Chiron had been alive for thousands of years, he'd seen many things. Training legendary demigods through the ages gave him experience. Children, no matter how they were raised or who their parents were, would always do childish things. He'd been the target of many pranks, and seen outlandish adventures come to pass.

In short, it took a lot to surprise him.

He'd been teaching archery to the younglings when another camper came up to him. A small girl with fiery orange eyes and auburn hair. Her little hands were clenched together behind her back as she jumped up and down excitedly.

"Mr Chiron! Mr Chiron! There's a bus in the camp lake!"

He sighed, what had the children of Hermes planned this time? A prank gone wrong? The stoll brothers were prime suspects, but how in the world had they smuggled a bus onto the camp ground without him noticing?

"Thank you, young one." She must have been one of the unclaimed children crammed into the Hermes cabin, he recognized her, but couldn't remember her completely. "Remind me of your name again, please?"

"Vesta!" She smiled impishly before running off.

Well, her parents had a twisted sense of humor. Naming a Greek child after a Roman goddess had to be a joke.

As he galloped to the lake, he completely missed the same girl, dressed in a modest red dress tending to the fire pit in the middle of camp. Coming to a halt at the dock, Chiron could only gape and stare as the Sun Chariot stuck out of the water.

On the shore, Apollo stood with his hands in his hips, muttering something about paint jobs and letting people drive. The hunters were forming a single file line walking miserably to the Artemis cabin, shooting glares and arrows at any boy who looked at them.

He recognized all his campers at least, with a few more additions as well. It seemed they found even more demigods than they were sent to retrieve.

Thalia and Annabeth were staring at Percy expectantly, waiting for him to offer something.

"What? Do you need something?" He asked, a small smirk on his face.

"Dry me off, Kelp Head, before I zap you!" She was starting to crackle with energy, lighting shooting off her.

"Woah, let's calm down now. Don't you know water is a great conductor for electricity?"

Annabeth started pulling her knife out, her eyes burning with rage.

"Of course I do, now dry us off before I stab you!"

You know, Percy, telling an angry woman to calm down usually makes it worse.

Percy jumped up, looking around, only to see Perseus waving at him, a shit eating grin on his face. He was standing on top of the water, dragging the sun chariot out of the lake.

"You tell me this now?" He muttered to himself

I thought it was common knowledge.

"Sorry you two, I'm too weak to dry you off!" Percy yelled, before running onto the lake to help drag the bus. He ignored Annabeth shouts and dodged a lighting bolt thrown at him before sliding to a stop next to Perseus.

"I'm too weak?" He asked, one eyebrow raised.

"More like I'm too lazy."

Perseus snickered before rubbing his chin in an exaggerated manner,

"Isn't it just a wave of your hand?"

"Ok fine, I didn't want to dry them off." Percy admitted.

The titan laughed out loud, causing everyone around him to grin widely or laugh as well, before high-fiving Percy.



Chiron looked on nervously as the mysterious immortal and Dionysus met. When Percy had come in contact with Thalia, he'd felt like two bombs had just lit up, their fuses burning slowly down until one exploded first.

If the two children were bombs, then whatever was going between the immortals was a whole world war, and he knew which side would win.

The immortal looked like Percy, if he were older and more battle hardened. The way he carried himself was terrifying. He was relaxed, and his aura seemed light, but his posture gave subtle hints that he was ready to pounce at any moment.

Dionysus seemed calm on the outside, his carefree mask worn so easily that even the old horseman hadn't seen through it. Yet, staring into the swirling green orbs that were Perseus' eyes, he could only feel nervous. The titan's face was unreadable, but the subtle clenching of his fist couldn't mean anything good.

"The faithful son of Zeus, now a camp director? I didn't take you for a pedophile, Dionysus, but knowing your family, I'm not really surprised." The titan said cooly.

The gods face flushed gold for a moment, trying to reign in his temper. "If I had my way, I would be with my wife, not with these brats." His tone wavered slightly, anger seeping in.

"Ah, I see." Perseus nodded knowingly. "You're trying to distance yourself from the children so you don't kidnap one when you give into your pedophaelic urges!"

"ENOUGH!" Dionysus snarled, his body glowing purple. "I will not tolerate a lowly titan disrespecting me in my own domain, Perseus!" A staff appeared in his hand, tipped with a metal pine cone. His back was turned to Chiron, so the centaur couldn't see the grin on his face or the humor in his eyes.

"A titan?" Chiron muttered to himself, before unslinging the bow on his back and nocking an arrow.

"Yes, horse man. I am Perseus, Titan of Joy and Emotion. I was once known as the titan of the people, for my domains represent such mortal ideals. There is no need for quarrel, you couldn't stop me if you wanted to."

As unsettling as the proclamation was, Chiron still fired an arrow towards the titans head, only for him to freeze with surprise as it got blocked.

Perseus looked on with amusement as Dionysus struck the arrow mid flight, knocking it out of the way so it shot inches past his head.

"You know, sometimes I forget you're a god, you sure don't look the part."

Dionysus shook his head sadly before summoning two drinks. "I save your life and this is how you repay me, with insults."

He held one cup out which Perseus took gratefully. They clinked them together in cheers, before downing them in one go. Dionysus sighed in relief at his first alcoholic beverage in years while Perseus' face scrunched up, looking like he'd just sucked a lemon.

"This is your wine?! It's so, full offense when I say this, disgusting!" The titan moaned as he held his tongue out panting.

The pudgy god laughed, a pure and wholesome chuckle at the misfortune of Perseus. "This is the wine that turned me into a god."

"My lord… what about your restrictions, the king will not be pleased." Chiron said nervously while looking at the sky.

Dionysus waved dismissively. "Oh, dad never looks down here, besides, I'm just keeping peace at camp, since it's my job."

"Alcohol keeps you from going full pedo… good to know."

"Just because I'm camp director doesn't mean I like children! Besides, Chiron has been doing this much longer than me."

"Well, anyone with a brain would be terrified of an aroused centaur."

As the two immortals bickered about the tendencies of horny mythological creatures, Chiron groaned as he could already feel a migraine starting to form.

Just what has been brought to camp?

The dinner bell saved him from an imminent headache, but with the hunters around, he knew he had a whole new set of problems on his hands.

Perseus watched the horse and the god walked to the pavilion, light shining out. Inside, he could see rows of cafeteria style lunch tables filled to the brim with children.

Looks like the gods have been busy.

He could hear the chatter and random talk of the demigods all throughout camp, which soon became pointless background noise. The night was warm, and Artemis' chariot was high in the sky, probably on auto pilot, since she was off hunting some beast.

For the first time in years, Perseus felt truly at peace. The emptiness of the camp without kids bustling around was strangely comforting, like being alone in a school late at night.

Odd, but not in a bad way.

Far off in the woods, the howl of a monster broke him from his musings. The stray and mostly harmless creature reminded the titan that demigods and other beings of Greek myths couldn't afford peace. Times without conflict always came with a cost.

Firelight from the campfire painted the edges of the forest with an eerie glow. A massive bonfire burned brightly, a beacon in the darkness. Tending to the flames was a familiar young girl, and she was staring right at Perseus. He gave her an awkward grin, but the stern features on her face didn't falter. Sighing, he made his way over, looking for any ways to escape, but she shook her head briskly.

I did say I'd go talk to Hestia at camp…

Sliding onto the log bench, Perseus shredded the bottom of his sweatpants and got splinters all in his thighs, but it was completely worth it as he knocked into Hestia, sending the smaller goddess flying off the log. His laughter was contagious, power leaked from him as he clutched his stomach trying to catch his breath.

Hestia clambered off the ground, the snarl on her face twisted into a joyous grin as she marched towards the giggling titan. It would have been adorable if her eyes didn't promise murder.

"I may be a peaceful goddess, but for you, I'm willing to break my moral code!" She yelled, smacking him in the face with a burning log.

"Ouch… totally worth it! The look on your face as you went flying, PRICELESS!" Perseus breathed out, picking embers out of his eyebrows. His face had a black, log shaped mark smashed into it. "Didn't I take away your pent up anger? You're so violent!"

"Yeah, well you're just so annoying, uncle." Hestia stated.

"Good point. You wanted to speak to me?"

Sitting next to him on the log, the pair gazed into the fire, enjoying the company and warmth.

"I saw you ran into Artemis. How did that go? Since you two aren't exactly on best terms currently…"

Pereseus cringed before running a hand through his hair, spreading ash all along his forehead.

"It… well it went. I'm not angry at her, if that's what you're wondering. She acted like nothing happened between us, so we were friendly, I suppose. Besides, it's been thousands of years, I'd be pretty dumb to be hung up on something that old."

"She helped kill you."

"Well, so did Dionysus, and we shared drinks today. I know Zeus threatened her or her hunters, so I don't blame her. Grudges aren't really my thing anyways."

Hestia gazed silently into the fire, sorting out her thoughts. Poking a log, they watched as it crumbled into the pit, and glowing embers shot up, racing towards the starry sky.

"What of the other gods? Many of them were threatened as well. Will you go after them?"

"Depends who it is." Perseus said slowly. "I've already met with some, like Apollo and Dionysus, and I got what I needed from them. If I ever run into Ares, I'll strip him of his feelings before killing him though."

"Got what you needed?" Hestia questioned.

"I took the stress and anger from Apollo, so he feels quite a bit better. I would have done the same to Dionysus, but he's pretty much apathetic, so it would have been pointless. At least I get an old friend from the wine dude."

"The same thing you did to me." She stated. "You must be careful, uncle, how many gods have that to, three or four? If you take too much energy, you'll explode."

"I know, Hestia, that's the point. With my cousin on the rise, I will need to kill him and the others quickly. Then, I can focus on Zeus. Will you go against me when the time comes?"

She shook her head.

"I am neutral to the fighting, but I will support your decision, as will many others. My younger brother may not acknowledge it, but his rule has been terrible."

Hestia helped as she was engulfed in a bear hug.

"That's the spirit!" Perseus said excitedly. "I wish to go and find the other gods, they could use some emotional discharge. Do you know where I can find Nemesis or Hecate? Surely I could go to their cabins and summon them?"

She cringed, surveying the twelve lonely cabins around camp.

"Unfortunately, they don't have cabins. Zeus believes that as 'minor gods' they don't deserve the respect to have children alongside Olympian demigods. Any unclaimed children would be situated in the Hermes cabin." A lone tear escaped her eye as the flames died down. "So much pain and remorse from them."

Perseus looked at the night sky with awe. The obtuseness of the king of Olympus was astounding.

"Minor gods? Is he dumb? Magic is no minor domain. Even gods are affected by the lust for revenge. No wonder there's a war on the rise, he practically started it!"

He looked at Hestia with his hands on his hips and she shrugged.

"His words, not mine."

Releasing a breath he'd been holding in, Perseus flopped onto the ground at Hestia's feet.

"Well, I guess I'll stay here until an opportunity arises. I can pass as an unclaimed camper, right? What do they even do here for fun? Say, you wanna claim me as your kid?"

Perseus was met with another smack from a burning log.

"Hey! Ouch, no more hitting! I wasn't kidding, you should claim me!" He said over his shoulder, dodging flaming wood chucked at him by the angry goddess. "You're gonna start a forest fire!"


"This isn't really fun." Perseus muttered to himself as he ran through the forest.

The campers vs hunters capture the flag game was going down, and his cabin was getting demolished. Looking between the trees, he could see a cabin mate, Travis, get shot in the butt by a silver arrow. Around him, campers were falling one by one, picked off by snipers of a divine level.

Twisting his body, he bent around an arrow, missing him by an inch.

"That could have been fatal, you know?" Turning around, Perseus met a whole squad of hunters, led by their very own lieutenant. "You know, I always wondered if you got caught in a perpetual menstrual cycle, since you guys were immortalized as a teenage girl."

A barrage of arrows flew at him, which he swiftly dodged or swatted away barehanded.

"You dare disrespect the hunters of Artemis?" Zoe hissed. "I will gut you like the pig you are!"

What is it with me and angry immortal women?

The hunters surrounded him, their bows trained inwards, targeted at the lone male. Zoe stepped forward drawing a long, silver hunting knife. At once, the girls fired arrows flying from all angles.

"Really, more arrows? Haven't we decided that they won't work? Too slow, not enough power, you're gonna have to do better than that!" Perseus said smoothly as the air condensed around him. The arrows stuck into the water barrier encompassing him before falling uselessly to the ground. "All of this for me? I'm flattered, but I doubt any of you guys remember my name."

The angry girls were about to charge as one, but Zoe whistled them off.

"I will handle this parasite. Stop him if he tries to escape, but do not interfere."

She approached cautiously, crouched in a stance, waiting for him to make the first move.

The titans face remained blank as the huntress stalked forward into cutting range. She may not be able to shoot him, but Zoe wasn't the lieutenant for nothing. She had thousands of years to hone in her abilities, while he had muscle memory and some flashy powers.

Perseus punched the air in front of him, his fist aimed at Zoe. She flinched at his sudden movement, but started laughing as nothing happened.

"What was that supposed to be, scum? A scare tactic? Where is your blade?" She mocked. Around her, the other silver garbed girls were also snickering.

"Nah, I'm just trying to decide how much power I should use, so when I land a hit, I don't accidentally blow you to pieces. Besides, I don't need a blade for someone like you. Arty would be mad if I killed any of you guys."

"You dare belittle us? Stop calling us GUYS! I will cut off your balls and suffocate you with them!" Zoe screamed, her anger getting the best of her.


With a roar, she charged the titan, all caution thrown into the wind. She'd never let her anger get the best of her like this before, now she was slashing wildly trying to land a cut.

Why am I so uncontrollably angry?

Her thoughts didn't faze her, however, as her knife screamed for blood, and so did her heart. Stabbing towards Perseus' head, she missed by inches as he danced away, an annoying grin on his face.

"Ooooh, you almost got me!"

Zoe growled, before slashing wildly, aiming at his throat. She watched the blade get closer and closer, waiting for Perseus to move, but he didn't.

Instead, he stared right into her eyes, ignoring his imminent death.

The edge connected with his neck, digging into his skin and flesh, drawing a small line of ichor.

Suddenly, the blade stopped.

"Huh, so you really wanted to kill me." Perseus stated calmly. His eyes were deep green, swirling hurricanes of untold emotions. "That's not very nice."

Zoe was shaking, not because she was scared, but from the effort of trying to move away, but she couldn't. Her arm shook, veins bulging, as she desperately tried to draw back, but it wouldn't listen to her. In fact, her whole body wouldn't listen, and she stood frozen in a lunge, her knife still cutting Perseus' neck.

Around her, the other hunters couldn't move either. Each one of them stuck in a pose, trying to fight their own bodies.

"I think I'm entitled to some revenge, don't you?" Finally stalking away, he moved like a shark circling its prey. The cut on his neck slowly started sealing up, leaving only a gold trace.

"Lady Artemis will surely have your head if you do anything lecherous, pig." Zoe snarled.

"Oh? Would she?" Perseus made eye contact with her, standing right in her face. He could steal a kiss if he leaned forward. He backed away, surveying all the frozen hunters.

Then, he started laughing.

It was as if an explosion of force came off of him. The grass around him wavered away, the trees rustled, and everyone's hair blew around. Pure power rippled around the titan, unyielding yet controlled.

One by one, the frozen hunters started laughing. Their bodies trembling with unexplainable joy. It felt as if they were being tickled with feathers, but they couldn't escape it.

"Huh, I didn't take you for a snorter, Zoe." The frozen lieutenant was red in the face, her whole body sore from trying to contain her laughter.

"Shut u-u-up!"

The torture seemed to go on forever, the endless happiness overrode every sense of their bodies, nothing would respond. They could only watch with dismay as Thalia ran across the creek, their flag in hand.

Finally, a horn sounded, and cheers of the campers ended the strangest capture the flag game the hunters had ever experienced.

With a wave of his hands, the Zoe and her hunters unfroze, and his aura of power receded, relieving them of whatever joy they felt. At once, they all collapsed to the floor, sweaty and panting.

After Zoe recovered, she glared at Perseus, who had been standing by quietly.

"What… was… that?"

"I think that was the hunters losing capture the flag."

Before she could do anything drastic or violent, Chiron trotted over, obviously happy.

"Miss Nightshade, that signals the end of the game. The campers' first victory against the hunters!"

A shout from the creek caught their attention. Orange collided with silver as a brawl broke out. Arrows were flying and swords were swinging, threatening to lop off limbs and poke out eyes. The clouds were looming overhead, a dark vortex threatening to drop electric loads of lightning.

The creek was bubbling, as if trying to rise, but it couldn't.

Percy was trying to levitate it, the shallow water should have been easy to control, but every time he tried to latch on, his connection was ripped away.

Chiron looked at Perseus skittishly.

"Will you do something? If you don't, surely someone will get injured or worse."

At some point, Zoe had snuck into the fray, trying to beat up any campers within a ten mile radius. A large explosion blew the two groups as lighting dropped from the sky. Anyone at the epicenter was flung back, and Zoe landed gracefully next to Perseus, albeit a bit charred.

"Sorry horse man, emotions are running a bit wild right now. Is this how the entire world feels right now? Besides, I did do something, if Percy got control of the creek, everyone he splashed would be dead right now. Water conducts electricity pretty well, I'd have to say."

Before the two groups could clash again, green smoke filtered out of the tree line, and a decrepit mummy walked onto the battlefield.

"Impossible…" Chiron muttered to himself.

Sorry this took so long, I've been really busy recently, and struggling to find motivation. I wanted to get something out, so forgive me since this chapter is shorter. To me, it also feels a bit incomplete, but I'm pretty sure almost everyone reading this knows how The Titans Curse goes. Honestly I just want to progress this story more, and I was stuck in a mental block.