Alex stared out of the car window as they pulled up to the gates. He thought of the message he got from the sergeant that morning, 'You're coming home Alex, it will be good to see you face to face again.'

Alex and the sergeant of BB had started talking after Jack had died, he hated thinking or talking about the 'incident'.

MI6 thought he needed somebody to talk to. He didn't want to admit it but, it helped, a lot.

They called each other everyday except when Alex was on missions, but when that happened the first thing he did when he got back was call. He remembered once after a mission, he called whilst caught up on drugs. He didn't know where he was but they talked until MI6 had found him. He wasn't certain but he thinks he called the sergeant dad but he was like that anyway, a dad he never had.

One day Yassen came back, Alex called sergeant and let him sort it. So now, Yassen works for the SAS.

Last time Alex went to brecon beacons it was a hellhole and every soldier hated hated him, but now with sergeant and Yassen it would be better. It would also help that most of the soldiers had heard of him, the sergeant had told him of that, he told him that the new rumours that were going around were of a teenage super spy and soldier. He giggled when he heard it.

They had heard of the agent who never failed, who was young - too young, how he saved the world countless times and how Yassen was loyal to him and him alone. They had heard of how he took down a SCORPIA leader and how in return they shot him in the heart but missed, they heard of the battles between SCORPIA assassins and the leaders but won in the end. They had heard how after their death, he disappeared. That MI6, MI5, the ASIS and the CIA looked for him for 4 months, but all that they heard were whispers and all they found was blood and the decapitated heads of SCORPIA, the Triads and Snakehead. It was only after they were all dead that he let himself be found. They called him, angelus mortis, the angel of death.

As Alex stepped out of the car into pouring rain, he saw Sarge/sergeant waiting for him. Sergeant strode forwards and grabbed Alex's arm before pulling him into a hug to which Alex flinched but settled in after a while

"Welcome back Cub," he murmured.

This is the closest home I have, Alex thought to himself.