The Sun Scratched in the Stars

A Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS fanfic

Summary: A young boy on the run from a dangerous home situation falls asleep at a dojo in the countryside. Discovered and taken in by the owners of the dojo, he grows to understand what love – and loss of that love – truly means, with the help of a rambunctious, fiery-spirited boy close to his age.


Ryoken had always admired Father, especially his dedication to his work and his goal of saving humanity from imminent death. The way he spoke of his projects inspired him to study hard with Dr. Taki and Dr. Aso so he could be just like him. The sparkle in his father's eyes, the way he talked faster out of sheer excitement—it filled Ryoken with such love and reverence for him.

And that was why he was on the run.

"Ryoken!" Crash! "Ryoken, get back here!" Thud. Slam!

After Ryoken had spent the usual time sitting amongst the flowers, breathing in the sweet, salty air of Stardust Road, he had returned inside and overheard his father talking with Drs. Taki, Aso, and Genome in a higher pitch than normal. He hadn't understood everything that was said, but his ears became hot once he heard "take those kids" and "keep them isolated". But Father could sense Ryoken on the other side of the door, even with it closed, becoming the catalyst for the wild chase.

Whoever that was—screaming, shattering everything in the lab—was not his father, but a demon. A mad demon who had warped all the good about his father and who cared nothing about the means, if the end goal was achieved. And Ryoken knew he had to high tail it and run.

Ryoken hadn't known and couldn't fully comprehend what Father was planning. Three things were certain, though: one, it was something scary; two, had it not been scary, Father wouldn't be coming after him and screaming at him for overhearing; three, he, Ryoken, couldn't stay there.


Ryoken usually didn't disobey Father. He had no reason to. He always did as he was told: go to bed at this time, study, eat this, but don't eat too much of that or you'll get sick. Go to Dr. Aso or Dr. Taki for any problems. You can go outside, but don't go too far, not out into what's across the water. And especially don't bother Father when he's working or you're not asked to come to him. And Ryoken gladly did it all because, to him, obeying Father was his life's purpose until he was old enough to take charge of his own life.

But, at that moment, Ryoken's gut was telling him something different. You can't stay here. Go, it said. Go far away.

"I'm sorry, Father," said Ryoken, "but I have to do this." Double checking his belongings, he opened the hatch and slid down the tunnel, past the labs, past the underground entrances, out into the greenery, making his way to the outside world—the world outside Father's house, those cozy walls that had become so dangerous—for the very first time.