It was another lonely day at school. Because Adam, Bree and Chase were at Washington D.C. again because of Agent Graham. It had been a week since secret was revealed and Leo had no one to talk to all day. He couldn't even talk to Janelle because he has a feeling that she was angry at him for keeping it a secret from her. There was a bunch of kids at school who tried being friends with Leo but he could tell that they were only hoping to befriend him to get to Adam, Bree and Chase and Leo didn't want him or his siblings to have friends like that. Honestly, people often took Leo for granted and it needed to stop.

Deep down, he was glad that some of the other kids were leaving him alone. Even Trent was too scared to pick on him, probably because of the orb incident and because of his bionic siblings. Leo could easily take out that man with his laser spheres but luckily for him, Douglas kept them turned off when he went to school. Just this week, he had crushed Principal Perry's hand, nearly singed of Douglas' hair, and destroyed a couch stool when he was trying to swat at a fly. Leo always thought Bionics would be cool but recently, all these days of isolation, having no one to talk to and having to keeping his Bionics a secret made him angry, so much that he wanted to scream. But he'll be a good kid because he can handle it. He will try to handle it. Leo decided that maybe he'll talk to his mother about it. At least, when she came home but he barely saw Tasha these days due to her trying to keep reporters from the news station at Bay.

Leo came home to the front gate when news reporters started swarming around him and began to frantically ask him questions yet again. However, this time it was hard for Leo because there are more reporters than there were yesterday. However, he did catch them asking questions about Adam Bree and Chase and how had met them. One of them even asked how he felt being overshadowed by his siblings because they had bionic and he did not. At this point, Leo was starting to let his patience wear thin.

Back inside the Davenport Manor, Douglas looked in the fridge when Donald came into the room sulking. He didn't want to admit it but with the kids gone, he felt like he and his brother could do something with peace and quiet. And he meant that in any way possible because Douglas was upstairs, watching TV while Donald was downstairs in the lab. Today was one of the few days that Donald had that the place to himself because the kids what town in Washington DC. Okay, there was Leo but that kid had been really quieting these past few days. It shouldn't be a surprise, given that he had been bionic for a week. During that week, Leo's kept his bionic turned off but secretly Douglas kept them active when he was off school. He got up when the home system began buzzing. Douglas looked and saw Leo was surrounded by those people again. At that moment, Donald had come back up.

"Uh, Donnie, the reports are surrounding Leo again," Douglas said. "only this time it's worse."

Donald sighed. Why couldn't they have left them for one day? It was good thing Tasha went down to the new station to straighten things out because she was not happy when she found out Leo was bionic, or the fact that Douglas was the one to give him then in the first place. "Not again," Donald snapped. He did not want anyone to know anything about their personal lives. Now Donald never thought he would say it but he was sick of the press. However, this time there was a major problem: they were targeting his children. Now Donald was childish, immature, and arrogant, but no one exploited any of his kids and got away with it. (It's mostly why Tasha was staying at the news station because they had a discussion last week, where she refused to let the other reporters exploit their kids. Good thing these people were from another news station). However, Donald is not going to let these reporters do the same thing. Without another word, he burst out of the house and downstairs, where Leo was being ambushed by the reporters. The Davenport brothers pushed through the crowd and towards the kid.

"Alright, alright, that's enough!" Donald shouted, grabbing his kid's shoulder, and pushing him behind him. "Listen, none of you are allowed to look at my son, or speak to my son or even smell him!"

The reporters all looked from their cameras and their notepads to look at each other. Leo raised an eyebrow and Douglas had a strange expression from behind. How did that statement make any sense? Donald stopped and realized how stupid the last part had sounded.

"Look, the point is you're not allowed anywhere near him. He is a minor," Donald said. Then, a moment of silence. "You guys really should be focusing on me. I'm the one who are the Bionic Superheroes' father. Any questions?"

Suddenly, the reporters' raised their hands, now turning their attention to Donald. Leo huffed in annoyance, pushing right past Douglas, who shook his head at Donald's selfishness. He tapped his brother's shoulder.

"Donnie, what about Leo?" Douglas asked, pointing the direction Leo had went. Donald look at his son's retreating form but waved his hand dismissively.

"Yeah, yeah," Donald said, "he looks fine to me. Besides it looks like he is not willing to open to me. I should know. I tried.

"You should try harder," Douglas pushed.

"Well, you talk to him, I'm busy."

"But he is your kid!"

"Yeah, well, he's your nephew, and it's the uncle's job to pay attention to the nieces and nephews when the father is not available."

Douglas gave him a pointed look. One of the reporters raised their hands.

"Mr. Davenport, is it true your brother has been arrested five times?"

Douglas glared at this reporter. "It was four times! Get your facts straight!"

He turned, deciding to join Leo back inside the mansion. He did notice Leo seemed a little off. When he returned in doors, he was not surprised to Leo already doing his homework. He didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Leo only did his homework when getting home right away whenever he was upset about something. The kid's mother wasn't around. And his siblings were never around because of Agent Graham. Now, this time, Leo needed someone to fall back on.

He quietly approached the kid from behind.

"Leo, you only do your homework right away if there is something bothering you," Douglas said. "I should know, I've seen you do it when I was secretly spying on you."

Leo glared at him. Douglas realized what he said was wrong.

"Sorry. I didn't mean that. I meant…"

"Just forget it," Leo snapped, packing up his computer.

"You know, I've had nothing but trouble with this arm because of you. If feel much better if you taught me how to use it rather than open up your pickle jar."

"Leo, I can't."

"Why not?"

"Well you know you can't tell anyone about your bionics," Douglas said, seriously this time he was all serious. "We finally got the government on our side. Do you know what would happen if they discovered a fourth bionic kid?"

"Um, than I wouldn't have to hide it," Leo snapped. "And I imagine they would be grateful."

"Yes, or they will take you away and I would be locked up."

"Please, I can use it, but you won't trust me with them. You are just like Big D. You don't think I can handle anything."

"Leo that's not," Douglas began but that he stopped. Leo nodded.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Leo hissed. "Thank you for ruining my life!"

"Oh, come on kid," Douglas said. "I was actually hoping you'd love Bionics. Whenever I usually do bad things, it always backfires."

"Well congratulations, Douglas, you finally did something that blew up in your face but on the side of good," Leo shouted.

Douglas opened his mouth but Leo had already left the room.