A/N: This is a story have I have been working on since April 2019.

JUNE 2020(no timejump)

Ciara and Ben rode in the car on the way to Ciara's surprise. It had been exactly 2 years since Ben found Ciara on the side of the road after she crashed her motorcycle. If someone had told Ciara 2 years ago that she would be in the car with Ben willingly and that he was the man that she loved more than anything, she would have said they were crazy. But now, Ciara couldn't picture her life without Ben.

Ben reached a hand over to Ciara's knee, "You're in pretty deep thought there, Bobcat." Ciara smiled at her nickname. "What's on your mind?"

Ciara rested her hand on Ben's playing with it absentmindedly, "Just thinking." "About?" Ciara's smile grew, "About how much has changed in the last two years. When I woke up in the cabin, I-I never could have picture that you would become my-" Ben interrupted, "Your Ozark?" Ciara giggled slightly, "Yes. My Ozark."

Ciara faced forward, "So… where are you taking me? I can't imagine a better surprise than what we did last year." Ben smiled at the memory.


Ciara giggled as Ben twirled her as they walked down the street. Once Ciara got her bearings she rested a hand on Ben's shoulder as Ben wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Ciara leaned into Ben, "So… are you going to tell me where we're going?" Ben shook his head slightly, "How is that a surprise?"

Ben chucked, "You are so impatient you know that?" and tapped Ciara's nose with his index finger. Ciara sighed, "Yeah well, patience is NOT my strong suit." Ben let out what he thought was a quiet chuckle under his breath as he murmured, "Don't I know it." Ciara stopped walking, raised her eyebrows and scoffed glaring at Ben slightly.

Ben wrapped his arm around Ciara's shoulders again, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I wouldn't change a thing about you, Bobcat." Ciara shook her head slightly and the pair started walking again. Ben stopped, "And… we are here."

Ciara read the neon sign "'Inkhart Tattoo & Piercing Parlor'." Ciara turned to Ben, "WHAT are you up to?" Ben smirked and said "You'll see" as he dragged Ciara by the arm into the shop.

Ciara looked around and saw all different kinds of piercing options and tattoo designs. A very heavily tatted and pierced man walked out, "Are you Ben?" Ben walked up to the man and shook his hand, "Yes, you're Leonardo?" The heavily tatted man nodded, "That's me. But please, call me Leo. Leonardo is my father."

Ben nodded and lowered his voice slightly, "You got what we talked about?" Leo nodded and gestured behind him, "Please, follow me." Ciara began to follow the duo and Ben turned around placing his hands on Ciara's shoulders, "Stay here." Ciara narrowed her eyes at Ben. Ben said "Trust" as he walked away.

Ciara sighed heavily and took a seat on the couch. Ciara picked up a magazine that was on the table in front of her and began to flip through it.

After 20 minutes had gone by, Ciara peered to where Ben and Leo had gone, she could hear their voices and the needle going but couldn't make anything out. Ciara sighed frustrated and sat back down. As much as she wanted to sneak in and see what her boyfriend was up to, she obliged by his wishes.

Ciara glanced at her phone and groaned. Leo walked out, "You ready to see this?" Ciara stood up, "BEYOND." Leo chuckled, "Ben's instructions: close your eyes." Ciara closed her eyes and Leo poked his head back and nodded to Ben.

Ben walked out and stood right in front of Ciara. "Before you open your eyes, there's something I want to say." Ciara nodded and kept her eyes closed. Ben continued, "Exactly one year ago, my life changed forever. I found this beautiful girl on the side of the road who had just spun out on her motorcycle. It was fate that brought us together that night, but every single moment since then has been intentional." Ciara smiled, "Oh Ben. Can I open my eyes now?" Ben nodded, "Open your eyes."

Ciara opened her eyes and saw Ben standing in front of her shirtless. Ben turned to the side slightly and Ciara got an eyeful of his tattoo: a Bobcat going down his side with a collar at the neck with a tag on it that said 'Ciara'.

Ciara let out a half-gasp/half-laugh in shock. "Oh my…" Ciara couldn't even finish her sentence. Ciara gingerly ran her hand down Ben's side next to the tattoo, kneeling down when she got to the lower half. Ben pressed his lips together and raised his eyebrows slightly, "WELL? What do you think?"

Ciara chuckled as she stood up, "You are CRAZY, but this is amazing!" Ciara grabbed Ben by the neck and chastely kissed him. Ben smiled, "I always call you my Bobcat and you are completely ingrained in me but now you really are a part of me."

Ciara returned Ben's smile and carefully hugged Ben. Ben pulled back slightly, "Happy Anniversary, baby." Leo walked over to the couple and handed Ben his shirt, "We gotta tape you up before you go and I have to show you how to care for it.." Ben nodded heading to the back with Leo. This time, Ciara followed them.


Ciara sighed, "I STILL can't believe you got a tattoo for me." Ben chuckled, "It was either the Bobcat or your face on my forearm but given how your family feels about me, I figured this is better." Ben brought Ciara's hand to his lips, "And this one is staying on me forever." Ciara smiled a slight smile and nodded ever so slightly knowing exactly what Ben was referring to.

Ben placed Ciara's hand back in her lap. Ciara squeezed Ben's hand and turned to face him, "It won't always be like this." Ben retuned Ciara's squeeze and looked at her for a moment before looking back at the road.

Ciara sighed heavily and rested her elbow on the top of her seat, "So… are we going to back to the scene of the crime? Maybe a couple's tattoo this time?" Ben chuckled, "We are not going to see Leo today." Ciara smiled, "Maybe that would be a good place to go after we get married?" Ciara wiggled her eyebrows slightly at Ben who could help but look at Ciara and chuckle as he bit his lip.

Ciara pushed her shoulder belt over her head and behind her as she stretched over to Ben. Starting at the side of his forehead, she started placing kisses there, going down his cheek, to his neck before lightly biting his shoulder through his shirt. Ben bit his tongue, "Hey! Driving here!"

Ciara giggled and rested her head on Ben's shoulder. Ciara sat back in her seat, and without putting her shoulder belt back on, looked straight ahead and gasped, "Ben, look out!"

Ben saw a car heading straight for them. Before Ben could swerve, the car hit them head on and Ciara's head clunked onto the dashboard as Ben's airbag deployed. Ciara and Ben both flew back in their seats.