Hello! Welcome to a brand new fanfic. Let's take a jump into the world of the Unnaturals… a world of combat, a world of wonder and…

A world of amazing creatures.

You can sense the deer frolic and bound away from you. Yet you and you and your clan do not give up.

A fellow leopard cuts off the deer's path as it tries to escape from the snowy mountains.

The clan is closing in on the helpless prey, until it takes a strike at a leopard and veers away.

The leopards do not give up. Thick fur bristling, claws unsheathed, eyes alert, they continue the chase, following the deer to a river.

You feel your senses relax when the deer halts to a stop. You start to

bunch down, when the deer takes a leap over the river.

Your clan does not worry, and they silently take a jump over the river. You follow.

The deer sees no escape. The leopards will catch it if it does not fight back. And so it lashes out with sharp hooves, causing growls of pain and fear.

The deer makes a triumphant sound as it prepares to escape. However, the leopards lunge. You hear the satisfying sound of bones being crunched as you sink your teeth into the neck.

Your clan gathers around you, purring, as they together take a bite. You savor each morsel you take.

This is freedom.