Sword Art Online was a game that revolutionized the world, it was a game that allowed the user to feel, taste, and interact with the game world as if it was the real one.

The players themselves didn't have access to magic, but they could acquire armors- weapons and tools that had magic infused into them.

The game was released both in Japan and in America, why is this important because in a single moment every person that had ever played the game vanished.

An Island hung in the sky, the people inside it, had long since figured out what had happened to them and more than half of them didn't care.

The game world they had been forced to enter, was a world they used to escape their everyday lives and those that did care were either children or adults that left their families behind.

Slowly the island drifted until it reached land and slowly it descended until it touched the ground and its doors opened once again.

On any other occasion, the flying castle or island would have been called an ark, but on this occasion, it was nothing more than a flying island.

Monsters of all sorts instinctively left the island and both the players and the people native to the game began to settle in the surrounding lands.

The castle\island would be seen as the seat of power and because the players were the most powerful people around, every one native to the island assumed they were in charge.

It was Human nature, after all, those that had power helped keep those without it safe.

As the days passed people native to the world found the settlement and seeing how well-fed everyone was they decided to trade and some even decided to stay and live their lives there.

Heroes from other worlds were brought along with the players by the event that had made the game world a reality, but in the end, it was a good life a simple life, but all good things must come to an end.

The men whipped the sweat from their foreheads and thanked god whenever the cool wind blew, today just like yesterday, they were busy working the fields, while others were attempting to finish the new road.

In the various towns and villages mothers, daughters and unwed women prepared the food for their sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers, they all noticed that again more and more people were gathering.

Horses pulling carts filled with whatever valuables people had, walked passed them, these were the wealthiest of the group, for everyone else had nothing more than a simple bag filled with one or two spare sets of clothes.

As the small group of people walks closer to the location of the castle they feel their breath leave them, the sheer size of the castle makes them gasp in wonder,

An island- mountain turned into a fortress, but a fortress whose doors were open for everybody, they had come to these lands hoping to find safety, food, and if they were lucky a place they could live.

In all honesty, they had resigned themselves to becoming wonderers, these lands were their last option, from here there was no other place that would take them.

For they were the survivors of the burned kingdom, a kingdom that had been destroyed by the gods themselves, and yet as they walked closer and closer to the castle no one around them seemed to care.

"Greetings stranger" a man covered in mud called out to them, the man was well built and he looked like an upper-level person, but everyone around them wore clothing that would normally be reserved for nobles.

"Do you know who is in charge, forgive me if my words sound harsh but we have been threw a lot. Please we want to know if we can settle in these lands" The only surviving knight of the kingdom said to the man and yet the man just smiled.

"Look down, you see on the ground there are lines marked, each line is meant for a house and a small garden, as long as nothing is in that square feel free to settle there" the man answered the knight.

"By the way my name is Clark Kent, I manage this part of the town, feel free to explore the castle when you have time, the kids love it there." Clark said to the group before he turned around and went back to working on the fields.

At the very top of Aincrad, the castle\island, the players alongside those that were once heroes and some villains, watched the new group of refugees arrive, none of them liked what they were seeing.

"There's more and more of them by the day" Lex Luthor said to the group, his words carried his frustration.

"Let them come, we have more than enough food and water, the castle just creates life, so no matter how much we kill there's always plenty to eat" Headcliff answered Luthor.

"That's not what worries me, when we arrived in this world we all agreed on one thing and that was to stay away from the people in it"

"Let me remind everyone, that we did the usual thing, we explored and found kingdoms filled with magical beings and people."

"With that being said, just how did those kingdoms and treating ordinary people?" Lex Luthor said to everyone hoping they understood him just a little bit.

"This is a kingdom ruled by ordinary none magical beings, for the most part, if we don't count the people with superpowers, and even there just living their lives"

"Still, I can see where you're coming from. The more people that come here, the more our kingdom grows, and the bigger the target we become" Smith answered Luthor.

Luthor for is part just smiled.

"And it's for that reason that its time we begin to act as a kingdom, not in the sense of ruling but, in the sense of admiration, I propose that if we are going to be a target, then why not be a dam good one"

"The monsters that left the caste serve as a good deterrent for anyone that wants to come here with an army, but we can't rely on them forever."

"Which is why I propose to reactivate the Guilds, there are no more floor bosses to beat, no more field monsters inside the castle, but the same cannot be said for the outside" LexLuthor said to everyone present.

Most of the people that played Sword Art Online were either teenagers or adults that simply wanted to escape their everyday lives and have a place they could relax, which is why when all of the monsters left the castle, almost none of them saw the point in continuing to be Adventurers\ Players.

There were still dungeons and towers where people could challenge monsters just to gain new skills, level up, or get new weapons, but that was seen more as a past time now.

It was no different than playing a videogame after a long day's work, it was just the turn their lives had taken.

Even those that were heroes or villas moved on, some had even started families of their own, which is why Lex Luthors words caught everyone by surprise.

"I come from a world where gods walk amongst men and I have seen alternate universes, where our protectors turned against us, were defeated or we killed ourselves"

"Believe it or not, but I have only ever wanted the best for Humanity and by the looks of it, we are all stuck here...We are the ones that hold the power now, we are the protectors, standing between the Gods and protecting men"

"Gods who are getting closer with each passing day and the proof of it is our ever-growing kingdom"

The leaders of Aincrad decided to put it to a vote and by the time the sunset every pleyer\ adventurer, as well as every hero and villain, found a message telling them that they were to reform their teams and\ or guilds.

However, the message simply said that their first assignment would be helping everyone have a house to live in.

It was a simple order, but a heavy one at that, for every house that existed, twenty more partially built houses existed, sixty more carriages housing entire families existed and the number of tents or people living on nothing went well beyond that.

Clark Kent the man that was once known as Superman sat at the edge of town, it was his turn to keep watch and his cousin would replace him in a few hours, so he didn't have much to worry about.

Yet he couldn't help but feel uneasy, reactivating the guilds was something no one would have done without reason.

The guilds were composed of enhanced beings, regular people that were for the most part regular people, but when they used their weapons and armor, not even he, at full power could beat one of them at their strongest.

he listened as a pair of armored foot drew closer to him, yet he didn't hear any hostility coming from them.

"It was a good dream don't you think?" Kirito asked him, as he handed him a hot cup of coffee.

He took it and before drinking the sour drink, he felt a smile form on his lips.

"So how does it feel wearing the old armor?" Clark asked Kirito.

"It fits like a glove" Kirito answered him as he lifted his black cape, but the man quickly lost his smile.

"Asuna is pregnant and she can't fight right now, Yui, she's too young. You know I wanted to wear this thing all the time not too long ago, but now, I wish I didn't have to" Kirito said to him as he looked into the distance.

"I know what you mean, what good is a Superman if he can't keep the people he loves safe" Clark said to Kirito.

Unbeknownst to either man, similar conversations were being held both inside the towns, the castle\island, and even amongst the other guards, some were ready and waited for the time they would be called into battle, while others worried about those they had come to care about.

The smell of blood began to grow as the night passed, no one, not even those who were once heroes bothered to look into it, only the fools or those desperate enough to move around at night without any fires to keep them safe would be out at night.

After all, it was the reason for so many fires being light allover the place, they had learned the hard way, that in a world filled with magic, things moved around at night.

Things that were a pet of the dark itself and the best defense against such beings were the many lights around them.

"You know, I have to admit I had my doubts about this" Clark said to Kirito as his eyes began to glow red and the sound of Kirito unsheathing his sword before its blade began to glow a bright red.

"Yeah, but seeing these things makes those doubts go away" Kirito finished Clark's words before the creatures vanished in a combination of Clark's heat vision and a concentrated strick from Kiritos sword.