With "NERV Gets Juiced" under my belt and having gotten a ton of "NERV Freaks Out" out of the way (with plenty left to go), I thought I'd give you all some insight into what else will fall under the "Super-Wackos" umbrella. And now, some teasers!

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First up, meet Shinji Ikari, NERV's newest Evangelion pilot...and CONTROL's newest spy! After beating the 4th Angel, Shinji ran away from NERV. While out on the lam, he found himself meeting Hikari's older sister Kodama Horaki, who recruits him to help save the world from a threat even more dire than the Angels! Welcome to the espionage business, Agent 95-hope you survive the experience! Will Shinji be able to blow the lid on NERV and SEELE's dirtiest secrets, or will he miss it by that much? Find out in "Super-Wackos of EVA: NERV Gets Smart"!

Then, when Stanley Ipkiss threw the Mask of Loki into the Edge City River, he knew he was done with all the wackiness and insanity that came with it. Little did he know that, thanks to a tiny Dirac sea portal briefly open on the river bed, he'd be passing its blessing/curse onto an unsuspecting guy in a world embroiled in a war with bizarre monsters-specifically, NERV tech Makoto Hyuga, assisting in the clean-up following the battle with the 12th Angel. When the mask literally falls into his hands, somebody better stop him! How silly can things get? Find out in "Super-Wackos of EVA: NERV Gets Ssssmokin'"!

Finally, featuring the most obscure character in this set of crossovers, there's a new family in town when NERV-2 transfers one of its admins to NERV-Central, and as a result Tokyo-3 Municipal Middle School gains a new student in the form of a supposed 'fat little nothing' named Herbie Popnecker, a rotund, bespectacled kid with a thing for lollipops. Everyone in Tokyo-3 may not think much of the boy, but oh, how wrong they'll be...All this and more high-falutin' absurdity, in "Super-Wackos of EVA: NERV Gets Fat n' Furious"!

Till next time! And remember, if it ain't wacky and weird, it ain't "Super-Wackos of EVA"!