Ok so this literally popped into my head while revisiting The Desolation of Smaug today. I have no idea why or what I am gonna do with this but I do have some ideas floating around in my head. Please be kind coz I'm not really a writer. Just an amateur who sometimes has boats of inspiration. I hope you like it. Also excuse the grammar, I do try but I'm not great at it.

"But I want it!"

It was no secret that Hildegard, the daughter of the corrupt tyrant. The self proclaimed Lord of Lake Town was no precious gem. Greed, selfishness ran strong in the family with the apple not falling far from the tree.

The resemblance to her father didn't just run true on the inside but was just as striking on the outside. Even just being at the young age of 11. The girl was tall and domineering in stature, towering above many 5 years her senior. Hair shoulder length copper coloured hair ran wild and unkempt. Teeth that were stained yellow due to years of over indulging on lard, meat and sweet dishes. Food most in Lake Town could only dream about sampling. All in all an intimidating monster of a tween.

" But my princess he is travelling with them Dwarfs, don't you remember they will be travelling to the Lonely Mountain and bringing us great wealth. Wealth that can stretch into buying you 20 or more of them creatures"

The Lord of Laketown sat behind his desk staring at his daughter as she leaned across his desk. Fist turning more and more white as her grip on the wood tightened.

"But I don't want others I want that one"

The Master lent further back in his chair. Passing a quick gaze to his number one assistant Alfred who stood in the doorway. He then refocused his gaze back to his daughter.

" May I inquire my sweet why you want that one in particular?"

" Because he looks like a doll. Small, cute with the most beautiful eyes. Such lovely curly hair and the most adorable big feet. I have never seen a creature like it and sure I never will again"

" I am sure once with Dwarfs have returned from their quest. We can arrange something"

The sound of fists hitting a hard surface instantly echoed throuqh out the room. Causing the other two occupants to jolt in surprise.

" NO! Is there guarantee that Hobbit will even return. So many things can happen it in that time. Fall to it's death, drown, snatched by a wild animal. Eaten if there is still a dragon under the mountain. Heck what's to say them barbaric Dwarfs didn't bring it along just to eventually eat it"

The Master who now had his chin rest on his entwined fingers, huffed before producing a small smile.

"OK my precious angel your request hasn't fallen on deaf ears and I will get you what you desire" The larger man got up from his chair and came round the side of his desk. Standing nearer to his daughter who now wore a Cheshire cat grin. The girl launched forwards and wrapped her arms around him.

" Thankyou Daddy you are the greatest father in the world" Hildegard then let go and looked up at her father.

" I am going to go and make room for my new pet for when he arrives. Make him a bed and I think I still have the rope I had from the last pet"

With that the girl turned and ran towards her room in the far quarters of the building.

Once it was clear Hildegard had gone Alfred who had not moved from his spot since the scene had started finally spoke up.

" If I may say Sire that didn't take much persuading"

The larger man looked on before turning to pour himself a glass of his whiskey.

" All I can say Alfred, once you have kids of your own. It's best and downright more peaceful in life to just give them what they want." He then took a swig of his drink. "Let just hope that this one last longer than the last few pets my Hildegard had. I don't fancy finding it's brains spluttered over the floorboards like that Beagle"

" I remember Sire. Still finding bits lodged in the cracks of the wood. But if the Hobbits fate is sealed during one of Hildegard's red mist moments. Here is hoping it is clean just as it was when she bound that rabbit and through it into the lake".

The Master shook his head in agreement and took another sip of his drink. " Indeed. It is well known that my daughter does have a certain anger streak within her. Definitely took after her mother. But this creature is more smarter in nature, maybe easier to train, behave once it knows it's place. And will realise the consequences if it disobeys".

"That maybe true Sire. But how are you going to get it away from them group of Dwarfs and not provoke suspicion?. Them filthy creatures seem to be very protective of that Halfling and if they discover we took it. We will loose any chance of getting hold of the Lonely Mountains riches."

The Master looked at his wormy assistant and grinned.

" That's why Alfred a good plan is needed and due to my superior mind. I have already come up with one. All I need is for you to call fourth a few of the boys."

"Very good Sire, I will assemble them right away"

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