Taking place after Missy's Back, Missy Robinson is in jail planning to get her revenge

Missy: Someday I'm going to get out of this prison and when I do, I'm coming to get my revenge you iCarlies. Including you Samantha Puckett!

She's next to a cell that has Briggs and Howard in it

Mr. Howard: You hate them too?

Missy: Yes. Especially Sam.

Miss. Briggs: Hey why don't we get revenge and kidnap Sam and her stupid redhead roommate?

Mr. Howard: I like that.

Missy: How are we supposed to get out?

Miss. Briggs: Like this!

Miss. Briggs blasts a hole through the wall

Mr. Howard: Nice.

They go through the hole and escape

Missy: See ya soon you iCarlies.

Mr. Howard: Real soon.

They evil laugh

We now cut to Los Angeles, California at Apartment #22

Sam and Cat have Freddie and Robbie over

Cat: It was great for you guys to come over.

Robbie: Thanks. I had nothing else to do.

Freddie: It was that or I had to go to Puzzle-Con with my mom.

Dice: I know how that feels.

Sam: Is she still over protective?

Freddie: Yes. She completely freaked out when I told her about the tuna fish incident.

Sam: She's annoying.

Robbie: Rex made fun of me more my injuries.

Dice: Who's Rex?

Cat: His puppet. He takes him to school all the time.

Freddie: You're 18 years old and you carry around a puppet.

Robbie: Not recently.

Dice: I'm surprised I didn't go to court for all of that.

Missy and the teachers have arrived

Missy: That's Sam's apartment.

Mr. Howard: She lives in there?

Miss. Briggs: Yikes.

Missy: Let's get them.

Miss. Briggs kicks down the doors

Miss. Briggs: Sup wazz bags.

Cat: You?

Sam: What the fuck are you hoes doing here?

Mr. Howard: Revenge.

Freddie: I'm calling the cops.

Missy uses a shock pen and knocks out Sam, Cat, Dice, Freddie, and Robbie

Missy: Sorry but you can't do that.

Mr. Howard: Let's roll.

They grab them and drags them to Missy's car and drives off

Miss. Briggs: Oh revenge how I love you so.

Sam, Cat, Dice, Freddie, and Robbie wake up in a strange room

Robbie: Ugh what happened?

Dice: I have no idea.

Freddie: Where are we.

Missy: Aw look who woke up.

Sam: What do you punks want from us?

Mr. Howard: I already told you we want revenge.

Cat: That was your own fault.

Miss. Briggs: Shut it you dumb redhead.

Cat squeals

Freddie: You really are the worst teachers alive.

Miss. Briggs: And you're an annoying nerd.

Missy: And Sam you shouldn't have stolen Carly from me.

Sam: Will you stop that!

Freddie: Carly doesn't even like you anymore.

Robbie: Yeah.

Mr. Howard: No one was talking to you glasses!

Meanwhile Jade and Tori are watching a news report about Missy, Mr. Howard, and Miss. Briggs escaping jail

Tori: Those are the people who kidnapped our friends.

Jade: You don't think they kidnapped them again do you?

Tori: I think so. Cat usually hangs out with us on Friday nights but she hasn't arrived.

Jade: We got to go save them.

Tori: Let's go.

Jade: Got the tracking device?

Tori: Yes.

Jade: Hang on Cat.

Tori: We'll save you.

Back with the others

Dice: Ugh I have to pee.

Mr. Howard: There's a sink behind you.

Cat: You expect us to pee in that sink?

Robbie: Gross.

Miss. Briggs: We had to do that in front of people so now you have to.

Sam: Once I get out of here, I'm going to kill you bastards!

Missy: Oh but you can't.

Miss. Briggs: Because you're locked up in that room.

Mr. Howard: And you will never get out because nobody is coming for you hoes.


Jade and Tori appear as the audience cheers

Cat: Jade?

Robbie: Tori.

Jade: Let them go.

Mr. Howard: No.

Miss Briggs: You can't tell us what to do.

Missy: Yeah princess so why don't you get out while you can still walk out.

Jade gets mad when she hears the word "princess" and she grabs Missy's arm and begins twisting it

Missy: OW! OW OW!

Jade: How do you like that!


Tori: Oh she's not gonna.

Jade: Yeah!

Jade keeps twisting Missy's arm until she goes down

Miss. Howard: You're no match for us.

Tori uses a baseball bat and hits Miss. Briggs and Mr. Howard in the head causing them to fall down

Tori: You guys okay?

Cat: Yeah.

Jade lets them out and like Sam said, she literally kills Missy, Mr. Howard, and Miss. Briggs with a knife that was on a wall

Freddie: That's what you get you bitches!

Dice: She wasn't kidding.

Cat: You know Sam. She doesn't kid about anything.

Sam: I've been wanting to do this for so long.

Robbie: Thanks for saving us.

Tori: You're welcome.

Jade: Don't mention it.

Freddie: Sam I'm glad you killed them.

Sam: Thanks. I hope they rot in hell.

Robbie: They got what they deserved.

Jade: Yeah.

Tori: Now they're out of your lives for good.

Cat: Thanks for killing them Sam.

Sam: No problem. It feels so good to finally do that.

The End

Note: This is a direct sequel to my stories Missy's Back and Melanie Get's Framed as Missy, Miss. Briggs, and Mr. Howard are shown getting their revenge on Sam and her friends

Note #2: This features special guest stars from iCarly and Victorious

Note #3: Rex Powers from Victorious is mentioned

Note #4: Hollywood Arts High School is mentioned

Note #5: Freddie's overprotective mom from iCarly is mentioned

Note #6: Sam literally killed Missy, Mr. Howard, and Miss. Briggs so they won't be coming back ever again