for family. Anyone outside of the Witwicky bloodline would be unable to enter the castle. The unfortunate side effect of this curse was nobody could be invited in. Only through marrying a Witwicky could they enter.

'Every year, Uncle Ben invites us for a family reunion. Maybe I should go this year.' She was always the first person he invited. If anything, she saw Uncle Ben as a second father. 'I'd love to see Sunstreaker's stupid reaction to my family's ancestry.' While not royalty, the Witwickys have silently been associated with royals and politics. Samantha thought about her entire family. There was only one other person besides her Uncle Ben that she loved with all her heart. She hadn't seen him since she was ten, 'I miss Grandpa Burton.' He was her Great Aunt's husband who married into the family after World War II.


Edmund Burton smiled at the little girl sitting in his lap, "That is my great-great-great-great auntie." He pointed at a painting, "she was barking mad, an absolute bitch." The woman in the painting moved, coving her mouth. She was obviously offended by his words.

Samantha giggled and covered her mouth, "Ghihi~You said a bad word." She and her family were visiting for Christmas.

Edmund chuckled, "Yes, yes. Grandpa swore." He technically wasn't her grandfather and was only related to the family by marriage, but Edmund adored the little girl in his lap. Samantha was only seven, and he finally got to spend the holidays with her. It took some convincing, but Ben and Edmund were eventually able to coax Ron into spending the holidays with them. They were currently celebrating Christmas at Edmund's home in England.

Picking Samantha off his lap, Edmund placed her down and led her through his home, "I trust you have been a good girl this year?" They passed bewitched paintings that were moving—all descendants of the Witwicky bloodline.

Samantha nodded, "Mhm!" She cutely started to jump up and down, "Can I go outside and play?" She pulled his pant leg, "Will you play with me?"

Edmund kneeled, "What would you like to play, sweety?"

"Uh… I don't know." She hadn't thought that far ahead. "Hide and seek?"

"Mhm… Alright." It might hurt his hip to run around trying to find her. But he'd risk it. They walked through the massive hall, passing metal statues, broomsticks, wands of past Witwickys, and other historical artifacts. Edmund noticed a little figure sticking out of Samantha's pocket, "What is this?" He pulled out the small statue.

Samantha gasped, "Uh...S~sorry."

Edmund looked at the statue of Optimus Prime, "I see you've been snooping around." He chuckled at the innocent look on her face, "A great man he is." He turned the statue towards Samantha, "I'm sorry to say this isn't a toy, sweetheart."

The young child cutely tapped her fingers together, "Who is he?"

"Oh!" Edmund looked at the statue. "He is… uh… well…" He looked at the angelic child before him. Edmund slowly smiled, "He's a man, you are going to make very happy one day."

Samantha and Edmund were standing next to the Witwiccan family tree. It was molded into the wall and bewitched with tree branches. Samantha tilted her head, "I am? How?"

Edmund laughed as he kneeled, "You'll understand one day. But you are a very, very, very special girl." His old hand reached out and grabbed another statue from the table next to them, "And this is another man you will make happy."

Samantha had a tiny blush on her face. She grabbed the statue initially because she thought the robot looked… well… she thought he was cute. "W~who is he? He looks scary."

"His name? Hmmm… they call him NBE-1." He gave her a wink, "A little scary, I'll admit. They don't know about us and our little secret." Edmund slid a wand out from his cane. "You are going to make quite a few gentlemen truly happy." As he put his wand away, he looked at the table with a few other statues. Between them was a crystal ball that swirled with smoke. Echos of the future had yet to be written.

Samantha ran her tiny fingers through her black hair, "Grandpa, Am I really special?"

"Oh, yes." He nodded with a bright smile. "I can't even begin to explain your importance. The road ahead is going to be hard, my dear." Edmund's smile soon turned sad, "You're going to face people who will stop and do nothing to make you feel miserable. They'll make you feel unimportant because of who you are." The grip on his cane tightened. The thought of this sweet child going through any trouble angered him, but it was beyond his control. Edmund looked at the table and cautiously grabbed three figurines, "See these three." There were three robot statues he was holding. They looked as though they were female, "You watch out for them."

Samantha was still confused, "Why? Did I do something wrong? I don't wanna be in twuble." Being only seven, there were a few words she struggled to pronounce.

"You've done nothing wrong, sweety." He picked Samantha up and placed her on the table. Edmund grabbed the miniature statue of Optimus, "You see, dear. 'My friend' here is very lonely. But you two are going to be closer than you could ever imagine."

"Are we going to be best friends!?" She jumped at the idea of having a lot of friends.

Edmund's mouth opened and closed a few times, "All I can say is he is very… very possessive of you. And so are they." He motioned his head to all the miniature statues of robots on the table. Not wanting her to see too much, Edmund picked Samantha up and continued to lead her outside. As they walked down the hall, a strange sound came from down the corridor.

"My Lord, I'm afraid dinner will be 15 minutes late. And I've received numerous invitations~" Cogman came to a screeching halt when he noticed Samantha. "Madam Witwicky, always a splendid honor to meet you." Cogman grabbed the plates on his chest and adjusted them as if he wore a suit. To the robot's inner delight, the little girl came rushing over to hug him.

"Come play with us! Pwease!" She always had so much fun playing with Cogman.

"Well~I. Uh… My lord?" Cogman was not sure what to say. Especially to someone of such great importance.

Edmund waved his hand, "Oh, play with the child." He knew Cogman had a soft spot for her. Though he was concerned Cogman's sociopathic personality could wear off onto her.


Edmund sat on a bench watching Cogman give Samantha a piggyback ride. Cogman was attempting to maintain his formality but was having a joyous time keeping the young Witwicky entertained.

Another man sat down next to Edmund. Ron sat back and looked very annoyed, "I don't like this. It's not fair."

Edmund briefly looked at Ron, "Your daughter is very special. You can't hold onto her forever."

Ron turned, "And what? Hand my little girl over to these… these… machines!?" He was well aware of his family's history. Ron huffed and watched Cogman play with Samantha, "It's not fair. She's just a little girl. My… little girl."

Edmund still had the small statue of Optimus in his pocket, "Everyone parts with everything. If you love her, you'll let her be with them." He handed the statue to Ron, "Unless you want to face his wrath. Fairly jealous mech, if you ask me. Haha!"

Ron looked at the statue, "You've never even met him."

"No… but I see the future clear as day." Edmund's eyes flashed blue. "Hmhm~yes… quite a jealous man." Behind the two men, there was a transforming sound.

Hot Rod kneeled and observed the child in the distance, "Mademoiselle Samantha?" He had a french accent which he despised. When he first arrived on Earth, he laughed at one of the Witwickys because of their french accent. As punishment for mocking her voice, she cursed his vocal processor. Hot Rod attempted to apologize, but she refused to lift the spell. And none of the other Witwicky's could lift it. Over the last 15 years, the Witwickys have granted him refuge with their family as some form of compensation for his curse. Hot Rod wasn't the type of mech to grow attachments, but he was very protective of these wizards who gave him a home. A few of them were a bit snobbish, but they have warmed up to him. Hot Rod shook his head as the young Witwicky's scent blew towards him.

Edmund turned back, "Ahaha~you will have your moment with her. But not right now."

Ron looked back and had a furious look on his face, "That's my daughter! Ugh~you disgusting perv."

Hot Rod was shaking his head and hands, "No! No! Forgive me. Scent… very potent." He couldn't help it. He understood she was too young, but her scent was seared into his processor. His spark yearned to protect the young Witwicky. She was small enough to fit inside his spark chamber.

Edmund hit Ron with his cane, "And you'd best show your future son-in-law respect. Now silence both of you, or I will send each of you to your chambers without any food." He looked at Hot Rod, "And I will vanish your T-cog. I will not have the two of you bickering over Samantha. Now buck up and cease your whining."

Ron just frowned, "She's my daughter."


Mikaela laughed as Samantha told her a few stories, "That's so cute. You just love your grandfather, don't you?"

"Shut up!" Samantha's cheeks were on fire, "So I had an imaginary friend named Cogman, get off my back. I was seven!" Granted, she imagined him when she was four. She did find it strange that she only imagined and played with him while visiting for the holidays.

"I moved past imaginary friends at like four. My new friend became my dad's socket wrench."

Samantha sighed as they walked down the street, "I was just a little girl. I know it was my imagination, but it just felt so real. Stop laughing!" She screamed at Mikaela. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. Samantha was ashamed to admit it, but Cogman was the greatest imaginary friend she ever imagined. A bit of a sociopath now that she thinks about it, but still, they had so much fun together.

The young woman next to her continued to laugh, "I'm sorry, this is just too good."

Samantha rolled her eyes as they walked towards Bumblebee, who was parked a few feet away, 'It's been so long since I've thought about Cogman.' She remembered making a drawing of the two of them that read best friends forever, but she must have ended up giving it to one of her parents. Her mind felt like a jumbled mess as she sought to remember her time with Edmund. Her brain felt fuzzy, "This is going to sound stupid, but I swear I have this feeling I saw one of them when I was younger." Samantha pointed at Bumblebee.

Mikaela raised an eyebrow, "I don't know. You seemed pretty shocked when we first met them."

"Well… I've heard that most of the memories we make as kids aren't real." She opened Bumblebee's door, "It just felt so real." Buckling her seatbelt, Samantha snuggled into the seat. 'Bumblebee's seat always feels so nice.'

"Where to, pretty ladies?" Bumblebee's voice came from the radio.

Samantha brushed the seat, "You didn't have to wait for us, you know." She didn't want Bumblebee to feel like some type of third wheel.

Bumblebee chuckled, "And miss the sight? I'm all good."

Mikaela was in the back seat, "What sight? The street?" Tranquility wasn't the gorgeous town in the world. And the bakery they were eating at wasn't special.

Bumblebee activated the silver switch on his dashboard, turning him invisible. "Primus, I love this thing!" The yellow bot laughed as he weaved through traffic. Cars would bump out of his way as he drove close to them.

Samantha smiled at Bumblebee's excitement for the invisibility booster, "Just try not to overuse this booster, Bee. I know turning invisible is probably a lot of fun, but it isn't designed to last for long periods." She leaned back into Bumblebee's seat. The seat was vibrating, and the heat coming off it felt soothing.


Cogman poured some tea into a small cup. Reaching into his side, he pulled out an old phone and connected it to his audio receptor, "Sir, your tea is ready. Would you prefer I bring it to the grand hall or the gardens?" Getting a quick response, Cogman hung up the internal phone. Before leaving the kitchen, the bot stopped and looked at the drawing posted on the wall. Considering he was the only one who used the kitchen, he had a few personal belongings strung up.

Cogman studied the drawing. Clearly drawn by a child, there was a little girl and himself. Above the silver block that was supposed to be him, it read, 'My Best Friend.' It was the last and only present he received from Samantha Witwicky before returning to the United States. While not vocal about his opinion, the robot had greatly wanted to meet the girl again. "I do hope Master Ronald has taught the lady some manners." With the brief time he had around Samantha, he taught her how to sit appropriately, raise her hand, and keep her composure. There were some other subjects on being a lady that he had yearned to cover, but their time together was limited.

Running at an unfathomable speed, Cogman reached the gardens and saw his Master sitting with a book levitating in front of his face. "Tea, sir?" He considered it a great honor to serve Edmund and the entire Witwicky family.

Edmund nodded, "Yes, thank you, Cogman." Setting the tea down, Cogman stood quietly, "Something the matter?"

"Of course not, Sire." He gave a slight bow.

"Really?" Edmund didn't look convinced, "I know when something is that matter." He tapped the side of his head, "You will meet her again in time, Cogman."

"Sir? Are you certain must be with these… savages?" He considered the whole cybertronian civil war pointless. "Do not even get me started on that Sunstreaker fellow."

Edmund sipped his tea, "She is in safe hands, Cogman. They might underestimate us wizards, but believe me, we are a force to be reckoned with." He laughed slightly, "But I am certain that young Prime will keep those other hormonal mechs at bay."

"Master Burton, do you believe they will be at all faithful? That vile pink femme, ugh! The nerve of that femme." Steam escaped Cogman's head.

Edmund chuckled, "A little jealousy does tend to make the heart grow fonder. But since you are overly curious, my loyal friend." He sipped his tea. "I would say Optimus is the most possessive mech I have ever seen. Man or Cybertronian."

"And the rest?"

"The rest?" He continued to laugh, "Jealous mechs the lot of them." He stood up, and Edmund could hear the sound of his bones, "Even our beloved Hot Rod is becoming frisky." He rolled his eyes and leaned back to see the mech parked in the courtyard. "Everything is as right as rain."

Cogman watched Edmund walk a few feet before disappearing. The sociopathic robot went towards Hot Rod and broke his windshield, "Enough lolly gandering."

Hot Rod transformed, "Que diable!?" He looked at his chest plate and the broken glass.

Cogman gussied himself, "Now then. I expect you to be a gentleman while here." Hot Rod's scent was irritating him. "If you must enter your mating cycle… might I suggest doing it elsewhere."

Hot Rod's protoform was burning up, "This is fou!" He reached his vocal processor and growled. He used to have such a deep and powerful voice. Now he was stuck with this horrid french accent. 'How can I ever approach her with this fragging accent?' At least his thoughts were free from the atrocious accent. Master Edmund also made it clear that he was not to seek the young witch out. Going so many years without smelling her exotic fragrance was difficult on his processor.

"Perhaps a parlor game would ease your perverted mind." Cogman lifted his hand, and a series of cards appeared. "Poker, blackjack, or is go-fish more your speed?" He got a jolly laugh at Hot Rod's reaction. The mech looked furious.

"Va te faire foutre!" Hot Rod shouted. He marched off and continued to keep his processor cool. Cybertronian mating cycles, once started, cannot be stopped. He isn't certain why but last week, he entered his mating cycle. Reaching an open field, Hot Rod sat down and took a deep breath. The air-cooled his internals. 'Primus, this isn't fair. I've known about her long before any of them.' Edmund never let him near Samantha when she visited. He still remembered the first time he became ensnared by her scent. 'I… can wait. She'll be in my servos soon enough.' But certain events need to take place. And sadly, his presence would be an interference. Hot Rod trusted Edmund. That human's sight was never wrong.


Samantha was sitting in Ironhide driving… somewhere. "Hey, Ironhide, where are we going?" The Autobot Gunner said he wanted to show her something. But that was almost a half-hour ago.

Ironhide chuckled, "Just relax. We're almost there." He grunted as she snuggled into his seat. 'Frag me, that feels good.'

Samantha bit her lip, 'Ironhide smells so amazing.' She couldn't describe the powerful scent coming from Ironhide, but it made her knees go weak.

Ironhide pulled over. They were next to a forest clearing, far from prying eyes. "Alright, we're here."

Samantha got out of the mech and looked around, "So… why did you take me all the way out here?" It was very calming. Looking back, she watched Ironhide transform. The enormous mech was smirking, and his arm transformed into a cannon.

"You still want to see these puppies in action?" Ironhide laughed when she nodded with star-struck eyes.

"Whoa… seriously?" She was overly curious about how powerful those cannons were. Ironhide had all manner of weapons on him. Cannons, blasters, mines, even a flamethrower.

Ironhide flexed his arm, "Haha~it's 'bout time I got a chance to unwind. Figured I'd show ya what these bad boys can do." Picking Samantha up, he placed her on his shoulder. For the next few minutes, he showed off his unfathomable arsenal of weapons. Seeing her starstruck gaze made it harder for Ironhide to keep his composure. Not even Chromia was this interested in his weapons.

Samantha watched Ironhide shoot towards the forest clearing. The explosion was so powerful she had to hold onto Ironhide's head. "Okay… that was amazing." Growing up, Samantha loved watching gunfights and seeing futuristic weapons in shows like Star Wars and Star Trek. However, Ironhide's weapons put them all to shame.

Ironhide lifted his cannon and blew the smoke away. Samantha was like a child, and every weapon he showed off amazed her. The mech closed his optics and grunted. Seeing this femme have such a fascination with his weaponry was making his spike ache. 'Fragging minx.' He turned his head and smirked, "Care to give it a try?"

She tilted her head, "But I don't have a gun." Ironhide lifted his hand and opened it to reveal a tiny blaster.

"C'mon, let's see how gooda aim you are."

Samantha grabbed the small blaster, "Why do you have a tiny blaster?" She doubted he could even use it.

Ironhide gave a hearty laugh, "I made it for ya. C'mon put that little bad boy to use." It may be small, but he put a lot of time into making it powerful.

A deep blush filled her face, "Y~you made me a gun?" An excited smile took over her face, "I've wanted a gun since I was a little girl!" If she weren't on his shoulder, she'd be jumping up and down. Meanwhile, Ironhide had to look away. Seeing her this excited was making his spike throb. He never expected her to be this excited about guns and explosives.

Samantha aimed the small blaster, "Let's give this a shot." She pulled the trigger. A small light exploded from the muzzle and went to the forest clearing, destroying an entire tree. Samantha grinned, "This is going to be so much fun." For the next few minutes, Ironhide showed her how to hold her gun correctly. Her grip was too tight, and she had a bad habit of keeping her finger on the trigger. Samantha blushed as Ironhide called her out, "Sorry. I'm just so used to holding a wand."

Ironhide was sitting down, Samantha was sitting on his leg, "Takes practice. Yer not the worse femme to hold a weapon. Your aim is pretty impressive." She was able to hit most of the things he told her.

Samantha flipped on the safety that Ironhide put on the blaster, "Well, you can thank all my years in Defence against the dark arts. Casting spells requires us to have a precise aim. Otherwise, the spell could hit someone." She handed the blaster back to Ironhide. He still needed to make a few adjustments to it. Samantha gradually found her gaze dropping towards Ironhide's interface panel. 'R~ratchet was joking when he said they have spikes, right?' She'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious about what it looks like. 'Nononono!' She screamed in her head, 'I shouldn't be thinking like that.' But sitting so close to Ironhide's interface plate was making her more heated by the second.

Ironhide put the blaster away and noticed Samantha was blindly staring into space. He licked his metallic lips, 'Frag me… almost looks like she's starin' at my interface plate.' His optics turned white as he envisioned how it would feel for his spike to be buried deep into her valve. Obviously, he couldn't do it with his actual body… but his holoform. If he ever got it to feel. "Somethin' catch your eye?"

Samantha looked up and saw the heated look and Ironhide's face, 'Is he… oh, that stare.' The way he was looking at her made her heart pound. 'He's so handsome.' Seeing the smirk on his lips caused her legs to lock up. Her panties were slowly becoming damp, 'I know we're different sizes, but I'd give anything to know how those lips would feel against mine.'

Ironhide's optics burned brightly as steam left his mouth, "Somethin' catch your optic, sweet fem?" Were Samantha a cybertronian, he likely would've smashed his lips against hers. This human was everything he wanted in a femme. A love for guns and explosives, a very feminine complexion, and a way to shut Sunstreaker up! But more than that, she was interesting to be around. Unlike Chromia, she wasn't bitching down his cables about using his guns. Chromia always got irritated when he made massive explosions just for fun. She kept saying he was wasting ammunition.

"H~hey, Ironhide, since you have shown me your arsenal of weapons. Would you like to see some magic?" She knew a few powerful spells.

Ironhide nodded, "About fragging time! Show me what you can do." He placed her on the ground but was still sitting.

Samantha took a few steps back, "Alright. I'm a bit rusty, but let's see how this goes." She reached up her sleeve to pull out her wand. However, this was technically the wand Dumbledore gave her. 'I've hardly used this, but it just feels powerful.' She still never understood why he'd leave this to her. Aiming at the ground, she waved her wand upward as a white wall formed around them. Soon enough, Samantha and Ironhide were concealed in a massive white bubble, but it quickly disappeared.

Ironhide looked around, "What the frag was that?"

"Protective enchantments, just in case something goes wrong." She also wanted to show off as much magic as she could. Samantha turned to the forest clearing, "Let's give it a shot." She flicked her wand, "Bombarda Maxima." A magical bolt shot out and fazed through the shield. Neither Ironhide nor Samantha were prepared for the massive explosion that caused the ground to shake. While they were protected from the flying debris, due to the enchantment, the blast wave caused Samantha to fall to the ground. "Shit!" Sitting up, Samantha looked at the wand she was using, 'Holy crap.' Her wand could never make an explosion that powerful.

Ironhide sat back up, his jaw dropped a bit, "Fragging, Primus!" The was a decent-sized crater in the clearing. A powerful excitement filled the mech, "You've been holding out on me!? Frag, where have you been all my cycles!?" He grinned at his femme. "C'mon, show me what else ya got." He didn't know much about magic, but that explosion… he already loved it and this femme.

Samantha was a bit cautious with a few other spells she cast. The wand she used was making her incantations more powerful than she planned. She was afraid of losing control of the charms. Currently, fire was shooting out of her wand and taking the form of a medium-sized dragon. Samantha clenched her teeth as she attempted to maintain control of the conjured beast. "Impressed yet?" Earning Ironhide's recognition made her heart flutter.

Ironhide looked over the fiery creature, "Haha!" He chuckled, "I've been impressed since you made that crater." Everything else just mystified him. He never considered such powers to exist, and it was completely different from the type of combat he knew.

Samantha looked up at Ironhide. She lost concentration, and the dragon she conjured exploded into a ball of fire. Both Ironhide and Samantha went flying back. "Whoa!" She went very high into the air and landed on something solid and warm. "Ugh~sorry. I lost concentration." Samantha shook her head and lifted her head. It was then she realized where she landed. 'S~shit.' She landed right onto Ironhide's face.

Ironhide's hands dug into the ground. Samantha's scent was right in front of his nose. "F~frag." He said aloud as his optics rolled into the back of his helm. His lips parted slightly as he shivered.

'I should get up. But… oh, Merlin, his lips are right there.' Her lips were a few inches away from his. His size difference didn't matter in the slightest. A part of Samantha was dying to know what those metallic lips would feel like against hers, even if it was only a portion. Her hands rested on his chin as she slowly leaned down. Ironhide and Samantha both locked up as her small human lips barely brushed his.

Unfortunately, just before Ironhide could feel this human's lips touch his metallic ones, they were forced back to reality by the sound of sirens. Ironhide snarled and lifted his head slightly to look around. He looked utterly furious, "What is it!?" He was about to take advantage of Samantha's confused state and kiss her. He doubted she'd willingly kiss him.

Samantha sat up and shook her head, 'Wait~what's happening?' It quickly dawned on her what she was about to do, 'I can't kiss him! Have I lost my damn mind!?' Her heart was a fluttering mess. "Ironhide, we should go." His optics turned towards here, and puffs of hot air came from his mouth.

Ironhide's energon was boiling. He was debating if he should still kiss her. 'I was so fragging close!' Cautiously, he grabbed his femme and transformed. Samantha grunted as she landed in his seat. Not wasting time, he drove off before the police and firefighters could arrive. They had created quite a lot of smoke that gave the signal of a forest fire. Ironhide said nothing as he drove Samantha back towards the junkyard. No words could express how enraged he was. 'Her lips were right fragging there! I should've done it!' Their lips barely brushed, and it had his spark burning. Ironhide had kissed his fair few of femme's back on Cybertron but never has he wanted to kiss a femme this badly.

Samantha's heart was still quivering, 'His lips barely touched mine.' She brushed her lips with her fingers, 'It was just a brush, but it felt so good.' She closed her eyes and imagined what it would've felt like to feel his metallic lips pressed flat against hers. The young witch gave a shaken sigh, 'Nonono~it would never work between us. I'm a human. He's a cybertronian. To them, I'm just some primitive fleshling.' Opening her eyes again, she said nothing as they drove back towards the Autobot's temporary base. 'Why of all beings in the universe did I have to fall for a bunch of alien robots?' They were nothing but kind to her, and she felt comfortable around them. 'I've only known them for a few days, but they've known each other before I was even born.' A terrible feeling of exclusion filled her, 'I'm just a human. They'd never see me that way.'

(Back at the Junkyard)

Samantha and Ironhide parted from each other. Ironhide was trembling. He cast a glance at Samantha, who was walking towards Mikaela. He stalked off and closed his optics. His body was heating up to dangerous levels. 'I may have lost Chromia… but Samantha will be mine.' Any lingering feelings for Chromia had been washed away by this human. Ironhide never thought he of all mechs would fall for a human, but the feeling in his spark was wondrous.

Ironhide felt stupid that he fell for a human that he barely knew, but his spark was certain she'd make a perfect mate. Looking around, he studied each of the mechs lazing around the junkyard. 'I don't care which of you frag-heads I have to fight. She's mine.'

Mikaela noticed Samantha acting strange the moment she returned with Ironhide, "You two were gone for a while. Is everything okay? Sam?"

Samantha emotionless stare, "Huh?"

"Are you okay? You don't look so good." Mikaela pressed her hand against her head, "Do you want me to take you home?" She rode her motorcycle here this morning before she left to eat lunch with Samantha.

"I'm just…" She was at a loss for words. Her heart was burning the more she thought about her unimaginable situation. "Can we talk somewhere?" She needed someone to vent to. And Mikaela, while quite the joker, seemed to be a very understanding person.

"Uh~ya. Let me just grab my stuff." Mikaela shuffled to grab her bag. The two of them walked quite a distance away from the Autobots. There was no way the bots could hear them. "What's up?"

"I don't~I just… You're right." That was all Samantha could say.

"I'm right about what?"

Samantha groaned, "Them! I… I like them." Her voice was no louder than a whisper; meanwhile, her cheeks turned pink. "There is just something about them. Whenever I'm around them, my heart… ugh… I feel sick." Mikaela was genuinely concerned as Samantha opened up to her. "I shouldn't have these feelings for all of them, but I do."

Mikaela leaned against a busted car, "Look, Sam, I know I joke with you, but I didn't know you felt that strongly about them." She thought it was strange Samantha harbored this level of emotion for the Autobots. But who was she to judge what Samantha felt? "I don't want to break the news to you, but… you're human. They aren't."

"I know, I know! That's why I feel sick." She pulled her hair and started making bizarre hissing noises. Samantha had no idea she was speaking parseltongue aloud. "Why is it, the first time I feel any emotion for a guy, it has to be for a bunch of alien robots?"

Mikaela slowly reached out to place a comforting hand on Samantha's shoulder, "Sam, I'm sorry, really. I'm not great at comforting people, and I don't have a solution. Hell~I can't imagine what you're feeling." She'd personally never had such romantic feelings for someone. But that didn't mean she wasn't open to it. "We haven't known each other for long, but I think you're like an amazing friend." The fact that she was a witch meant nothing to her. Samantha was just someone she could be herself around, "Just try not to grow too attached to them. I can see you get along really well with them, but once they get this Allspark~or~whatever, they're leaving."

Samantha nodded slowly, "Ya… I know. But why all of them?" She covered her face, "Ugh~I'm such a whore." It was utterly degrading to say she harbored feelings for each of them.

Mikaela scoffed, "You a whore? I don't see it." She put an arm over her shoulder, "I'm not gonna lie, I think it's strange you like all of them. But that was before I saw how great you get along with them." From an outside perspective, Mikaela couldn't deny how strongly Samantha's chemistry worked with each of them. "We're human. We can't change how we feel about people. But you need to remember they aren't here to stay. And even if they were, you're human." She didn't like saying this to Samantha, but she didn't want to see her friend get hurt. "And… well… they could already be spoken for." Mikaela winced at the horrified look on her face.

"I didn't even think about that!" She threw her head back and gave a silent cry. 'Of course, they're probably taken! Stupid! Stupid! Just look at them! Ratchet said there are cybertronian females, and they're probably in a relationship. Ugh, I'm so stupid!' Samantha didn't realize the temperature around her dropped to freezing temperatures. Mikaela was shivering because of how cold it got.

"Sam? Hey, Sam, snap out of it?" She snapped her fingers in front of her face.

Samantha sighed as the temperature continued to drop, 'I was hoping to invite two of them to dinner, maybe. But I guess that's a no.' Mikaela was right. She can't continue to open herself up to them. "I guess I'd better get ready for my date with Miles." Sam looked at Mikaela, who was still shivering, "I'm going to head home. Gussy up, I guess."

Mikaela was barely able to speak, "M~Miles? What the hell are you talking about? Why would you ever date him?!" Weren't they talking about her feelings for the Autobots?

"My mother threatened that if I didn't get two friends to come to dinner, she'd make me go on a 'friendly' date with Miles. I wanted to invite you, and maybe two of them, but forget it. My mother would probably drive you crazy anyway. Wish me luck." She pulled her wand out and waved it above her head. Samantha didn't notice Optimus was walking towards them and disappeared before he could reach them.

Optimus stopped when Samantha disappeared, "Where is Samantha?" He looked at Mikaela, expecting an answer. He didn't like when Samantha teleported without telling him. Not knowing where she was at all times was nerve-wracking. Most of the other bots were approaching after they heard the cracking sound Samantha made when apparating.

Mikaela blew hot air into her hands and looked up. All the bots were looking at her, 'I should've gone with her.' She loathed being in the spotlight. "Samantha went home. She's getting ready for a date." Mikaela watched as each of the bots frowned.

Optimus felt a scowl take over his faceplate, "With another human?" His spark was burning.

Mikaela nodded while she warmed herself. However, she sounded a bit irritated, "Ya, her Mom, set the date up for her. She wants her to make some friends. Why do you care?" She wasn't too happy with them right now. Samantha was clearly in pain, and part of her felt as if few of the Autobots might be leading her on.

Jazz was shaking as he clenched his servos, "Frag naw! Whose this fleshbag!?" Why hadn't Samantha mentioned she had a date? He clenched his denture at the thought of some human boy winning his femme's heart.

"A date!? With some random boy!?" Ratchet shouted as his optic twitched. He grabbed his wrench and clenched it, 'If that boy lays a finger on Samantha, I will wield his optics out!'

Each of the Autobots had their own bottled-up rage. A few feet away, Sunstreaker was trying to act as if he didn't care. But he found himself grinding his denture, 'Why do I care if some flesh bags are dating?' Visions of some human boy touching Samantha were slowly but surely making him uncomfortable. 'H~He probably wouldn't even know how to pleasure a femme like me.'

Mikaela frowned and stared at the Autobots. Their reactions were irritating, "What is with you guys? You act like this is gonna be a date-rape scenario." Then again... Samantha was going on a date with Miles. Anyone who didn't have their head buried into the sand knew he had a drug problem. Does Samantha know?

Sunstreaker had a confused expression, "What in the name of Primus is rape? Your human money talk is fragging annoying." To Mikaela's surprise, all of the Autobots were confused.

"Wait… seriously?" She was assuming this was some kind of joke. Mikaela gave a concerned laugh, "You don't know what rape it?"

Sideswipe's arms were crossed, a frown embedded on his faceplate, "Is it some kinda human dating ritual?"

Mikaela shook her head as she attempted to comprehend what was happening, "Rape is when you force someone to have sex against their will, dumbass." Their ignorance of humans astounded her at times. 'How can they not know what rape is? Does it not happen to them?'

Optimus had a serious expression, "Forced interfacing?" He had never heard of such an act. Interfacing only happens if the femme or mech allows it. Even Decepticons would not force someone to interface against their will.

Mikaela scoffed at their ignorance, "Look it up. Rape happens all the time." The young woman watched their optics dim.

It was Ironhide who shouted as his optics flickered, "Where is that fragging human!? If he lays a servo on her." His arm transformed into a cannon. Seeing and reading all the horrifying images and stories of rape was sickening. If there was even a tiny chance of Samantha suffering from this… date-rape. His optics slowly turned red.

Prowl gasped as he researched the concept… no, the act of rape. "Ms. Banes, I advise you to tell us Samantha's location. The possibility of date rape is 23.4% possible for a woman of Samantha's age." His wings dropped low. Praxians were very protective of their spark mates.

It was Optimus who put his foot down. The massive Prime kneeled down, his optics turned purple, "Where is Samantha?" The images he saw would haunt his processor for eons. He never expected humans to commit such incomprehensible acts against their own kind. Especially to a femme! Optimus was customarily a civil mech, but he couldn't bear to fathom the idea of Samantha being raped. Human men cannot be trusted like he initially assumed. Horrific images filled the Prime's processor. So many human femmes broken from being forced to interface, sometimes more than once!

Mikaela took a step back. Optimus looked frightening with those purple optics, "H~Home!" She blurted out, "She went home to get ready. I don't know where she's going."

Optimus stood up and looked at Bumblebee, "Bumblebee, escort Mikaela home."

Bumblebee's wings twitched, "My charge~"

"Now!" Optimus barked out. The massive bot turned and transformed before driving off. His spark was burning with rage. He disapproved of Samantha dating some human boy. Initially, Optimus set his spark on finding the Allspark. Now it was shouting for him to protect his femme. Samantha was an innocent spark trapped in a human body, and he refused to allow some human male to taint her. Behind Optimus, the other Autobots were behind him as they drove towards Samantha's house.


Samantha brushed her hair, "Can't believe I agree to this." She took a bit of extra time to gussy up for her unavoidable date. Her mother was practically jumping when she said to call Miles. "And that should do it." She had a small amount of makeup on. Stepping back, Samantha looked herself over, "This will do." She was dreading tonight. Unfortunately for Samantha, a giant finger tapped her window. She nearly leaped out of her skin when she saw Optimus's face, "What are you doing here!?" She rushed over and pushed the window open.

Optimus's optics were still purple, "Good evening, Samantha." He was relieved to see she hadn't left.

"O~Optimus, what are you doing here?" She questioned in a hushed voice. "I thought I told you to never~w~what!?" She looked past Optimus and saw the rest of the Autobots were in her backyard. Just like the night they first met.

Optimus was taken aback by Samantha's appearance, "You look lovely this evening." Her scent burned his intake valves, "It has come to our attention that you are engaged for this evening."

Samantha nodded slowly, "Yes, I'm going on a date." Optimus and the rest of the Autobots were snarling.

It was Ironhide who pushed himself next to Optimus, "Well, cancel!" His spark oozed with jealousy that Samantha had dressed up for some human boy. He'll vaporize the human scum in a spark-beat.

"Keep it down," She waved her hands in front of his mouth, "What is the matter with you guys?" They were making it difficult to close her heart off to them.

Optimus spoke as calmly as he could, but his voice had traces of anger, "You will not be attending your date this evening."

"What are you talking about?" She leaned closer to Optimus.

"For your own self-interest, I do not approve of you dating this human boy. Human males are known to rape young women." He was struggling to speak as his anger rose, "You will cease any interactions with this man."

Samantha scoffed, "You're joking, right?" The looks on their faces said otherwise, "I made a promise, and he is on his way over. I'm not thrilled about that date either. I promised one date, and that is it."

Sideswipe was trembling, "Are you fragging crazy!? I'm not letting some human boy rape you! You're not going." He didn't care how loud he was.

Samantha rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to get raped. Guys, this is not the time for this."

Prowl pushed Sideswipe away, "I disagree. According to my research, young women are more likely to face rape, or date rape, with those who are familiar with each other." He briefly bit his glossa, "And~it could result in a pregnancy." A sparkling created by raping a woman? The Autobots were shaking.

Optimus couldn't refrain himself as his fingers crushed part of the roof. Sparklings were valuable on Cybertron, a gift from Primus. For Samantha to bear some vile human male's child sickened him. Optimus was outraged that Samantha felt this was normal. 'Human men cannot be trusted.' She shouldn't have to live in fear at the slightest possibility of being violated.

Samantha was surprised when Sunstreaker jumped over, "Look, I've interfaced with a lot of femmes, but you're out of your fragging processor if you date this human!" He may not like humans, but never has he touched a femme without their permission. Sunstreaker didn't think it was possible, but humans were a sick-minded species. 'Even the cons have more respect towards femmes!' It is one act to murder a femme, but to degrade them by forced interfacing? The energon in his body was churning. At least permit them honorable deaths before being with Primus.

"I… guys, this is not the time for a lecture." Samantha internally groaned. They sounded just like her father. She thought it was sweet they were looking out for her. "I made a promise, and I'm going. That's final. We'll talk about this later." Samantha was unaware she was outside the protective enchantment placed on her house. A massive hand pulled her out from the window, "W~whoa! What the hell are you doing!? Put me down." She was inside Optimus's hand.

Optimus had never willingly taken a femme before, but he refused to let Samantha make a foolish step in judgment, "Autobots, Rollout." Samantha continued to struggle in his hand. Moving towards the empty street, they transformed and drove away. Samantha gasped as everything around her transformed, and she landed in a very comfortable seat.

"Optimus! Have you lost your mind?" She looked at the steering wheel with no driver. "You can't just pull me out of my own house."

The Prime's voice came from the radio, "We understand we have violated your space and will. However, we cannot allow you to put yourself in a compromising position." He was trying to sound professional about his reasoning, but he was seething in jealousy. Optimus buckled the seatbelt around Samantha as they drove back towards the junkyard. Where else would they be going?

Samantha covered her face, "Ugh~I'm never going to hear the end of this." She could already hear her mother yelling at her for standing up Miles. Samantha looked at the radio, "You do know I can apparate whenever and wherever I want, right?" The seat belt tightened.

"Samantha, you will do no such thing." Optimus's voice was firm, "Your safety is our top priority."

Samantha leaned back and sighed as she looked out the window. The aching in her chest worsened by the second. "My safety is your top priority? And what about when you get the Allspark and leave Earth? What then?" Optimus came to a screeching stop.

"We will discuss this for another time." Deep in his spark, he knew she was right. He couldn't watch over this innocent femme. It was a cruel fate that she was human. Otherwise, he would have no restraint in asking her to accompany them back to Cybertron. This femme unwittingly ensnared his processor and spark. Not having her close by was irritable… to say the least. "You will remain with us for the remainder of the evening."

To Samantha's irritation, Optimus wasn't playing. He kept her inside his alt-form for the remainder of the evening. He refused to transform or let her out of sight. As for the rest of the Autobots, they simply stared or lingered around Optimus. All of them wanted to keep Samantha safe inside their chest plate, but so long as she didn't escape to go on this date… they could tolerate it. At least most of them.

Ironhide was still shaking as he stood near Optimus, 'Where does she get the idea that she can date another human?' He was so caught up that one of the other Autobots would steal her away. He never thought a human would do it. If anything, it angered him even more. He wasn't human. Of course, he had a holoform, but he wanted to have this femme in his actual servos. A holoform had too many limitations. They didn't feel the way humans could, were prone to phase through objects, and consumed a substantial amount of energon.

Samantha covered her nose, 'There are so many different scents!' Ever since they arrive, she has progressively been able to make out seven unique scents. All different… yet very, very, intoxicating. Closing her eyes, the walls of her cunt contracted, 'It's so hot! Damn it, what is happening to me?' She looked out Optimus's window towards Ironhide. The events from earlier today replayed in her mind. She still had the overwhelming desire to kiss the mech, but not just him.

Optimus's processor was overheating, "I am sorry to overstep my position, but we were unaware of human customs of dating. If there were even a slight chance of you being forced to interface against your will… we simply cannot allow this." Primus himself would surely strike them all down if they knowingly allowed it.

Samantha shivered in his seat, "I get you're concerned, but I can't live my life in fear of being raped." Her seat belt tightened, "You can't honestly expect me never to date a man, can you?"

Optimus said nothing, but his processor was shouting yes. 'You do not need a human mate.'

A few feet from Optimus, Ratchet was angrily reading more into humans. 'Femmes forced to raise their sparklings alone!?' The medic couldn't even fathom the idea of abandoning a sparkmate, let alone their sparkling. Energon threatened to spill from his mouth as he researched cases concerning a few human doctors. While incredibly rare, some doctors have raped their patience after sedating them. 'Ugh!' He couldn't even imagine Shockwave, a mech who loved to experiment on living creatures, doing something so vile. 'I do not know much about human biology, but she is never going to these human doctors.' She was going to be his patient… permanently.

Samantha eventually drifted off to sleep as the night went on. Optimus reclined the seat for his femme. As she snuggled further into his seat, he grunted like many times before as his spike started to throb. However, this is what separates him from humans. No matter how much he desired to interface, he would never force it on Samantha. Prime closed his optics and allowed lustful fantasies to consume his spark. He could envision a tiny cybertronian Samantha… so utterly small in comparison to his massive frame. 'She would make a beautiful cybertronian.' His huge spike buried deep into her aching valve. He could spend solar cycles making her overload. Optimus continued to tremble as her scent perpetually burned his processor. 'My… sparkmate.'

However, it wasn't just Optimus who found himself lost in lustful fantasies because of Samantha's scent. Sideswipe was sitting next to Sunstreaker… both mechs were panting. Sunstreaker looked at his brother with a dangerous glare, "Will you stop putting those thoughts into my processor!?"

Sideswipe's face was clouded with lust. "What? You can't imagine a femme like her being a cybertronian?" He projected his version of Samantha as a cybertronian into Sunstreaker's mind. A small frame with the same facial complexion.

"You… fragging… aft." Sunstreaker closed his optics as his spike throbbed. He found Sideswipe's vision of Samantha to be the perfect femme. Small enough for her to be crushed between them as they interfaced with her on their berth.

Sideswipe licked his metallic lips, "Imagine her trying to take both our spikes at the same time. With such a small femme, I bet her valve would be tight."

Sunstreaker slammed his hands to his audio receptors, "Shut up!" He hissed out. No femme had ever been able to take Sideswipe and him simultaneously. It had always been a deep fantasy for both of them to take a femme at the same time. They shared the same spark. What was Sideswipes was his and vice-versa. Sunstreaker stood and quickly stalked off to a quiet part of the junkyard. Sideswipe's fantasies were playing out in his processor, and, Primus, he wanted it. He wanted a femme just like that, shouting in joy as he and Sideswipe made her overload. Sunstreaker blamed the human's scent for all this.

'We were fine before we smelt that fragging human! That disgusting flesh-covered meat bag!' Clenching his denture, Sunstreaker quickly looked around before uncovering his interface plate. The mech winced as his spike pressurized. He thought releasing his spike would relieve the throbbing, but it only made it worse. His optics rolled back as he grasped his thick spike, 'Y~yes… so… fragging good.' The yellow mech lost all control over his actions as he rubbed his spike. He envisioned holding that femme her waist as his spike felt her valve clench around it. A tight warm valve and a pretty femme crying his name out. It only took a few thrusts into his hand before he threw his head back, protofluid shot out from his spike. Sunstreaker had to clench his denture in order to keep himself quiet. 'N~no! Not about that fleshbag!' He imagined her shouting his name and biting his neck cables.

Sunstreaker looked at the mess he made, 'Primus, I have to get this cleaned up.' Unfortunately, for the yellow mech, his spike was still throbbing. Bitter rage filled Sunstreaker… he… he pleasured himself while thinking about a human.

Meanwhile, Sideswipe was still with the others but was trembling. He felt everything through their bond and primus. It wasn't enough. 'I knew he wanted this human.' Cracking a single optic open, he stared at Samantha through Optimus's windshield. 'She'll make a perfect sparkmate for us, Sunny.' His brother was shouting through their bond, telling him to shut up. 'Why are you shouting at me? You were the one who just got to overload.'

(Meanwhile with Samantha)

Samantha was fast asleep. The scent from each Autobot filled his sinuses and made her tremble in her dreams. Optimus's seat was so warm and comfortable it pulled her into a deep slumber.

In her dreams, Samantha, unfortunately, felt no relief from her lustful fantasies. 'W~where am I?' She was in a strange room with orange walls. Everything looked very complex, from the lighting to the monitors mounted into the wall. Lifting her hands, Samantha shouted and fell to the ground, "What the hell!? What happened to my hands?" They were metallic, like the Autobots, and her frame was white. She studied her body. She was no longer human.

Standing up, Samantha took at her surroundings, "Where am I? W~what is happening!?" She was about to have a panic attack. Looking at where she'd just been, it reminded her of a bed. "Wake up! Wake up!" This had to be a dream. She jumped when a massive pair of arms wrapped around her robotic waist. "Huh?" She recognized those arms and blue armor. A couple of warm metallic lips started kissing the cables that now inhabited her neck. "O~Optimus!?" She was frozen as the giant mech kissed her. Optimus, despite her change in form, still stood vastly taller than her.

"My precious mate." His voice was low, "Why are you shaking?" His massive servos ran across her petite form. Cupping her faceplate, he leaned close as a bit of steam escaped his mouth, "You are truly a beautiful femme."

Samantha jumped when his metallic lips pressed against hers. She was feeling things that she'd never felt before. Gasping, she felt a strong metal tongue ensnare hers. "Mhmm!" She attempted to speak, but it just made him kiss her harder. Optimus's scent made any feeling of resistance flee. Samantha's optics clouded over as her arms involuntarily wrapped around the handsome mech's helm. Pulling Optimus closer, her tiny servo reached up to grab one of his antennas.

Optimus temporarily pulled away. Since they did not require oxygen to breathe, they had been kissing far longer than what humans could do. "I've waited a millennia for a sparkmate. I am grateful to have met you."

Samantha gasped as she was torn away from Optimus and a new pair of metal lips pressed against hers. She shook as soon as she realized who was kissing her now. 'I~Ironhide!?'

Ironhide pulled back with a massive grin. A heated look was stained on his faceplate, "Quit hogging our mate, Prime!" He pulled the tiny femme into his arms and continued to kiss her.

"O~Our!?" She attempted to say, but Ironhide's lips were practically wielded against hers. She could do nothing but embrace the feeling. Samantha was eventually able to pull back. Yet, she trembled as a series of hands began to roam her new body. "U~Uh!?" A bunch of mechs surrounded her… some of which she'd never met. All of the Autobots: Prowl, Ratchet, Bumblebee, the twins, even Jazz were attempting to grasp some part of her tiny form. Behind them, she saw a few other mechs who were massive. 'W~who are they~gah!' She trembled as their hands continued to roam her protoform. The twins were kissing her neck cables.

Samantha jolted away, gasping for air. She was drenched in sweat, and her heart was pounding. 'Holy crap… for Merlin's sake. It… it was a dream?' Samantha was left shaken by her dream. Even though she was now awake, her body felt echoing of the ghostly hands that roamed her figure. 'It felt so real.' Samantha looked around and realized she was still inside of Optimus. On the horizon, the sun was starting to rise. 'I slept all night!?'

Optimus had fallen into a deep recharge. Samantha's scent consumed his processor for the entire night. He gradually started to awaken and noticed Samantha was trembling in his seat, "Samantha, are you unwell? Your heart rate is reaching concerning levels." However, the pheromones that were coming off her made his spike harden. He was slowly becoming addicted to this sensation.

"I~I…" Samantha was startled by Optimus's voice. Hearing it only worsened the aching between her legs, "I have to go. I didn't mean to fall asleep inside of you."

Optimus shifted into gear and started driving Samantha home. The other Autobots were in a deep recharge, much like he was. "I trust you had a pleasant recharge?"

Samantha's cheeks burned, but slowly she nodded, "It was… something." She was mortified to admit it, but it was one of the most immeasurable dreams she could have imagined. 'They were calling me their sparkmate. What the hell even is that?' It must be some word her mind made up. Being kissed and worshiped by so many handsome bots made her heart burn profusely.

The drive home was mostly silent. However, Samantha eventually broke it as the silence was driving her insane, "Thank you."

Optimus stopped at a red light, "For what, young spark?"

"I know I was hard on you last night for stopping me from going on that date. But… I'm… I'm glad you did." She rubbed his seat and felt the mech tremble, "I'm still a little annoyed that you kidnapped me. But it is sweet that all of you were concerned about me." They were under this constant notion that she would be raped. It started to dawn on Samantha that she would be showing Soundwave around town today… it was Saturday! 'Crap, I completely forgot!' As they drew closer towards her house, Samantha sighed, 'I'd better keep this other 'date' on the down-low.' The concept of rape shook the Autobots.

Optimus pulled over in the alley behind Samantha's house, "I respect you if you do not view me in a favorable light because of last night's events." He felt ashamed that he allowed his emotions to overtake his processor. But he couldn't handle the idea of any human male stealing this beautiful femme away from under him.

Samantha grabbed the door handle but stopped to look at the steering wheel. Giving a small smile, she leaned over and kissed the Autobot symbol in the center of the wheel, "I forgive you. But if you ever pull me out of my house again, I'll turn your head into a pumpkin." She smirked as Optimus silently became confused. Getting out of the massive mech, she went back to her house. 'Ugh… Mom is going to kill me.'

Walking into the house, Samantha looked around. "Are they still sleeping?"

"You're Mother is," Ron said while taking a sip from his coffee. Samantha gave a small scream. Her father was like a ghost at times.

"A little warning next time, Dad."

Ron gave a small laugh, "Nah, it's fun scaring you and your mother."

Samantha took a deep breath, "Did Miles come last night?"

Ron looked up from his newspaper, "No, he didn't actually."

"Wait… what?" Her mind stopped working for a moment.

Ron slid the newspaper over, "Take a look."

Samantha grabbed the newspaper and read the headline, "Tranquility Man is arrested for selling drugs to local high schoolers." Miles' face was on the front page. Samantha felt a sickness overtake her. "I knew he smoked pot, but selling drugs?" She looked at Ron, "Wait, weren't you worried? I've been gone all night."

Ron shrugged, "Had you gone out with Miles. I'd be freaking out. But when I called out for you last night. Well… kinda obvious you snuck out."

(The Night Before)

Ron stretched his back, "Ooh! I'm getting old." Judy was in the living room watching TV. "Honey, I'm gonna make some coffee. You want any?"

"No, thank you, sweetheart. Hurry back. The news is on." Something happened in the middle east.

"Ya, just a minute." Heading to the kitchen, Ron made himself a cup of coffee. Taking a sip, he looked out the window and watched a bunch of bots stepping into his backyard. Ron had a blank expression as he continued to sip from his coffee. "I'm too old for this crap." He could see Optimus's massive foot crushing his path. "That son of a bitch." Keeping his anger in check, Ron went back to the living room. "Hey, I sent Sam to the store to pick me up some pickles."

Judy turned to her husband and had a confused frown, "What? She has a date tonight."

Ron shrugged, "My house, my rules. Besides, Miles called. He had to cancel." He took another sip from his coffee.

Judy shook her head, "Ugh… I'd say I'm surprised, but Miles really takes after his mother. Always canceling last minute." She looked at Ron, "She still needs to make friends, though."

Ron rolled his eyes, "I know." Looking past the TV, he watched as a series of robotic legs moved around the side of his house. 'At least I know who destroyed my god damn yard last week.' His yard was in such a ruined state. It couldn't have been just from an earthquake.


Ron took his newspaper back, "I got your mother off your back for you. I told her I sent you to the store."

Samantha smiled, "Really?" He may be hard at times, but her father still looked out for her.

Ron looked up, "You owe me, young lady." Standing up, he walked past Samantha and patted her on the shoulder, "By the way. Next time, tell your giant friends to keep off my lawn. You're helping me fix the yard today."

Samantha's eyes widened as she went pale. Her father walked into the living room while she stood there with a dropped jaw. All that could be heard was Samantha letting out a little gasp of air.


(Author Notes)

Another chapter come and gone. As you can see, I am taking some aspects of the later Transformers films and tying them into this story. However, I will be excluding a lot of things from the other films. I also did a bit of research into the name Witwicky within the transformers universe. Apparently, there was a village called Witwica. We also see that Samantha's family does come from a long line of pure-blood wizards.

Also, things are starting to heat up with the bots. I figured the sexual tension was good enough, at least to divulge you with some small amount of smut. I've said it before, but this story will contain smuts, concepts of rape, and overall a general M-rated level of reading. I do not usually give warnings, so as to not spoil anything, but for future chapters, please be aware. But moving past that... poor Ironhide and Samantha. So close from just a peck on the lips.

If only Samantha's dream had been real. Most unfortunate that she woke up just as her dream was beginning to heat up. We have all had dreams where we wake up just before it gets good. Sexual or not ;D

And it looks like Ron knows more than what he lets on. (O.O) No doubt Samantha's brain came to an Earth shattering halt.