Chapter 2: All Abroad

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The Doctor and his companions were in shock.

Apparently the TARDIS had been struck by the Titanic if the naming on the life belt was to be believed.

Quickly the Doctor leapt for the console and pressed several buttons and switches, which caused the TARDIS to dematerialize as quickly as possible.

"Doctor, where are you going to land?" Tegan asked.

"I'm going to land the TARDIS on board the ship." The Doctor explained rather quickly.

"You are going to land on the Titanic. The bloody Titanic!" Tegan yelled.

As the TARDIS dematerialized, the bow of the ship disappeared and the walls of the TARDIS were self-repairing themselves. How that worked in Tegan's mind was beyond her understanding.

"I've heard of this Titanic." Nyssa said, "Why is it so famous?"

Before both the Doctor and Tegan can answer her question, the TARDIS landed.

"Ahh, we have landed on the ship." The Doctor said, "Hopefully. Shall we go see?"

Tegan just rolled her eyes and hoped that the Doctor hadn't landed the TARDIS on a war-torn alien planet, as had been in several previous cases.

The doors of the TARDIS opened and the three travelers exited the time and space machine.

Outside the TARDIS, which appeared to have landed inside a small storage closet, the Doctor first checked the surroundings of the room. Then the fog horn sounded once again, this time it sounded quieter.

Then the Doctor, followed by his two companions, exited the storage closet. The three travelers entered a bigger room, which looked like a reception room, one from a 1910s ocean liner, plus with Christmas decorations. The various of people on the liner were even looked like they were dressed for the period.

They heard a band nearby playing a slow version of Jingle Bells. Which that and the decorations caused the Doctor to sense something was off, since the Titanic's only voyage was in April, not December.

Nyssa approached two men who appeared to be painted gold and dressed as angels, with golden wings and a halo. As she got close to them, one of the angels turned its head and blinked. She also heard some mechanical sound as he or it did that.

Nyssa wasn't familiar with the Titanic as the Doctor and Tegan were but knew that by the Titanic's time period robotics were not even possible.

Then Tegan noticed that one of the passengers was a short, red alien who's face was covered in spikes.

"Doctor." Tegan said quietly, trying to get the Doctor's attention, "Look at that passenger."

But the Doctor and Nyssa were looking out of a window, which showed nothing but deep space on its view.

Then the announcer of the ship said, "Attention all passengers. The Titanic is now in orbit above Sol III, also known as Earth. Population, Human. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Christmas."

"Well, we seem to be aboard a spaceship." The Doctor said.

"Yeah, but why model it after the Titanic. A ship that sunk after it crashed into an iceberg?" Tegan asked.

"Questions later Tegan." The Doctor said, "But first I think we need a much needed holiday."

"Really, after all we had been through recently." Tegan said, the Mara's possession of her a second time and Nyssa being transformed into a vampire still fresh in her mind.

"Why not." The Doctor said, "I think we need a much deserved holiday."

On the bridge of the Starship, the crew manning it were dressed in 1910s uniforms as well. The style of the bridge was also keeping up with the period as well, but with hi-tech equipment.

"Nice and steady. Good work, Mister Cavill. And maintain position." The captain of the ship, whose name was Hardaker, said, "Now then, gentlemen, according to the traditions of the planet below, Christmas is a time of celebration. I think you might be entitled to a tot of rum. Just the one. Off you go. I'll keep watch."

The rest of bridge crew saluted and each said, "Sir."

They all went out of the bridge to celebrate the primitive holiday of the primitive planet below, except for the youngest.

Captain Hardaker noticed and said, "And you. What was it?"

"Midshipman Frame, sir. Only just qualified, sir. First trip out."

"Then you can stand down, Midshipman." Captain Hardaker said.

"Er, but, er, regulations say the bridge has to be staffed by two crew members at any one time, sir." Midshipman Frame said.

"Well said. Very good. Well, it should be nice and quiet." Captain Hardaker said as he looked at the ship's scanner, "It's only a level five planet down below. They don't even know we're here. Silent Night, I believe they call it. A silent night."

Captain Hardaker really wanted to be by himself when the time came.

Meanwhile, where the TARDIS was, the three travelers emerged from the time machine wearing more formal wear, similar to what the passengers of the Titanic were wearing. Though the Doctor still wore that ridiculous celery.

Nyssa and Tegan looked at a picture frame which housed a screen. On the screen was a bald man who appeared to be in his 50s with a mustache and a golden tooth sitting behind a desk.

"Max Capricorn Cruiseliners. The fastest, the farthest, the best. And I should know because my name is Max." The man on screen said as the video ended as his gold tooth glinted with light in a mixture of cheesy and sleazy.

The Time Lord and his companions walked into the main ball room. They overheard a man, who Tegan can describe as a sleazy business man from her time as an air stewardess, especially from the tone of his voice.

"It's not a holiday for me, not while I've still got my vone. Now do as I say and sell." The sleazy man said aggressively in what Tegan assumed was some kind of advanced phone.

The three travelers approached one of the robot angels, which reminded the Doctor of the sandminer robots of Kaldor.

"Merry Christmas." The robot said.

"Um, Merry Christmas." The Doctor said, "My friends and I have spend most of the cruise in our cabin. Can you tell us who you are?"

"Information. Heavenly Host supplying tourist information." The robot said in a calm monotone voice.

"We all have very bad memory, so um, where are we from?" The Doctor said.

"Information. The Titanic is en route from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt. The purpose of the cruise is to experience primitive cultures." The Host answered.

The Doctor was familiar with Sto, as he had visited the planet several times, on one particular visit in his second incarnation with Jamie and Zoe having stopped a Cybermen invasion of the planet. Nyssa was familiar with that planet as well, mainly through trading with her home planet of Traken. Tegan was not familiar with the planet.

She asked, "Why the bloody Titanic though?"

"Information. It was chosen as the most famous vessel of the planet Earth." The Host answered.

"Do you bloody know why it is famous?" Tegan asked a little aggressively.

"Information. All designations are chosen by Mister Max Capricorn, president of Max, Max, Max…" The Host said as it began to malfunction.

"What the…" Tegan said a little shocked.

"Seems to be having a glitch." Nyssa said.

Noticing the Host malfunctioning, the Steward hurried over and said to the three guests, "It's all right, we can handle this." He then ushered two officers over to him.

"Can I help?" Nyssa asked, "I'm great with robots."

"Software problem, that's all. Leave it with us, ma'am. Merry Christmas." The steward responded as he and the two officers carried the robot away.

"That's another one down. What's going on with these things?"

In the Host maintenance room, things were in chaos. With several broken Hosts lying around the place.

"That's eight of them now on the blink. One woman, she asked the Host to fix her necklace. It almost broke her neck. In First Class." The steward yelled angrily at the head robotics engineer.

"I've been over the robotics. Nothing. It's like something's got into them. Some kind of bug." The engineer said,

A forklift carrying several Hosts approached the engineer.

"Whoa, wait, wait, wait. Over there. Bay fifteen." The engineer said.

"Tell you what. If you can't fix them, throw them overboard." The Steward said.

As the Steward left the maintenance room, on a slab a Host turned its head to look at him. If it were living, it might have a sinister look to it since that was to go about tonight.

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