So Much to Do in One Lifetime...

A Bohemian Dream

Co-written with Jkofan back in 2008

Brit walked along down the dark empty streets. His heart and mind were both telling him he *needed* to be there... he needed to find something... but what?

He continued on his way, his feet leading him.

As he walked, he heard the sound of someone running. Looking up, he saw someone running towards him. He gasped and ducked into the shadows. He hid for a moment before he realized that the figure had hid in the shadows across the way.

"Who's there?" Brit demanded after a few long minutes of silence. "Who are you?"

"I-I don't know..." a young male voice stammered, "W-who are you?"

Brit blinked at that. How could he *not* know he was? But the voice didn't sound like the SP... his gut feeling told him to relax a little, but only a little.

"They call me Brittney," Brit answered, deciding that was all he was going to tell the stranger, "Why are you running?"

"I-I don't know..." the stranger replied, "I... I just think I n-need to."

Brit blinked, like he needed to? That would have sounded strange, but... he was here because he felt he needed to be here. "Why?" Brit asked, "Who are you?"

"I-I don't know... I just... I-I think I was t-told to come h-here..."

"You were told," Brit repeated.

"Yes..." the stranger said slowly, "I-I know it doesn't make any sense..."

"Who told you?"

"I..." he paused, "well... m-my dreams..."

Brit blinked, "Your... dreams?"

"I know it d-doesn't make any sense..."

"Anything else?" Brit asked.

"Voices... and... a lot of noise... and a lot of people."

Brit thought back. He's seen something similar before... like he had read it... "What else do the voices tell you?" he asked, just out of curiosity.

"Words..." the stranger answered, "Words that don't make any sense..."

"Example?" Brit asked.

When he heard what the stranger had to say, he blinked in surprise. *Those* words...! Those he had read! His eyes grew. Could it be? Could it be Him? There had to be a way to test him.

"It... it doesn't make any sense," the stranger said.

"But... it might..." Brit said slowly.

"Does it make any sense t-to you?"

"It might," Brit said again. He looked around, his eyes scanning the darkness, making sure they were alone. He took a breath and softly began to sing, "Mama... just killed a man... put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger, now he's dead..." He motioned towards the spot where the stranger was hiding.

"Mama... life had just begun... but now I've gone and thrown it all away..." he replied.

Brit gasped and took a step back, stunned, "You're... you're him! The one we've been waiting for! You've *got* to be!" They guarded that text with their lives, there was no way that anyone outside of the group could know it.

"But w-who am I?" the stranger asked.

"Him!" Brit exclaimed excitedly, "The... the Dreamer!" He couldn't believe his luck! He'd *found* the Dreamer! The Rhapsody *would* be a reality in his lifetime!

"T-the 'Dreamer'?" the stranger repeated.

"Not here," Brit looked around again, "I can't explain it here."

"You know who I am?"

He nodded excitedly, "You're the one we've been looking for!"

"And... you know what the words mean?" the stranger - the Dreamer - sounded hopeful.

"No..." Brit admitted, "We were hoping he - you - would know..."


"But I'm sure now that we've found you, we'll be able to figure it out."

"I... I'm glad s-somebody knows who I am..."

More footsteps were heard approaching them.

Brit looked up, "Shh!" he hissed to the Dreamer.

"W-what is it?"

Brit waved his hand, shushing the Dreamer as he heard a harsh voice call something.

"I smell bacon..." Brit muttered, "Follow me! Quickly!"

The Dreamer moved over to Brit.

"Stay close!" Brit turned and started to run, but he didn't get very far. He swore as green lights sprang up around them, cutting off their escape.

"What now?" the Dreamer gasped.

"We'll get outta here," Brit replied, "I'm *not* going to let anything happen to you!"


That was when the Commander himself approached the two, "Well, well, what's this?"

Brittney clenched his fists, "Something *entirely* beyond *your* understanding, Pig!"

"Oh I understand perfectly well 'Mr. Spears'."

"I won't let you have him!" Brit growled, "You'll have to get through *me* first!" he grabbed the Dreamer by his and pulled him closer.

"Oh very well," the Commander said dismissively, "Have it your way."

"The Rhapsody *will* come!" Brit growled.

The Commander laughed harshly.

"I've found the Dreamer!" Brit's heart was beating fast, but his appearance didn't let on. He had to try and bluff the Commander into letting him and the Dreamer escape.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah!" Brit shot back, "And there ain't nothing you or the rest of Globalsoft can do about it now!" He was very glad that the boy (He sounded younger at any rate) was silent through all of this.

"Oh I very much doubt that 'Mr. Spears'," the Commander replied, "And who is your friend?"

"Just another Bohemian," Brit replied, "Why would it matter to *you*?" He didn't like the Commander asking questions about the boy... Brit didn't want him to know who the Dreamer was.

"I need to know who I am arresting," the Commander said, as thought it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"He's new," Brit shot back, "He hasn't got a name yet!"

"Then it looks like I've caught him just in time."

Brit gave a low growl, "You won't lay a *finger* on him!"

"*I* won't have to," The Commander sneered.

"You're not a Pig," Brit spat, "You're a *Chicken*!"

The lasers vanished, but a group of agents swarmed Brittney and the Dreamer and the next thing Brit knew, they were both in a lab-type room, strapped down to chairs.

"Sir?" An agent spoke up.

"Yes?" the Commander turned to him.

"We have finished searching their brains for anything that might be of use."


"Our finds might interest you sir."

"No!" Brit interrupted, knowing what they had found. He struggled against his restraints.

"Oh?" the Commander asked, ignoring Brit, "What have you found?"

The agent handed the Commander a notebook of things he had written down, summarizing his findings.

"He's... of no use to you!" Brit protested.

"On the contrary," the Commander responded as he read the notebook, "You found the 'dreamer' indeed."

Brit growled, struggling, wanting to lunge at the Commander, but the straps held him firm.

The Commander gave a signal to the medics near by. "I would like to thank you, 'Mr. Spears'," he said, "You have found the 'Dreamer' for me."

Brit spat at him, "It's the only way you *would've* found him!"

The Commander growled, "Hurt him!"

There was a flash of light and Brittney let out a stifled cry as the painful volts shot through him.

"Prepare the helmets," the Commander ordered.

The two medics did as they were told, picking up the orange helmets.

"Wait..." the Commander said, a smirk crossing his face, "This one first!"

"No!" Brit hollered, watching as the helmet was lowered onto the Dreamer's head, "No!"

The Commander simply zapped Brit and then turned the machine on.

"NO!" Brittney screamed

"Brit!" A voice was saying.

"NO!" he woke with a start, face pale, and breathing heavily.

"Brit," Meat spoke his name gently, "What is it?"

"Where... where is he?" Brit looked around frantically.

"Where's who?" she asked.

"The... Him... th-the Dreamer!"

"The Dreamer?" she blinked, "What are you talking about Brit?"

"I met the Dreamer, babes!"


He blinked as he slowly realized that it had been a dream.

"You were dreamin' Brit..." she said gently.

"But he's out there babes!"

She nodded, stroking his cheek gently.

He sat up quickly, "I'm gonna find him!"

"Brit- "

"I've *got* to!"

"But Brit, it's three am..." Meat said patiently.



He looked over to a watch on a nearby table and squinted to make out the time. She was right. He took a deep breath, "Alright... but th' first thing in th' mornin' babes, I'm lookin' for him" He took another breath, "I've *got* to find him... before Globalsoft does..."

"Alright Brit," she said gently.

"That's what the dream was warnin' me about..."

"Alright Brit," she said again, laying him back down, resting her head on his chest.

His chest rose as he gave a sigh, the visions still fresh in his head.

"Relax..." she said gently, running a hand along his cheek and nuzzling him.

"I was too late in the dream Meat," he whispered.

"You won't be too late in real life."

"I hope you're right."

She shifted and raised herself up a bit, gazing down at him. After studying him for a moment she leaned down and kissed him firmly.

He relaxed as she kissed him.

"Try an' get some sleep babes," he said, "I'm sorry I woke you."

"You need to sleep too," she said.

"I know..." he said softly.


"No promises..." he said with a tiny sigh, "But I'll try."

"Thank you."

She ran a hand lightly down his chest. He closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating on her touch, relaxing more.

"I love ya, babes..." he murmured, "And someday, I'm gonna be able to express that love to the whole *world*!"

"I know," she nuzzled him, kissing him on the forehead.

A smile crossed his face," And that Someday may come sooner then we think."

Meat smiled as well, "I hope so too Brit."

"We may just have our Rhapsody babes."

She kissed him.

His head fell gently against the pillow and his breathing slowed as he drifted off to sleep.

Meat smiled and closed her own eyes, drifting of to sleep.

As often happened to Split-Aparts and Soulmates, Brit and Meat started to have the same dream.

Brit was walking along through the city to see Bohemians of all sorts out on the streets celebrating. He stopped one of them and asked someone what was going on.

"It's the Rhapsody man!" he was answered.

"The Rhapsody..." he whispered. A smile crossed his face. He *had* to find Meat and the rest so he could celebrate with them! "It came!"

He darted off towards the entrance of the Heartbreak Hotel, hoping that he'd meet some of them on the way, but as soon as he arrived, he could tell something was wrong. The Heartbreak was dark, deserted. He blinked, where was everyone?

"Hey!" a voice called and a figure rapidly approached Brit, "Who are you?"

Brit blinked at his friend, "Puff, you know me man."

"No I don't."

"It's me Puff," Brit said, confused, "Brit."

Much to Brit's surprise, Puff glared at him, "If that's your idea of a joke, it's not funny. "

"Puff?" Brit asked, "I'm tellin' the truth man."

"You're not funny. Don't you dare say that to anybody else."

"I'm not tryin' to be funny," he blinked again. Something was not right here... "Meatloaf..." he whispered to himself and then turned back to the Heartbreak leader, "Where's Meat?"

Puff growled, "you'd better not tell her that you're Brit."

"But- "

"She's barely able to deal with losing him once."

He blinked again, "Can I at least see her?"

Puff considered and then after a long moment of silence he gave a nod, "...alright..."

"Where is she?"

"...Come with me."

Brit nodded and followed as Puff led him along. Brit looked around at the familiar Heartbreak Hotel... yet, it wasn't familiar... he felt as though he hadn't seen this place in days...

Puff set a quick pace, forcing Brit to do so as well. Then he came to an abrupt stop and Brit barely managed to avoid hitting him.

"This way," Puff said.

Brit gave a nod, "Alright. He quietly followed Puff inside.

He recognized most of the Bohemians that were gathered around inside, but instead of celebrating like the others, they were just sitting there quietly, looking more sad then the ought to be, considering that the Rhapsody had begun.

He looked around the room, looking for Meat. Then he spied her, sitting alone in the corner.

Brit started towards her. This wasn't like Meat... this wasn't like *any* of them... It almost seemed as though they were... mourning. She didn't look up as he reached her.

"Meat?..." he spoke up.

She looked up at him dully.

"Babes..." he knelt down next to her.

"Who are you?"

Oh no, not her too... "it's me babes," he said gently, "Brit." Suddenly it crossed his mind that perhaps while he was gone, she had been caught and Sent Off. But she didn't have that blank look in her eyes...

He placed his hand gently on her shoulder.

She shrugged his hand off and slapped him, "How dare you?!"

He gasped, his own hand automatically going up to where she had hit him.

She got up and ran over to Puff, taking refuge in his arms.

"But babes..." he followed her, stopping at the Look that Puff gave him.

"Brit's dead!" Meat burst out.

Brittney blinked in disbelief. "Dead? He's not dead babes, he's standing right here." Had Meatloaf lost her mind? ... had he?

She buried her face in Puff's shoulder and burst into tears.

"Aww babes," he went up to her, "I hate to see ya cry... there's no need to..."

Puff shook his head, "I don't know who you are, but Brit's dead. We all saw it happen."

"If I were dead, don't you think I'd know it?" he shot to Puff.

Puff simply glared.

Brit took a breath. Somehow he had to convince them. "I am: the biggest, baddest, meanest, nastiest, ugliest, most raging, rapping, rock'n'roll, sick, punk, heavy metal psycho bastard that ever got get-down funky! I am the one and only: Britney Spears!"

This set off a fresh round of tears from Meat. "I saw him!" she sobbed, "He's dead!"

"Babes..." his hand went to her cheek lightly, trying to comfort her. He really hated to see her cry.

"He's dead!" she sobbed again.

"Then where *is* he?" Where is he buried? What did you do with him?" Brit was *not* going to accept this. He was not dead, he was standing right in front of them!"

"They took him," Puff replied.

"Where?" Brit demanded.

"I don't know..." Meat whispered, "They just... took him."

Something in Meat's tone made Brit pause. She didn't lie. He knew that. "Can... can you show me?... anything?" But he still didn't believe them. Maybe he could see their 'proof' he could explain...

Puff gave a slow nod. He started to let go of Meat.

"I'll come too..." she whispered.

Puff kept one arm protectively around Meat and led Brit into a different room.

There, on a small table in the room was a picture of Brit and several of his possessions, encircled by a strand of thick wire. He made his way over to it, silently.

Someone had written on the table in marker, "Only the good die young... we'll remember forever." The handwriting was shaky, but he recognized it as Meat's handwriting.

He had left instructions in case something ever were to happen to him... all Bohemians did. He touched the picture of himself, his noticing his hands were shaking sightly. It was the sort of memorial they set up for all the fallen.

Brit turned back to the crying Meat. "But babes... I'm not..." He looked back at the 'shrine'. No. It couldn't be true. It was impossible, he was right *here*.

Suddenly he turned pale, pain shooting through his chest.

He cried out.

A cry did echo in his ears - a sob - but it wasn't his voice... He shot awake, sitting up straight. Next to him, Meat was crying... that was the voice he had heard in his dream. "Babes..." he embraced her.

"I... I had... the most awful dream Brit..." she gasped out, clinging to him.

"So did I babes..." he said gently, "Did you want to tell me about it?"

"I... I dreamed you... you were..." she trailed off and shook her head, a fresh wave of tears escaping her eyes.

"Shh..." he soothed, holding her close to him, "Go on..."

She took a deep breath, "You were... d-dead."

He froze, "That... I was dead?"

"The SP... they... they got you..." she buried her head in his chest.

"Oh babes..." he tried to soothe, "but they didn't... I'm still here..."

"I... I know..."

"An' I'll always be right here," he continued, "Right beside you."

"I know Brit," she mumbled, sounding somewhat muffled.

He brushed her cheek gently, "What that all?"

"And... and then there was someone else..."

"Someone else?" he repeated

"He.. He was pretending to be you..."

"To... be..." he faded off. Had he and Meat had the same dream?

"But he wasn't you," she continued, not noticing his pause.

"Did... did he insist on it?"

"Uh huh..."

"Did he... give my lil' spiel...?"

"Uh huh..."

He hesitated, "...did you...slap him?"

She gave a slow nod.

He blinked, pulling away from her.

She looked up at him, "Did... did you have a dream too?"

He gave a slow nod.

"The... the same one?"

He gave another nod, "Only... I came back from somewhere... saw the Rhapsody had taken place and... tried to convince you I hadn't died, but in the end..."

She hugged him tightly, "It was awful..."

"I know babes..." he put his arms back around her.

"It... it felt so real..."

He nodded, shuddering slightly, but rocking Meat gently, rubbing her back gently, trying to calm her down.

"I love you so much..." she murmured.

"I love ya too babes."

She sat up slightly to kiss him, holding it for as long as she could. In Brit's strong arms, it was hard for her to still be afraid of something as insubstantial as a dream. Brit was solid and real, and alive. That was enough for her.

Brit's dream hadn't left him, and he just held her close, looking over at the watch on the night stand. After two nightmares in the same night, he wasn't ready to go back to sleep. He kissed the top of Meat's head as she leaned against him.

He closed his eyes, but quickly opened them again as the image of the dream returned.

"Can't sleep?" she asked softly.

"No..." he replied, "I still see the images..."

She snuggled him, "But you're safe with me now... and you'll stay that way."

"I've gotta find th' Dreamer tho'..."

"I know Brit," she said quietly, "I know."