A/N: Hellooo I love ASOUE so I decided to write a fanfiction, I've always wondered how Olivia became an orphan and if she ever was associated with the VFD and Miranda so here is the first chapter to your answers and please R & R!

I stayed up late at night trying to finish reading Anna Karenina (and some notes) under the covers with a torch but I was more focused on the conversations my parents are having right now.

"Fire is everywhere right now and people are now starting to take sides, there are secrets in this world too terrible for young people to know."

"She has to know about it someday though, she's noble and well-read and she has a right to be part of this noble organisation"

"But what if she's not ready?"

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."

"You're right but we should get some sleep."

I took as many notes as I can on my dark blue commonplace book but they were so quiet I could only catch a few words.

"Taking sides," I whispered under my breath whilst writing "noble, organisation, ready, fire." and then like my parents, I went to sleep.

After a few hours, I woke up in the morning feeling drowsy. Maybe I shouldn't have slept too late. I went to the kitchen finding my parents already awake and eating breakfast. My dad reading the latest copy of the Daily Punctilio (which was back then written by the snicket family). Soundlessly I walked to the fridge to get myself something to drink.

"Morning Olivia, how was your sleep last night?" Mum asked joyfully.

"Mmmh, I couldn't get too much sleep but other than that it was fine," I replied still half asleep.

"Well, your father and I think that you are very well-read, noble and mature. So we decided to tell you something important and might as well say that it could change your life forever." Mum said excitedly with dad nodding beside her.

I was fully awake knowing that I'll find out what my parents were saying last night that drove me crazy. Staring at them with my glass juice, I asked with curiosity "Yes?" trying not to sound too excited.

"Well, Your father and I have been part of thi-" and was interrupted by a rustling sound in the bushes. I swear I saw a person staring at me and my parents, I turned to see my parents shocked too. "Or I'll tell later during the Caliban family dinner and your cousin Miranda will be there too, why don't you go to the library beside Hotel Denouement?"

I stood up and smiled, excited to know what she wants to tell me. I got dressed and went downstairs to say goodbye to my parents.

"A Library is like an island in the vast sea of ignorance." I said remembering what my parents always told when we visit the library "Bye mum, bye dad."

Just then my parents started sobbing "Goodbye." my parents said in between sobs. I stood there staring at them and hugged them. They said goodbye I thought and no one says goodbye unless we meet them again.

I took the trolley pass Hotel denouement and to Prufork (the library back then was open to everyone) and I went into the library, right at the librarian's desk I see Ms B the librarian (who told me her stories of being a baticeer) reading a book.

"Ah Ms Caliban nice to see you, you looking for a book?"

I hesitated and I looked through my commonplace book for something interesting, till I remembered my parents talking about organisations, though I know they are gonna tell me later I still wanna do some research.

"Is there a book about organisations?" I asked

Ms B smiled as if she read my mind. "What about you find it by yourself, besides I've taught you a lot about library science," she said with a wink, and I nodded.

Let's see organisations should be part of social sciences… I thought which mean it should be in the shelf 300s and under that she- Then I was interrupted by footsteps approaching me, I turned around to see Mr James Poe staring at me and Ms B at the back looking worried. Jeez Mr Poe and his family coughs so much even his toddler Arthur Poe has a Coughing fit every minute.

" *cough* Well hello Olivia, I'm here to inform you that your parents *cough* and most of the other family members have perished in a fire." Mr Poe stated.

That was when my world was shattered.