Chapter 4

Two weeks later and Nate was doing better. He had been moved out of the ICU and into his own private room forcing Parker to pay another visit to the hospital to ensure they had eyes and ears in that room too. The team had started making plans to rescue Nate now that he was able to be moved and they were almost ready to go when they were watching the feed and Sterling had just arrived to see Nate.

"So Nate you are doing a lot better." Sterling said to is erstwhile friend. "Looks like our deal still stands."

"Yes Sterling our deal stands." Nate replied smiling at him.

"You know those people are going to try to get you out of here." Sterling said softly.

"Yes. They probably are." Nate replied smiling to himself wondering what plan they had worked out to get him out of the clutches of Sterling. "But we have a deal and I don't break my word Sterling. I will testify as promised."

Sophie smiled at herself, this was what she and Eliot had discussed, Nate was not going to allow them to get him out even though they could and even though the wanted to, he would testify and put Kadjic away first.

"So what you just won't go if they do come to get you."

"They won't. They know I keep my promises." Nate said. He was saying it more to his team than Sterling. He had no doubt that the team had made a plan to get eyes and ears on him and they would be listening. "I am going to testify, that was the deal."

"You know sometimes I hate that man." Sophie said listening to Nate talk to Sterling and knowing that he was talking to them. "How the hell does he know we have ears?"

"Because he is Nate." Parker said simply as if that explained everything.

"So what we wait for him to testify then we get him out." Eliot asked from the kitchen as he prepared dinner for them.

"Do we have a choice?" Hardison asked.

Sophie just sighed heavily sipping her wine rolling her eyes at the situation. Nate was a stubborn fool and he would not allow them to free him until he had testified, that she knew. He might have admitted he was a thief and accepted what he had become, but he was still the White Knight, his personality had not changed, and he would do the right thing by, he would honour his deal with Sterling.

"No we don't." She said. "The damn fool will insist on testifying, you all know that."

"Ok, so we wait." Hardison said. Nate was going to be fine and he would testify and then they would rescue him, break him out of prison and they could get on with their lives.

Six months later Nate had testified, Kadjic and the Mayor had got what was coming to them and he was ensconced in a secure private prison, but the team had not forgotten him and although he did not want to escape, he wanted to serve his time, things happen and he did escape. After taking down a crooked warden, a couple of judges and some rather nasty, murderous prison guards he was home with his family.

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