Drabbles of Parker and Hardison.

1x01 The Nigerian Job

She can't explain why she stays and she doesn't want to examine her motives too deeply. She's a thief. She relies on her silent speed to get by. Four strangers moving beside her does not make for silence nor speed. The logical thing would be for her to leave…silently and quickly. Instead, her feet slowly turn her around and she hears every step thud loudly in her ears as she rejoins the strangers. Maybe just one more job….

1x06 The Stork Job

"We're a team," Hardison's eyes are on hers as he says that.

"A little more than a team," she replies. She feels the hint of a smile on her face and quickly turns away.

She doesn't know where that came from. She's never had a family so how would she know what one feels like? Yet, somehow, hearing their banter and feeling their energy around her makes her feel like she belongs. She's never belonged anywhere. And no-one has ever come back for her….

1x12 The First David Job

He wants to talk about the kiss but she's never been much of a talker. She can tell that he enjoyed it and so did she. She wishes she could talk about it, tell him all the confused emotions swirling around inside her head. Tell him that, for her, it wasn't pretend. It wasn't just to distract the guards. She's the world's greatest thief. She could have easily gotten past them. The guards simply presented her with an opportunity to do something she'd been thinking about doing for a while. And now she's done it and it was better than she had thought and he wants to talk but she's never been much of a talker. She's more of a doer. So she tosses the David to him and hopes he understands what that action means. That, for once in her life, she doesn't covet something that she's just stolen. That she would give it up… for him.

3x5 The Double-Blind Job

She's never been afraid of heights. Has never felt that drop in her stomach when standing at the very edge of a skyscraper. On the contrary, she finds the edge alluring. It brings to her feelings of excitement and exhilaration. Freefalling is like a religion to her. The feeling of leaping off a building; euphoric.

Enter Hardison.

Now, she finds herself on the precipice of something…something just out of reach. Something that she can't seem to verbalise, even to herself. This leap doesn't tantalise, it terrifies.

"You need to tell him how you feel," Sophie says.

The advice sounds so simple and Parker has never been one to sugarcoat things so she opens her mouth to lay it all down, "So I have to tell you something."

"So, the thing is I think that, maybe, I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings for….." Staring so deeply into his eyes does strange things to her stomach. She feels it drop all the way to her toes and she freezes. This is one leap she's not quite ready to make yet. "…pretzels," she finishes lamely.