For a certain fox and rabbit couple, tonight was very special. It was the one-year anniversary of their partnership, and Nick had a plan to celebrate. He and Judy had been walking for almost twenty minutes, with Judy's eyes being covered by Nick for the entirety of the trip.

"Come on Nick I can't take it anymore! Just tell me where you're taking me now."

"Easy Carrots, we're here."

Nick took his paws off of Judy's face, and she gasped at what she saw. In front of was Che Hoof, a restaurant that was as famous as it was hard to get a reservation for.

"Oh my gosh Nick, this is great!" Judy said, unable to contain her excitement.

"Just wait until we get in." Nick said with a smirk.

The two went in, only to discover there was a line. Judy groaned at this, which caused Nick to chuckle. After what seemed like an eternity the two made it up to the front of the line and were greeted by an antelope maitre d, who took them to their table. Judy looked at the menu and she gasped.

"Holy cheese this place is expensive." said Judy.

"Get whatever you want, everything's on me."

"Oh Nick, you don't have to."

"Yes I do Judy. You've brought me so much joy, I figured that for tonight, I'd do the same."

Judy smiled, but dark thoughts appeared at the back of her mind. She needed food of a different kind, and her subconscious wouldn't let it go. Judy bent over, feeling like she was drowning.

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!" Judy yelled. All of the customers and staff turned around, disturbed by her outburst. Judy just let out a nervous laugh.

"Sorry, just some nagging thoughts."

Everyone groaned and returned to their food or services. Judy looked back at Nick, wanting to move past her outburst.

"So, how did you get a reservation?"

"Oh, that's an interesting story. See, I used to be an addict, but my old classmate David helped me break my bad habits. Haven't seen him in a while, him being a priest and all, but he knows the manager so he got us a spot."

Judy froze dead in her tracks.

"Did you say he was a priest?" Judy asked.

"Yeah, in fact I think I see him over there. Hey, David! Its Nick!" Nick said as he shouted and waved his arms. David, a brown furred dachsund, saw this and came over.

"Nick, its so good to see you. And you must be Judy."

Just as David went to shake Judy's paw she got up.

"You know, my paws are really dirty, I should probably go wash them."

Judy bolted towards the bathroom, leaving Nick and David stunned.

"Huh, wonder what's her problem." said David.

Nick stood there, until a realization suddenly hit him.

"Oh my god." he said.

"Really?" David asked with an annoyed voice.

"Sorry." Nick replied sheepishly.


Judy stood there in the bathroom, splashing water onto her face. How could she have let this happen? The pains she took to hide her true nature, the close calls she avoided, the ridiculous amount of effort she put into making things appear normal, all destroyed by a single evening. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, she heard a voice from the end of the room.

"How could you lie to me."

Judy turned around to see Nick, a heartbroken expression on his face.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." Judy stuttered, trying to sound calm and determined.

"Bullshit. I know exactly what you are." Nick said, his anger rising.

"Nick, you know I don't like it when you swear at me." Judy said, trying to hide her fear.

Nick let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Oh you don't like it when I swear at me? That's rich, considering you're a fucking demon."

Judy took a step back.

"How... how do you know?"

"Oh the signs were always there. You're newfound fondness for beating up criminals, your eyes changing color, your nightly disappearances, and the numbers of disappearing mammals growing and growing. You didn't come to Zootopia to make things better for the mammals here, you came here to make things better for your bloodlust."

Realizing her cover had been blown, Judy, with her usually purple eyes now bright red, moved at the speed of light, pinning Nick to the wall and gripping his neck in a choking motion. Feeling his life fleeting he pulled out a picture and held it to Judy. The picture showed Nick and Judy on their first day, and caused Judy to stop. Looking at the picture, Judy let go of Nick, causing him to fall on the floor, gasping for air. When Nick got up, he turned towards Judy and began to speak.

"You may be a demon, but you're still a partner and the love of my life. This may be difficult, but I'm willing to make it work."

"Oh Nick..." Judy said, her eyes returning to their normal purple. She ran up to Nick and hugged him. Although at first Nick was frightened and apprehensive, he eventually smiled and found himself wrapped up in the moment. Sure, things weren't perfect, but they would get through this.

"...You fucking idiot." Judy said, her eyes now red.

Claws appeared at the end of Judy's paws. She dug her arm into Nick's chest, ripping out his heart and causing him to land on the ground with a thud. Judy looked at Nick's motionless and bloody body, satisfied, but then turned her attention to his still beating heart.

"Aw, he really did have a big heart." Judy said with mock sincerity. "Delicious."

Judy took a bag out of her purse and put Nick's heart into it. Once she got that into her purse she walked out of the bathroom and went back at her table, where her gaze was met by David.

"Where's Nick?"

"Oh... we broke up." Judy said nonchalantly, which was met by a horrified stare from David, realizing just what she had done.

"Can I get the check?" asked Judy, to which a gorilla waiter responded by giving her the check. "Thank you." she replied. She looked at David's terrified expression, and leaned in.

"Boo." she said bluntly, causing David to fall out of his chair. Judy laughed and revealed Nick's wallet, which she used to pay the check, adding in a lengthy tip to make up for the mess she made in the bathroom. Judy left and went outside, but looked at the window and snapped her paw. Suddenly, a chandelier fell on David, instantly killing him and horrifying the customers and staff. Judy smiled and walked, humming all the way. True, she did feel some regret for killing Nick, but hey, this just meant she could have more fun.

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