Dramatis Personae

(For the reader's reference; bold are character POVs)

Extraction Team Cresh:

Zuro Pax—(m) Duros from the Tessa Belt, Judicial

Itoll Oc'nel—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir, Judicial

Driffu—(f) Gand from Gand, Judicial

Awerl—(m) Wookiee from Kashyyyk, Judicial

Jom Carver—(m) human from Coruscant, Judicial

Brent Fojo—(m) Rodian from Dennon, Judicial

Extraction Team Muun:

Lir Sey'les—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Judicial

Razal Wulf—(m) Ardennian from Ardennia, Judicial

Omgen Nor—(f) Ugnaught from Bespin, Judicial

Weequi—(m) Ugnaught from Hutta, Judicial

Peshtan Hashtivar—(m) Chelidae from Castilon, Judicial

Zeva F'laro—(m) Kubaz from Kubindi, Judicial

Hostage Rescue Team Aurek:

Thaddeus Savit—(m) human from Centax-3/Coruscant, Judicial

Terisa Cas—(m) human from Coruscant, Judicial

Jan Archard—(m) human from Coruscant, Judicial

Setil Rigel—(m) human from Fresia, Judicial

Tonkins—(f) human from Corellia, Judicial

Jorj Fenron—(m) human from Coruscant, Judicial

Judicial Navy:

Captain Kendal Ozzel (non-OC)—(m) human from Carida

Lanya Pran—(f) Twi'lek from Ryloth, pilot

Rama Stunol—(f) Duros from Duro, pilot


Jazal—(f) Miraluka from Alpheridies, Jedi Knight

Kev Rel'skar—(m) Bothan from Dressel, Jedi Knight

Rael Aveross (non-OC)—(m) human from Ringo Vinda, Jedi Master

Jan-Ca Suldor—(m) Mon Calamari from Mon Cala, Jedi Master

Mara Tursk—(f) Gotal from Antar-4, Jedi Master

Kazal Grier—(m) human from Corulag, Jedi Master

Ov-Bion—(m) Miraluka from Alpheridies, Jedi Master

Prosset Dibs (non-OC)—(m) Miraluka from Alpheridies, Jedi Knight

Qid Prokos—(m) Quarren from Mon Cala, Jedi Master

Masana Tide (non-OC)—(f) Dowutin from Dowut, Jedi Knight

Marossk—(f) Trandoshan from Trandosha, Jedi Master


Hreldussk—(m) Trandoshan from Trandosha; Antarian police Lieutenant (wife Shosseth, kids Yasska (f), Drenk (m), Kriss (m))

Clahra Fair—(f) human from Alderaan, war correspondent/documentary maker

Yarua—(m) Wookiee from Kashyyyk, Senator

Passel Argente (non-OC)—(m) Koorivar from Kooriva, Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance

Commander Wilhuff Tarkin (non-OC)—(m) human from Eriadu, Direct Action Operation Commander, Strategic Operations Cell

Detective Tanivos Divo (non-OC)—(m) Coruscanti human police detective

Detective Lach Snarr—(m) Sullustan from Sullust, Coruscanti police detective

Byno Doubton (non-OC)—(m) human from Eriadu, Director of the Strategic Operations Cell

Lieutenant Joran—(m) human from Anaxes, Engineer with the Republic Corps of Engineers

Captain Orson Krennic (non-OC)—(m) human from Lexrul, Captain in the Republic Corps of Engineers

Galactic Comm Procedure Words and Phrases:

(some of these are invented from scratch, others modified from the Multiservice Tactical Brevity Code, and Radio Procedure Words)

Actual—Unit commander or highest ranking officer on a spaceship Captain. Ozzel is Captain of the Judicator so he is 'Judicator Actual.'

Leader—Team, squadron, or squad leader. Sey'les is 'Muun Leader,' Pax is 'Cresh Leader.'

1, 2, 3, etc—1st, 2nd, 3rd highest ranking officers after Leader or Actual. Muun-1 is Wulf, Muun-2 is Omgen Nor, etc.

Say again—repeat what you just said.

Oscar mike—moving/on the move

Please Advise—give further instructions

Be advised—prepare for further instructions

Roger—received; received the information

Copy (that)—received; will act on it

That's a no-go—don't do it

Gala Echo—Geonosian

Clanker—hostile droid

Friendlies—allied forces

Republic Judicial Alphabet

A Alpha
B Bravo
C Cresh
D Delta
E Echo
F Forn
G Gala
H Holo
I Ilum
J Jaspa
K Kilo
L Lekku
M Muun
N Noble
O Osh
P Pie
Q Quarren
R Ryloth
S Shyrii
T Tau
U Ultra
V Vixen
W Wobani
X X-ray
Y Yaka
Z Zeta