Billy Batson and The Power of Shazam

Shazam and all related characters belong to DC Comics

"I AM ALBRECHT KRIEGER! LEADER OF THE FOURTH REICH! SOON ALL TRUE WHITES WILL THANK US FOR REMOVING THE FILTH FROM THIS CITY!" A young man, no older than 17 was ranting outside a park, his arms covered with swastika tattoos, and his blond hair in a flat top with a scar running across his right eye. He wore a green tank-top which brandished a red swastika on the front and wore olive drab cargo pants. Most ignored him... That is until a thirteen year old boy with jet black hair and brown eyes walked up, wearing a white and blue baseball shirt, and blue jeans.

"You do know we kinda won against you guys back in World War II right? Pretty sure we won't be thanking you." The boy said as Krieger grabbed him by his shirt.

"I know you Freeman... The Jew who keeps undercutting all young Aryans in baseball at school." Krieger growled out, as the boy in his clutches snorted out a laugh.

"Maybe, or they just aren't that good? Also what even is an Aryan? I mean, I thought Nazis were German so..." The boy said smirking, knowing he was likely going to get belted in the head for that, but he knew he had had enough of this drivel being spewed by this hate monger. Since no one else was around, he felt it was his duty to speak up, and if he got a little beaten up, it only made the would-be Fuhrer look worse. Krieger growled as he pulled his fist back, a sound of thunder clashing as he did so however. Suddenly he felt his fist held in place by something. As Krieger looked and saw the interloper, he saw a man with jet black hair, amber colored eyes, and wore a bright red costume, with golden boots and bracers on his arms, a white cape in gold trim, and a golden lightning bolt on his chest, with a gold sash around his waist.

"Mind if I cut in?" The caped man asked as he grabbed Krieger by the shirt, letting go of his fist, lifting him effortlessly with one arm. The hate monger tried in vain, punching and kicking at the caped man, but it was like he was hitting a brick wall. At this point the police had arrived, responding to the reports of the commotion.

"He's all yours, make sure he remembers to keep the hate speeches in the history books where they belong." The caped man said as the crowd stared, the police taking Krieger into custody as the boy he saved looked up at him.

"Uh, hi! Freddy Freeman with Facwett High's Whiz News, just wanted to say thanks for saving my life and all... Also who are you?!" Freddy asked excitedly as the strongman smiled.

"Captain Marvel!" He exclaimed as he flew off quick as lightning into the sky and off into the distance faster than anyone could hope to track. Landing a safe distance away and behind an alley, Shazam looked around to see that no one was around.

"SHAZAM!" And with a word he was back as Billy Batson, who was now rushing to get to school.

The school bell rang as Billy and his foster brothers and sister entered the school, waving as they all went their separate ways to their own classes, but Billy stopped when he heard yelling coming from the Principle's Office.

"I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU THREE! YOU'RE OUT! EXPELLED!" The principle could be heard yelling as three young men marched out of his office. All of them were dressed in ripped up jeans, had dyed green hair, with leather jackets that had a crocodile pattern stitched into them. Lars Jorrk, Harold Herkimer, and Sylvester Smith. A gang of three, known to the school and most of the neighborhood as the Crocs.

"Outta the way Batson." Herkimer said as he shoved past Billy, before Sylvester and Jorrk came barreling behind him, and simultaneously knocked him down and stepped on him. Getting up, Billy glared at them as they just laughed at his irritation, before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"You alright Billy?" A woman asked, Billy looking to see the blond locks of the principle's secretary Joan Jameson. She helped dust him off, as he saw the three punks leave the school.

"Better now that those creeps aren't here anymore." Billy said as Miss Jameson went back to her desk, as the principle called from his office.

"Billy Batson, come here please." The principle said as Billy did as he was asked.

"Billy, have a seat." The principle, one Sterling Morris, said as he took off his glasses and wiped them. He was a man, of similar age to Uncle Dudley, with a slight receding hairline, white hair and mustache, with a fairly rotund build. Billy sat down as the Principle got up from his chair and looked out the window, putting his glasses back on.

"Billy, we've got a problem with the school's wi-fi, now ordinarily I wouldn't be bothering a student about this, but since you're the head of the school paper..." Morris said as Billy caught his meaning.

"You think it's a student messing with it, and you want me to see if I can track them down?" Billy asked as the principle nodded, sitting back down as he did.

"Just keep an eye to the ground, we've had the IT department look things over but we can't pin it down, and all they can figure is it's something disrupting the signal so..." Morris was cut off as the power to the entire school shut off... Then came back on, then off again. A crash was heard outside as Billy and Morris looked out the window to see that two cars had collided with one another, the street lights off. Suddenly Morris' desktop computer sprang to life, as did the school PA system, and all across the city sound systems, and digital devices, everything switched on as a voice came ringing through.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh... Hello Fawcett City... My name is Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana. What you have just experienced is a mere test of my Energy Scrambler. It's capabilities make it, for those of you too stupid to understand the true scientific nature of it, a universal on and off switch. My demands are simple… One hundred billion dollars… If my simple and modest demand is not met… Well look up in the sky..."

As soon as the broadcast was over, a shadow was seen forming over the school. A seven-forty-seven was dropping out of the sky, as Principle Morris looked over at Billy.

"BILLY GET…" However Billy was already gone, as Morris tried desperately to get the PA system on to warn everyone. Suddenly he heard something peculiar from outside.


And a clap of thunder. Morris looked out his window to see a red, white, and gold blur shoot past him and up unto the sky.

"Come on, come on what am I…" Captain Marvel said to himself as he suddenly felt a calm come over him, as he looked at the angle of the plane and its trajectory. Quickly getting under it, he began to slowly apply lift guiding it back up, letting it tip back up into the air as the momentum of its fall was transferred into an upward thrust, guiding the plane to a nearby lake as he carefully sat it down. Seeing the passengers safely evacuate, the Captain looked back towards the city and glared.

"Sivana, huh? Mister, you just made the biggest mistake of your life."

"WHAT?! THAT! THAT! CAPED CLOD! THAT MUSCLE BOUND MORON! THAT, THAT, BIG RED…" An old man ranted, looking to be in his sixties at the very least, as he suddenly roared and flipped his desk over. The man wore thick, round, glasses, and had a rather large overbite, and wore a white lab coat and black pants and boots. He looked at footage he had recorded of what was meant to be the destruction of Fawcett High, but instead was suddenly making waves across the city.

"No one makes a fool of Dr. Sivana… No one…" Sivana said as he went over to his machine, the Energy Scrambler. He had allowed everyone their power back, so as to record the devastation of his machine, and show he was not some mad man, but a man of promise… As in the promise all who opposed him would suffer. Instead, the internet and news sites were all talking about Captain Marvel this, and Captain Marvel that.

"It makes me want to puke…" Sivana said to himself as he turned his machine back on.

"Let's see how well their little hero does this time." He said… As he flipped a switch… And the entire city went dark.

"Come on guys! Power's out, we only got a little time to loot before the cops start heading out!" Herkimer called as he, and his two punk friends broke into an antique store.

"What're we doin' here Herkimer? This stuff is just old shit and dust." Jorrk said as he knocked over a display case, smashing priceless antique china inside it for no other reason than to break something.

"Yeah, but you see the owner? He's always dressed up real nice, and has that fancy car! He's gotta be loaded!" Herkimer said as he broke into the office of the store, seeing the owner at his desk. The owner was an older man, with tanned skin and greying hair who looked rightfully terrified at the sudden intrusion.

"Please, I don't want any…" The old man said as he was yanked up from behind his desk by Herkimer.

"That's fine old man, because WE want plenty!" Sylvester said as he took a bat and broke the framed pictures of the man's family that were hanging on the wall.

"Please! Stop! I'll…" The man begged as he was punched in the face by Herkimer who then threw him out into the main room of his store.

"You'll give us everything?! Well that's real nice of ya!" Herkimer drew back and kicked the old man hard in the gut. Suddenly Jorrk came up with something in his hand, and tapped Herkimer on the shoulder.

"Hey check this thing out, looks pretty badass." The Croc punk said as he showed off what he'd found to his friends. An old ceramic crocodile statue, which showed a human face inside the maw of the crocodile, as if the man was being eaten alive.

"Please, be careful with that! It is one of the lost treasures of Prince Amentep! It is…" The old man begged as the Crocs laughed before kicking him hard, one by one.

"This thing must really mean a lot to ya, huh old man…" Herkimer said, taking the ceramic crocodile from his partner in crime… Then threw it hard on the ground, shattering it.

"Oops!" The gangbanger said as he and his cohorts began to laugh at the man's misery.

"Okay fun's over, where's the money old man?" Herkimer said as he yanked the old man up… brandishing a knife at his neck. However from the shattered remains of the ceramic crocodile a green smoke came, enveloping the room. The old man was unharmed by it, but the three gangbangers were suddenly clutching their throats and screaming in agony in between wild coughing fits. They all three ran out of the store screaming in blind terror and pain. Stopping in an alleyway, they caught their breath as the effects of whatever that smoke was wore off.

"Damn old man must've had some kinda mace or some shit…" Herkimer said breathlessly, as his friends just nodded, still coughing. However as that pain subsided… Another soon took hold… As they all fell over screaming once more.

Their skin began to flake off, becoming dry and cracked as it was replaced… By hard plated scales growing from underneath, ripping through their skin. The back of their pants tore open as their spines elongated in an excruciating metamorphosis as tails began to grow. Hands gave way to paws, as their fingers split open to reveal razor sharp claws had taken their place. They all clutched their heads as they flattened, their eyes stretching around to the sides of their heads, their mouths elongating as their teeth fell out, being replaced by a row of sharp conical teeth.

Finally the pain subsided as they looked at each other in sheer horror… Horror that quickly turned into..

"... Oh hee… hee… Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Herkimer, now unrecognizable laughed as the others joined in. Slashing his new claws across the brick wall next to him, they heard the panicked cries and chaos of the city without power.

"... Ain't no one gonna mess with us ever again boys…"

Holy Moley! Dr. Sivana sure is a tough customer alright! Well, I gotta take care of his black out plan! But while I do that, here's another Marvel Fact!

Marvel Fact #2: The Rock of Eternity is the source of all magic across the multiverse! Any universe, anywhere, that uses magic can trace its origin directly back to the Rock of Eternity! Any magical creature from the most vile of demons to the most noble of gods are connected to The Rock of Eternity! Because of this nigh infinite power source, the Wizard can "pick" powers from gods without them even being aware or losing their own power!