This is my first Hannah Montana fanfic, so go easy on me! Nice reviews only! :) Much love! Xx

Miley Stewart was having a hard time falling asleep, because she was upset about her mother's passing. "Mmm," She moaned, trying to sleep, but failed. Just then she heard the door open.

"Miley?" It was her older brother Jackson.

"What do you want?" Miley asked grumpy.

Jackson sat down on her bed, soothing her back.

"Look sis, I miss mom too." Jackson spoke.

"Why did mommy have to go?" Miley asked sadly.

"I know kiddo." Jackson said. "But I promise you that you'll never be alone."

Miley sits up.

"I'm not?" She asked.

"No," Jackson replied. "Because you have me and dad."

Miley smiled.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yes." Jackson smiling back.

"Thanks Jackson." Miley smiled.

"Anytime kiddo." Jackson replied.

"Jackson…can I…sleep with you?" Miley asked.

"Of course, come on." Jackson said standing up as he helped Miley up from her bed, holding her hand.

They both walked out of the room and into Jacksons' bedroom.

"Ok." Jackson said shutting his door.

They both got in bed, and Jackson held his sister close to him.

"I love you Jackson." Miley spoke.

"I love you too, Miley." Jackson said.

Miley and Jackson may fight a lot, but Miley can always count on her big brother, and of course Jackson would always protect her.