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Wojo was on the job, arresting a man who is threatening to shoot up a store. So when he arrived to the scene, he quickly got out and ran inside drawing his gun out. "Ok, put ya hands up now!" Wojo shouted.

The man stood there looking at Wojo.

"I mean it, put the gun down!" Wojo yelled.

The man smirked and pointed the gun at Wojo.

"Oh please God no." Wojo thought.

All suddenly Wojo fell lightheaded and starts to see darkness around him, and he woke up to see a light shining on his face, as he opens his eyes to see a white wall. He was in a hospital.

"Wojo?" He heard his caption Barney Miller asked him. "Wojo, you ok?"

Wojo sits up a little, painfully.

"W-what happened?" Wojo asked.

"You've been shot." Chano said putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"You ok son?" Fish asked him.

Wojo just nodded his head.

"Barney, I'm so sorry." Wojo said. "I uh…I let em go."

"Hey, it's alright. Nick and Harris have him at the 12th precinct." Barney assures him. "But right now, all we care is that if you're ok now."

Wojo half-smiled.

"Well I will uh…think quickly next time." Wojo said.

"Don't be sorry." Chano said. "We're so glad you're ok buddy."

Wojo shakes Chano hand.

"Thanks." Wojo smiled. "Did anyone call my mother?"

"I did." Chano told him.

"Oh thanks." Wojo says. "I don't want my mom to worry so much."

They chuckled at him, he may be in his late 20s, but he also had that childish innocence in him.

"W-what about my father?" Wojo asked quietly.

"I did, but he said he was busy with something." Chano explained.

Wojo looks down.

"Of course, too busy to see his own son." Wojo said.

Barney puts his hand on his shoulder.

Woj, your father cares." Barney told him.

Wojo looks back up.

"Yeah, ever since I was a baby, he was so busy, he never care what I do." Wojo says. "As least I see you as my father."

Barney smiled.

"Hey, you can always think of me as your father." Barney tells him.

"I always have." Wojo smiled.

Barney smiled, squeezing his shoulder. Wojo may be an adult man, but he could always see Barney as his father and looked up to him as a father figure.