A/N Hey, guys long time no see. Today I'm bringing you a new story to celebrate the tenth anniversary of My Babysitters a Vampire and also to celebrate the one year anniversary of my account. Before we began I want to give a shout out to MBAV fan 66 She's been reading a reviewing my Dawn of the Bloodsuckers story and I can't thank her enough. I hope you enjoy this story too. This story is the official origin story for Whitechapel Adventures this story goes into better detail as to why and how my characters moved to Whitechapel and met Ethen and the others. As usual I don't own My Babysitters a Vampire I just made the story. I hope you enjoy this, it took me three months to write this when it was only meant to take one.


I've been having these memories return to me lately. Memories of my childhood days when I was only ten-years-old. I tried so hard to lock them up and forget about them, but now they're returning to me. And all I can do is let them flow, let them come back to me, and let myself accept and welcome them back. I guess it would be a nice time to tell you about them. But first, let me tell you about myself, my name is Dakota. Yeah, you probably heard of me. I've been traveling around the universe for as long as I can remember. And each adventure is greater than the last. And every adventure needs a beginning, so here's this ones.

The story I'm about to tell you took place eight years ago I was ten-years-old at the time.

Chapter 1: Whitechapel Memories

"Come on, Amy, we're going to be late." Amy's sister Emily said, waiting by the door, "I'll be there in a second, I'm trying to find the can of cookies that Mom loves." She replied, "It's where it always is. By the cookie jar." Emily said, "Ah, thanks, sis. Now, do you have everything you need?" Amy asked, holding the cookie tin. "Yeah, I do. Now hurry up, visiting hours will be done in two hours. And you know how Barbra gets when there are last-minute visitors." Emily said, "I know, she reminds everyone on the brochures." Amy said, walking out the door with her sister. Into the streets of Imaginary land during a summer afternoon six months after saving an entire universe from being wrapped from existence from the void.

The two Heartless angels haven't seen their parents in months, and since nothing was going on at the time, they decided it would be a great time to visit them at the Golden Wing Retirement Home.

Going through the golden gates that lead to Haven, the two sisters lost their Heartless forms and, in its place was two teenage girls. Amy had frizzy long red hair tied in two pig-tails. She was wearing her turquoise shirt, a blue skirt, and glasses. Emily, on the other hand, had long brown hair. Two strands were tied into small pig-tails while the rest was down She was wearing a pink striped shirt, jeans with a jacket tied around her waist and black knee-high boots. "I'm surprised you chose to wear that you hate wearing jeans." Amy said, "Yes, but I also hate wearing clothes that make me look like a walking carrot stick." She replied, "Fair enough." Amy said as they arrived at their destination. It was a huge building with a golden wing statue in the courtyard, and in front of the walkway was a sign that read "Golden Wing Retirement." "Do you think Mom and Dad will be surprised to see us?" Emily asked, "I don't think so. I sent them a voice mail. I never got a reply, though." Amy said as they walked inside.

The girls walked up to an old lady sitting at a desk reading a magazine. "Can I help you, ladies?" She asked when she saw them out of the corner of her eye. "Yes, we're here to see our parents." Amy said, "Name." She said, "Barbra, it's us." Emily said she and Barbra go way back. "I can't help you without a name." She said, "Emily and Amy, we're here to see Henry and Lilly." Amy said, "Oh, right, here you are. You're just in time we're closing visiting hours early. All tenets are to leave at two o'clock." Barbra said, "But, why." Emily asked, "It's nothing serious, the building just getting fumigated. We're having a slight outbreak." "Of what?" Amy asked, "Wing lice." Barbra replied, "Ugh," They groaned, "Yeah, tell your mom to clean extra well with that fancy wing shampoo. She's getting feathers everywhere." Barbra said,

"We'll do, and which room are they in?" Amy asked, "Room number 203." Barbra said, "That's not the room they were in last time. Did they move again?" Emily asked, "No, we had to move everyone around during the outbreak. Now get out of here I'm extremely busy! This magazine isn't going to read itself." Barbra said, "Thanks, Barbra." Amy said as the two climbed the stairs.

This retirement home isn't like ordinary ones when an angel dies; they can only age up to the age they died. So, if they choose they can live their days peacefully here. Some angels, like Emily, Amy, and their parents, retire when their powers become too weak to influence others to do good deeds. So, Henry and Lilly decided to live here where it would not only be safer but cheaper. (Not that angels need to pay for anything anyway.) The two reached a door with the numbers 203. Amy knocked on the door, and a man opened it.

"Emily! Amy! What a nice surprise. Come on in your mom's making lunch." Henry said, welcoming the two inside, "Hey, girls, how's your host family treating you? I bet Dakota is growing up into a brave young girl." Their mom Lilly said, "She sure is, in fact, we just saved an entire universe from being destroyed." Amy said, "Wonderful; you can tell us all about it while we have lunch." Lilly said, "Hey, Mom, I've got something for you." Amy said, showing her the cookie tin, "Sinker doddles, my favorite, I can't believe you remembered." Lilly said happily, "How can we not. You always hog them during Christmas." Emily said, "Alright, girls, now tell me about the adventures you've been having." Henry said, pulling his daughters close. Just as Lilly brought in a plate of sandwiches, crackers, and cheese.

"And then, Dakota jumped on Super Dimentio's head and used her rainbow wand to knock out the chaos heart, Dimentio, and Luigi." Amy explained, "And Count Bleck and Tippi got married and saved the universe. It was amazing!" Emily said, spinning around, hitting a bookcase and making some books fall. "I am so sorry. I'll clean them up." Emily said franticly, cleaning the books up. "Here, Emily. Let me help you." Amy said, spotting an old scrapbook, "Hey, Mom, what's this?" She asked, "Oh, I remember this. It's an old scrapbook from our youth." Lilly explained, "You see before we moved to Oklahoma. We lived in a small town in Ontario. It's where we meet." Henry explained, "Ontario? Isn't that in Canada?" Emily asked, "Mom, you and Dad lived in Canada?" Amy asked, "Yeah, it was a quint town. Whitechapel, it was called." Henry said,

"Is the town still there?" Amy asked, "Yes, it is. Even the old high school we went to still has students going there." Henry explained, Just as the phone rang, "You girls take a look while I answer the phone." He said, "Wow, nice house, Mom." Emily said, seeing a picture of Lilly and Henry in front of a small two-story house. "Oh, that's the house we moved into when we moved out of our parents' houses'. We were dating for three years at the time. You know that house has been vacant for over a decade." Lilly explained, "That long?" Amy asked, "It was the strangest thing. When we first moved there, the house still had furniture from the last tenets in it. Whoever lived there left in a hurry?" Lilly explained, "And speaking of leaving. That was Barbra telling us that the exterminators are here. We need to leave for an hour while they fumigate." Henry said,

"Well, it looks like our time together has come to an end. We'll walk you out." Lilly said, "Yeah, it was great seeing you again. Next time we'll bring Cindy and Chloe and have a family reunion." Emily said, "That sounds like a great idea. Come on, girls, let's go before Barbra has to come up here and kick us out." Henry joked the foursome went outside hugged, said their goodbyes, and went their separate ways. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Emily asked, "That we need to spend time with our parents more?" Amy replied, "No that we need to stop at the store to grab some wing lice shampoo. Getting those pests out of angel wings is a pain." Emily said, making Amy laugh, but as they were walking home, Amy couldn't stop thinking about the small town of Whitechapel and that it wouldn't be a bad idea to go there.

I hope you like this short and sweet chapter and for context Imaginary land is the imaginary universe I made up when I was a kid it's a world where Emily and the others live. video game characters also visit this world to have fun when they have the time. It's also how Dakota manages to go to and from other worlds when she's not traveling by warp star. Anyway with that said and down I finished writing this story a few days ago and will be updating it every Wednesday. Until then see you soon. XD