Far away from these lands, two armies meet unfortunately for those that were once the defenders the ever-growing armies of the empire have almost completely crushed them.

The hows of men screaming as death took them combined itself with the sounds of metal crashing metal as swords, axes, and spears met shields and armor.

Yet it all ended with the sound of a ram's horn being blown, the king of the defenders had been killed alongside his sons and every other noble, the war was over.

As the defenders looked around they noticed that the empires soldiers, were no longer attacking, and in fact, they only raised their shields or weapons in self-defense, there was no point in continuing the senseless bloodshed.

"Men, you have fought well, but your king and every other noble is gone and with them whatever blessings your gods have granted you"

"I tell you this now, kneel and swear allegiance to the empire and I will spare you, your wives, and your children from slavery. I have no reason to lie"

One by one the men all kneeled before the empire's soldiers, their spirits had been crushed, and yet the same men they had been trying to kill, and had tried to kill them were now offering them food and water from their sacks.

The leader of the army simply smiled.

"Place the kingdom as my own and find anyone that knows how things are done around here, have them manage things when I'm not around" he ordered one of his scribes.

"My lord the empire will want to know where all of the slaves and those responsible for going against the church are" one of his scribes informed him.

"They will have them, send the heads of the noble that refused to surrender, and tell the snakes within the church that the people rose against their rulers"

"Tell them that the peasants and soldiers know their place is beneath us"

"That should keep those greedy creatures away for a while...just to be safe add a few crates of gold, silver and magic stones to the load. Call it tribute"

The scribe immediately writes down the man's orders and hands them to the nearest soldier, the insignia placed on each sheet of paper meant that it didn't matter what the rank of the soldier was, everyone regardless of rank knew not to disobey the words written on it.

A messenger immediately walks towards the man and hands him a letter with the same insignia his scribe had just given one of the soldiers.

The man takes the letter and begins to read it.

"I'll cut straight to the point.

The Kingdom of Pendragon has been marked as a traitor by the curch, fortunately for you, the person in question that marked them as such never made it to the higher-ups.

Jaime, you owe me for this.

I have kept my promise and have kept our nices safe, but it's getting harder and harder to keep the minions of the church away, no to mention the greedy hands of the nobles of the Empire.

There's something you have to know.

It seems that a kingdom of which we once were ignorant of exist not too far away from Pendragon, from what my spies say the kingdom is in control of a mountain with a bounty of resources.

Jaime, I don't know how long I can keep this information hidden, the only reason Pendragon has been allowed to exist for as long as it has is that no one here cares about it.

When word gets out ad it will get out...

Be well brother your loving brother Tyrion