Author's note: Sexuality chapter! WHOOOO. I'm omni towards boys and i'm a girl. Please can homophobics leave. Omnisexual is a bit like pansexual except they prefer a certain 1 of the 5 different sexes.

"He's just strange. Weird" Wolf muttered to his unit. "He looks 18, he shouldn't be here. At his age i was getting drunk and hitting up all of the girls."

Snake whispered even lower and just to Wolf "You soon realised that wasn't the right gender."

"Shut up hun." Wolf whispered back. Eagle smirked. "No, you didn't."

"I heard." Eagle giggled and at Wolf expression he said "Oh don't worry, i support you two." He cooed to annoy his teammates and then grinned.

"You're still going to die!" The unit's leader growled and advanced on Eagle.

"Sheesh! I'm bi, I'm fine with you being gay." They were now talking normally, unaware of a staring MI6 agent called Alex and their other member, Walrus.

"As long as you don't hit on my baby." Wolf growled again and pulled Snake closer to him.

"Ummm guys we can hear you." Walrus pointed out. "Cute match."

Wolf's eyes widened. "I- um- thanks Walrus." Snake blushed as he spoke his thanks.

Alex just sat watching, he did not expect this, maybe they'd accept him too? No, he can't let them know. After a while of silence Snake spotted him and nudged his partner to look at him. Sh!t, Alex thought. "Errr hi."he spoke as they all stared at him.

Wolf advanced "YOU. WON'T. SAY. ANYTHING. Got it?!" He snarled and pushed Alex who had stood up and cowardly stumbled into a corner, a bad mistake as Wolf had just pushed him and could do that again and again, Alex had no escape.

"I really won't."

"I don't believe you." Wolf pushed him again but this time in a specific place. Alex gasped out, his vision faded. Wolf had pushed his hand into Alex's bullet scar which had recently tore a bit open from a mission.

"Fine, you don't believe me. At least trust me. I won't say anything." Alex weakly mumbled.

"Speak up brat!" Wolf sneered as he was pulled back by Snake, who gave him a soft kiss to his head.

"I won't… say anything." he took between breaths.

"Weakling." Wolf said and retreated.

(AN: so these are the stats:

Wolf = gay & taken (partner = snake)

Snake = omni towards men & taken (partner = wolf)

Eagle = bi & single

Walrus= straight (hestro) & married (partner = a lady called jessica)

Alex= you will have to find out.)