The Beginning

Go! Bayville go! Gooooo Bayville!

Cheering came from the cheerleaders on the sidelines of the pitch, where the game known as football was going on. Men, or more like, teens, were grabbing for the ball, attempting to get it, and other things like that.

"Yeah! Bayville! Win!"

"Come on! Don't lose!"

"We believe in you!"

The crowds on the bleachers we're cheering quite loudly too, though, for one girl, it seemed more like a chore than anything else.

The girl in question is a dark brown-haired youth and is a 16-years-old Caucasian female being 5ft inches tall. Her hair falls down to his back. Her brown eyes looked over the field lazily. She had more muscles than the average female.

On her body, she wore sweatpants and a blue shirt with skulls on it. She also wore a necklace with a diamond attached to it. Her name was Samantha.

A bored expression was on her face...

She... didn't want to be here.

This wasn't her kind of thing. She loved sports expected for football.

Though she was sure that she would have to stay longer, only because Todd Tolansky had made her come here with him. She didn't know why he dragged her and decides to disappear on her.

"I really hate you, Todd... I don't like football... You're so going to own Todd for dragging me here and then ditching me..."

The girl couldn't help but laugh at her punishment for Todd.

As she watched from their seat, Samatha's eyes caught the sight of a hand going into people's back pockets, witnessing someone stealing someone's wallet.

"Really Todd you... Left me so you could steal money..."

Samatha sighed and stood up once she notices Duncan walking over to where Todd was. So she went to walk over to make sure nothing happened to Todd.

She saw Todd also known as Toad clinging to the bottom of the bleachers and taking another person's wallet.

"Should I step in?" Samantha muttered as the three jocks pulled him down and he hit the floor quite hard and the money flew everywhere.

"Oh hey if it ain't Tolansky picking up a little spare change," Duncan said as he and his lackeys closed in on Tolansky.

"Uh hi Duncan, look I can explain," Tolansky said backing up slowly.

"Shut up frog face!" Duncan said as he picked up Tolansky by the shirt and shoved him into a wall.

"Let's crush him, Dunc." One of the other jocks said when all of a sudden Scott Summers sneaks out of the shadows.

"Looks like I don't need to help." Samantha thought.

"Let's, not Dunc, just chill the wallets are still there, how about we have him give back the cash no harm fone," Scott said as he slowly advanced.

"Yeah. Yeah, see here's the money." Tolansky said as he held up the money all in one hand.

"What do you care about this slimeball Summers?" Duncan said with a repulsing look on his face as he still held Tolansky up to the wall with one hand.

"Nothing much, but I'm not crazy about three against one either so how about we settle this peacefully," Scott said as the light reflected off his red shades.

"I think I and my guess are gonna squash this slimeball, so you and you're stupid sunglass at night can just bail," Duncan said as he threw Tolansky into the mud and that angered Scott so much he almost took off his shades.

"I SAID KNOCK I OFF!" Scott yelled as he tackled Duncan and Tolansky proceed to jump away like a frog.

Samantha ran off to search for Todd when all sudden a red beam hit a propane tank causing an explosion and everyone ran away except the mutants and Duncan.

Not much later the cops and firefighter showed up.

"That was quite an explosion anyway need to find Todd." Samantha thought.

After a while of looking for Todd. Samantha finally found him back where Scott was putting his shades back on.

"Uh, thanks really you know," Tolansky said to Scott who was clearly irritated.

"Yea-," Scott started but was interrupted.

"There you are Todd, " A soft voice said from behind Scott and Tolansky.

Scott stared at the girl behind him curious at why her face seems so familiar.

"Come on let's go, Todd, " Samantha said walking away.

"Coming, " Todd said following Samatha.

Samantha's POV

"What did you do!" A female yelled.

I suddenly heard the sound of a baby crying. A woman wearing a tan trench coat picked up the baby.

"You monster how could you!" The woman yelled and grabbed another baby and ran off.

"Don't worry I protect you my little ones, " The woman said.

A loud howling was heard was and two wolfs caused her to drop a blue fuzzy baby in the river. But was lucky enough to keep the one wrapped in a pink blanket from falling.

"No!" I screamed seeing the baby falling into the river.

"No! That poor baby... Why did he have to fall in? " I sobbed.

I sat bolt upright in my bed, trembling and panting. My skin was damp with sweat and the cold from outside drifted through her bedroom window.

It was just a nightmare... She sighed, relieved that the horror she had just witnessed was all in her mind. None of it was real...

Suddenly, without warning, my room door swung open, poring light the dark quarters.

I jumped up in surprise and almost fell off the bed.

"Samantha! Dear, are you alright?" It was my mother staring at me with a worried expression and wielding a flashlight.

"Yes, mother. I'm fine." I replied with a weak smile.

"But I heard screaming coming from your room," My mother said.

"I just had a nightmare... Sorry if I woke you," I replied calmly.

"You want to talk about it," my mother asked worriedly.

"If you don't mind listening to me also where you see Toad off to since he left after school wearing his uniform," I said.

"I don't mind listening. And I sent him to check out Xavier institute," My mom replied.

I nodded.

"I see. Anyway my nightmare was about a woman screaming monster. Then she pick up two babies and was running from someone and wolfs. Then she dropped one of the babies in the river," I explained.

My mom looked at when expression that almost looked like suprise and pain.

"I see. How about you get some sleep and we talk more about your nightmare in the morning, " Mom said turning off the flashlight.

"She seems upset." I thought.

"Okay goodnight mom," I said with a sigh.

"Good night Samantha," My mother replied walking out into the hallway. Just as she began to close the door, I stopped her.

"Wait mom," I asked softly. My mother peered through the door.

"Yes, sweetie? My mother asked softly.

"Do I have an brother?" I asked wondering if that baby in my dream was my brother. My mother paused that pained expression on her face was back on her face.

Yes, sweetie you do have an brother well two actually one is your twin brother and the other is older then you but he hates me. You also have an sister who adopted you will meet your twin and sister eventually," She replied.

"I see," I said with an smile.

"I see you in the morning dear," she said and left my room.

So I have two brothers and and a sister... I wonder what there like? I thought before drifting into an dreamless sleep.