Samantha's Rage

A/N: This chapter is based on the episode of Joyride.

Anyway onto the chapter!

It was now late at night at the Xavier Institute as a security camera caught Lance heading towards the gates, destroying the gate in the process which alerted all of the teens, as they got out of bed and prepared themselves for a fight.

Wolverine and the teens came outside and blocked Lance's path to the entrance. Scott put his hand on his visor ready to attack just in case.

"Something we can do for you Bub?" Wolverine said bringing out his metal claws.

"Yeah I come to join the X-men," Lance replied crossing his arms.

Everyone stared at Lance with their mouths opened.

"Your kidding right?" Kitty asked.

"You heard me. I want to be an X-men I'm serious," Lance said.

"Yeah right I want to be the tooth fairy," Wolverine said retracting his claws.

Everyone then started laughing.

"Now just a minute, and see what he has to say..." Xavier said wheeling over to the others."This way Mr. Alvers," He said as he led Lance into the Mansion.

Meanwhile at the Brotherhood house...

Samantha was in Lance's room after hearing the sound of the front door opened.

'Where is Lance?' She thought glaring at the empty bed.

"Kevin!" Samantha yelled knocking on Kevin's bedroom door.

"What is it, my love?" Kevin asked opening the door.

"Have you seen Lance?" Samantha asked.

"No I haven't," he replied.

"I see well then I see you in the morning then," Samatha said walking away.

"Alright good night," he said.

Samantha then headed back to her room to go back to bed. She was going to figure out where Lance with in the morning.

Back at the Xavier Institute...

Lance was currently in the X-jet simulator training with the rookie X-men.

"All pre-flight systems check. All right Iceman take her out nice and slow," Scott said turning to face Iceman who was sitting behind the driver seat of the jet.

"Alright hang on to your lunch," Iceman starting the simulation.

"Slow down will you," Lance said panicking. While Iceman started driving the simulation of the x-jet-like crazy.

Which made Wolverine yell at Iceman for driving it so reckless. Lance came out of the jet and threw up from the crazy driving.

Lance continue on training with the X-men and trying to get closer to Kitty which was working.

But Scott wasn't making Lance training easy. He kept making it harder for him on purpose just because he didn't trust Lance.

All the X-men kids were heading to school. When they walked into the garage Lance put his tuff in the car with a few of the kids following him.

"Nice car Summers," Lance said looking at Scott's car.

"Huh?" Scott said. "Hey who has been messing with my car?" Scott asked as he and Kurt walked over to his destroyed car.

"See you," Lance said driving off.

"Alvers!" Scott yelled running towards Lance's car that driving out of the garage.

At school...

The school bell rang then rang.

"Later guys," Lance said waving bye to the guys who rode to school with him.

"Later," They all said waving bye.

Lance was walking to his class when he felt someone hit him.

"Hey," he said turning to see Blob, Toad, Pietro, and Tabitha.

"Hi, Lance long time. No see," Pietro said.

"Yeah where you been old buddy?" Blob asked his hand on Lance's shoulder.

"Get your hands off me wide load," Lance said removing Blob hand off him.

"You know we heard the craziness thing, Lance," Tabitha said placing a hand on Lance's chest. "Some said you were living with the geek squad," she continued getting up in Lance's face.

"Yeah if that what they say," Lance said.

"I knew it. Mystique going to head you your left arm when she gets back," Toad said jumping up and down.

"She not coming back. The brotherhood is history you guys just don't know it yet," he replied pointing at them.

"Mystique might be gone but Samantha is still around. When she finds out you join the X-losers she so going to destroy you," A voice said.

Everyone turned around to see Kevin glaring at Lance with his arms crossed.

"He got a point she just as scary as her mom," Toad said nervously.

"No this Lance you're making a mistake. You will never fit in with the X-men. You will come crawling back but know this Samantha won't go easy on you when you do come crawling back.

At the brotherhood house...

Samantha P.O.V

I march inside of the house and upstairs to my room completely ticked off.

'How dare Lance go and join the X-men behind my back!' I thought slamming my door open.

" Uh, Sam," A voice said behind me. I quickly turned around to see Rogue and saw her flinch.

"My bad didn't mean to glare at you. I'm just annoyed that Lance with and joined the X-men," I said apologizing.

"You need to relax. I get your annoyed but this anger is bad for your stress levels," she said rubbing my shoulders. " I would have hugged you but still working on the touching without stealing someone's powers. Your training helping I'm getting a little bit better."

"True any way I'm going to start dinner. That walk I took after school to settle my anger was longer than I expected it to be," I said walking into my room to wash my hands in the bathroom before going to cook dinner.


After a couple of hours of eating dinner. I was laying in my bed reading a book when I heard the sound of the front door opening.

'Someone walking inside the house at this hour. It must be Lance because everyone else should be in their room sleeping,' I thought getting out of bed.

"Oh, Lance you're going to regret coming back here after joining the x-men," I muttered heading downstairs where I saw Lance looking around before closing the door.

"Hello Lance," I said in a demon voice now standing behind Lance.

"Sam," Lance said gulping and turning around to see me in a black demon form with red eyes.

"How dare you go and join the X-men and decide to come back," I said placing a hand on his shoulder making him back up with fear.

"Um... Sam come on relax," he said running away.

"Relax? Why shouldn't destroy you after you went and join the enemy!" I shouted chasing after him.

"Sam, please stop. I rather listen to you screaming at me than training with those crazy x-geeks," Lance said running from me.

"You should have thought of that sooner!" I shouted jumping on top of Lance trying to destroy him.

"Sam relax you're going to hurt him," A familiar voice said pulling me off Lance.

I turned to see Kevin looking at with worried. I took a deep breath and turned back to normal.

"Sorry I lost my cool, but next time don't think about joining the X-men ever again," I said heading back upstairs.

End of chapter!

So this chapter Lance joins the X-men. When he comes back to join the brotherhood. Sam tries to destroy him shift shaped like a demon. This chapter was going episode 4 of season two but decided to skip to episode 9. Since I didn't see how to add Samantha in the chapters that didn't really have the brotherhood in them.Anyway thanks for reading!

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