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Summary: "Apologize to Gokudera-san right now!" It's those words that save him. Out of everyone in the world to defend his honor... Gokudera is surprised that it's Haru.


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"It's not like I want to be in the same class with you either." Hayato rolls his eyes and mumbles this under his breath. It's their second year of high school and this time, Haru has transferred into Namimori High. Everyone was excited when they found out (except for Tsuna and Hayato) and dismayed to find out she wasn't in their class. Out of all the luck in the world, she happens to be in his class. Just those two...


Haru had complained about it while Hayato wondered who the hell he must have pissed off in his past life. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, not only were they in class together, but Tsuna and the others were in the class farthest away. That was more depressing for Haru. Hence why she was complaining while walking beside him.

"But Gokudera-san, it's possible to switch classes, right?" She pouts and folds her arms across her chest. To the Storm Guardian's reluctant surprise, Haru actually looks good in their uniform. She looks like the ideal student. With her uniform pressed from the early morning, there's not a wrinkle in sight. Haru is the perfect image of a Japanese high school student. Dressed in their navy skirt and blazer, her white colored shirt pops out with its cleanliness and almost sparkles. Her red second year ribbon is tied perfectly, just as her hair is done nicely. Haru's long black hair is straightened and left down, something he finds weird.

Unbeknownst to Haru, many other people look their way. Hayato can only guess it's because of how he looks. Everything about him screams delinquent and troublemaker. He wears black jeans, his white shirt is un-tucked with no tie, his blazer placed on sloppily, and earring, bracelets, and rings cover him all around. Truly, he is a sight to behold. Not that anyone in this school didn't know. It was only Haru who was surprised by his choice of clothing. She reprimanded him for it but shrugged it off nonetheless.

"Yeah, they're not going to do it if there's no real reason to change classes." He tells her in a monotone voice. Haru purses her lips at this and adds an extra bounce in her step to come in front of the younger teen, halting him in his movements. Green eyes look down to Haru and narrow with annoyance. It increases when Haru folds her arms across her chest.

"But I do have a real reason." She insists, a little bratty. "I want to be with everyone else. Not just you." She says this in such a matter-of-fact tone that Hayato can't help but smirk. Leaning forward, he grows amused by how Haru doesn't back up. Instead, she sizes him up. Hayato finds it a bit hilarious, considering how much smaller she is compared to him.

"Good luck with that." He tells Haru and side steps around her, entering the class. He doesn't have to face Haru to know that she has rolled her eyes before following him inside.

"Geez Gokudera-san!" She complains and follows him to his seat. She invites herself to the one next to him, much to his slight annoyance. "Would it kill you to be a little bit more supportive in my endeavors?" She asks with a pout. It annoys him a little more because she actually looks a bit cute doing so. He shakes his head of those thoughts.

"Let me think..." He fakes, tilting his head as if considering. "Yeah, yeah I think it would kill me." He answers her with a wolfish grin. Haru gives him a blank stare before kicking his chair, causing the Storm Guardian to almost fall out. She laughs at this. "Hey!" He snaps at her while rearranging himself. "Watch it woman! I could have broken something. And do you see what I mean now?! You could have killed me!"

"Oh, stop being such a baby Gokudera-san." She tsk's at him. Hayato gasps at that.

"Did you just click your tongue at me stupid woman!?" He growls and leans in close in hopes to intimidate her. Haru, unaffected, copies his action and sneers.

"And if I did?" She challenges. Despite their tones, the corner of their lips are turned upward. Together, the two continue to stare at each other, arguing with their eyes. Haru is not aware of the looks her classmates give them nor can she hear the little whispers surrounding them. Hayato can and it irks him.

"Gokudera-kun is so handsome but he's scary."

"I hear he's a genius."

"Someone like that is a bad image to this school."

"How can a guy like that be number one?"

"He's broken so many girl's hearts."

"Someone like him is detestable."

Hayato doesn't let his classmates words affect him, his exterior oblivious to their words. Instead of paying them any attention, he focuses everything he has onto Haru. A sense of thankfulness settles in for a moment and he's almost glad for her existence in the classroom. If she wasn't there, he was sure that he would be going off on the entire classroom by now. 'They lucked out this year.' Thinks Hayato as he feigns interest in whatever Haru is complaining about to him now.

Soon, the bell rings. It signals that class has started and their teacher walks in. He's a strict looking guy. The usual hair-losing, glasses wearing, tight suit kind. Just the sight of him makes Hayato's blood boil and when the teacher locks eyes with him, the feeling looks to be mutual. The man gives Hayato a bit of snide look, one filled with contempt and disapproval. Green eyes roll to the back of its head. 'Here we go.' Hayato tells himself as the teacher begins to take roll.

Going down the list of names, Haru is called before him. The petite high school student nearly jumps from her seat but recovers. Slight giggles go around the room at this and Haru has the decency to blush a bit. Shaking off her nerves, she begins. "My name is Miura Haru. I like hanging out with friends and having an adventure every day." Hayato can't help but to raise an amused brow at this. "I don't like being away from the one I like," the Storm Guardian rolls his eyes, "and I really, really, really love cake! Also, I previously went to Midori High School so if anyone needs help, I'll be glad to be of assistance." She brings a nervous hand to the back of her head. "Although, unfortunately... Math isn't my strong point so I can't help you there. Heh heh..." Grinning, she finishes her introduction and everyone in the class claps their hands with joy.

When Haru begins to sit down, she locks eyes with him and flashes him a grin. I did good? He shrugs his shoulders in response. 'You did alright.' Haru does a secret fist pump to herself and as annoying as it is, Hayato's lips twitch at that. He covers his mouth so he won't laugh out loud.

'Stupid woman...' He thinks to himself before clearing his throat. It's not too much longer before it's his turn to introduce himself. He doesn't bother to stand up. Hayato just sits there and raises his hand before saying only his name. It's quiet after that and many of the students whisper amongst themselves. From the corner of his eyes, he can see Haru frown at him. She leans over slightly.

"Gokudera-san, that's not good enough." She whispers softly enough for only him to hear. "You also have to say what you like and don't like. Things like those. Hahi, haven't you ever done a proper introduction before?" He gives a Haru a blank stare before just shrugging his shoulders. The frown on her face deepens greatly as she turns her head towards the front. She's a bit surprised to see their teacher give him such a spiteful look. When she finally looks around them, Haru is quick to take note of everyone else's displeased facial features.

Without thinking, she stands up again and slams her hands onto the table. "U-Um!" She stutters. Very, very loudly. Hayato looks at her like she's grown a second head.

'What is she doing?' He thinks to himself, slightly baffled by Haru's spontaneity.

"I'll do Gokudera-san's introduction!" Haru offers loudly. Said boy next to her is rendered speechless as he just sits there and blinks. Everyone else does so too, the teacher included. When it looks like he's about to decline her offer, Haru speaks in rapid fire. "You see, Gokudera-san is just a very shy individual to begin with, so he doesn't really like doing these kind of things. But luckily, he and I are friends and I know a lot about him to do his introduction! Won't you let me do it this once? Spare him this one time? Pleeeease?" She ends her dialogue with a stare of a kicked puppy.

Her look makes the teacher uncomfortable and the adult squirms in his spot. Despite this, he lets Haru do it one time.

"Hahi! Thank you!" She smiles victoriously and glances at her companion. He spares her an irritated look and instead lets her do her thing. A feeling of anticipation fills him for a moment, and he's curious as to what she could possibly say about him. "His name is Gokudera Hayato." She cheerfully introduces. "He dislikes almost everything and likes Tsuna-san a lot!"

Granted that was the truth, the way she says it makes it seem like something it's not. Girls around him whisper in earnest and Hayato gives Haru a look of frustration. She chooses to ignore it and continues. "He's really talented at the piano too!"

'How does she know that?' He wonders, taken aback. Hayato knows he hasn't told her. Takeshi's face pops up all of a sudden and then he scowls. 'I smell a rat. ...or a damn mutt.' Feeling slight betrayed, he continues to listen to Haru.

"Also! Gokudera-san is really smart! ...not as smart as me though." She adds seriously. Hayato can feel a vein forming on his forehead as he crosses his arms over his chest. He can hear some students chatter a little warm heartily at this though. Something he finds... Strange, but not entirely unpleasant. Haru continues. "And though he's a bit impatient," that was as nice as she was going to get about his bad attitude, "Gokudera-san is very, very reliable. If he says he'll do something, then he'll do it!" Hayato's green eyes widen at that. He watches at how Haru faces him, a silly grin on her face. "I know this very well because when I really need him, he's there for me."

"EEEHHHHH?!" Is the sound of the students (mainly the girls) in the classroom. There are a few boys who dare shoot Hayato a smirk which he vehemently ignores. A fierce blush threatens to spread across his cheeks as he keeps a close eye on Haru. She's looking at him with such admiration and respect, it causes a little stir in his chest. A stir, though small, is very, very warm and fills his heart. Her gray eyes are clear, as if she's trying to convey something to him.

This is what I truly think.

That's the kind of feeling he gets from her right now. Before he can really read into it though, she turns her head back to the teacher who looks slightly...unsure about her introduction concerning the silver haired teen. "Anyways, please take care of Gokudera-san!" Bowing, she sits down and grins. Hayato catches her side glance and she giggles at that.

"That was unnecessary." He whispers and turns ahead to face the board. The teacher continues with roll call and the student after him begins their introduction. There's still quiet chatter concerning him but Hayato detects that it's students who were, at first discontent with him, are now filled curiosity. When looking around, there are a few stares he returns. Mostly girls who shoot him a smile before looking away. There was one guy who met his stare back and just did a nod. 'They're not like before.' He notes. It's a quick change from their perspective of him earlier. All the nasty remarks that were said earlier have disappeared and Hayato's can't help but feel that everyone suddenly see's him in a different light.

Looking at Haru's side profile, she just smiles in her seat and lightly taps her nails against the flat surface of her desk. She's humming to herself, completely oblivious to the sudden positive shift of their classmates attitude towards him. Something he knows is completely her fault.

And he doesn't mind.

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