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Something about this whole mission seemed off to Peter.

It wasn't because it had a less than stellar start at the Iceberg Lounge, he's had worse beginnings to a mission. It wasn't even because Peter knew he'd have to deal with Talia's outrage when he and Jade eventually returned to the penthouse. No, what bothered Peter about the mission he and Jade were on was the sheer lack of information the wall crawling killer had going in. After the two linked back up and Jade gave Peter his gear to throw on and revealed to him a odd vial that contained some sort of liquid in it, Jade led him clear across the city to some high end hotel where Jaina was staying and set up camp on a neighboring rooftop with a clear line of sight into her room. The two didn't have to wait long before Jaina returned to her suite, with an armed escort, and slowly went about preparing herself for bed that evening.

'This is the part that I hate about being an assassin' Peter thought tiredly as he and Jade watched as Jaina went from one end of the penthouse suite to the other, checking to make sure things were locked and stored away and that the guards she had knew their jobs.

A gross misconception about being an assassin was that thanks to Hollywood, people thought assassinations were quick and fast, with occasional massive fights of some sort thrown into the mix. The reality was hours, if not days or even weeks observing a target, getting an idea of their schedule, interactions and habits with both other people and their environments. Thankfully, far as Peter knew, he and Jade simply had to wait until Jaina went to sleep and they could silently slip in and... well Peter wasn't sure what came next, and that laid the root of his unease about this whole mission.

"Can I ask a question?" Jade said as she sat next to Peter on the ledge of the building they were on, a pair of binoculars held up to her eyes to help her better watch Jaina's movements from half a block away.

"Sure... long as I get to answer a question in return" Peter said with a small shrug as he crouched next to the femme fatal, his enhanced eyesight allowing him to track Jaina as well as Jade's optics.

"Eh, I guess that's fair" Jade said with a smirk before lowering the binoculars and glancing at Peter with a frown "When you tackled the Red Hood off the roof earlier, you were down for a while. You knock yourself out or something?"

"Well I was used as a makeshift cushion by the twerp so maybe I was just trying to catch my breath" Peter answered with a small shrug "My back's still killing me a little though. I swear I cracked a vertebra or something"

"With that high a fall, you might've" jade said as she returned her attention to Jaina's penthouse.

Peter hummed at the statement before poking Jade in the shoulder "Alright, my turn to ask a question"

"Shoot" Jade said.

"Why the hell did you wait so long to see if I was alive or to at the very least get me the hell out of there?" Peter asked with a frown.

"I was busy making sure we didn't lose Jaina" Jade nodded in the direction of the woman's home "Just because we know where she lives, doesn't mean she was going to go straight there after the shit show you pulled back at the Lounge"

"So your saying that you followed me for a bit, saw me and Hoodie take a dive off a roof, left me there to go back to tracking Miss Hudson, found out where she was going, than you came back just in time to save me from being either shot in the head or arrested?" Peter asked with a raised brow. If that was the case... he was out for quite a bit.

Maybe he got a concussion.

"Sorta" Jade answered as she lowered the binos and set them on he ledge next to her "More of I saw your fall, waited a few seconds to see if you'd get up, saw that you didn't and decided to catch back up to Jaina. Then I got a call from Talia, explained what happened and she demanded I return for you"

"Hmph, remind me to thank Talia when we get back" Peter said with a thoughtful look on his face "After she's done ripping me a new one"

"I'll be right there with you" Jade giggled as he stood up and rolled her neck "Come on, Jaina's lights just went out"

"Shouldn't we give it a few more hours?" Peter asked with a frown as he stood up as well "Make sure she's in a deep enough sleep so that she won't hear us break in?"

"Peter, it's two in the morning, sun's gonna be up in a few" Jade revealed as she glanced at Peter and gave him a quick once over "And no offense, but you'll stick out like a sore thumb on any rooftop out here when it's light out"

"And you won't?" Peter nodded at the lethal woman's own attire.

"I look like I'm on my way to a comic book convention or some fun role play" Jade scoffed before she pointed towards Peter's darker clothing "You look like your about to rip a building's worth of people apart with your bare hands... oh wait, you already have"

Peter scowled at the woman before he followed after the green clad assassin. It didn't take long for them to make it to Jaina's penthouse or to see to the guards she had posted throughout the suite. Jade signaled for Peter to head for Jaina's room while she dealt with the guards, Peter offered to deal with them instead but the green clad woman seemed adamant that she'd do it. Part of Peter wondered if she was weary of letting Peter kill anyone on the off chance things end up like at the Iceberg Lounge while another part figured that she probably felt like she was lagging behind and simply wanted to catch up to him.

Either way he still found himself standing outside Jaina's room for ten minutes, listening to Jade move throughout the penthouse, discreetly killing off each guard. She was good, he'll admit, some of the guards that she killed were in the same room as one another and yet not a single one noticed Jade's presence or actions until it was too late.

"Are you sure killing her guards is smart?" Peter said when he saw Jade emerge from the neighboring room, her sleeve covered with blood from a throat she slit earlier "I mean, they probably work for Black Mask and he'll notice that they haven't reported in or whatever soon"

"Their not his men, their Jaina's" Jade revealed with a smirk as she reached up and removed her Cheshire cat like mask "And we can easily replace those men with our own to better keep watch over Miss Hudson"

"Oh..." Peter said with a blink before he shrugged "Alrighty than"

"Besides, killing them will ensure that they don't interfere with the next phase of our plan" Jade said as she reached into one of her belt's compartments and removed the vial that she showed Peter earlier along with a small camera.

"So, we give that to her and she what, starts to tell you what you want to know while your recording her?" Peter asked with some puzzlement.

It wasn't exactly original, slipping someone a 'truth serum' and than recording that person telling you things that they normally wouldn't have, but it could be effective if done right. On top of learning a few things about Black Mask and his operations that Talia's agents may have missed, they had a hell of an 'insurance policy' against Jaina if she tries to betray them to Black Mask.

"No, that'd be boring" Jade giggled as she undid the cork for the vial and began to pour a small amount of the liquid on to her hand and gently rub it across her neck and face. Almost instantly Peter smelt an odd scent in the air and felt his heartbeat increase slightly as well as blood rushing to a certain part of his body before he quickly regained control of himself.

'The hell was that?' Peter thought with bewilderment at his body's unexpected reaction to the scent.

"It's a sample of Poison Ivy's pheromones', but highly concentrated. Think Viagra but on steroids almost" Jade revealed to Peter as she placed the vial's cork back on and placed the vial back in a compartment on her belt "Dab a little on ourselves, a bit on Jaina's pillow, wait a few minutes and she'll be... open, to intimacy of a sexual nature. While the pheromones' take affect, one us will plant the camera and record what will look like Jaina cheating on Black Mask in a heated threesome. The man's pretty possessive and if he finds out that little miss Hudson has been seeing someone behind his back, well... it won't end too well for her. We get out mole within his operations, a nice fuck we can all enjoy, and Jania keeps her head"

"Wait, are you telling me that you brought me out here to help you drug and rape a woman!?" Peter said with a mixture of shock and outrage.

"Who said anything about rape?" Jade asked with a snort of grim amusement "All this vial will do is make her a little more open to sex with two complete strangers that plan to record the event for blackmail, that's all"

"By drugging her" Peter snapped as he took a step towards Jade with narrowed eyes "Which in turn will keep her from resisting your advances on her!"

Now Peter will be the first to admit that he's no saint. He's killed, kidnapped, tortured, harassed, terrified, and mutilated all manner of people of all ages, genders and beliefs in ways that without a doubt earned him a first class ticket to the darkest levels of Hell. But the idea of drugging and more or less rapping someone left a very bad taste in his mouth. He'll admit it's odd that he'll shy away from something like that, hypocritical even, but considering what he saw and vividly remembered what happened to Talia's own mother, when the woman herself couldn't, the idea of inflicting that kind of harm any anyone left him feeling... unwell.

"Aww, your not going to help me?" Jade said with mock sadness before a coy grin grew on her face "Would you prefer to watch handso- ack!"

Jade was suddenly cut off by Peter's hand snapping up and grabbing the woman by the throat and hoisting her into the air. The green clad woman tried to force Peter to release her by jabbing him in the wrist but a 'slight' tightening of her throat froze her hand centimeters from Peter's wrist.

"I'm here because I owe Talia" Peter hissed at the woman as he glared at her with narrowed lenses.

"W-Well... p-part of that o-owing... is th-is. P-Prob-b-blem... t-t-tak-e i-i-it... up... w-with h-heeeer!" Jade forced out as she struggled to not lose consciousness as Peter's grip continued to slowly tighten before she was suddenly released.

She let out a few coughs as she reached up to rub her throat while Peter turned to leave.

"Maybe I will" Peter snapped as he headed for the balcony, all the while listening to Jade's coughing protests.

"If you leave... you endanger... her plans" Jade said as she climbed back to her feet and glared at Peter with watery eyes "Endanger her"

"She's adaptable" Peter replied with a scoff "First lesson we were taught in the League, always expect your carefully laid out plans to go to hell before they even start"

And Peter had no doubt that Talia likely had backs for her backups in case this plan didn't pan out, like it was now. True said backups may have revolved around Jaina possibly being either killed or no longer affiliated with Black Mask rather than Peter simply not wanting to be a part of it, but he was confident the Demon's Daughter can find a way.

At the very least, find another way to ensure Jaina's cooperation that didn't involve this.


Despite evidence to the contrary, Talia was rarely enraged.

Oh she could become crossed and annoyed and on a few occasions, vindictive, but she's rarely allowed anger to fill her mind. Rage, as her father and tutors had literally beaten into her since she came into the League's care was a tool, not a way of life. If she allowed it to decide her every action, to fuel her every decision, it'd grow to be like a cancer and only lead t her defeat.

Though after tonight, Talia was quite certain her mood will be quite sour for some time.

'And it's all your fault' Talia thought darkly as she watched the origin of her ire land on the pad outside her penthouse and slowly make his way to the door.

Jade had called only minutes ago to tell her of Peter's actions at Jaina's penthouse, his refusal to follow through with the mission and his attack on her. A part of Talia supposed she could understand Peter's reluctance, what she had assigned him and Jade wasn't exactly a morally just mission, but it was still vital to her plans to ensure Jaina's cooperation in the coming days. Wealth would not ensure the woman's aid or silence, nor would somehow swaying her to Talia's side, at least not in the time frame she was working with. Telepathic suggestion had been considered but Betsy had informed her it'd only be a temporary solution, and they had no guarantee that Betsy's telepathic hold over the woman will transfer to her White Rabbit persona in the event she splits herself. Jade will still complete the mission, of course, but the fact that Peter would openly defy Talia's command like this, especially after what transpired at the Iceberg Lounge.

And it's not like Peter had to take part in the deed himself, he could've easily just stood outside the room and let Jade get it over with.

'I need to deal with this here and now before it escalates any further... and review who I should have assigned to Peter when he's out on missions' Talia thought as Peter entered the room and she cleared her throat, drawing his attention to her.

"Talia..." Peter nodded towards the woman, taking in the black silk bathrobe she was dressed in "I take it you aren't still up to scold me for being out so late?"

"No... far from it" Talia said in a tone as cold as ice and every bit as unforgiving as the tundra. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms across her chest and her legs at the knee, causing the bottom of her robe to hike up a little farther and expose more of her thigh "I'm here to speak with you in regards to your blatant defiance!"

Peter sighed as he reached up and removed his mask so he could look at Talia with his own eyes "Alright, what'd Jade say?"

"She said enough" Talia hissed as she suddenly stood and marched towards Peter with a glare "You nearly ruined the first steps in my plan to wrestle control of this city from Cain's forces"

"If your referring to what happened at the Iceberg Lounge that was admittedly-" Peter started before Talia cut him off with a snarl.

"You were given a mission and I expected you to follow through with it. Not up and leave because it's details didn't sit well with you!" Talia snapped at the man.

"Well excuse fucking me for not wanting to be some animal" Peter said with a glare "Excuse me for not wanting to debase another person the same way that you-"

"Don't. You. Fucking. Dare" Talia snarled at Peter as she pointed a warning finger at him "Don't you dare use my mother's fate as an excuse to defy me"

"Than maybe you shouldn't give me missions like this" Peter argued as he stepped closer to Talia, causing her to take a step back in reflex "I was trained to track and kill people who wouldn't hesitate to do what you wanted me to help Jade do to that woman! I was trained and taught to kill the animals like that in this world so that they don't ever hurt others like that again! AND HERE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET ME TO BECOME ONE OF THEM!"

"That is not the point!" Talia yelled back "You openly defied me in front of one of my most trusted subordinates. I may have named you my right hand, but that does not give you the right to refuse my will"

"Than I guess I'm gone that" Peter said as he suddenly turned and pulled his mask back on "Good luck with your damn family drama Talia. Your gonna fucking need it"

"Don't you dare walk away from me Peter!" Talia snapped as she followed Peter towards the door.

"Or what?" Peter said as he turned back towards Talia "What, you gonna stop me? You?!"

Before Talia could say anything, Peter suddenly reached out and grabbed her by the throat, causing her to let out a choked cough as he lifted her into the air and glared at her with narrowed lenses.

"You think that just because we used to be the best of friends and you let me fuck you that means you can order me around like I'm some damned dog?!" Peter snarled as he watched Talia struggle to pry his hand off her neck "You think that I won't kill you for trying to leash my like your damn father did?"

"P-Pet-" Talia began before Peter suddenly turned and slammed Talia into the wall and began to squeeze the woman's neck even harder until he felt the bones within begin to crack and give under his grip.

With a yell Peter raised his fist and slammed it right into Talia's face, shattering her nose and several of her front feet. The dark haired woman let out a bloodied, chocked cough before it was cut off by another, more powerful punch to her face, causing several drops to hit Peter in the face as he-

Suddenly Peter found himself standing in front of Talia, her face completely unmarred by his actions. In fact, it looked as though the past several moments never happened. Talia didn't look angered either, more of disappointed though he did notice her eyes held a certain iciness to them that she didn't have when he first entered the room.

'Unless I'm imaging that too' Peter thought as he did his best to focus on Talia's words, her voice that almost sounded... comforting.

"-in hindsight I realize that I had asked too much from you" Talia said with a sigh as she reached up and cupped Peter's face gently "I sometimes forget that you were never as willing to see through a mission's completion by any means necessary like I was"

"That's not the point" Peter said as he carefully reached up and removed Talia's hand from his face.

"Perhaps..." Talia stated with a small nod before she closed her eyes and took a deep breath "However, you defied my orders while on assignment. That is something I cannot overlook and allow to go unpunished Peter"

"So what, am I being sent to my room?" Peter asked with a snort before his spider-sense went off just as Talia's fingers suddenly dug into his throat, her nails cutting deep and drawing blood.

"No, I'm afraid that a much more severe punishment is required" Talia said calmly as she dug her nails into Peter's throat.

"GAAHH-ACK what the shit?!" Peter rasped out as he grabbed Talia's hand and pried it off his neck before backing away, blood dripping from five small marks on his throat.

"That should suffice" Talia said as she examined her bloodied nails with a look of mild annoyance before cleaning them on the hem of her robe.

Peter let out a few more coughs as he held a hand up to try and stem the blood from his neck before shooting a glare at Talia "What the hell ever happened to being beaten by a belt or forced to stand in a corner?"

"Would you prefer a belt?" Talia asked with a raised brow.



"...No" Peter looked away from the deadly woman, dreading the thought of what Talia could do with a belt.

"Now... would you explain to me what happened at the Iceberg Lounge?" Talia demanded.

"What's there to say?" Peter asked as he pulled his hand away from his neck and stared at the blood on his hands with a look of distaste "I was using the bathroom, guard came in waving a gun and I... reacted"

"Peter you killed over twenty eight people and left another twelve crippled" Talia said with a frown.

Peter had no response to that.

With a sigh, Talia reached up and pinched the ridge of her nose "I'm beginning to think bringing you in on this was a mistake"

"What gave it away, my reluctance to help you when you first showed?" Peter asked in a dry tone.

Talia's response to that was a glare before another person suddenly entered the room, making a beeline straight for Peter.

'Oh this is gonna be fun' Peter thought with a sigh as he felt his spider-sense flare as he turned towards the newcomer "Hey La-"

Before Peter could finish saying her name, Laura's fist connected a solid hit to his jaw that caused his head to turn slightly and pain to flare up in her hand. She knew that Peter could've dodged that punch, but the fact he let it hit him, and in turn hurt her hand a little, only served to piss the woman off even more than she was already feeling.

"What the hell was that?!" Laura demanded as Peter reached up to rub his jaw.

"A punch directed towards my lower jaw, close to the joint" Peter said, causing Laura's glare to darken even further.

"You know damn well that's not what I'm talking about!" Laura snapped at the man as Psylocke entered the room, causing Talia to give the violet haired woman a small nod of greeting.

"Ah, Psylocke, I trust that your mission was successful?" Talia asked.

"Yes mistress" Psylocke bowed towards the Demon's daughter while Laura continued to tear Peter a new one over the incident at the Iceberg Lounge "Though we may have a problem"

"What is it?" Talia asked with an annoyed sigh, it seems that tonight's theme was one problem after another.

"Your c-... Robin attempted to intervene and in the ensuring struggle, the... item, we were tasked in retrieving as part of your deal with Silvermane was lost to us" Psylocke revealed, causing Talia's eyes to widen slightly before they began to narrow.

"What?" she asked as Laura's verbal assault on Peter intensified.

"WHY THE HELL WERE YOU EVEN AT A BAR IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" the woman demanded with outrage.

"Technically it was more of a casino with cute penguins" Peter answered as he did his best to avoid Laura's dark glare.

"Same fucking difference Peter Benjamin Parker!" Laura growled, causing Peter to wince.

'Uh-oh... full name' Peter thought as Laura opened her mouth to say more before she stopped and spared a glance at Talia and Psylocke.

After several moments, Laura grabbed Peter by the arm and began to drag him out of the room and into the hall outside. Once Laura felt that she and Peter were far enough away, she released her iron like grip on Peter' arm and pushed him against the wall with a snarl.

"Peter, this isn't a fucking game anymore" Laura hissed in a whisper "Losing your shit in the middle of the woods is one thing, but losing it in the middle of a fucking club in one of the largest cities in America is a completely different fucking league!"

"I know, I know... believe me" Peter said as he reached up to massage his temples with his fingers.

After tonight, Peter had no doubt that just about every 'cape' in this city will be out looking for him, especially that Red Hood fellow. He's certain that Talia has a plan or two in place for such an eventuality, but he doubted it was made to be implemented this early. And to add fuel to the flame, Nyssa and Cain's people no doubt are aware of Talia's presence in Gotham, and if they weren't, they sure as hell were now.

'I'm really starting to wish I stayed in Alaska' Peter thought tiredly.

"I do too" Laura said in a low, sad voice as she reached up to cup Peter as he looked at her with slight surprise. The young woman couldn't help but smirk a little as she tapped her thumb against Peter's cheek, just below his eye "You were thinking out loud again... dummy"

"I do tend to do that a lot" Peter agreed with a snort before he heaved out a sigh "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm tired"

"Oh...?" Laura said as she stepped closer to Peter and rested her front against his and wrapped her arms around Peter's neck "Just, how tired?"

Peter quirked a brow at the woman before he felt her leg rubbing against his groin while she gave him a sultry grin "Well... maybe not too tired"

"Not until after I'm done with you" Laura teased as she leaned up on her toes and planted a heated kiss on Peter's lips.

"Hmmm..." Peter sounded as he felt Laura's tongue teasing his mouth for entry as he slowly guided Laura towards his room before r4aching down to grip underneath her thighs and pull her up.

Laura responded by wrapping her legs around Peter's hips and pulled her body as closer to Peter's as their suits would allow.


"Do we have any idea where the asset was taken?" Talia said as she paced the living room.

"We believe that it was taken by members of the the Falcone crime family" Psylocke said as she watched her mistress closely "They've settled down in a warehouse out by the docks. Me and Laura counted over sixty men before we left, though more could have easily arrived since than"

"Weapons?" Talia said as she came to a stop and glanced at the purple haired woman.

"Automatic rifles mostly, though we believe that their may be a few metas hired on as additional security" Psylocke said with a frown on her face "I also felt they set up psionic dampers in the vicinity"

"So their aware of how vital this asset must be to my operations" Talia said with a hint of annoyance "And they made sure to handicap my most valuable agent to try and tip the scales in their favor"

"What do you want us to do?" Psylocke asked as she folded her arms across her chest and waited for a response "While most of my abilities will be limited given the dampers, me and the rest of the girls are more than capable to taking that building on our own"

Talia didn't respond at first, instead staring out at the city through the window with an unreadable expression. Even Psylocke couldn't tell what her mistress was thinking, not without breaching her mind, but she noticed how her's eyes narrowed in thought. Finally after several moments of considering the possible ramifications her next course of action will have for her plan, she sighed in grim acceptance.

"Psylocke?" she turned towards the purple haired assassin.

"Yes mistress?" Psylocke said as she watched her mistress head for her room.

"Gather our the others... Peter will lead the attack at noon today" Talia stated.

"Noon mistress?" Psylocke said with some surprise "In broad daylight?"

"The Detective won't appear in daylight unless absolutely necessary" Talia explained as she turned back to one of her elite guard "His tactics rely very heavily on darkness, and by operating in the middle of the day, when more people are about, he'll be limited, to a degree, in how he can challenge us"

"If that is your wish mistress" Psylocke said with a bow "Though, I do have one question-"

"Peter fucked up tonight" Talia interrupted the assassin with a grimace "There's nothing I can do to fix it. All I can do is give him this opportunity to fix things and hope that I haven't made a mistake in placing the odds of winning this war all on him"

Because if she did, than this war between herself, Nyssa and Cain, was going to end very quickly.


And done.

Next chapter, First target...