I'm Back Ya'll!

Hey guys! I don't know if many of you remember me, but I once wrote fanfictions here back in the early 2010's and retired from writing around 2014 when I realized I just didn't have the time for it anymore.

But with a lot of things subsidizing in the years past, I see myself with a bit more free time than usual, and in return, and thus returned to what I love most, which is writing stories for those who wish to see a different perspective of the source material lol

I write this to let all of my fans know (if any are still around) that I have returned and will be writing stories once more! However, if most of you remember I wrote mostly Alpha and Omega Fanfics (obviously since I have this letter posted here, stupid Lost lol, anyways…) but recently I have found myself straying from the series as most of the direct to DVD movies were let downs if I am being honest…Although, I may return to remaster my story "Humphrey's Parents" (which seems to be the craze these days…"Remaster" lol)

But until then, if any of my fans are interested. I am currently on a new profile now, and the new author name?

Still Damned

This is where I will be posting my new material, and if you wanna give any of it a read! I highly encourage it! Since I know I left you guys on such a short note, and since then my writing has greatly improved and wish to reach back out to you guys with my stories again!

Currently, I am writing Beastars fanfics under my new name if anyody is interested!

I hope to see you guys again! And if any of my fans are still there, please do send me a message! Since some of you guys were not only readers, but friends of mine too! (:

Sorry taking the slot of a story! Just wanted to announce that I am back to anybody who may remember me lol