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"Hurry up Alfred I can't wait to see him" Hildegard shouted as she skipped ahead of her father's assistant.

" I know you are young Miss but I can assure you he isn't going anywhere. He will still be there when you arrive." Alfred was by now having to pick up his pace just to keep in eyeshot of the girl.

" That may be so but I have waited an entire day for this moment. Tell me is he still as cute as I remember?"

" Am positive the Hobbit doesn't age the same rate as a hamster. He still looks the same as he did when you last saw it. The black haired man replied.

By this point the girl had rounded the last corner to where her fathers office was. Not waiting for Alfred to catch up she forcefully pushed the doors open and bust in. Followed seconds later by the assistant.

" Where is he father, where is my new Hobbit?"

The Master who by this point was at his bookshelf. He was skimming over the titles while waiting for his daughter to arrive. In the crooked of left arm he held three of the books he was searching for. The larger man turned and smiled over at his daughter " Well Hello my beautiful angel...Yes your new pet is here and waiting for you" He indicated over to the two henchman who were standing now near one of the large windows. One of the men was holding two separate lengths of rope that were connected to the small prone figure laying between them.

The previous bonds had now been removed with the Hobbits ankles now free. The new ropes were now tied around his torso, keeping his arms tightly secured to his sides. While the other was a noosed around his neck.

Hildegard's eyes widen in before letting out a loud shreek of excitement. Without wasting another moment she ran over to her new priced possession and bent down in front of him.

"He is perfect, simply wonderful" Hildegard processed to stroke Bilbo's curly hair then cupped his face to tilt his head up. The girl then frowned.

" Why isn't he awake?"

Her father who was making his way over to the group spoke up. " We had a little bit of incident earlier my dear. Nothing major I can assure you. It's just this creature hasn't learnt his place yet and we had to do what we needed to calm it down."

"And all the ropes?" the girl also inquired

" You must understand my sweet that this is a wild animal. He hasn't been domesticated just yet but give it time my love. I am sure before long and with your excellent skills. He will become perfectly behaved. To help you though I did dig out some books on Hobbits. They may be something in these that have some information on the species. Maybe what methods may be best to control them."

" I don't understand why you still keep Mother's old books. It's not like you read them or anything. They just sit there collecting dust." Hildegard responded. " Anyway I don't need them. If I can take care of a dog with ease. Then I can a Hobbit."

The girl then stood up and faced the two henchman. " I'm getting tired of waiting, wake him up so I can get him back to my room already!"

With that the man holding the ropes in his hands began jostling and tugging the one that was tired around Bilbo's torso. When that didn't earn a response he then proceeded to lifted the end of the rope slightly up. Making the Hobbit body elevate a few inches from the ground before letting go, causing the small body to hit the floor. He repeated this a few times until there was a small moan.

The small figure began shifting, bringing his legs up to his chest. Craning his neck up slightly up Bilbo hissed before shaking his head. Trying to rid himself of the harsh pulsating pain in the side of his skull. The hobbit then looked up directly at the man who knocked him out cold.

" You didn't have to hit me that hard, not very sporting of you. Knocking a fellow clean out when he is already subdued and cannot defend himself." Bilbo scoffed up at the man who was gritting his teeth and beginning to turn red.

"Only what you deserve Halfling after you bit me. I will happily do it again and this time make sure your jaw is smashed apart."

The Hobbit then looked at the bandaged hand that was crossed over his chest. He then smirked. " Oh yes...you might want to get that hand checked out. I could be carrying all sorts you know rabies, scurvy. Maybe even something that may make your already tiny ding dong to just drop off!."

Bilbo was immediately met with the rope around him neck being yanking up. The noose dug harshly into his skin and caused his air supply to be cut off. The man had viciously grabbed the rope half way down with his partner still holding onto the end. He brought his face down so he could now look into the Hobbit terrified eyes.

" You think you are funny rat. You forget I can easily choke out all the life of you, gut you like a fish or break every bone in your miserable body."

The poor Hobbit was by now wheezing and gasping out, feeling the fibres of the rope cut into his throat. Feeling his head begin to spin as his lungs burn desperately crying out for oxygen. Bilbo's legs scrambled to try and get his feet underneath him. Feeling himself becoming weightless as unconscious began to creep in. He was about to let himself be lost to the darkness when there was a sudden shout and the pressure around him throat loosened.

" Don't you dare hurt my Hobbit."

Hildegard rushed over to the small spluttering figure before kneeling down in front of him. She took his head into arms before stroking and patting Bilbo's head. " There, there little fellow I have you now. The big bad men won't hurt you anymore."

Letting out a few more dry coughs. Bilbo then slowly looked up at the girl who had hold of him tightly. She then proceeded to move part of the rope around his neck aside to look underneath. An ugly black and purple ring way already beginning to form.

" YOU DAMAGED HIM!, LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO HIS NECK" Hildegard bellowed at the two henchmen then turned her head to look at her father.

" Da I demand that you punish these idiots for hurting my Halfling."

The Master cleared his throat. " Do not fret my love I will deal with this accordingly. But now the Hobbit is awake we will now press on." Putting down the books he held onto the larger man then continued.

" Now Halfling rules you need to follow and understand. You do everything that my Hildegard tells you to do. Do not step out of line, mouth of or answer back. If you lash out, them bonds stay on until you learn to behave. Bite and I will be forced to gag you. But most importantly if you in anyway hurt my daughter. I will personally see to it you are punished harshly. Do you understand me."

Bilbo scowled at the larger man " I don't have to do a single thing you say. You have no right to keep me here as a prisoner."

" That is were you are wrong boy. I am the leader, The Master in this town. I control everything and what I say goes. I own you and every aspect of your life now. So nothing is going to change that."

" You don't own me and you never will. You are just a fat, pompous, malignant man who exploits his power and authority." Bilbo was immediately met with a heavy smack to the face. Causing his head to snap to the side.

" Don't you talk to my father that way or I will wash your mouth out with soap."

Hildegard signalled for the ropes to be handed to her before getting to her feet. She then turned to face her father, smiling. " I will now be taking my Hobbit now. Thank you daddy again for this precious gift you have given me."

" You are more then welcome my sweet but like I explained before. Take extra precaution with this one. At least until he knows his place and behaves. If you have any problems with it come to me right away."

" Do not fret father I am sure I will be able to handle him." The girl responded before she began to walk towards the door. Bilbo not getting much chance to get his feet under him was half dragged away out of the office. He began to struggle which earned him a hard tug to the rope around his neck.

" If you don't walk properly I will just have to drag you. Your choice."

" I would prefer it if you just let me go." Bilbo resorted which earned him another harsh tug.

" Not a chance my dad brought you fair and square. So you now belong to me."

The Hobbit by now had regained his balance and decided to not try and fight against the girl who's strength was a lot greater than his. Finding it more logical just to walk and not resist. It was obvious he wouldn't win.

" Your father cannot just buy people you know. I am not an animal you can lock up. My people are an intelligent race, not wild irrational beings. Why can't you people understand that?"

" You are a smaller lesser creature and whatever you say will not change that. Weak, fragile and helpless. You are my pet now and that is what you will be treated as." By this point the duo had reach their destination. Coming to a stop outside another large wooden door.

Hildegard reached forward and turned the door hand, pushing the door open. She processed inside wrenching on Bilbo bindings, caused him to stagger before following.

Looking around the Hobbit was in shock and awe. Even being small in stature the room was still enormous. In comparison it seemed Bard's entire home would fit into this one space. Expensive looking tapestries lined all four walls with a large four poster bed draped in soft white linen. Racks upon racks of clothes took up a large section of the room. While on the other side were many toys, dolls, everything a young girl could ever want or need.

" You have a lot of stuff...ummm bit obsessive isn't it" the Hobbit questioned still taken back by the girls obvious Troll hoard.

"A girl can never own enough." She responds again tugging Bilbo along until they stopped in front of a large pile of pillows and blankets on the floor. The girl then guided the hobbit into the middle and putting her free hand onto his shoulder pushed him down so he was now sitting on the pile.

" This will be your bed. I made it just the right size for you and comfy enough that the wood flooring won't hurt your little back." She smiled down at the hobbit before patting him in the head. Earning her an annoyed stare. Then taking the rope she still held in her other hand she reached around to Bilbo's right. There she began to tie the ends around a thick black metal hoop that was drilled into the wall. As soon as he noticed this the hobbit again started his thrashing and protest.

" If you don't hold still I won't give you a treat"

" I DON'T WANT A DAMN TREAT...I WANT YOU TO LET ME GO NOW!" he shouted back. Using all his body weight to kick out and launch himself as much as he could to try and escape the girls grasp. Suddenly a harsh blow to Bilbo stomach made the him stop his actions and fall to the ground. Groaning out in pain he curled his body in on himself. The stop in protects gave Hildegard enough time to finish tying the ropes to the wall. She then grabbed a another separate piece of rope she unknowingly had stored in her pocket.

" Are you going to allow me to tie this around your legs or am I going to have to get physical?" the girl spat, looking at the smaller figure who was withering on the floor.

Bilbo slowly opened up his crunches up eyes. " Screw you, you brat"

" So be it." With that Hildegard suddenly reached forward and violently wrenched his legs out straight. Then using her own bodyweight she sat on the poor hobbits back, pinning him to the floor and practically crushed him.

" GET OFF ME YOU BIG OAF." Bilbo gasped out. He never imagined in a million years he would be throwing insults at a child but what could he do. Honestly could he even call this thing a child?

Soon his feet were also tied and could feel the weight on his back lift. But not before he was again met with another swift strike to his midsection.

" You ever dare call me bad names again I have no choice but to do something even more drastic. But if you starting behaving like a good boy I will give you more freedom. For now this is how it needs to be."

Hildegard stared her captive for a few more seconds then turned to leave. " I will be fetching you some food now. You must be hungry?"

Bilbo didn't want to admit it but he was starving. He didn't know how long it had been since he last ate. Probably quite a few hours ago?. Though given current situation it wasn't one of his top priorities. The hobbit stared at the ground and didn't respond.

Getting the hint she wasn't going to get an answer. Hildegard just left leaving Bilbo to gather his thoughts.

'Come on Bilbo think how can I get out of this with the least amount of trauma. If I only still had my ring but that was probably somewhere in that burnt out shack. Bilbo then took a deep breath to try and calm himself.

I got to be smart, think rationally. Fighting only gets me into more trouble. Play the game Bilbo, play along and maybe the opportunity will present itself'.

There we go :D So I tried to keep Bilbo in character as much as possible. Though I did give him some sassy moments. He will in later chapters be pushed to his limit but I always saw him as a rational thinker who tried to get out of situation using his intelligence . But he is also quite emotional and does have limits. So gonna play around with both these traits.

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