Warning: This is actually my first Lab Rats fanfic because I discovered this show and liked it Characters may be out of character because I've only watched the show for a month.

Part 1: Insult to Injury

S-1 threw Leo cross the room and the ceiling beam land on his arm, immediately crushing it. He had not felt this kind of pain before. S-1 and Krane walked right passed her by as if nothing happened. Leo began to regain consciousness, and the first thing he heard were fire alarms. Leo knew his step-uncle and Principal were alive when he heard Douglas and Perry's voices, he began calling for help. Despite his busted ribs, Douglas tried prying the beam pole off his step-nephew's arm, but it was just too hard for him to follow through because of the sharp pain coming from his broken ribs. If he had the strength, Douglas was sure he could pull it off the kid. He just hated seeing the kid being so broken (however, it was ironic because he was trying to kill Leo for the past year. However, Douglas just wasn't strong enough (if only Adam and the others were not prisoners in their own home) because of his busted ribs. The pain was just too hard for him to lift the beam off his nephew. Leo screaming in pain just made it worse for Douglas to stomach so much of this.

"Step aside, I once lifted a car off of a guy, mostly because I was the one who ran him over," Perry said, causing Douglas to look at her in surprise. However, not even Perry could get the beam off the boy, mostly because her hand was slipping on what was Leo's blood. Douglas, who had once been to medical school, knew that kid needed that help. As Douglas ran, Leo felt the utmost pain (mostly because that woman was sitting on the ceiling beam until Leo screamed.) Perry quickly got off, apologizing before looking away. He screamed. This was the worse day of his life.

As the firemen lifted the beam off him, Leo felt some relief, but it was all he remembered before he had blacked out.

Douglas, after getting out of X-Ray, waited for Leo's status and it had been two hours. Seeing that none of Leo's parents were around, Douglas had to take responsibility for the kid and tell the paramedics that Leo was his brother's step-son. It was the only way they would let him stay near Leo, as his uncle and only thing closest to a guardian. And he was hurt bad, so who knew how long it would be before the doctor came out to tell Douglas of Leo's status or when Tasha came down to the hospital to settle things. He is pretty sure she was going to be in a frenzy and Douglas knew how much Tasha Dooley Davenport was a protective mother. He'd been living at the Davenport home for months and on the first day living there, he remembered that Tasha freaked out when she saw him there. Douglas could still feel her slapping him when they first met because, any woman would want to assault the man who tried to kill her son and husband and kidnap her stepchildren on countless occasions (and fairly, he deserved that). It even prevented him from joining them for dinner on his first night, at least until his youngest son, Chase, convinced him otherwise.

The conversation with Chase really wasn't relevant but it showed how much he changed. The point was that no one should ever mess with Tasha Davenport. Deeply, his point was that he was not that cold man anymore. He was going to be there for all the kids and worry for their well-beings, including Leo, because, despite what people thought, Douglas cared what happened to that kid now, because, he had developed a soft spot for the kid. whatever happened, he knew the kid was going to be okay. He just hoped the doctor would know what to do to save his nephew's arm. Of course, who knew what would happen to Leo, but he knew the kid would survive (He should know, Marcus failed to kill Leo so many times, the kid was able to outsmart his android son and cheat death).

His thoughts were interrupted when a young woman Douglas assumed was Leo's doctor walked towards him.

"Mr. Douglas Davenport," said the woman and with confirmation that he was the man she was looking for, she continued. "I'm your nephew's doctor. I apologize we took longer than we thought, Mr. Davenport. I was not aware you were out of X-ray waiting."

Mr. Davenport? Douglas still was not used to the use of his original surname because it had been years since he had been called that. In fact, his brother was called "Mr. Davenport" by the kids quite frequently, he first thought Dr. Hale was talking to his brother, but he forgot, Donald was still at the house.

"It is alright. How is he?"

"Your nephew's going to be alright. If help had not been on the way, he could have died from blood loss. So, it is a good thing that the firemen came when they did. Unfortunately, the beam damaged his arm's bone and muscle so much, he may never be able to use it again. We've stopped the bleeding and given him pain killers. But now, we have to wait for his mother to decide what to do next."

Hearing this, dread entered Douglas' mind, and not just because Perry might try and flirt with him again.

"What about the woman we came with?" Douglas asked.

"No one has seen her since you were both brought in here," Dr. Hale said, and she shuttered. Frankly, she did not like that woman. Before continuing, she looked at Douglas. "We're doing everything we can to make him comfortable."

"Yes, thank you, Dr. Hale," said Douglas. She told him he was in the room behind him and Douglas nodded, slowly going into the room where Leo was being held. Douglas reached observation and headed straight for the bed, where he saw the kid was sleeping peacefully, oblivious to what was going on in the world and what the future was going to be like for him. That arm would stay heavily bandaged, forever at Leo's side and he will only be able to use his left one. Kid would be devastated the rest of his life, incapacitated.

No. Douglas refused to let that happen.

He was not going to let the kid live or be miserable the rest of his life without use of his arm.

There was only one thing that could save the kid's arm now: bionics. However, a small part of Douglas wanted to chastise Principal Perry because she left Leo unattended, but in honesty, he was glad she was not there. The women kept giving him doe eyes, and it was mildly unnerving for the man. And he used to be a criminal mastermind, who could stand anything (except when Donald called him "Dougy").

Douglas noticed the kid was hooked up to several machines and he easily took the chords out of the wall. Quietly, or as much as he could, Douglas carefully sat Leo up and moved him to the wheelchair, mindful of the kid's arm, and the pain Douglas was feeling in his wrapped ribs. It was not easy, given that Leo was moaning the entire time.

"Okay, take it easy, Leo," Douglas whispered, moving Leo's arm into the kid's lap so it wouldn't bump into something else. When the boy was situated, Douglas wheeled him out of the hospital, unnoticed and sometimes soothing him.

"Calm down, Leo, you're going to be alright," Douglas said to the boy

Douglas lifted Leo with whatever strength he had left and laid him down on Krane's old medical table, slightly tilting it so Leo wouldn't fall off and slowly removed Leo's bandages to assess the damage until he heard Leo move, coming out of his sedation, moving his injured arm as Leo grimaced. Douglas grabbed hold of it, gently enough so it would not harm Leo.

"No! Let me go!" Leo cried, groggily looking at Douglas, who looked at Leo's fevered eyes and weakly fighting him.

"Leo, you need to calm down, you're safe," Douglas assured the boy, putting his hand on his nephew's shoulder. The boy looked at Douglas and slowly, stopped resisting. "Now, don't you worry, kiddo, I'm going to fix this arm. I just need you to calm down."

Leo nodded, slipping into unconscious yet again. Douglas sighed, glad he calmed Donny's stepson down. He pulled Leo down all the way, reaching the nearby equipment he needed to give the kid bionics, something Douglas knew Leo always wanted. He knew the boy has wanted them for a while because of all those times spying on the family through the cameras he had Marcus plant. He's also seen how Adam, Bree and Chase would tease their younger brother because Douglas was that kid once. He'd been the little brother who was always picked on by his older sibling, but always the one who had to realize that their siblings have always loved them. He had seen it with Chase, noting it when he rescued him from the avalanche, Douglas did not recognize it at the time, he did see Leo fall under the same category. Maybe he did see a little bit of himself in Leo and it took him this long to realize it. Preparing the equipment, Douglas grabbed onto Leo's damaged arm.

"Alright, kid, here I go. You'll be fine in no time."

And Douglas began to work.

Sometimes, Leo panicked whenever he was facing his parents or Adam's odor if he had not showered in a week. This time, he was mortified. The reason? He was in the warehouse Krane took him and his mother when he had abducted them to use Donald, Adam, Bree, and Chase as bait. The last thing he remembered was firemen pulling the beam off him. He had to get out of there. Leo tried get off the medical table, but Leo saw his heavily bandaged arm was strapped down by a restraint. Leo had to get out of there. He tried to pry it off with his fingers and pulled his arm while trying to break free. He couldn't be trapped. Not again.

"HELP! SOMEBODY, HELP! PLEASE!" he screamed so loud, he hoped someone could hear him. Douglas was alerted and rushed to the kid's side.

"Leo, calm down, you're safe," Douglas said, patting the boy on his chest.

Leo looked at his step-uncle confused. "Where is he? Where is Krane?"

"Calm down, buddy. He abandoned this place a while ago," Douglas reassured Leo as he frantically looked around. However, his movements were limited. "The guy's got hideouts everywhere. You should see his torture chamber in Palm Beach. It's gorgeous."

Leo raised an eyebrow, wondering how that had anything to do with why he was restrained.

"Why am I strapped down? Why am I here?"

"I had to bring you here," Douglas answered as he turned off dials and switches to a nearby machine. "This is the only place I knew with the necessary equipment."

"Equipment for what?" Leo hissed as Douglas undid the strap.

"Take off the bandages." Douglas told him causing Leo to raise his eyebrow. Slowly, Leo removed them but he saw it was healed, as if the incident had never happened. "It's completely healed but how?"

"Try it out. Like you're throwing a ball."

He gave him a questioning look. "Why? So, you can tell me how uncoordinated I am? No thanks."

Irritated, Douglas bit out, "Just do it, kid."

Leo rolled his eyes and did as his step-uncle told him to. An energy ball formed and was hurled into the other side of the room, throwing off a barrel. It caused Leo to drop his arm and look at the sight with wide eyes. Did he just throw a ball of fire into the air? How was that even possible? He looked at Douglas with a confused look.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Leo asked.

Douglas smirked and squeezed his nephew's shoulder. "Congratulations, Leo. You're bionic."