Sarah thought that for her birthday, she should defeat Jacky in the tournament so that she can finally have peace in regards to her subconscious memories of her trying to kill him which she is unsure whether it's from J6's brainwashing or her own doing. Too bad for her that while she may have improved in combat, she wasn't able to beat him and if that wasn't enough, the arena that they're standing on is a trap orchestrated by J6 to capture both of them.

Once they're inside J6's main headquarters, they were placed in a shared cell waiting for experimentations to be conducted on them. One hour later, J6 took Sarah in for interrogation. They managed to gain access in her mind to discover her subconscious memories of her trying to kill Jacky which were something they know nothing about. It was then they revealed that those memories of her actions weren't their doing but her own. This means that what Sarah worked for so long, her one-sided rivalry with her brother over those memories has all been for nothing. Oh, she could hear the leaders of J6 criticizing her over her actions like they were judges on her trial.

"Do you know who's the biggest fool of all? You! For wasting your only chance to live a normal life after you regained your memories."

"If only you had listened to Jacky and Vanessa, you wouldn't be in this mess."

"You did this to yourself."

"You're just a pawn to the very end."

"You'll never be like your brother. You're just a sad, pathetic little girl."

The truth of her subconscious memories, as well as the mockery from the leaders, has broke Sarah. They put her back in the shared cell with Jacky.

"Sarah, come on! I need your help!" Jacky tries to find an escape, but he saw his sister in a depressed state as she doesn't move and just sits there with her head lowered. "Snap out of it, Sarah! We got to stop J6 before it's..."

"Too late? Jacky, look around you. We've failed, I've failed," the blonde woman spoke in a voice to indicate that she has lost all hope.

"No, no, you still can..." Jacky tries to reassure her.

"I can't do anything right! Why won't you just give up on me?! Can't you see what I've done?! Look around you! This is all my fault!" Sarah bawled as tears started to come out of her eyes. She buries her head on her brother's shoulder. "I've done terrible things, and I still did even after I'm free from J6's brainwashing! All this time, I've tried so hard to prove that I was more than everyone thought, but they were right! You and Vanessa were right! Even J6 is right!"

As much as he hated those guys, Jacky can't deny that even J6 is right about their opinion of Sarah which led them both to this mess.

"No, Sarah. No," was all he could say.

"Jacky, I am so sorry," his sister said her apology as they wrapped each other in a hug, looking for love from the other.

"It's true, you can't do anything right. I can't do anything right. We both can't do anything right," Jacky said more. "Not when we're apart from each other."


They let go of the hug afterwards.

"I tried to reach out to you when you started becoming distant toward me because of your subconscious memories, and I failed. You tried to beat me in combat to find yourself peace with those memories, and you failed," he sums up their troubles before coming up with a better thing to say about it. "But when we're together, we find the solution, and it's here right now. You're my sister, Sarah, and I will never give up on you."

His words made Sarah feel better. All this time, she had to become his rival to find the answer to those memories, and she found it in a different way. She didn't have to become his rival and beat him in a match to make her peace, but to accept the memories were from her own actions.

Jacky felt better in return. After all, he successfully reached out to his sister.

"Do you know what's sad, Sarah?" Jacky said next. "This happening to you... on your birthday."

She looked down on this.

"Here, for you," Jacky shows a cupcake on his hand that has a candle on the center, in which he lights it up. "If we're gonna spend your birthday in a J6 cell, then so be it," he gives the item to her. "Make a wish, Sarah."

"I wish... for everyone's lives to be better and..." Sarah looked at her brother in the eyes for a second before concluding her birthday wish. "For me to live in peace with my brother, who has always supported me despite all the troubles J6 threw at us."

She blew the candle afterwards.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Wait for it," Jacky said with a smirk on his face.

Suddenly, an explosion is heard nearby and it's from a group of people who blew up a hole. Not just a group of people, but there are some fighters the two were familiar with such as Vanessa, Akira, and Pai. Almost all of the fighters they knew are there to join their fight against J6.

"What the...?" Sarah is surprised to see this arrangement.

"Happy birthday, Sarah!" they all yelled in celebration of her special day.

Vanessa proceeds to use a key to open their cell and free them.

"How did you...?" the blonde woman asked.

"Know you're here? It's all thanks to your brother," a woman replied, and she's a classmate from college. In fact, her college classmates are present to the event.

"He purposely left his cellphone on during your match with him so that we can use it to track you down," another classmate replied. "It has a tracking device app on it."

"What do you think of your surprise, Sarah?" Jacky puts his hands on his sister's shoulders.

"It's nice. Unexpected, but nice," was all she could say before wrapping her arms around him for a hug. "I love you, Jacky."

"I love you, too, Sarah," Jacky returns the hug.

In no time, they got themselves confronted with lots of guards.

"Leave my classmates out of this! They don't even know what they're dealing with!" Sarah defended her college classmates, afraid they could get hurt because they're not fighters like her, Jacky, and every other martial artist present.

Much to her surprise, one of her college classmates used a party streamer spray to stop them on their tracks. If that wasn't enough, another classmate just used Jeet Kune Do in his fight. There are two sets of fighters that were made that moment; one who used weapons such as the spray and confetti, and the other who used Jeet Kune Do fighting style.

"You taught them how to fight?" Sarah is baffled by what she is seeing.

"Well, only the ones you see using the Jeet Kune Do fighting style," Jacky replied.

As every martial artist and ordinary civilians have their own fight with the guards, the Bryant siblings are cornered with their own guards to fight against. Smiling towards each other, they went back-to-back.

"Come on, let's play," Sarah said with readiness.

"Go ahead, knock yourself out!" Jacky said next with energy.

They fight against the guards together, and it's quite an amazing teamwork for them. In a matter of seconds, they won against them.

"Yeah!" Jacky yelled victorious with his arms raised mid-air.

"Better run home to momma, now," Sarah taunted the defeated guards which caused them to flee.

"Feeling better, sis?"

"Yes, I am, bro."

In no time, everybody who is a martial artist has succeeded in taking down J6 once and for all. They finally earned their freedom from them, and they got help from Sarah's college classmates achieving this task. As they all said their goodbyes to each other, she and Jacky are left standing in the wrecked headquarters.

"Well, we're free," Jacky commented.

"Yes, we are," Sarah said next.

"Let's go home together."

"Yeah, I like that."

As they held each other's hands, they left the area as they're ready to face the future together, and what happened to this day happened in Sarah Bryant's birthday, so this means she has the best birthday ever.

Author's Note: My first time making a fanfiction taking place on a character's birthday. Did you know that Virtua Fighter 5 first came out in the arcades at July 7, 2007? That's three days after Sarah Bryant's birthday on that year, so I would imagine the tournament for this game to take place on her birthday.

Also, what do you think of her and Jacky taking down J6 guards together with the lines "Come on, let's play.", "Go ahead, knock yourself out!", "Yeah!" "Better run home to momma, now."? This is a reference to their tag team in Dead or Alive 5, which is the closest thing you see them together in video games, in contrast to seeing them together much in the anime adaptation of Virtua Fighter.

Enjoy the story, and I hope you post a good review on it.