"Lizzie, did I not tell you to stay at the boarding house or did that go straight over your head?" Jade asked, crossing her arms over her chest as she stared at her.

Lizzie shifted awkwardly as her gaze flickered between Jade, Wendy, and the chained up man who was staring at her.

"I was going to listen…" Lizzie started but Jade interrupted.

"And why didn't you?"

"Because I didn't want to," Lizzie said, bluntly.

Jade stared for a moment before sighing in disbelief as Wendy facepalmed.

The chained up dude started laughing, making them all turn to him.

"I'm sorry but that's just hilarious," He said, as he met Lizzie's curious gaze.

"Who are you?" Lizzie asked, walking forward but Jade stopped her from going much further.

The man smirked at her. "I'm your Uncle Kai," He replied, as he studied her.

Lizzie blinked, as the words registered.

So that was why he felt like family.

"I didn't know I had an uncle," Lizzie said, staring at him, as she considered the new information.

"That's not surprising, seeing as more than likely your parents hid it from you because they're cowards," Kai commented.

"My mom isn't a coward," was Lizzie's reply as she glared at him defensively.

Kai pauses, raising an eyebrow. "And your dad?"

"He's an asshole," Lizzie said, with zero hesitation.

"Language, little miss," Jade muttered, giving her a look, which Lizzie replied with an innocent smile.

Kai grinned. "I knew I was going to like you," Kai said, cheerfully.

Lizzie looked at him confused.

"Didn't you try and kill me?" Lizzie asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

Kai went still and met her eyes.

"Maybe, at some point in time, I may have had an ax to grind but after some time to think, I realized I could have handled my anger better," Kai said, but Lizzie noticed the darkness that seemed to linger in his eyes, which was eerily familiar.

"If you think we're going to let you out because you say that you no longer want to hurt Lizzie, you are mistaken," Jade said, moving slightly in front of Lizzie.

"Oh, come on," Kai said, rolling his eyes. "Why would I harm mini-me?"

"Because you're an unstable piece of shit," Jade said, staring at him, mistrustfully.

Kai's entire demeanor seemed to darken.


"What was that?" Jade asked, narrowing her eyes, as she looked towards the exit.


Both Wendy and Jade tensed.

"Jade," Wendy said, hesitancy clear in her face as she started walking towards the exit.

Jade narrowed her eyes and glanced at Lizzie.

"We'll be right back, don't move," She ordered before following Wendy out of the room.

Lizzie looked after them, then at Kai, who was observing her carefully.

"When do you think they're gonna realize that those are timed fireworks meant to distract them?" Lizzie wondered, looking amused.

Kai's mouth opened slightly in shock, then he gave her an impressed look.

"You're a little evil genius, aren't you, Lizziebear?" Kai realized, looking slightly proud. "You got that from me."

Lizzie just grinned, looking way too pleased with herself.

Pop pop pop

Lizzie looked over towards the loud bangs.

"Can't they see the fireworks?" He asked, giving her a confused look.

"Nope," Lizzie said, looking excited. "I set them up in one of the stores...so bonfire time!"

"Huh, smart," Kai complimented, raising an eyebrow.

"Obviously," Lizzie said, rolling her eyes. She looked around the room and paused as she noticed the very dead Diego.

"What?" Lizzie exclaimed in disbelief. Kai looked from her to the dead body with a look that said 'oh shit' but Lizzie ignored him. "I missed Wendy killing him? That's not fair."

Kai choked in surprise. "Y-you wanted to see her kill him?"

"Duh, she always kills him in awesome ways.

Like one time, she killed him by cutting off his toes and fingers, while cooking him over a barbecue." Lizzie said, conversationally as she listened to more fireworks go off.

"That's creative," Kai said, staring at her in confusion. There was no way his niece wasn't a sociopath or something of that kind because Kai may not know a lot about kids but he knew they didn't find people killing other people intriguing.

"It was funny, although when Jade realized I was there she sent me away." Lizzie finished with a pout.

Lizzie then remembered what Jade said before she left with Wendy.

"Does she really expect me to stay here until she comes back?" Lizzie wondered, looking at him.

"I think she assumes you have a little thing called common sense," Kai said, dryly.

"Oh…" Lizzie contemplated the idea before shaking her head. "Well, I don't."

And then, with no hesitation, she walked over to the stage he was on and hopped up.

Kai was smirking in amusement.

"What are you doing, Lizziepoo?" Kai asked, following her every move as she approached.

"I'm bored," Was all she said as she looked over the chains.

"And what does that mean?" Kai asked, staring at her intently.

"It means, I want to cause chaos," Lizzie said, with a mischievous smile.

Kai raised an eyebrow. "And how are you going to do that?" He asked, curiously.

Lizzie cocked her head to the side and rested her hand on Kai's arm.

Kai paused, looking confused.

Lizzie ignored him, closing her eyes as she began siphoning.

She could feel Kai tense in surprise, as he hadn't expected her to do that.

Barely a few seconds, she stopped siphoning and moved away.

She met Kai's eyes that were observing her carefully.

"Why did you do that?" Kai asked, slowly.

Lizzie just smirked at him.


The chains shattered and fell to the floor.

Kai was frozen for a moment as he processed that he was free, but then, he grinned and stood up, stretching.

He looked down at Lizzie, who was watching him curiously.

He knelt down to her level.

"Thanks for the prison break, Lizzie," Kai said, with a pleased look on his face. "Now, want to help me cause some chaos?"

Lizzie grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

Kai smirked and stood up, offering his hand.

Lizzie didn't hesitate to take it.

"Josie, are you sure this is a good idea?" Hope asked, staring at her in uncertainty.

"You said you would help," Josie said, narrowing her eyes at Hope.

"I will," Hope said, giving the younger girl a look. "I just didn't expect it to mean we would hitchhike to a small nowhere town in North Carolina in search of a coven of secretive witches that specialize in visions, all while not telling any adults where we're going."

"If we told them, they wouldn't let us go," Josie said, as they kept walking down the gravel path. "And this is one of my best leads to find my sister."

"We kids," Hope pointed out, looking around nervously. "This is dangerous."

"We're witches...well your part witch but you what I mean." Josie countered, easily.

Hope grabbed Josie's arm. "You're a siphoner and I'm the tribrid. Our species are hated by witches." Hope argued.

"We'll be fine," Josie said, confidently.

"We've already been gone for 2 days, my mom and your parents are going to send out search parties for us. And when they find us, we'll be grounded for life," Hope said, sighing.

"If I get in trouble for trying to get my sister back then so be it." Josie declared.

"Ok…" Hope agreed.

"Can we talk about something else?" Josie asked, giving Hope a pleading look. To which, hope responded with a nod.

"What do you think of the new students we've had?" Hope asked, giving her a curious look.

"Which ones?" Josie said, shooting a curious look at Hope.

"The foster care brothers," Hope answered, looking up as the house they've been looking for appeared in the distance.

"Oh, you mean the werewolf, Rafael, and the weirdly not-human, Landon?" Josie asked, starting to twitch nervously as they approached the house. "Aren't they around your age?"

"Yeah, I think they're either 11 or 10," Hope replied, tensing as the feeling of being watched overcame her. "They're in some of my classes but I haven't talked to either of them, although the curly-haired boy kept trying."

"So you're pulling a typical Hope Mikael-oh sorry-Marshall move?" Josie said, sarcastically.

Hope rolled her eyes at Josie. "I've said I'm sorry about that but you know better than anyone in the school, why I act that way." She said, defensively.

"I know, I'm just pointing out that that's a thing you pull a lot," Josue replied.

The two girls came to a stop in front of the front door or the large house.

"How do you think they're gonna react to a 9-year-old and 11-year-old asking for help?" Hope wondered, aloud.

"Let's find out," Josie declared and just as she was about to knock the door swung open and an older black woman looked down at them.

"Hello, girls. I've been expecting you," She said with a smile.

Both Josie and Hope exchanged looks.

"Really?" Josie asked, hopefully.

"Yes, I had visions warning me of the arrival of two very powerful young girls on a great mission." She said as she gestured for them to come in. The girls slowly walk past the threshold of the door. "My name is Mariah."

"I'm Josie," Josie replied, nervousness disappearing as the warm and calming energy of the house enveloped her.

Hope could feel herself relaxing slightly too but she didn't let herself completely as she remembered all the things her mom and aunt Freya taught her.


"Come, sit and we'll talk," Mariah said, bringing them to her living room.

Once they were all seated, Mariah looked them over. "May I ask how you came to know about my coven?"

Josie sat up immediately.

"I found a book that mentioned how the Omniscius Coven was a coven of witches that specialized in prophecy and visions. And I thought perhaps you guys might help me…" Josie said, looking up at the older woman.

"Hm, tell me, do you know what my coven's name means?" Mariah asked, looking between them.

"No," Hope said, looking curious.

"It means all-knowing, not because we know everything as no one can know everything but because we see what others do not. We see what is clear and obvious but others are too ignorant to realize." Mariah said, looking off in the distance. "We see the possible paths that may come but that does not mean it will come to pass. It's a very hard thing to understand."

"Does that mean you won't be able to help us?" Josie asked, looking sad.

Mariah gave Josie a sad smile. "Not in the way you want, baby girl." She replied, quietly

"I understand," Josie said, softy.

"Wait, you said not in the way we want, does that mean you can help in a different way?" Hope asked, looking at her in realization.

Josie looked up hopefully.

"Smart girl," Mariah complimented. "I can help in a way."

"How?" Josie inquired.

"Your sister is alive and well but I must warn you, she is not the same as you once knew her," Mariah said, as she leaned forward. Josie's facial expressions ranged from happy to confused and worried about what those words meant. "But before I tell you more there is something you need to know. Something about all three of you"

"What?" Hope asked, wondering why she was being brought into this.

"Hope, have you felt like there's been something missing since her sister disappeared?" Mariah asked with a knowing look.

"How did you know?" Hope asked, surprised.

"Hmm, it appears that you have what is called true mates. And it appears that Josie and her twins are them." Mariah said, watching Hope's reaction carefully.

"You mean like soulmates? Like in those romance stories?" Hope asked, feeling shocked, but somehow the words were just right.

"What?" Josie exclaimed after she got through her sudden paralysis. "I'm her what now? And so is Lizzie? Wait, does that mean Lizzie is my mate?"

The look on Josie's face was one of pure disgust. And Hope's soon followed as she registered the words.

Mariah laughed. "No, you and your sister are not mates, you just share the same mate." She replied, looking amused as Josie collapsed with relief but then the look of disgust reappeared as she realized she was supposed to 'date' Hope.

Gross, she was like 2 years older than her.

That's just nasty.

"This sounds like a bad romantic comedy…" Hope said, dryly. "Besides, I was never planning on dating."

Mariah looked at the young tribrid in amusement.

"Being mates does not mean you will be together in that way. It just means you will have an incredible bond and know each other in a way that no one else does." Mariah said, reassuringly but then a smirk appeared on her face. "Although, you may feel differently when you're older…."

Both girls had looks of total disagreement so Mariah decided to continue.

"The reason I needed to tell you that is because wherever your sister is, is blocking off your twin bond with her," Mariah said, looking at Josie. "'But mate bonds work differently but similarly and because the power Hope has within her, there's a chance you may be able to reach out to her but it may take years to learn how to access it since you two aren't near each other, which prevents that bond from strengthening. So you have to strengthen it on your side alone."

Josie and Hope stared at each other in determination.

"Teach me how," was Hope's only reply.