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Chapter 1: The Transformation

It was the year of 2773. A year as passed since the meteor struck Earth. Causing an unexpected shock of supernatural cosmic energies as the planet was knocked off it's axis. This caused some of the inhabitants of the planet to gain special abilities. These abilities, lead to a mysterious and powerful woman named Zadavia, to recruit six of these newly powered residents and create a team of superheroes. As their supervisor and mentor, she dispatched this team to combat the any threats that was made to their city of Acmetropolis, the city, the residents, the world, and at times, even the galaxy. These heroes, these amazing citizens, were the descendants of the hilarious TV Toons, the Looney Tunes. Ace Bunny, Lexi Bunny, Tech. E. Coyote, Rev Roadrunner, Danger Duck and Slam the Tasmanian Devil, once just ordinary citizens. And now, they were Earth's greatest defenders. The Loonatics.

Up in the Loonatics' Tower, Tech E. Coyote, the Loonatics' technician genius, was currently working in his lab on his newest invention. The coyote, instead of brown fur like most, had green fur, due to his black uniform with a green triangle on the front. He was currently working on his newest invention. It looked like a green and yellow water gun. Except that it wasn't. It was a new ray gun that he was working on. He was currently using his screwdriver to screw in a nut. His ear twitched, hearing the high-pitched voice of his teammate.


He looked up to see his best friend, the red roadrunner, Rev, skid to a stop right next to him.

"What is it Rev?" The coyote asked, finishing tightening the trigger on his device.

"Are-you-still-working-on-the-invention? Can-I-help? Can-I?-Can-I?-Can-I?-Can-I?"

The speedster bird was jumping up and down. Much like a hyperactive child. Which given to his personality and his powers, he kinda was. Tech shook his head, holding up the device.

"Actually Rev. I already finished it. All I need to do now is to test it out."

Rev let out a happy gasp. He started zipping around the room.


As Tech watched his best friend zip around the lab in happiness, another team member, Danger Duck, or just Duck to everyone else, stepped into the room.

"Hey Tech, Ace-" He stopped, seeing the ray gun. "Ooh, you made a new doo-hickey!" He quacked over and snatched the ray gun out of the coyote's hands. "Betcha it some sort of ray gun right? Is it some sort of disintegrating ray? 'Cause that would be perfect-!"

"Duck! Give it back before you drop it!" Tech snapped at him.

Duck quacked away from him, appearing a few feet away to the other side of the room. He tossing it back and forth from his right hand to his left.

"Don't get you tail in a twist! I'm not gonna drop i-"

"No! My Molecular Aging Ray!"

The moment the ray hit the ground, it shot out a blue beam, bouncing off all the reflective materials that were in the room. The device breaking once the beam was shot out.


"Hehehe, oops." Duck chuckled nervously.

The green Loonatic was about to bounce on him, when the beam hit him in the back. He let out a howl of pain as he started to shrink and age backwards. Before long, he was nothing but a pile of his uniform. Rev gasped in horror. He zipped in front of Duck. His eyes burning with anger.


"L-Let's not get to hasty Rev." The shorter fowl chuckled nervously, holding up his hands and taking a step back. "It was an accident!"

"What's going on in here?" Lexi, the pink rabbit, the second in command of the team and the only female, asked as she and the rest of superhero team ran in. "We heard Tech howl."

"Yea, what's up docs?" Ace questioned. "'Nd where's Tech at?"

Ace was the yellow uniformed rabbit and the Team leader. Next to him was their last member. Slam. His suit was made his colorization purple. Not only was he the strongest member of the team, but he was the largest, both in weight and height.

"Tech-created-a-new-invention-and-me-and-him-were-going-to-test-it!-Then-Duck-came-in-and-grabbed-his-invention-and-dropped-it!-Then-a-beam-shot-out!-And-it-went-ping!-Ping-!-Ping!-Ping!-Ping!-Bouncing-all-over-the-place-then-hitting-Tech-in-the-back-and-he-went-Aaah!-And-then-he-started-shrink-and-then-bam!-He-disintegrated!" The speedster exclaimed, zipping around as he explained the event that just transpired.

"Duck disintegrated Tech?" Lexi echoed.

"It was an accident!" Duck explained.

"Ragphlazzz." Slam spoke up.

Ace nodded in agreement.

"I agree wit' ya Slam. Tech woulda regenerated by now."

Suddenly Tech's uniform started to move. The purple Tasmanian noticed. He tapped Ace's shoulder, causing the yellow rabbit to look at him. The larger Loonatic pointed down at the moving piece of clothing.

"Rawagle move!"

They all turned their attention to the weapon technician's wiggling uniform. Suddenly a small brown coyote pup popped out from underneath the outfit. His yellow and olive green eyes looked up at the five heroes in curiosity. After a few moments of studying them, he let out a happy yip. His tail wagging.

"Aww!" Lexi gushed. "He's so cute!"

Tech's tongue rolled out, panting happily at the attention. His tail started wagging. Lexi bend down to pick him, cradling him in her arms. She ticked his stomach, causing him to giggle. He took a hold of her finger and stuck in his mouth.

"Aww." Everyone cooed, except Duck.

"Ew. He's slobbering all over you." Duck stated, his beak curling in disgust.

"First t'ing first, guys. We gotta see what's up wit' him." Ace replied.

Nodding in agreement, they all headed to the medical bay. As the patient, Tech was now sitting on the treatment table as Rev looked him over. The now baby Loonatic member was looking around curiously, sucking on his fist. The roadrunner checked all his vitals and various of other things to make sure that his transformed best friend was alright. Satisfied with the results, he turned to everyone.


"It's al'ight Rev." Ace answered, picking up Tech. "Youse can do it. We'll take care of Tech so ya can focus on fixin' Tech's device."

"Sure-thing-Ace!" Rev saluted.

The red Loonatic wagged a finger at his coyote friend. The infant coyote squealed and grabbed his finger. A moment later he stuck the finger in his mouth.

"Eeww. Why does he keep sticking everyone's fingers into his mouth?" Duck asked.

"Babies like ta stick things inta deir mouths ta explore and unda'stand." The male rabbit explained. He gently wiggled his own finger in front of Tech. "D'ough we probably should make 'im somethin' ta eat. He should be gettin' hungry soon."

Right on cue, Tech's stomach started to growl. This caused the coyote pup to release Rev's finger and start crying. Lexi went over, pulling Tech out of Ace's arms.

"Aw, don't worry Tech. Let's get some food into your tummy. I think a bottle of milk would suffice."

Slam licked his lips, the thought of food coming to his mind. Thus making him hungry. He followed them to the kitchen. As she walked into the kitchen, the coyote pup started crying. She sat him down on the counter has she started searching the cabinets for a bottle.

"Let's see if we can find a bottle for you." She told him as he cried. "I know you're hungry Tech. I'm trying to find a bottle so we can feed you."

A few moments later, Duck walked in, with his hands covering his ears.

"Will you feed him already? I can't hear myself thing!"

"I'm trying to! I can't find a bottle!" She snapped at him, propping Tech over her should to try and ease his crying. Finally a thought came to her. "Wait, I think I got one in my room!"

She handed Tech over to Duck.

"Wait! Why are you giving him to me?"

"I need you to watch Tech as I run to my room to find that bottle. I'll be back in a flash!"

"Lexi! Lexi!" Duck groaned as he looked at the little coyote in his possession. "Great. What am I suppose to do with you now?"

This caused the transformed technician to cry louder. The orange fowl let out an aggravated cry. This was not what he signed up for when he became a superhero! He groaned. Great. What was he supposed to do with him? Trying to figure out what he was going to do with the baby coyote, Rev ran into the room. The road runner started going through the fridge. Looking for something to eat. Seeing an opportunity, Duck called out to the speedster Loonatic.

"Hey Rev!"

Said bird turned to look at the other. Duck held out the crying coyote to him.

"Since you have a little brother, you think you can take care of him?"

Rev looked at Duck, then at the baby coyote that was his best friend. He sighed and took Tech out of Duck's arms.

"Well-first-we-need-to-put-a-diaper-on-him-in-case-he-has-any-accidents.-We-also-need-baby-toys,-bottles,-pajamas,-baby-food,-and-other-baby-items." The roadrunner replied, rocking the little coyote.

Tech had calmed down a little bit, but he was still crying.

"Aw-don't-worry-Tech.-I-know-you're-hungry-and-we're-trying-to-feed-you-but-we-don't-have-the-appropriate-items-for-you-yet." Rev tried to sooth.

Finally, Lexi came back with a bottle.

"I found a bottle. Now to fill it up with milk and to give it to him." Lexi replied.

She filled it up with milk and put in the microwave. Tech started to bawl even louder. A few minutes later, the microwave let out a soft ding. She squirted the milk on her wrist, testing to make sure that it wasn't too hot. Feeling that it was lukewarm, she went over to them. She took Tech out of Rev's arms. She brought the bottle up to him.

"Okay Tech, now open up." She cooed, putting the nipple in his mouth. Tech shut his eyes, gulping down the warm milk. "Rev, can you run to the store and get some baby items?"

"You-can-count-on-me-Lexi!" Rev saluted, then ran out of the tower.

Tech pulled away after the bottle was finished. Due to his full stomach, he started to cry. Knowing what he needed, Lexi propped him over her shoulder, patting his back. He let out a loud burp.

"Such a good boy." Lexi praised.

Tech gave a yawn, sticking his thumb into his mouth as he rested his head on the pink rabbit's shoulder.

"I see dat a lil' someone is sleepy." Ace replied, entering the kitchen.

The tired coyote gave a small smile around his thumb, his eyes half-closed. Suddenly, Rev came back with a box full of baby items.


"I t'ink we get it Rev." The leader answered, taking the box out of red Loonatic's hands. He sat the box on the table, taking out a pair of baby pajamas and the baby powder. "Hey Lex, bring de tyke ova' here so we can get 'im diapered and down fer a nap."

"Sure thing, Ace." Lexi responded, going over and laying Tech down on the table.

"Ew!" Duck complained, his face scrunching up in disgust. "I don't want to eat on the table knowing that Tech's butt has been on it!"

"Oh relax Duck. We're just using it get him clothed. It's not like he's actually going to use the restroom on it. And if he does, we'll clean it up and disinfect the table." She explained, powdering, diapering and dressing the baby coyote. Tech let out a tired giggle and a sneeze at the powder. "Now into your pajamas so you'll be a snug as a bug in a rug."

The pajamas that she put on him were blue, with a fluffy white lamb on the chest. The pup let out another yawn. The yellow rabbit picked him up.

"Time ta put dis lil' Loonatic down fer 'is nap."

Tech yawned again, snuggling against his leader's chest.

"Oh!-I-forgot-the-high-chair-and-playpen!" Rev piped up. "I'll-be-right-back!"

He ran out of the tower to retrieve the forgotten items. Ace looked down at the infantile weapons technician. The coyote looking back up at him with drooping eyelids. Ace motioned for Lexi to take over. The second-in-command did so, gently easing Tech out of Ace's arms and into hers. She cradled him in her arm, gently holding his raised hand that he was sucking on, softly rubbing her thumb over his hand. She started rocking him, singing a soft lullaby her mother used to sing to her younger siblings when they were younger. Tech sleepily cuddled against her chest, shutting his eyes as he fell asleep. Suddenly, Rev ran into the room with the furniture that he had forgotten earlier.


"I'll take care of de highchair Rev. Can ya set up de playpen in de living room?"


The roadrunner ran into the living room and immediately started setting up the pen. While Ace was getting the highchair placed at the same time. With the playpen set up, Rev immediately started to place some soft toys and a blanket. He zipped over to Lexi once he was finished.


"Thanks Rev. One of us will need to check on him later." She went over to the playpen and carefully laid him down to not accidentally wake him up. She smiled softly at him, covering him up with the baby blanket. "Sweet dreams, Tech."

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