The mood of Olympus was brilliant, the streets were lit and the people were joyous, singing songs and hugging neighbors. Children ran safely along the streets, and parents didn't have to worry about their kids going off without them. In the background, music could be heard, played by the muses, helping add to the magnificent environment.

All of this died down, though, as they laid their eyes on a chained immortal being paraded through the streets, towards the throne room.

The music stopped and the people went silent. Mothers held onto their children, and they stared as a tied up immortal dragged along by Ares and Apollo.

Golden ichor stained his torn up chiton. Slashes in the cloth showed his bare chest, covered in cuts and bruises. His tan skin was caked in dirt and grime, yet he still looked godly.

Whispers could be heard among the crowd as the trio went by.

What did he do?

He's no criminal!

They are afraid of a peaceful titan.

Though his guards were obvious to the people's thoughts, the prisoner could hear them loud and clear. It was a pity, the residents of Olympus knew the truth, yet the gods of truth and justice did not. Zeus would probably have Hecate use the mist to make them forget, or threaten Mnemosyne into removing their memories.

Or he would just kill anybody who spoke up.

The doors to the throne room swung open, and the being was led to the center, before being tossed roughly on the ground. His captors walked to their thrones, growing in size until they dwarfed him.

As he entered the room, everyone seemed to brighten, the Gods and goddesses smiled. Hermes let out a small snicker, while Apollo didn't even try to hide his laugh. Even Artemis, the man hating goddess, let a small grin grace her face, before schooling her features.

That was why he was shackled before them, even in chains, his powers affected the Olympians.

Looking around, he tried to find the goddess he knew the best. He almost didn't recognize Hestia, he was used to seeing her in an older form. The young child tending to the hearth was unforgettable though. Hestia's eyes were rimmed red, and her small hands held a fire poker extremely tight. She refused to make eye contact with the imprisoned deity, instead focusing on the flame, though it burned low and was close to flickering out.

It's ok my lady, I know you spoke in my favor, but Zeus' word supersedes yours.

Hestia's head shot up, trying to find something in the titans eyes, but he was already looking away, instead staring at the king of Olympus.

"Lord Zeus, a pleasant day to be here. May I inquire what business I have with the counsel?"

Mellow green eyes met harsh blue ones, seeking any sort of recognition in them. He found none.

"Silence, Scum. You have betrayed Olympus twice, the second time leading to the awakening of Gaia! Savor your last moments walking on the earth, or swear your loyalty to me- I mean Olympus."

The titan sighed sadly, looking down and nodding his head. The entire mood of the room changed drastically as he did this. Aphrodite started crying, before wiping away her tears so she could ogle his muscular body more. Apollo frowned, and the bright glow he had around him seemed to dissipate. The hearth went out completely for a moment, before lighting back up, low and dull.

"I have not betrayed anyone, my lord. I was neutral in the titan and giant war."

"My spies say you were with the titans at times, and you were spotted in the army camps of the giants." Zeus spat, looking at the chained being with hatred.

"It is my duty to bring joy and happiness to all beings, not just Olympus. As a neutral figure, I was allowed in and out of both sides."

The gods knew this, and Athena shook her head in agreement. His domains did allow him to roam freely, and friend and foe let him in when he visited. Zeus has a card up his sleeve, prepared to counter this fact.

"When you were with Olympus, you heard our secrets and our plans, then you leaked them to the enemy! You caused the deaths of many of our children!"

"I would do no such thing!"

"Apollo, is he lying?"

The gods looked at Apollo expectantly, and many of them already knew the truth, but didn't speak up because they feared the wrath of Zeus.

"Y-yes, father. He is lying."

The titan turned his head to look at Apollo, his messy black hair falling into his eyes. On instinct, he tried sweeping out of his face, but his hands were restrained by bronze handcuffs. Apollo was trying to look anywhere but where he was chained, and he could practically see the regret rolling off him in waves.

It's ok, Apollo, I know you're being threatened.

"Ah hah! You are guilty! Swear your loyalty to Olympus, or you will be sentenced to Tartarus!"

"Is this not a counsel, do the other gods and goddesses not have a say in this?" He questioned.

Zeus gripped his master bolt tightly and grit his teeth.

"I will grant you a vote, but no matter the outcome, you will still die. All that think he is guilty, raise your hand!"

Eleven hands went up.

Some he had been expecting, like Ares. They were almost almost completely opposites, save for a few things. Others, like Hera or Poseidon, didn't want some titan intruding into their domains. Many of the Olympians he was friends with though, and he wondered why they would vote against him.

Had Zeus really gone out of his way to threaten them? More than likely, yes.

"See, the entire counsel thinks you're guilty. Will you pledge yourself to us?"

"I will not, Zeus."

"So be it. Perseus, Son of Pontus, Titan of Joy, Humor, Loyalty, Family, and Emotions, you are hereby sentenced to Tartarus. You will be wiped from the history books, and forgotten by all of humanity. Your suffering will repay your betrayal of Olympus. You shall be an example for all who go against us."

Zeus hefted his bolt, grinning at the prospect of eliminating a titan.

"Any last words, Perseus?" He asked sarcastically. Zeus didn't really care, he just wanted to kill the titan. He had mortals to woo after all.

"The joy you feel now is nothing compared to what I will feel when I dethrone you. Fuck you, Zeus."

The king's eyes widened, and a snarl involuntarily made its way from his lips. The disrespect of this immortal was unmatched!

"I hope you suffer!"

Launching his bolt, a bright flash illuminated the room, followed by a loud boom. Perseus the titan was gone, replaced by a black char spot on the marble floor.

Immediately, the effects of his death and sentence to Tartarus took place. Hestia silently wept as the small flame she had been tending to was snuffed out. The throne room seemed to darken, before everything seemed sullen. The gods felt empty, as if all their happiness had just disappeared, which it had.

Olympus was quiet, it's residents in mourning as one of their most important deities had just been killed. The streets were barren, no life seemed to be in the divine city. Even the animals were gone. No birds were singing, the butterflies didn't fly around.

People's windows were shut, the shutters closed.

The city was dead.

One by one, the Olympians left the throne room, not speaking or looking at one another, until only two were remaining.

"I hope you're happy, Apollo. You just sentenced an innocent man to Tartarus, and a good man at that."

Said sun god barely reacted, too caught up in his self loathing.

"You think I don't know that, Sister? I didn't want to, I would have voted no, but Father would have done the same thing to me too! Besides, you voted yes too."

Artemis' eyes flashed with regret.

"Father threatened my hunters and my chastity, I had no choice."

"Then why are you coming after me? You're at fault as much as I am."

"I… I do not know."

'I'm sorry' was at the tip of her tongue, but Artemis couldn't bring herself to say it. Even after helping murder an innocent man, she still had too much pride to admit her wrongdoings.

Apollo stared at his sister, searching for something in her eyes, but found nothing. Shaking his head, he flashed out, leaving the goddess of the moon alone in the throne room, before she too left.

In the corner, a eight year old goddess struggled to relight a burnt out hearth.


It had taken him thousands of years to reform, painfully having his essence swirled around in a zit-like bubble. Opening his eyes for the first time in a millenia, Perseus was greeted by the sight of a massive canyon. Sitting on the rock ledge, he could see the never ending flat stretch of land, going on for miles, until it faded into a red haze. Behind him, the cliff wall stretched upwards into blood red clouds.

It was hard to be happy in a situation like this.

Down in the canyon, hordes of monsters streamed in one general direction, away from the cliff, towards some destination hidden in the mist. They were the first clue to a way out of the pit.

Leaping of his rock ledge, Perseus landed hard, cratering the ground and vaporizing any monsters within twenty feet of him. The flow stopped, and many beastly heads turned to observe him.

"Hello! Do any of you know how to get out of here?" He questioned cheerfully.

The monsters looked at each other, none of them wanted to be in the spotlight of the mysterious and strangely happy immortal. They were a younger generation of monsters, so they had never heard of Perseus the titan. One lone dracanae slithered out, the red dirt staining her green scales.

"Are you with Olympus? I don't recognize you as one of their gods, yet I have not seen you with Lord Kronos. Who are you, nameless god?"

"I am with neither, and I am just a forgotten relic of the past. Do you know the way out of here?"

"I can lead you to the doors if you will join Lord Kronos' army after we escape."

"I'm sorry, no can do." Perseus said sadly, shaking his head slightly. The tone of his voice and body language spread throughout the monsters surrounding him, affecting their mood viciously. Hellhounds were baying, as if their master had just died. A trio of cyclopes started bawling, before one ended his own life with his axe. Flying demons plummeted from the sky, hot tears pouring from their face and anguished cries from their mouths as they crashed into the ground.

Oops, I need to lay back on my power a bit.

The dracanae at the center of it stood stock still, yet on closer inspection he could see her quivering. A blank, thousand mile stare was in her glazed eyes as she was locked in her own mind, caught in a mental prison of depression.

"I guess I'll go on my own then, thanks for letting me know where to go." Smiling brightly, Perseus laughed. The monsters who hadn't killed themselves or weren't caught in depression all looked around in wonder. His contagious laughter spread throughout the onslaught of beasts, until every one of them was on the ground gasping for air.

The poor dracanae who had spoken to him was stuck between a drowning sadness and an uplifting joy. Her face was contorted into an awkwardly forced smile as her brain went to war with itself, trying to decide what it should feel. It couldn't handle the two extremes, though, and she exploded into yellow dust.

Around him, the monsters exploded into dust, one by one, until he was standing alone. Too much laughter, not enough breathing, at least most of them died with a smile on their faces.

"Well, at least I didn't have to get my hands dirty this time. Onwards to the doors of death!"

The journey to the doors was treacherous, and Perseus saw many horrors along the way. Cannibalistic monsters preying on newly reformed ones disturbed him slightly. It made him glad he spawned on a lonesome cliff. The five rivers of the underworld were deadly to the clumsier monsters too. He had seen many bumbling creatures fall into the Phlegethon, trying to claw their way out as they burned to death.

He made very few companions on the way to the doors. Many of the older monsters approached and greeted him, remembering his presence from one of the wars. They also offered a place in Kronos' army, but he always declined. The younger monsters stayed away from him completely, afraid of a nameless titan that even their superiors respected.

Some tried to prove their strength against Perseus, but he was one of the greatest warriors the ocean had ever seen. None of them stood a chance. Despite his peaceful nature, he could spearhead armies and fight foes that made the gods shake with fear.

The son of Pontus was born during a time of turmoil in the sea, and it was imperative that he learned to fight. As his father gave the reins to Oceanus, there was much conflict across all territories of the ocean, and a titan like him would have been a major target for enemies.

There were many attempts on his life, yet none of them bore fruit. His skill with the sword was unmatched, and his powers along with that made him a legendary foe.

Surprisingly, Perseus hadn't met any of his family on the trip, and he wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. His cousins could have been reforming, or back on the surface, and with the many offers to join an army, he was leaning towards the latter.

Finally, the doors are in sight… what in the world

Large black doors were visible, opening and closing to let monsters onto the ride up. That was his problem.

There were so many monsters between him and his goal.

There had to have been tens of thousands, ranging from all shapes, sizes, and breeds. It reminded him of the fields of asphodel, except more terrifying but equally boring. He could wait his turn though, he was immortal after all.

The crowd seemed to barely move, it felt like every time monsters got onto the elevator, he moved further and further back. Humming to himself, Perseus didn't notice as the others around him started to copy his tune. His influence over them made them disregard any hatred they felt, and instead pick up some happy song they heard.

Like a virus, the humming spread.

Perseus was too caught up in his own music to see or hear what was going on around him. He was too focused on whether or not he could bend the pitch of two notes in the song to notice his surroundings.

Jostled out of his song, Perseus turned to give them a piece of his mind.

"Hello, can I… help… what the…."

The waiting line for the doors of death had somehow turned into a giant mosh pit. Monsters jumped up and down, shaking the entire pit, as they sang out the notes to the song he had been humming. They clapped their hands and claws and other extremities together to the beat. If Perseus had been higher up, he would have seen empty circles in the mosh pit, in the center of them monsters dancing.

He could feel the joy radiating off of them, and it made him giggle. His laughter only helped amplify the wild emotions of the monsters, leading to a crescendo to their happiness. The singing got louder and the ground started shaking harder.

Then the screams started.

At once, hordes of monsters made a beeline away from the doors, before they got sucked back.

A large, purple figure waded through the crowd easily, crushing and slaughtering anybody in his way. His muscular figure deflected any weapons that slashed or strapped at him. Clawed hands eviscerated anything in his reach. A terrifying face held no distinctive features, only a swirling vortex of malevolence that swallowed everything within its pull.

That face was locked onto Perseus.

The waiting area that was once lively was practically empty now, save for a few stragglers who managed to escape. Perseus was frozen, not from fear in terror, but because he literally couldn't move. The presence of the new arrival was so imposing his brain short circuited. It felt like he was being weighed down by an impossibly heavy blanket.

"You are the one who caused all the ruckus?" The being asked blankly, his voice didn't betray any emotions.

"I am." His voice didn't waver, which was a feat in front of this being.

"You gave me a stomach ache."


"My apologies, Lord Tartarus."

The lord of the pit chuckled, patting his stomach. It didn't sound like a warm laugh though, it was low and dark. Perseus could feel the wind shift as Tartarus laughed, his extra exhaling affected the whole pit.

"It's ok young one, the residents of myself needed a good laugh anyways."

"You just ate them all, though."

"They'll be fine, they're going to reform elsewhere. I'm more interested in you, titan. Joy in the pit is a rare thing, Perseus. You could do great things here."

He flushed gold, unsure of what to make of that. A compliment and an offer from Tartarus was unheard of.

"Unfortunately, I can't keep you, and neither can my siblings. Mother has demanded I return you to the surface, for one reason or another. Maybe you make her happy too."

Now Perseus was really surprised. Divine intervention from Chaos herself? What did she have planned?

"Thank you, my lord."

Tartarus waved his hand, and a portal formed behind him, swirling with dark purple energy.

"Don't thank me yet, the world has changed without you, mostly for the worse. You have a lot of work ahead of you." If Tartarus has a mouth, he definitely would have been smirking. "Good luck."

"Wait wha-"

Perseus was cut off as the primordial shoved him into the portal. He didn't even have a chance to yell out as he fell back. The dark portal seemed to brighten, before the temperature suddenly dropped. Around him, purple dissipated, and was replaced by a black night sky. Snow covered the ground and he saw a strange looking building in the distance, while a forest stood proudly to the side. The whole thing overlooked a sparkling sea as angry waves smashed into the cliff side.

What is it with me and cliffs?

Plummeting towards the earth, Perseus could see flashes of silver in the snow, just at the edge of forest, and a few people having a standoff in the blizzard. He recognized the silver from somewhere, but he couldn't quite remember. Getting closer, he could make out more features of the group, and he noticed one thing about them.

They're all children…

They seemed to be glaring at one man who had his back to the ocean. A tail jut out, and it was flinging spikes in the direction of the kids. A monster, fighting demigods by the looks of it.

No child would be harmed on his watch.

Changing his trajectory, Perseus rocketed down, aimed right at the man with the tail.


Thalia was pissed.

First, the two kids they got sent to pick up get kidnapped, then Percy Fuckin Jackson goes off alone to play hero, and then he gets injured! Not only that, but he failed to get the kids too, they were off to the side, behind Percy, but not quite safe.

She leveled her spear at Thorne, before summoning her shield, Aegis. To the monster's credit, he didn't flinch much. Annabeth had disappeared again, most likely had her invisibility hat on. Grover was playing his recorder thing, making the grass grow on Thorne's feet.

Thalia didn't really care for goat boys music, it wasn't Green Day.

Charging the beast, she hid behind her shield as he whipped poisoned spikes at her. Percy tried to follow suit, but he could hardly move, the toxin in his body taking its toll. She'd be alone for this one.

Suddenly, a hunting horn sounded from the woods, and silver arrows flew from the forest.

The manticore screamed as multiple arrows pierced him, but he refused to go down that easily. Retaliating, he shot thorns back into the woods, spraying wildly, but more arrows hit them out of the sky.

"Curse you!" He cried.

A group of young girls stepped out of the forest, all garbed in silver. They looked to be between twelve to fifteen years old, but looks could be deceiving.

"The hunters!" Annabeth gasped. Their appearance was surprising, but welcome.

"Oh joy. We are saved." Thalia said under her breath, rolling her eyes in the process.

A regal looking girl stepped out from the rest, leveling her bow at Thorne. She looked like a Persian princess, and the tiara on her head only helped solidify the image. Turning her head slightly, not taking her eyes off the monster, she spoke to another girl next to her.

"Permission to kill, milady?"

A young girl, who looked twelve years old, responded to her. Despite her youthful appearance, she was evidently much older. Her eyes held a lot of weight to them, and she carried herself with a lot more confidence than a normal twelve year old would.

This was Artemis, Goddess of the moon and hunt.

"Permission granted."

A silver bolt flew true, piercing the manticore in the chest, but he didn't even acknowledge it. Instead, he was busy… laughing?

Dr. Thorne was cackling maniacally, his head thrown back as uproarious laughs bellowed from his lips. Around him, the demigods the campers we sent to pick up were also giggling. The young girl was covering her mouth, trying to hide her giggles, while her brother had a large grin, snickering to himself.

The campers were in a similar state, the son of Poseidon lay limply on the floor, gasping for breath as he laughed. Athena's daughter stood by the siblings, her hat in her hands as she giggled. Thalia, the rowdy lighting child, was guffawing at Thorne mixed with a string of curses.

Only Grover was unaffected, he was too busy making lovey eyes at Artemis to notice anything else.

The hunters were not much better, snickers ran through her group and boisterous laughter kept spreading amongst them. Jokes about deer and hunting were told, and though none of them were good, it made the hunters break down into tears of joy.

Artemis recognized this presence, she couldn't forget one of the only men she had ever cared for.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped, and it seemed like the whole world paused. Everyone stared at each other, wondering what just happened. Thalia was the first to voice her concerns.

"What the Hades was that?!" She all but screeched.

Her question was answered as a quiet cry was heard, but it steadily grew louder. Looking up, they saw a flailing man smash in Thorne, flattening him and dissipating him into dust. The newcomer created a shockwave, evaporating the snow in a small crater, creating a muddy mess.

Standing up from his hole he made, Perseus pretended to sweep dirt off his shirt, only to realize it had been burnt off in his crash, and he just smeared mud all over himself.

"I didn't kill anyone important, did I?"

The crowd looked at him blankly, before Percy finally stood up, standing protectively in front of Annabeth and the siblings.

"Who are you, and why did you kill the manticore? Are you with Kronos?" Percy questioned, but he was promptly ignored.

Instead, Perseus observed the other people in the clearing. Skimming over the boy, he was obviously Poseidon's child. Strangely, he protected a daughter of Athena. The brother and sister gave off a dark aura, and their looks matched that of his nephew, Hades. The blue eyes of the girl with the funny shield matched that of his other, less liked nephew, Zeus.

Looks like he still slept around even when he was married.

Turning to the silver clad girls, he could feel their negative emotions toward him. They seemed to be a mix, and he only remembered one group of hunting girls.

The hunters of Artemis.

That must mean…

"Hey, Artemis wouldn't happen to be with you right now, right?"

The tan princess stepped forward, and as one, all the girls nocked arrows, aiming at him.

"How dare you speak to us, Pig, after you tried to seduce fair maidens, and failed so miserably."

"Seduce… what?"

She gestured towards his bare chest.

"Your attempt at nudity, hoping you could woo a woman like that. You failed, and you disrespect my lady, disgusting pig, now die!"

Dozens of arrows flew at him, and the campers didn't have enough time to even scream. Their manticore crushing savior was about to be turned into a pincushion.

It didn't happen like that though.

Instead, the mud flew off his body and from the ground, forming a rough, brown sword. In an impressive display of skill, Perseus swiped the arrows out of the sky, cutting them down easily.

"Woah, you almost hit me. Look, I was just asking if Artemis was here."

The princess tried hard to hide her smirk, but it was kind of his job to feel such raw emotions like the hatred that rolled off her, so he didn't miss it.

"And if she is here, what will you do?"

"Probably run or something, she's scary, and I don't know how she'd react to seeing me."

The impossibly old twelve year old stepped forward, gesturing for her lieutenant to move back. Her auburn hair billowed as if there was wind, and she walked slowly towards Perseus. The others watched on as she approached him, and he couldn't help but feel a bit of apprehension at the blank face the girl wore.

"Hey, uh, your lady will not be happy about you leaving the team to get close to a shirtless guy, you know?"

He couldn't feel any emotion from her, it was like the girl was void of feeling. Either she was completely apathetic, or she was immune to his powers, unless she was a powerful being counteracting him.

Wait a second…

"You think I'm scary? I'll take that as a compliment, titan."

Perseus gulped nervously, influencing the people around him. Grover took a bite out of his reeds, chewing quickly from the stress. The youngest child of Hades chewed his nails in the anticipation of something. Even Thalia, the steadfast lighting girl, fiddled with her spear.

He began backing up, away from the child goddess, and he could definitely sense an array of emotions from her now. Emotional teenage girls with destructive powers were always a handful, especially ones who castrated men.

"Hahaha, well, you know, I just didn't know how you'd react, you know?"

His feet were at the edge of the cliff now, yet Artemis still stalked closer. He held his hands up in surrender, trying to placate the goddess.

"Let's not do anything rash now, please? I just got back, and the waiting line was unbelievably long."

She was right in front of him now, though he towered over her due to the lack of height in twelve year old form. It would have been hilarious, a tall and muscular man, being terrorized by a young girl, but the situation was anything but that.

"Who said I was sending you back?" Artemis asked coyly, before doing the last thing he expected.

She hugged him.

Momentarily stunned, Perseus didn't react as she wrapped her arms around his muddy chest. Cautiously, he returned the hug, keeping an eye on the hunters to make sure no stray arrows flew in his direction.

"Uh, there… there, it's ok." He said awkwardly. "You should probably let me go before your hunters shoot me or something."

Artemis released him quickly, looking at her followers and meeting the princess' eyes.

"Zoe, it is ok. He is a friend, I have known him since before I became an Olympian. He is trustworthy."

Apparently not enough, I got sentenced to Tartarus after all…

"Can you do the explaining, the kids will trust your word over mine."

"I'm not a kid, I'm ten!" A squeaky voice cried out, before being hushed by his sister.

"Shhh, Nico, they're all crazy, don't bring attention to yourself. And ten is definitely a kid."

Artemis had a strange gleam in her eye as she looked at the daughter of Hades. She would be a fine addition to the hunt.

"I will do the explaining. He is Perseus, Titan of Family and Joy. He was a neutral figure in the titan and giant wars. He was known as the friend of all and foe too none. Think of him like Calypso, a peaceful titan."

Annabeth spoke up.

"I know you said he's peaceful, Lady Artemis, but he deflected your hunts arrows like nothing."

"Anybody who lives in this world ought to know self defense." Perseus said wisely.

"How come I've never heard or read about you before?"

"Daughter of Athena, you ask too many questions. I was stripped from history on false claims, and I've been gone for thousands of years."

"My name is Annabeth, and I only asked two questions. Why were you stripped from history? What did you do?"

Perseus and Percy groaned at the same time, before looking at each other smiling.

"Son of Poseidon, what is your name?"

"Perseus, sir, but everyone calls me Percy."

"That's a good name you've got there, I approve." He turned to Artemis. "Is there a place we can sit down and chat? I'm exhausted. I also want to meet the other demigods, preferably in a warm place though." He brought his arms to his chest, rubbing his hands together in an exaggerated manner.

"Ah, yes. Zoe, set up camp, we will rest here for the night." The princess rushed off, but not before sending Perseus a dirty look. "I expect to speak with you later this evening."

"Of course, we have much to catch up on."

So that's the name of the angry princess…

Artemis followed her Hunters, overseeing the encampment. Perseus was left along with the other demigods, and two very confused siblings.

The cold was really getting to him, and standing around awkwardly staring at each other wasn't helping either.

"I could just zap you with lighting."

"Daughter of Zeus! That sounds like a brilliant plan, as long as you don't start a forest fire. Artemis surely would have your head if you did."

Holding out a hand as a greeting, she took it, sending a shock violently through his body. His black hair stood upright, splayed wildly around. At Least the chill was gone.

"My name is Thalia, no last name."

"Alright Thalia no last name!" He said cheerfully. "Thanks for warming me up! Let's go see what Artemis has in store for us!"

As he was heading off, someone cleared their voice, stopping him.

"Not to be that guy, but you probably shouldn't walk into a camp of man haters half naked."

"Thanks, Percy! Off to find a shirt first!"