An: Wrote this a while ago and just decided to upload now since Im happy with it, Also OC from this is not the same from my other fic, I just like the name. Made this back then to try and improve my dialogue since 90% of this thing is entirely conversation, I think my conversations got more realistic from this but I'm obviously biased, I think overall it was worth it to write this, also was pretty fun.

Darkness was all that surrounded me when I opened my eyes. I could feel a hard metal surface underneath me, my arm was throbbing in pain from lying on such a hard surface for so long. The joints in my knees also felt painful since they've been in such an awkward position for such a long time. I think I'm in a box of some sort? Who stuffed me inside a box? This is much more inhumane than even those researchers were. I'm gonna have to file a complaint with HR for this.

I feel around in the tiny box and look for some kind of lever, or perhaps some kind of edge to get myself some purchase. I suspect that this might be another experiment by 'them'. Probably to see how I react to a small space. I'm already used to this kind of thing, the only worrisome thing is that I can't remember how I exactly got here. Usually before an experiment they would debrief me and explain some of the possible reactions that I could have, what to expect give me some warning at least. But perhaps they're testing to see how I react without any sort of warning? Did they gas me while I was sleeping? What is happening? My heart rate starts to speed up as I haven't had such an experience before, is this fear that I'm feeling? Or perhaps it's excitement? I can't tell what emotions I am feeling anymore, it's been such a long time since I haven't been half awake the entire time, either from drugs or overwhelming depression at my situation.

A few minutes pass but it feels like an eternity, the sound of muffled footsteps arrives inside my ear. I can confirm that the entire area surrounding my little box is also metal since the footsteps sound as if a hammer was hitting an anvil, loud clanging thuds echoing outside my box. The footsteps get louder and louder until it's loud enough to figuratively pierce my eardrums. The footsteps stop in front of my box and my entire body gets the feeling as if I was inside an elevator for a moment. Did whatever just walk up to my box lift it up? What kind of brute strength is that!?

Did I get sold off by the researchers to another facility…? Am I being shipped off right now? Once that idea pops into my head I start hitting the metal wall of my box with full force and screaming for help in hopes that I can manipulate the pity of whoever is carrying this box.

"Hey! You've got a living person in here, let me the fuck out! I'm claustrophobic!" I scream with an almighty roar (Read: Tiny squeak)

The thing picking up the box does not react, no sudden shift due to surprise, nothing. This means that whatever picked me up is either a robot, or whoever picked me up knows that I'm in here. Typical from 'them' They always plan everything perfectly… No escape ever. NO HOPE NO HOPE NO HOPE NO HOPE

The box that I'm in is placed down again after travelling for several seconds. I measured the amount of time it took to pick me up and the amount of time it took to place me down. Placing me down took half as much time as picking me up, so I will rightfully assume that I am on some sort of table or surface. Am I about to be unpacked like a christmas present that contains a puppy that someone's parents got them? Oh shit, if that's the case then It'll be more humiliating than someone watching you sleep while having nightmares, will this really be happening?

The side of the box that my head rests against slides open and I use my bent knees to my advantage, I launch myself out of the box as soon as it opens and slide down a completely metallic table of some sort, I have no time to observe my surroundings as I grab the closest object to me and fling it towards whoever opened the box. Which only now do I notice is an 8 Foot tall humanoid with some kind of sleek black mask on its face… I fucked up this time.

I jump off the table before realising that the drop is much, much higher than a normal table. I have to roll when I land to not break my ankle upon landing, the drop still hurts even though I rolled and I curse myself for not realising that a giant would use a giant table. Silly me.

I ignore the sharp pain in my ankle after spending a single second to ensure that it's not broken, which it isn't. I sprint forward towards what looks like a door and find that there's no handle. I've completely backed myself into a corner, haven't I? Ah indeed, an interesting situation that I happen to find myself in… hm

I turn 180 degrees and find myself craning my neck to look into the face of the humongous being that stands only a few meters away from me. After a few seconds pass by I start to calm down and a deep purring sound enters my ears. The giant also has shaking shoulders that someone would have if they were… chuckling? Is this guy laughing at me? At my escape attempt? This son of a bitch is laughing while I'm over here cowering, I won't have this! Only I am allowed to laugh at myself!

I stave off my fear and rush the giant head on, even though this thing is taller than me by at least a meter, I won't allow a giant green thing to laugh at my admittedly pitiful escape attempt.

My rush exceeds my expectations as I use my self-learned and very improvised martial arts to kick 'Greg' right in the nuts. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to provoke a giant lizard as a second later I am pelted across the room without even seeing what hit me. My nose is runny, did I catch a cold? I reach up to my nose and touch it slightly, recoiling in pain right afterwards. Ah, It's blood. The precious green lifesource leaves my body through my nose.

I look up at the giant green thing and see it striding towards me with a very purpose filled walk, did I really piss it off that much? "Hey man it was a prank, I swear! Look there's a camera right there" I say while holding my nose in an attempt to slow down the waterfall of blood that is currently ongoing.

'Greg' stops his stride and looks to where I pointed with my free hand, ha, Greg you fell for the simplest trick in the book, dumbass. I use the distraction to its fullest and quickly speed crawl to the left. I happened to land next to a bunch of crates when Greg pelted me over here, win for me!

I peek through a gap in the crates and prepare to see Greg being completely baffled in where I went, however this time my expectations are completely broken. All I see is Greg's chunky legs, and they're too close. My airflow is cut off as I am yanked up by my collar and I'm left staring right into the visor of Greg's mask. Is this what cat's feel like whenever you grab them by the scruff of their necks? Do they also feel terrified? And hopeless and hopeless and HOPELESS AND HOPELESS HOPELESS NO HOPE

Greg brings me back to the table and starts inspecting my body very roughly. I say body but he is way too focused on my head… He inspects the size of my skull, its shape, he inspects the definition of my jaw, why is he so focused on my head? Also what is this thing? I still have no idea whether this is another test from those researchers or if this is a real situation. But the more I think about it the more I realise… There's no way those researchers could have acquired a giant lizard that has hands the size of my face… This is turning very real very fast. IT EXCITES ME

"ooman have bad skull, ooman not worthy of being prey." Greg says in a very deep and clicky voice. Sounds like an extreme smoker who also has parkinsons in his mouth

Am I the ooman he's talking about? Should I be offended that my skull is bad, or should I be relieved? I guess that means he won't kill me and take my skull for himself?

"Wait, you can talk!? How are you speaking english?" I ask with astonishment, I'm still unsure whether or not this is a test, but for now I shall assume it is not. The researchers wouldn't do something like this, hell, they couldn't! right?

Greg touches my nose and covers his hand in blood accidentally. I had forgotten that I was bleeding profusely, thanks for reminding me Greg.

Greg brings his hand to his mask and somehow sniffs my blood through the mask, don't ask me how that works. I can somehow feel that Greg's eyes widen behind their mask as he sniffs my blood. His body language changes and takes on a more cautious stance, still not super cautious but more cautious than before.

"Ooman is not normal ooman, tell me what ooman is?" As soon as Greg asked me this question I instantly realised that this was not a test. The researchers always insisted that I was completely normal, I just had some kind of illness that they were trying to cure. They would never tell me what this illness was, but I always knew that they weren't telling the truth. I could smell it in the air. Otherwise why would they put a normal human through hundreds, thousands of tests for years on end? Ever since I've been able to remember it's been test after test after test. This only confirms it.

"I,I don't know what I am." I replied while gazing at the masked giant.

"Ooman stay here, will be back soon" Greg tells me to stay, I don't really want a repeat of what happened earlier so I decide to stay in place. Greg leaves through the door that wouldn't open for me earlier and I realise that my nose is still bleeding very, very profusely.

Darkness consumed me once again and I entered a slumber, my last thought being that dying to a bleeding nose would be an embarrassing way to die.

I wake up to a slick feeling surrounding my body. My lungs are filled with something but I'm not choking. I have a weird impulse to cough but I know that even if I do cough it wont do anything. The second thing I notice is that my nose is no longer in a burning wrathful pain. Win.

I open my eyes and everything is blurry around me, I reach out with my hand forwards for no reason and touch a glass wall. I follow the glass wall around and realise that I'm in some sort of cylindrical container filled by weird jelly. I'm not drowning somehow. I knock on the glass to alert anyone that's outside this glass jar.

After a few minutes of waiting the jelly inside the glass is drained and I'm left standing there naked while hacking up the remaining jelly from my lungs. Nice experience. Never knew this is what being a girl felt like (Instructional videos from the researchers if you were wondering)

Once the jelly is no longer invading my lungs I look up and notice Greg there. He's patiently waiting for me to stop coughing and once I do we just stand there awkwardly looking at each other. A 'midget' and giant gazing at each other, neither side knowing what to say.

Greg finally decides to break the silence "Ooman is not completely ooman." Greg drops a massive bombshell, but the bomb actually fizzles out when it's about to explode. I already knew that deep down. I knew the possibility was there but denied it. Until now that is.

"Ooman does not seem shock." Greg states as a fact.

"I already had an idea that I was special in some way, why else would I be treated as such? What was that jelly thing by the way? It feels super weird" I ask as an attempt at delaying the inevitable truth.

"Healing substance, which only works on one species. The Yautja. I have tested your blood. You have Yautja blood running inside your veins." My brain short circuits for a second, I knew I was different, but to be an alien? What do you mean!?

I stare at Greg for a second and ask the dreaded question that's been running through my mind for a while. If Greg is truly an alien then obviously we're on some sort of ship, Have we taken off? If we have…

"What, what happens now? Are you going to… Kill me?" I've been through a lot during my short life, so I should've realised that if he was going to kill me then he would've just let me bleed out through my nose, but he didn't. But I hadn't realised that at the moment due to various obvious factors.

"No ooman, you are kin now. Very small kin but kin nonetheless. Did not notice before, but ooman has yautja eyes. Cowardize does not suit you ooman. Stop cowering NOW!" Greg seems to have an intense mood swing as he himself comes to grounds with the fact that I am a Yautja too. I had never realised that my eyes weren't normal. I've heard of things called mirrors or reflective surfaces but never had the chance to look into one. So I had no idea my eyes w-

A heavy punch impacts into my ribcage and I swear I can feel my heart touch my ribcage for a moment.

"Ooman, training starts now. Try survive." Try survive? What does tha- WOah

Greg jumped across a distance of 6 meters with his powerful legs and slammed his fist into the ground beside my face, denting the metal. Wow this metal must be pretty soft huh?

"Ooman would be dead, again." Greg kicks me in the ribs once again and I skid across the hard ground.

*Wheeze* "I have a na-Name you know?" I say, him calling me ooman is starting to grind on my nerves. Feelings that I haven't experienced in a long time surge forward and I shakily stand up on two legs while holding my side in pain.

"Ooman can stand? Very well, tell me name ooman." I grind my teeth in anger at his obviousness.

"My name is Ira, Ira soulhearth. Call me that from now on." I demand in the firmest voice I can muster

Greg laughs at me once again. I choose to willfully be ignorant and assume that he took me seriously, yes. Of course.

"My name ka'Torag-na-kha'bj-te. Remember it oom-, Your new name will be ui'stbi. Remember it well." He's renaming me now? What the fuck Greg.

"What does uitsubi mean?" I ask with curiosity, it probably means insect or weak mea-







"I guess you're right. That's all I am, isn't it?" I say with self-pity. Everyone around me treats me like trash, no wonder.

A heavy impact rattles my brain once again as I'm sent flying by a massive hand, I feel dizzy all of a sudden for some reason.

"Self pity will not get you strong. Ui'stbi Is temporary name. You can change. Prove you are more. Prove you are not weak. Only strength matters." He's right, I can prove that I'm more. I can prove that I'm stronger than this.

I stand up once more and rush toward Torag, his full name is simply too long.

I dodge an uppercut by stepping to the side and grab the netting that surrounds his waist, I haul myself up by using his seemingly unbreakable netting and cut my hands in the process due to how thin the netting is, I ignore it however and pull myself up to his head, he tries to grab me by swivelling around and grabbing at me but I'm a slippery snake, I grab his neck in a triangular choke using my legs and fling my upper body backwards, causing him to lose his balance and start falling. I miscalculated my ability to let go as we both go toppling back and at least half of his weight falls right onto my hips, I hear a crack and I moan in pain. However I don't let go and squeeze as hard as I can with my legs.

He grabs my calves and rips my legs from around his neck, breaking my ankle in the process due to how it was hooked around my other leg. He stands up and punches me in the gut once, twice, an uncountable amount of times. Before finally flinging me into a solid wall. I will now commit a gamer move, my ultimate attack. Passing out, goodbye.

*2 months later. Next to a massive planet with severe overgrown jungle syndrome*

"So… I've been meaning to ask, but why exactly are you training me? Other than my heritage as half a yautja or whatever" I ask as I dodge another punch, at first I couldn't even see his fist when he struck at me and I dodged by pure chance, but now I can see his fist and even track it. Im not sure if this is normal or not but whenever he attacks me, it feels as if time slows down. He moves slowly- and me too- but I can SEE more than I've ever been able to. I'm afraid to ask him since I don't know how he'll react, is this normal when fighting? Too many complicated thoughts, fuck this.

"All yautja are hunters. We hunt." He growls back as he dodges one of my punches, I found out kind of recently that my strength is increasing exponentially. My frame is smaller than Greg's but I can punch at least half as powerfully as he can. He says that It's probably my yautja side interfering with my muscles or some shit, I have no idea and neither does he. He was just trying to seem like the old master who knows and has an explanation for everything, probably.

"That's literally what I said not to say, I mean… As in, do we have some kind of enemy? Some kind of evil yautja or something? Anything? Or do you guys just kill for fun and collect skulls for the heck o-" Greg seems to get angered by something that I said and he goes into overdrive mode, he instantly sweeps my legs from under me and he brings his leg down on top of my chest while I'm still midair! A loud thud follows and the metal groans under 'my weird' (Read: Greg's leg force, which is currently crushing my ribs)

"Yautja hunt for honor, remember that, Abomination. Not for fun. And for your second question, we fight the black skinned." Greg explains with surprisingly good english, or maybe I'm just filling in the blanks for him?

"Wha- you mean like nig-" I get interrupted as Greg takes his leg off my chest and plants it into the -side- of my ribcage, with quite a lot of power. A change of scenery takes place as I skid across the training hall and end up knocking into a solid wall, where did this come from?

"We fight a rejected race called the xenomorphs. They infest planets and breed with unmatched speed, individually they are weaker than yautja, however there are billions of them. Thousands per hive. We must wipe them out FOR THE MOTHERLAND" He roars the last part, didn't know that yautja were communists, who would've thought…

"Training is over for now, we are heading down to the planet first thing in the morning. Follow me." He says and I struggle a little to stand up, but eventually I force my legs to cooperate and I follow him to a part of the ship that I've never been to before. The front.

We enter a weird room with the stench of metal that is much more potent than the metal ship that we are in, and I can see accumulated dust sitting on a metal briefcase that Greg is heading towards.

Greg opens the metal briefcase and I'm stunned for a second before I realize that he's waiting for my response.

"Take it, you've earned it… Well not really, but without it surviving will be incredibly hard on this planet." Greg ruins the moment. Typical.

I place my hand on the smaller than normal mask and put it on my head and make a little "hiss" sound with my mouth to secure the mask in place, I feel it sticking to my face and I let go. *Clang*

I look at the mask on the ground in surprise and realise that it didn't stick to my face… This is an interesting situation.

"...? *sigh* You have to put on the rebreather first, then attach the mask to it so that it can cling to your face." Greg slowly explains, as if I was retarded. How did he expect me to know that before he told me? Everytime he took off his mask to show me his ugly face all he did was click it off, then it came off, then when he put it back on he just put it to his face, then there was a small *hiss* sound and it connected, not my fault GREG.

I put on the rebreather and THEN attach the mask to it and it sticks in place. I look at the rest of the gear in the box and take it all out one by one.

"Do I really have to wear fishnets?" I ask with barely hidden embarrassment. On him it looks great, manly, amazing. But on me… I'd probably look like a crossdressing queer. God fucking damn it Greg.

"They are carbon-steel reinforced wires. Intertwined like rope to make it strong. It can be the thing that saves your pitiful life when an xenomorph uses its tail to pierce your midsection. Especially since you have such soft and pitiful skin, not strong like mine." Fuck you too Greg

I put on the skimpy outfit and I feel like a badass soldier suiting up for war, but I probably look like a prepubescent little girl trying out fishnets for the first time… I don't like it at all!

I look at Greg and for the first time ever I can see some modicum of approval in his masked eyes, which quickly disappears as I look at him, but I still caught it! You aren't slick greg, you fucking lizard.

"Get used to the armor. We will go hunt your first skull. You will hunt alone, but I will be alongside you. You can make the decision in what kind of skull you want to hunt, as a true hunter should. You shall be honorable when hunting, except if it is black filth. Exterminate black filth as soon as you come across them. Do not let the small white ones impregnate your mouth, that is what the mask is for. If we come across a hive then your first hunting will be postponed. I've already shown you how to use the wrist gauntlet. You know what to do if you are captured. Any other questions about tomorrow?" Greg finishes his lengthy speech, his english has definitely gotten better since 2 months ago, is he really this fast at improving? Scary.

"Can you teach me the yautja language? I want to learn for when we eventually meet your clan. Gotta leave good first impressions and all that you know?" I practically beg him, he has been getting great at english and I've been suffering to decipher what his name means, it's unfair.

"Very well. We start after the hunt. Go get rest now, tomorrow is your first real day as yautja" He says and departs right after. I haven't really had time to contemplate over the last 2 months… But… This isn't so bad. Greg may beat me up every day in sadistic training, but I feel as if that's much much better than being experimented on in the middle of the month with no prior warning, no idea when and where they will conduct an experiment, they'll leave you for months without an experiment then suddenly you're thrown into a windtunnel. At Least I know what to expect every day. I can improve… Is this a second chance at life?

If it is… I will grasp on until my hands crumble to dust, I will not let this opportunity slip by me.

"Thank you. Thank you G- ka'Torag-na-kha'bj-te. I will not forget your kindness." Well kindness is a relative term in all honesty.

I retreat from the armory and walk to my 'room'. Fun fact, yautja do not sleep on beds. They sleep on the ground… And their blankets are actually flexible reinforced lead. Incredibly heavy lead. They also have acid showers, which apparently burns off all the accumulated dirt and grime, which makes sense I suppose… but my poor skin care routine is getting ruined.

With those final thoughts in my head I drift off to sleep as the lead blanket slowly crushes my very being, Goodbye consciousness, I will miss you.